His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 34: Dark Reality

Elijah’s POV:


“Please my Lord, control your anger. You must focus the demon within you, without losing control. Or else you’ll just end up destroying yourself.” Raven explained as she brought out the mirror for me to see. I gave Raven very strict orders to come to see me every midnight so I could see my Luna, but it’s been too painful for me to watch her lately.

My Luna looks so different now, she’s lost so much weight and so much hope. That it’s become unbearable for me just to stay here and do nothing! I should be with her, I can’t have her forget about me! I won’t let her!

“Bring me, Felix,” I said coldly to Raven as I watched my Luna being carried out of the party by...Ren. Though he did me a favor by taking Luna out of there.

“Yes my Lord,” Raven responded with a bow as she put the mirror away, she then quickly vanished into thin air.

As I waited, the anger, the hate, and the disgust I had for everyone around Luna grew more and more. I began to pull on my chains once again and felt the cold metal cut through my skin. The pain that I’ve gone through for the past few weeks, is nothing compared to what my love has been through!

“Elijah! Stop pulling your chains! The last time you did that you almost died from severe blood loss with how deep your wounds were. You were lucky Carla was able to heal you on time!” Felix yelled out towards me as he stood in front of me.

“Bring me the head of Danny, you know what that f*cker looks like,” I said to him as I clenched my teeth together in absolute fury. I tighten my grip into a tight fist that I could feel my nails digging into my palms. Danny will pay, for what he did to Luna!

“Elijah, you know I can’t do that until you have full control of your power. I don’t understand why you care about this human girl so much, she’s bound to die or have a cruel fate if you bring her here to this world.” Felix began to explain as I looked into his black eyes. A warlocks life is nothing but a curse. Yet others see it as a blessing from the fallen gods. I, however, see it as a chance to control those who disobey me from what I desire, and what I desire and need....is my Luna.

“Bring. Me. The. Head. Of. Danny. Don’t make me repeat myself Felix.” I voice out threateningly towards him, I watched as he took a frightening bow to me and began to walk away to carry out my order.

“Ever since our father passed away, I thought that maybe our new king. I would learn not to make the same mistakes he did. I hope you open your eyes soon, little brother.” Felix responded as he stopped midway through the dungeon door. He then looked at me for a brief moment and then left.

“I am nothing like my father, that piece of shit deserved to die for what he did to my mother,” I said to myself with anger, as I tugged on the chains once again.

“You should really listen to our older brother, Elijah.” Hearing that familiar giggle, I knew it was her again.

“How long are you going to be playing games, Emily,” I said to her with annoyance in my voice. I about had it with her always playing these sick mind games with me, she enjoyed toying with me. Even when she knew I could kill her without hesitation, the only reason I’ve been keeping her alive was so that she can keep an eye on Luna when she goes to the human world.

“I don’t play games, my king, I just like having fun with you when we’re alone.” She said with a flirtatious tone.

“Who would have ever thought that my older sister liked sleeping around with her siblings,” I said coldly to her as she walked out of the shadows from the very corner of the dungeon.

“It’s not unusual for siblings to marry or to have sex with one another in the underworld after all we’re only half-siblings. Besides, were monsters in everyone’s eyes. Yet you’re so focused on this human who doesn’t give two f*cks about you. You clearly saw her kissing another human, she even denied dating you. That human girl no longer loves you, all she wants is attention from anyone she can get it from. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, she even stole Eric from me at that party that night. So lame, I was going to kill him too after I was done playing with his d*ck. Yet he was so rude to push me off his lap! How can he ignore a beauty like me and just go with a boring girl like her, and to just chat with her no less? So boring of him, at least I found another pray that night at the party.” She explained while she took slow strides towards me. The clicking of her heels kept echoing throughout the room as she finally reached me face to face.

“You want me to kill you don’t you,” I said to her with a cold stare as I growled at her with anger in my voice.

“I don’t know why you’re angry with me, you told me to keep a close eye on her whenever she left the house. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m just here reporting what I’ve seen and heard my king.” She said with a playful smile as she got on her knees in front of me.

“I told you to keep an eye on her, but I also told you to make sure she didn’t see you. She obviously saw you, you stupid bitch. Also, don’t you ever talk shit about my Luna in front of me again? An if you ever look at her, the way you did at the party that night again. I’ll rip your heart out and burn your body to a crisp.” I yelled at her with hatred in my voice as she looked at me with fear in her eyes.

“Yes my Lord.” She said with her voice trembling, she then began to unzip my pants as her breathing began to heat up the room.

“Stop. Just bring me a f*cken human from the chambers.” I said to her uninterested as I clicked my tongue.

“Eli, I thin-”

“DONT F*CKING CALL ME BY THAT NAME!” I yelled at her completely outraged, the only person who’s allowed to call me by that nickname is my baby-girl.

“I’m sorry, my Lord. But...this will be the 7th girl you kill tonight. I think it’s best if you just use my body for the rest of the night.” She said desperately as she held on to my jeans tightly. I knew she didn’t give a f*ck of what I did to the human girls. In fact, she hates humans more then I do probably. I knew she just liked me using her body how I pleased, however with the way she looked at my Luna. I had something better for her to do.

“Bring me a human, and unlock my handcuffs,” I said to her with disgust as I run my fingers through my hair.

“Yes...my Lord,” Emily answered back unsatisfied with my request.

“However, I want you to strip down. But keep your underwear on, and your not allowed to make a sound.” I said to her as she began to undo my chains. Not too long after, she began to strip in front of me with a flirtatious smile.

After she was done, she left for the chambers to bring me a human girl. As I waited, I sat myself down and began to think of my Luna. Her eyes, her lips, her body. I missed every part of her, especially her smile and her beautiful voice. She made a promise to me, that she will never move on, that she will never be with anyone other me. I believe that she will keep that promise until the very end. But if she doesn’t, then I’ll just have to remind her again that she could never leave me.

I then suddenly heard a door being opened, I continued to sit where I was at and noticed a shadow walking towards me. It all comes clear, once I see Felix’s face. He held on to something in his hand as he stopped a few feet away from me. He then threw the object towards the ground, and it slowly rolled towards my feet.

The face of pure agony that was shown on Danny’s decapitated head, was absolutely satisfying. As I gripped his hair I pulled it up towards me and looked at his emotionless face.

“Look at what you become Danny, a pathetic waste of a human,” I said to his corpse’s head as I let out a laughter.

“Are you satisfied, my Lord,” Felix asked of me as he waited patiently for an answer.

“I think your more satisfied then I am brother,” I said with a smirk as I focused my attention around Felix’s mouth, it was covered in blood. He consumed Danny’s heart, but that’s not what got my attention. It was the faded scent of Luna’s smell on his clothes that caught my attention the most.

“Burn those clothes your wearing!” I said to him as I felt my body wanting to go berserk! He must have rubbed himself on Danny’s clothes. The smell of her made me want to lose control! I won’t allow anyone to have her scent on them! I could feel my body growing tense with frustration as well as my eyes that were changing color with jealousy. I then threw Danny’s head across the room out of agitation and waited for Emily to come back.

“My Lord, I brought a human for you.” Emily voiced out as she pushed the human girl to the ground in front of me. She had a look of shock and fear all over her face, as she tried to cover her naked body from me. Her eyes were covered in tears and she was shaking in every way possible.

“Please... please, don’t hurt me....I’ll...I’ll do whatever you want. So.. please-” Ignoring what she was trying to say I quickly took hold of her neck and could hear her gasping for air as she began to struggle underneath me as I pushed her hard against the ground. As I looked away from the human girl for a split second, I looked up at Emily who was biting her lower lip so happily as she watched me slowly killing this human. She then started to breathe heavily with pleasure as she began to play with her breast in front of me.

I then looked back at the human girl and saw how red she was turning from my grasp. I wasted no time f*cking her quickly as I ripped her heart out right after I was finished. Her heart was still beating in my hands and the amount of blood that she had made me sick to my stomach, I still can’t eat this disgusting part of the humans yet. But I know I will have to try and endure it someday since f*cking these humans just don’t seem to be enough for me anymore. This was what my demon needed, it’s what it craved. The energy of these humans, or their hearts that must be consumed. It’s the only way for me to survive, but it’s not what I wanted. It’s not what I needed, what I really needed was her...

Looking at the girl’s corpse, I gripped her heart that was in my hand. I then looked up in saw that Emily was already sucking Felix’s D*ck. She did what she was told at least and kept her mouth shut. Her voice was starting to annoy me already. I then walked towards them and noticed that Felix was trying hard not to lose his composer.

But I know how difficult it is to not lose control when a witch is giving head or any sexual pleasure for that matter. The aroma that Emily was letting out was indeed her dark magic that was surrounding us. It was very tempting but easy for me to avoid. I then crouched down next to her and tugged the back of her hair. She let’s go of Felix d*ck and lets out a moan, I then placed the human heart into her mouth so she could eat it.

“My...Lord. What about...you.” Felix asked me while being breathless, I then stood myself up and began to leave the room.

“I already f*cked 7 humans tonight, I just needed to f*ck something real quick to calm this demon inside me down,” I answered back as I made my way up the stairs.

“Also, when you’re both done f*cking. Clean this place up, that’s an order.” I said to both of them as they watched me leave.

“Yes, my Lord.” I heard both of them say as I closed the door behind me.

Letting out a sigh, I continued to walk towards my room and noticed Raven was waiting in front of my door.

“What is it now, Raven,” I asked her as I stood in front of her.

“There something, I must confess to you, my Lord.” She said with a worried look.

“What,” I asked her with annoyance in my voice, I was losing my temper once again. But I must control it or else I’ll have to chain myself up again.

“Well as I told you before, time moves faster in the human world than in the underworld. But what I failed to tell you was that....the events that you see happening in Luna’s life already happened a day prior. So everything that you see her doing now in the human world, it’s a day late that your viewing. Not what she’s doing at that very moment.” When Raven said those words, it didn’t make sense to me!

“What are you talking about! Everything that she’s done when I was in the human world with her, was in that exact time and moment!!” I raised my voice with confusion and anger.

“Exactly, my Lord. When you were in the human world, you can see everything she is doing at that very moment. However, in the underworld, time is much different. So it will affect my magic a day late.” She explained with wordiness in her voice as she took an apologetic bow.

“Hand me the mirror, and get the hell out of my sight!” I yelled at her as I pushed her to the side with full force.

“I’m so sorry my Lord, please forgive me.” She voiced out pleadingly as she handed me the mirror.

“The next time you lie to me, it’ll be your head!” I said to her coldly as my eyes turned pitched black towards her.

I then aggressively took the hand mirror and entered my room and slammed the door behind me, I seemed to have slammed it so hard that I felt the whole room shake underneath my feet.

“SHOW ME LUNA!” I screamed out as I looked at the hand mirror I was holding. I then ran my fingers through my hair with uneasiness as I waited for her image to show.

It was my Luna, she was laying in bed completely sound asleep. I have to remember though, that this has already happened. So I could never really know what exactly what my baby is doing at this very second. I continued to watch her sleep and it brought me peace in mind, however that was quickly shattered when I saw the person lying right next to her!

“WHY THE F*CK IS REN NEXT TO HER!!!” I screamed out in disbelief, I could have sworn that Ren took her home after she blacked out!? Then again, I don’t think Ren wants Luna’s parents to worry about her right now.

“I’ll kill you, Ren, I promise you that,” I said coldly in a low whisper. He stole a kiss from her already, and now he has the balls to lay in bed with my baby girl.

If only I had more self-control with this demon in me, then I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to you Luna, but with how things are going for me right now, I think your gonna have to wait a little bit longer my love.

“Luna, please don’t forget about me. I promise I’ll come back to you soon, I just hope you’ll forgive me for what I’ve become.” I voiced out to myself as I faced the window, I then looked up and noticed the light snowflakes starting to fall from the dark sky. I was no longer under the same sky as her anymore, but I will change that very soon.

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