His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 35: Faded Memory

Luna’s POV:

"Are you really leaving me Luna..” Eli voiced out painfully as he stood right in front of me, standing in the middle of the lake were Ren once took me weeks ago. I don’t know what was going on, but I felt so cold that my body was beginning to shiver and freeze. I watched as he stretched out his hand towards me as he slowly began to sink into the lake.

“You’re the one that left me first!” I shouted towards him in full anger and pain, as I stood there on the very edge of of the lake, the water reached up to my feet just a bit. However, I couldn’t move from that spot as I watched Elijah beginning to sink further down into the water as he continued to look at me with those blue eyes of his that I fell in love with. His hand was still reached out, waiting for me to take it. But I just couldn’t bring myself to grab on to it, the main reason being that I couldn’t move from where I was standing.

“Eli! Get out of the water already!” I screamed at him as I watched in panic as the water reached his chest already. He was still sinking further and further down as he watched me with such a painful sad look on his face. Was he in much pain as I was?! Forcing my leg to finally move, I took one step forward. Only to feel the excruciating pain hit my right leg as I entered it in the water. It felt like needles we’re puncturing right through my skin, and the intense cracking of my bones was what made me stopped moving. I screamed in agony with how freezing cold the water was, it felt like my whole leg could break off at any moment with how painful and cold it was.

“Elijah! Please! Please get out! I promise I won’t leave you! So please just get out of the water!” I yelled at him once again with tears in my eyes, I couldn’t move anymore with how ice-cold my body was feeling and the extreme pain that I was still in. Though I continued to scream out Eli’s name, over and over for him to come back to me. I never stopped yelling, until he completely disappeared underwater and never emerged again. My eyes were pulsing in pain as I cried non-stop, he was gone again. I couldn’t do anything but just stand there in devastation.

“Eli...ELI!!” I felt my lungs burning with how out of breath I was feeling from calling out his name so much. I continued to scream out his name in pure regret as everything around me faded into a dark black mist.

I quickly woke up and sat myself up in a full panic. I was out of breath as I felt how heavy my heart was beating. I then suddenly felt this painful pulse coming from my left eye as well as my head that felt like someone smashed it with a hammer. Covering my eye with my hand, I let out a painful sigh as I laid myself back in the bed.

“It was only a dream...” I said to myself quietly as I rested my head for a few minutes. I then closed my eyes shut, and thought back to the dream I had, but if anything. It was more of a nightmare than a dream. Why did I dream of Eli? And why did it happened in that specific lake? Thoughts we’re running through my head as I suddenly felt a cold breeze hit my skin, so I naturally covered myself with the blanket.

Though once I snuggled myself into the bedsheets, I smelled this familiar scent of mint. Opening my eyes slowly, I saw a white ceiling and a black ceiling fan. Which was strange because my house doesn’t have any ceiling fans, Nor does Alexa...

My body soon became a stiff mannequin as I felt the bedsheets being tugged on the other side of the bed. It then occurred to me that, this wasn’t my bed that I was laying in. I wasn’t at Alexa’s house or at mine for that matter. So who’s house am I at?!

So I slowly began to shift my body around to see who was laying next to me. I made sure to keep my breathing very light so I wouldn’t wake up the person next to me, because I knew if I did. I won’t be able to sneak myself out of this mess! How can I not remember anything of last night? The last thing I could only remember is kissing Ren-

“OH MY GOD!” I shouted out as I took a glance at the half-naked guy laying right next to me. It was Ren! He was completely shirtless and his hair was a bit disheveled as he slowly began to wake himself up. I then quickly set myself up from the bed and felt the cool breeze hit my upper chest as the blanket fell back down. My n*pples instantly hardened with how cold the room was.

It then dawned on me, why is my body so cold?! Finally looking down, I was mortified when I saw that I was completely naked! No clothes and no underwear! In full panic, I yanked the bedsheets once again and covered my body as I quickly began to look around the room for my clothes, but none of my clothes were on the floor nor on the bed?! So where were they?!

“Luna...are you awake finally?” Ren asked as he tried to wake himself up, his morning voice sounded very sexy actually. His heavy voice made him sound very mature and.... wait! What the hell am I thinking right now! What’s going on and why are we both laying on the same bed naked!?

Ignoring his question, I immediately got myself up and pulled the bed sheets with me. I felt Ren trying to grab hold of my arm and as well as the bedsheets as I headed towards the bathroom. I then quickly closed the door behind me, locking it as I gripped the bed sheets tightly against my body. I soon heard him knocking on the bathroom door as I stood there confused and panic about what might have happened last night.

“Luna, please open the door. I know what your thinking, but please let me explain...” Ren pleaded as he continued to knock on the other side of the door.

“Explain what?! I’m naked and so are you!” I yelled out towards him as I began to shake with worry. Did we sleep together last night?! My body doesn’t feel sore or anything, but I don’t know what else to think in this situation...

“Luna, just please open the door. I’m not gonna do anything, I promise. Look, your clothes are dry and should be clean now for you to wear.” He said to me, as I stood there still feeling my body shaking with worry.

“What...what do you mean clean?” I asked Ren with a confused tone.

“I’ll explain it, once you open the door. I’m not gonna talk with you when there’s a wooden door between us, just come out already Luna.” He voiced out once again, I stood there for what seemed like minutes have gone by, when finally I decided to open the door. I saw Ren standing right there in front of me fully clothed.

He was holding my bag, for it looked like my clothes were inside it. As I grabbed the bag, I looked up at him. To see that he had a smile on his face, he looked happy but mainly relieved to see me.

“Get changed and then come downstairs.” That was all he said to me as he walked out of the room. So I swiftly began to change into my clothes when I suddenly felt something heavy wanting to come out of my lower area. I knew what this feeling was, so I started to look inside my bag for an emergency pad! And thank God I still had one left in here.

Being fully dressed finally, I looked at my phone to see that it was still early. I also realized that Alexa had sent me a text apologizing for telling Ren where I was it, I can’t blame her though. I knew she was really worried about me. My attention soon focused on the smell of sweet coffee as I slowly started to make my way downstairs. With each step, I thought back to everything that happened at the party last night. I then felt a heavyweight being lifted off of my shoulders when I knew I wasn’t pregnant, the anxiety that was all built up because of that was now all gone. I guess deep down, I’m kinda happy that I was never pregnant with his child, but what was that dream about then?

Still thinking about the dream, I made sure to follow the scent of roasted coffee that was coming from the kitchen. As I entered the room, I saw Ren had a cup of coffee in his hand while going through his phone. He then noticed me standing there as he put his cup down on the kitchen island.

“How are you feeling?” He asked me with a concerned tone as he began to approach me.

“I...I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going and I’m so confused...” I said to him as I began to look down unsure of what to say, I’m at a total loss of what happened last night. I’m afraid to hear the truth because I don’t know if I’ll be able to accept what might’ve of happened.

As I continued to look down, I saw a cup of coffee that Ren held towards me. It smelled sweet and warm as I grabbed the cup carefully. The rich aroma made me feel a bit relaxed as I took a light sip of it, the nutty sweet liquid passed my throat and made my shaky body calm down a bit.

“Do you remember anything of last night?” Ren asked of me as he peered right through my eye.

“It’s all kind of a blur for me, but the only thing I remember last is... kissing you....” I said shyly to him as I placed my coffee cup down. I don’t know why I kissed him, maybe it was all the liquor I drank? I then placed my hand on my temple and felt it still pulsing in discomfort.

“Well I’m not surprise, you did drink a lot. Judging from that hangover of yours, but most importantly. Did Danny do anything to you?” He asked with a worried and upset look as he waited for an answer. I knew I couldn’t tell him what really happened, it would only cause more major problems if I told anyone. So I will keep this dark secret to myself for the rest of my life if anything I would have wished I could have forgotten about that. I mean honestly....how do I even tell someone I was molested and...drugged...

It then dawned on me! That pill I swallowed, Danny must have wanted me drugged so he could’ve done something to me!

“Luna?” Ren said my name worriedly as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Ren, what did I...what did we do last night?” I asked of him as I placed my tight fist against my chest, I was so nervous about what Ren was going to say.

“Well after you kissed me, you kinda puked all over yourself. An on my shirt also, soon after that you just passed out when I put you in the car. I did call Alexa to see if she wanted me to take you back to her house, but she didn’t want to risk waking up her parents. I obviously didn’t want to take you to your parent’s house with the state you were in so...I decided to bring you back to my place. I didn’t want you sleeping in your vomit up clothes so I had to take your clothes off.”

“What?! Why didn’t you try waking me?!” I shouted at him being completely embarrassed, I could feel my cheeks growing red that I wanted to hide in a hole somewhere.

“I did! I tried many times, but you were completely knocked out, But! I promise you I had my eye closed the entire time I was stripping your clothes off.”

“Oh my god! Don’t say it like that you pervert!” I voiced out embarrassed as I covered my face with my hands, how can I be so sure that he didn’t see my naked body!

“Well, I don’t know how else to say it!? I did try to put you in some of my clothes but you kept saying that you were feeling hot, and you would just keep taking off the shirt I would put you in. I still don’t know how you were feeling so hot last night when It was very cold last night. You even tried taking off your clothes when I was driving us home.”

“What! Are you serious! I don’t remember doing any of that!” I said to him as I tugged on his shirt feeling frustrated with myself. How can I not remember what I did?

“I’m telling you the truth, and the reason why I was laying half-naked next to you was that I didn’t want you puking again on one of my shirts, so I decided not to wear a t-shirt. And because it gets really cold at night at my place, I knew you were gonna be cold even though you said you were feeling hot, I knew it was only a matter of time before you started to feel the chill. So I made sure your body was covered so you wouldn’t get sick.”

After he was done explaining, I took a minute to take it all in. It made somewhat sense except for one thing.

“Why didn’t you just put on the heater?” I asked him with a confused look.

“You see, I would have done that if the heater at my place worked. Which it doesn’t...look I’m sorry I did what I did without your consent. But I didn’t know what else to do Luna.” He voiced out with an apologetic tone. I know he meant no harm with what he did, but it’s still embarrassing of what happened. Though I’m relieved to hear that nothing else major happened, besides the kiss...

“It’s okay, thank you...for taking care of me last night, Ren,” I replied to him as I loosely began to let go of his shirt, but he was quick to grab my hand and hold on to it tightly. We both then started to look at one another as if there was so much more we both wanted to say.

“Luna, I-” Ren’s voice was soon interrupted by the sudden phone call I was receiving. Ren lets go of my hand as I reached out for my phone that was on the kitchen counter. It was my mom, who was calling.

“Hello?” I answered nervously, hoping she didn’t find out where I was at.

“Hello, sweetie. I’m calling to see if you’re at the school campus yet.” My mother asked of me, she sounded a bit stressed and worried for some reason.

“Uhh, yeah I’m at school right now....why what’s going on?” I asked her with confusion in my voice.

“Oh, okay. That way I can pick you up before school starts, I just need you to come back home today.”

“What? Why? What’s going on mom? You’re worrying me.” I responded with panic in my voice, I then noticed Ren was standing closer to me trying to hear in on the conversation I was having.

“Sweetie, I don’t want you to worry when I say this but your father’s test results came in when we went to the hospital this morning. They found something that could be life-threatening possibly, so I’ma pick you up right now so we could go to the hospital with your father right now”

When I heard her explanation, my whole world felt like it could shatter at any minute. What’s going on with my dad’s health?! He always looked healthy and just fine to me.

“Hello? Luna, are you there?” I couldn’t speak up, with how choked up I was feeling!

Ren swiftly snatched the phone from my hand and began to answer my mother.

“Hello, Mrs. Collins. It’s Ren, Don’t worry about picking her up, I’ll be sure to bring her home right away. Yes, don’t worry about it, your welcome.” He then got off the phone with her and grabbed my hand firmly. We then dashed through the door and made our way towards his car.

The whole driveway there, I didn’t know what to think. I had so many thoughts running through my head. Will my dad be okay? What do I do if I run into Danny at school again? And why did I have that dream about Eli? As these thoughts began to run through my head, I began to feel uneasy again. However, Ren held my hand so tightly that I knew he was worried too. He never let go of my hand the entire driveway there, and I’m glad he didn’t. Because it gave me a sense of comfort and it made me feel like I didn’t have to go through this alone.

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