His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 33: Light Fantasy

Luna’s POV:

My body felt unstable as I pressed myself closer to this person holding me, looking at his eyes he held an intense stare. I almost forgot where I was as he made me block everything out, the liquor is starting to take effect on me...

“We may have the same eye color, but I’m a lot better looking than him...don’t you think?”

Hearing his dark voice brought me back to my senses as I focused more on who was in front of me. Tightening his hold around my waist, he closed the gap between us as his face drew near. The smell of weed and alcohol could be smelled coming from his breath, I knew who this person was...


Calling out his name, my voice sounded very incoherent as I tried to focus on what was going on...

“Hey, Danny! What’s up, I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?”

The sound of another person caught my attention as I saw him placing his hand on Danny’s shoulder, who is he? A friend perhaps?

“Hey Luke, it’s been a while. I’ve been a bit busy lately,” Danny said in a burst of playful laughter as I felt his hand lurking farther down my back! But just as I was about to push him away, I was taken off guard by Luke’s sudden question!

“Who’s this? Your friend?”

He asked while taking a long look at me, I then heard Danny let out an amusing giggle...

“Makes sense that you don’t know her, Eli never really speaks about the girls he is with,” Danny explained as he glanced at me.

Those eyes of his... the shade of blue that reminds me of Eli. I’m starting to not want to remember, avoiding his stare, I picked up my glass and began to drink without slowing down. I had no attention of stoping anymore, all I wanna do is to forget about everything...and about him.

“I always saw him with different girls, never kept track of all of them,” Luke responded in a burst of joking laughter.

“Yeah, no surprise there. Well, this is- or I mean was his girlfriend apparently.”

Danny began to explain with that smug voice of his, It was starting to piss me off. He made it seem as if I was some side chick, immediately pulling his hand away from my waist, I slammed my cup on the hard surface of the table! I did my best to approach Luke, though it was really challenging to stand still with how wobbly my legs were...

“I was never his girlfriend...we just knew each other,” I said in a depressing sigh as I felt my body temperature rising.

I was angry but mostly sad at myself, I’m such an idiot for believing everything Eli was telling me, the reality was that I’m just a stupid naive fourteen-year-old girl who had no idea what she was doing. I just easily opened my legs for a guy who I thought would be there for me forever, I was wrong and dumb for thinking that. Just look at the result of what happened to me, possibly pregnant from a guy who just left me completely heartbroken and used!


Hearing Danny snicker only made me want to punch him in the face, maybe giving him another black eye wouldn’t be so bad. However, with the state that I am in, I doubt I’ll do any damage to him.

“Oh, okay. It makes sense now. Because Elijah didn’t do the girlfriend thing, he’s always been a single guy for the years that I’ve known him. So when I heard the rumors that he had a girlfriend, I was shocked. No offense but...you don’t look like the type of girl Eli would go for,” Luke said in honesty as he gave me a bittersweet smile.

I could tell Luke meant no harm by his comment, after all...he’s one of those people that probably knew how Elijah really was when I wasn’t around.

“You’re not the first person to tell me that...well, it doesn’t matter. Because I know now...that he’s probably not my type either.”

After I finished what I had to say, I turned myself around and tried to walk back into the house. However, I only manage to take two steps until I felt myself beginning to fall! I guess I was really drunk that I didn’t realize how unstable I was, I could no longer walk or stand up properly without stumbling...

“Whoa, easy there my little kitten.”

Danny said with a flirtatious tone as he grabbed each side of my waist firmly! He then proceeds to help me walk back towards the house...

“I’ll talk with you later, Danny!”

I heard Luke shouting from behind as we both continued to leave...

“Don’t call me kitten, I’m not a fucken animal! Now let me go, I never asked for your help!”

I voiced out in frustration as I tried to escape his hold, though that seemed to have only upset him as he suddenly grabbed my arm! His grip began to tighten as we entered the house, my ears were soon filled with the sound of music once again, the vibration from the speakers was making me lose all focus of what was going on around me. I could no longer tell the difference from one person to another, everyone looked the same. I saw nothing but a blur, was I that buzzed that I couldn’t see right? Before I knew it, I found myself going upstairs for some reason!? Wait, where is Danny taking me!

“Hey! Let me go right now!”

I yelled out towards Danny as I tried my hardest to yank my arm back, however, he wasn’t budging! He didn’t even look at me, and that’s when I knew he had no attention to let me go! Only the more reason to fight back!

“I said let go, you fucking asshole!”

I repeated myself once again, only this time I began to hit his broad back with the only free hand I had left! My hits weren’t doing anything, it wasn’t even fazing him! And sure enough, my back was shoved harshly against the hallway wall! The way he slammed me was pretty hard with how much the picture frame next to me shook! I could assume that my body had grown numb to the pain from the alcohol I had drunk earlier, but I just know I’ll bruise from this. Just what is going on!? The intense stare that Danny was giving was scaring me, he looks like he’s about to kill me!

“Listen, you little bitch. I don’t give a fuck what you have to say right now, you now know what kind of person Eli was! You were the one that came here willing to this party, knowing full well what kind of person I am. So what are you still doing here? Are you looking for someone to fuck you so you can forget about Elijah’s dick? If so, then I can help you with that, all you need to do is be a good kitty and spread your legs for me.”

His low mischievous tone sent chills of fright down my spine, I couldn’t believe what he was telling me! This isn’t what I want, this isn’t supposed to happen! My body jolted the moment I felt his hand grabbing my crotch, letting out a painful grunt I desperately tried to push him off of me! I even began to yell for help, but it was no use...the sound of music covered my voice, the laughter of people everywhere made it impossible for anyone to hear me!

No, someone...please help me! In this angle that Danny has me in, it just looks like we’re some couple making out! There’s no way someone is gonna notice I’m getting violated, but I’ll keep fighting...

“Someone! Please help me! Please, Danny, don’t do this! I beg you!”

Shouting in a pool of tears, I felt myself shaking with fright and shame! I should have never come to this party because now I’m paying the price of coming with this fucken psycho! I felt disgusted with how his hand was still gripping my lower core, even though I’m wearing jeans I still felt gross. Made me sick to my stomach, I wanna throw up with how squeamish I’m starting to feel. I then felt him aggressively pinning both my arms above my head as he gripped my lower chin, forcing me to look at him...

“I told you, that you’ll regret fucking with me...”

Those exact words that I’ve heard him say before, I wouldn’t have guessed that this is what he meant!

“What did I ever do to you! Nothing, absolutely nothing! Yet you’re doing this to me! Why?!”

I shouted with all my might, yet I could feel my words trembling as I felt my body growing weak. I don’t know how much longer I could try to fight him off, he’s too strong...

“It’s because of you...that my best friend is gone! He would never shut up talking about you, every day...it was always you. I really thought that he finally found a nice person to be with...I didn’t want him to turn out to be a piece shit like me. But ever since he disappeared, you haven’t done shit in trying to find him! All you’ve been fucking doing is crying like a fucken brat in your room! You think your the only one depressed and hurting since he’s been gone, get over yourself. Elijah should’ve never dated a kid like you, you say that you care about him yet you’re so quick to deny your relationship with him when speaking with Luke earlier. I may be a fucken asshole, but at least I’m honest about it, unlike you...being piss drunk and playing the victim. If you can move on that quick, then I guess your not as innocent Eli said you were-”

“What are you talking about?! I did love Eli! I miss him so much every day! But I don’t want to hear about his past anymore! It only makes it more difficult for me...Eli...he’s the only guy I’ve ever been with-”

“I don’t give two shits what you have to say, I hate you...I hate you so much.”

He continued to yell as I watched him pull something out from his pocket! Continuing to struggle, I looked down the hallway to see if there was anyone I could make eye contact with to let them know I needed help! But through the mix of all the people to get in eye contact with, it just so happens to be the same girl that was with Eric earlier. She was with a different guy this time, but she still gave me the same dirty stare as before. But what made it so disturbing was that smile of her’s that she was giving me once she saw me crying in agony!

How can people be so cruel and ruthless!? Is this how the world is, nothing but terrible human beings that just don’t care!? I was then caught off from everything the moment I felt something wet touching my lip! No, Danny...he forced a kiss on me! My screams were being muffled as I found it harder to breathe! I soon felt something unpleasant entering my mouth as my nerves began to break!

His tongue tasted horrendous, the taste of tobacco and heavy liquor mixed with his nasty breath made me want to vomit on cue! Yet despite all of that, I felt something else touch my tongue! It felt hard and solid almost, however, I didn’t get enough time to know exactly what it was as Danny forced it down my throat! Fully panicked of not knowing what I swallowed, I quickly kneed him right between his legs and heard him let out a painful groan before releasing me! Watching him grab his junk, I coughed excessively as I stumbled in taking a few steps away...

“You bitch! I’ll fucking kill you!”

He shouted in hatred while clenching his teeth, hearing his threatening words I immediately rushed down the hallway! Not looking back, I felt my body stagger down the steps, but the heavy sounds of his footsteps could be heard coming from behind me! It was Danny that was chasing me through the heavy crowd of people! I need to hurry and get away! But I kept hearing my name being called as I tried to find the exit of the house!


Is it Danny who’s calling out to me? Doesn’t matter, I need to ignore it. I need to leave this party as quickly as I can before he grabs hold of me again! Pushing my way through the crowd, I suddenly felt my heart beginning to beat faster! At first, I thought maybe it was because I was being chased by a psychotic pervert! That would make sense with how the situation is, however, I wasn’t feeling scared anymore. My anxiety was slowly going away, as well as my sadness...


What’s happening to me? My body feels like it’s getting hotter by the minute, I’m even dizzier than before...


Soon enough, I felt someone grab my hand and began pulling me in their direction! Thinking it was Danny, I began to scream in fright! My body is just too weak to fight back this time, so all I could do was yell for someone to help me! But I brought myself to silence the moment I saw the night sky looking down on me. The fresh crisp breeze felt so good on my skin, but I was being pushed towards a car that looked very familiar to me. But I can’t remember who’s it was, my brain just doesn’t want to function properly right now for some strange reason?

“Luna! Look at me!”

Hearing this person grab each side of my face, he forced me to look up at him. The image of Danny faded away, as I look at those brown eyes that held the look of worriedness and anger...


I responded heavily as I tried to take off my shirt, I couldn’t handle the heat that my body was in as I started to unbutton my top...

“Luna, stop! You’re not wearing anything under! What did you drink? Did you take anything weird when you were in there?! ”

Ren asked as he tried to stop me from taking off my shirt, I didn’t even care if anyone saw me in my bra. All I cared about was calming down my body, it felt like it was on fire and I couldn’t do anything to distinguish it. My whole being, especially my lower parts felt tingly and all the alcohol I drank tonight made my body feel light as a feather. Was I out of my mind? Have I just gone crazy with loneliness?

“Ren...I’m...I’m sorry...”

I quietly said before wrapping my arms around the back of his neck, inching myself closer towards his face. I felt my face going flushed just like Ren’s as I closed the gap between us. I’m sure he was confused just as I was about what I was doing. And to be honest, I had no more control of my body anymore. All I wanted was to feel good...I don’t wanna cry anymore in solitude.

“It’s okay, but Luna...what are you doing-”

Cutting him off, I place my lips against his and felt something ignite within me. His lips felt completely different from Danny’s, Ren’s lips felt strong, soft but most importantly warm. That was all I could remember feeling until everything faded to black...

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