His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 37: Moving Forward

Luna’s POV:

(6 years later)

“Luna, you awake?”

Too comfy to respond to his voice, I pretended to be asleep still. Maybe he won’t notice and just let me sleep in today?

“I guess you won’t mind If I do this then...”

He said with a flirtatious tone as he playfully began to pull my shirt up from underneath the sheets. Trying my best to ignore his wandering hands, it was becoming difficult to hold back my tongue as I felt his hard erection rubbing my lower entrance! His heavy hot breathing was tickling down the back of my neck which caused my body to shiver in sweet delight. It was hard to ignore his cute charm, teasingly pushing my butt closer to his hardened shaft. His playful moan was soon followed by a giggle as he kissed my cheek so lightly that it caused me to smile...

“So you are awake,” he said as he began to tickle my ribs!

“No! no tickles! Please, yes I’m awake!”

I shouted in pure laughter as I tried to push the sheets off of me. Yet he was too quick to wrap us together in the blanket that I was no longer able to pull away from him! Ren can never play fair...

“I’ll stop if you say the magic words, my love...”

He said while pulling his body on top of mine, looking into his loving eyes, he tucked my hair behind my ear before caressing my cheek so softly.

“I love you, Ren. There, now let me go!”

I jokingly said as I stuck my tongue out, giving me a satisfying smirk as he dangerously began to take my underwear off!

“What do you think you’re doing?”

I said in a playful tease while biting my lower lip...

“What do you mean? I just thought that I’ll help you change out of these clothes,” Ren responded sweetly as he stole a kiss from me.

But his kiss grew heated as he stuck his hot wet tongue into my mouth, our tongues entwined as we both began to moan underneath our hot breath. My lower core was starting to tremble for attention and I could feel my panties becoming wet as Ren took them off...


Calling out his name, a moan escaped me as I wrapped my hand around his back. We soon parted lips for a second as we gazed into each other’s eyes, the look of love and absolute affection was all I could see in him. It made me incredibly happy to still be with him after all these years...

“Luna, I love you...”

Ren whispered as he started to leave light kisses all around my collar bone. Arching my neck back, I made sure to push my chest towards his body. I wanted to show him where I wanted his attention at. He responded quickly as he raised my shirt high enough we’re my breast we’re now exposed for him to play with. Closing my eyes, I felt his heated breath inching closer to my hardened nipples...

Gripping his back tighter, I let out a heavy moan as I felt his fingers trace upward around my throbbing pussy. He then playfully began to rub my clit in such a gentle motion that it was making me want more. Teasingly trying to put his long fingers inside my inner walls, I couldn’t handle the foreplay he was giving me anymore. For it felt more like torture...I want to be satisfied.

“Ren...put...your fingers in...”

I moan out pleadingly as I lifted my waist towards him. I wanted him to fill me up, to make me feel good, and to give him the pleasure that he wanted as well...

“You’re too eager this morning...I find it cute,” he said while whispering next to my ear!

I then felt the sensation of him pinching one of my nipples with his masculine fingers that gripped me so strongly...

“It’s because...of you...Ren.”

I voiced out breathlessly as I could feel my wet juices leaving my lower core onto Ren’s hand. Feeling two of his strong slender fingertips finally entering my tight cunt, I was almost in total bliss until Ren’s phone began to ring!

“Why now of all times?”

Ren said with an annoying sigh as I felt his fingers leaving me, the heated climax between us came to an end as I watched him answer his call. Pulling my shirt down, I sat myself up from the bed in disappointment as I looked over at him. Leaning myself closer towards his chest, I gave him a little peck on the cheek as he continued with his call. I could hear a low voice on the other line and it sounded like Eric’s voice, but I could be wrong...

Pulling myself away from him, I began to look for my panties that were laying on the floor. As I went to pick them up, the reflection of the sun hitting the window shined on the ring I’ve been wearing for years. Every time I look at this ring, my smile always seems to go away for a split moment. I’m not sure why, but I always feel like I’m being watched, is it paranoia? This ring would sometimes shine so very brightly that it would even surprise me at times. But then there will be weeks where it wouldn’t shine at all...

Whenever I think how long it’s been since he’s disappeared, it was as if he never really existed in this world. After all, this ring is the only thing left that reminds me of him. It’s strange, but...I don’t think I even remember what he looks like anymore. I haven’t really thought about him in years, so why am I suddenly thinking about him now?

“Luna, are you hungry?”

Still, deep in thought, I wasn’t able to notice Ren talking to me as I walked into the bathroom...

“Luna, are you okay?”

Ren asked as he grabbed my hand!

“Huh? Oh, I’m sorry. I was...daydreaming.”

I hesitantly responded, ever since Ren and I made that promise years ago. We never mentioned his name again or even spoke about him, it would be painful to just bring up his name so suddenly. Also, I no longer had a reason to talk about him anymore, he was long gone from my memory and my heart...

“Oh, well it was Eric who called. He said they’ll be coming over in a little while, that way we could all go to the cemetery together today.”

He explained as I felt his arms wrapping around my waist, we both then looked at the mirror and saw our reflection as I leaned my head back against his chest...

“You know, we don’t have to go today if you don’t want to.”

He said as he placed a light kiss on my forehead...

“No, it’s okay if we all go. I wouldn’t be comfortable going alone so I’m glad you’re coming with me...”

“Of course, I’ll always be here for you...”

He said with a smile, letting me go I watched him walk towards our closet. As he began to change, I closed the bathroom door. Opening the drawer, I grabbed my hairbrush and started to comb my hair back into a ponytail. But just as I began to tie my hair back, I saw the box of tampons in the drawer as I placed my brush down...

Wait, how long has it been since I last got my period?! As I began to calculate my cycle, I realized that I was 8 days late! There shouldn’t be any possibility that I was pregnant since I’ve been on birth control for years! Quickly going through the bathroom cabinets, I took out two pregnancy tests for emergencies like this!

“Hey! I’ma make breakfast real quick for us, do you want your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?”

Ren suddenly asked as he knocked on the other side of the door! I was getting a sudden deja vu, except I did get my period at that time when I thought I was pregnant years ago. Thank god I wasn’t! But this time, things are very different. I wouldn’t mind if Ren and I got pregnant, of course, I would have wanted to get married first before we had our first child though...

“Scrambled is fine with me.”

I voiced out as I waited for him to leave. I then proceeded to take both pregnancy tests to put my mind at ease, as I waited for the results I started to change into my outfit. For some reason, I wasn’t scared or worried about what the answer would be. Because I knew that Ren will always be there for me no matter what, we might be too young to be parents but I know that Ren will be a great dad...

Once I was fully dressed, I took a deep breath in and approached the bathroom counter. Taking a look at the first pregnancy test, it came out negative. Which made me slightly relieved because I’m not sure If I was fully ready to be a mom at the age of nineteen, or should I say twenty since my birthday is literally tomorrow. Picking up the last pregnancy test, I got myself mentally prepared as I closed my eyes. Taking another deep breath in, I looked at the last test. It was positive!

“This is so frustrating! Which one is right?!”

I yelled out in annoyance as I rubbed both my temples! Throwing the test’s in the garbage, I decided it was best to just go to the hospital tomorrow. But in the meantime, I should be careful not to strain my body too much. But it’s best If I don’t tell Ren about this until I’m 100 percent certain what the results are. Besides, if I do end up being pregnant, I would like to make it special for him. Walking out of the bathroom, I made my way to the kitchen where Ren was making us coffee. I’m not sure if I could even drink heavy caffeine right now?

“Here you go, lightly sweetened, just how you like it.”

Ren kindly said as he handed me my cup, the scent of roasted coffee beans smelled heavenly. It sucks that I can’t drink, but I don’t wanna risk anything so I’ll just set it to the side for now. Looking over at the stove, I noticed that the eggs were almost done cooking. So I took it upon myself to serve us, but as I did that, Ren came over from behind me and wrapped his hands tightly around my stomach!

“Don’t grab me so tightly,” I raised my voice at him.

“Oh, sorry...I didn’t think I was holding you that strongly,” Ren quickly apologized as he released me.

It’s not his fault, but I’m just so cautious and paranoid at the moment. I don’t want to risk any kind of miscarriage if I was with child. So after we finished eating our breakfast, I began to place the dirty dishes into the sink so I could start washing. But before I could even turn on the faucet, my ring caught my attention! It was shining so brightly for the first time in a long while, I almost forgot how beautiful it looked with the different illuminating colors. I would like to believe that Elijah is still out there...living his life somewhere. It’s no longer any of my business what he’s up to, but I still want him to be alive somewhere and that he’s okay. I find myself questioning why I should still even wear this ring-

“Luna, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while...but I never thought it was my place to ask,” Ren suddenly said as he came up next to me.

“Ask me what?”

I said as I went to clean the dishes, I was so deep in thought earlier that I didn’t notice him coming from behind me...

“It’s that ring that you always wear, who gave it to you? I’m just curious because I’ve never seen you take it off all these years we’ve been together. And I just figured, it must be an important ring...”

He explained as he questioned about my ring while leaning on my shoulder. My body grew a little stiff since I wasn’t excepting him to ask that, I’m sure Ren noticed my reaction since he turned off the water. I didn’t think he would care or even ask me about the ring since I wore it back in high school...

“I told you back then, that it was a gift, remember...” I vaguely answered.

“I do remember, but you never told me who gave it to you. Luna, was it him-you know what. Forget it...I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked something personal. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to...”

He said as he lightly hugged me from behind so sweetly, I almost felt guilty for not telling him. But this is how I want things to be, the ring that Eli gave me...was his last promise for me to keep. Despite what happened, I would like to keep this one promise to him for the sake of our past childhood love...

“No, it’s fine Ren. It’s nothing personal or crazy like that. It was just a simple gift, that’s all...now then, help me clean up.”

I said to him as I reached out for the hand towel in front of me. However, Ren had other plans instead of cleaning as he came around me and began to unbutton my pants!

“Ren! Not right now, we have to clean up...Eric and Alexa will be coming soon,” I said to him as I tried to pull his hands away from me!

“It’ll be quick, besides...we could make them wait outside until we’re done.”

He said with a flirtatious grin as he began to nibble on my earlobe! He knew that was one of my weak points and that it would be difficult to refuse him. Turning myself around, I planted a kiss on those hot lips of his as he continued to take off my pants! Sliding them off, he lifted me on top of the counter! Crossing my legs behind him I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me. His hardened shaft was now poking at my lower sweet spot, it was starting to crave for his touch. Wrapping his hand around my lower back, he began to leave his kiss marks all over my neck. I was giving in to his sexual touch as I let myself go...

“I always loved hearing your adorable moans...”

He teasingly said as he took off my underwear, feeling my face grow flushed I tightened my grip onto him more...

“Why do you always like teaing me,” I asked him while parting my legs.

He gently began to push me down on the kitchen island, the light kisses that he was giving me all over my inner thighs made my pussy ache with desire...

“Because I know I will be the only one to see this cute face of yours...”

He jokingly said as he lightly blew on my lower core! Letting out a moan, I felt the exciting chill come over me. My body jolted with pure pleasure as I felt his heated tongue enter my inner walls! He was being so gentle with my body that it made me feel special to him, the feeling of his tongue sliding up and down my slit made me soaking wet as my clit continued to throb!


Moaning out his name, I tugged his hair lightly as he continued to pleasure my desires. His strong tongue kept penetrating me. But I wanted more, it never seemed to be enough! Once he pulled his tongue out, I could hear his zipper coming undone, followed by his belt hitting the floor. With the lustful feeling of his hard cock brushing up against my wet lips, I grew anxious to feel him inside me! But I didn’t want him to be too rough or he might hurt the baby...

“Ren, please...be gentle...”

I moaned out pleasingly while grabbing his hand.

“I always will...Luna, hold me...”

He said with kindness in his words as he grabbed on to me. Following his lead, I tightened my grip the moment I felt his dick entering my womb! Biting my lower lip, I felt his shaft pulsating within me as he slowly began to move...

“Luna, you’re so tight...”

He moaned in absolute pleasure as he continued to move his hips in a steady pattern. Grabbing the back of my head, he held it so delicately that I rested my forehead on to his chest. The motion of our bodies became one as I moved my hips along with his, my inner walls began to tighten around his shaft as we kept up the pace until I felt my inner womb beginning to build up into an orgasm!


Ren grunted as he clenched his teeth together, biting my lower lip...I felt his hot juices flow within me. It was so warm that I almost came myself, however, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t horny still. It’s always been like this, Ren would always cum first before I could. It’s gotten to the point where I had to lie to him to make him feel better. Faking an orgasm isn’t what I wanna do, but I don’t wanna make him feel bad. But I never seem to be fully satisfied when we’re done having sex, I would always want more but I can’t bring myself to tell him. It would just crush his manly image...

“I love you,” he whispers next to my ear as he lifted my chin.

His sweet nature was what I fell in love with, I never cared for the sex. I just loved being with him, so it didn’t matter to me if he couldn’t satisfy my sexual needs. As long as he makes me happy...that’s all that matters, right?

“I love you too, Ren.”

Grabbing each side of his face, I forced him to look at me. I could see how head over heels he still was for me after these six years of being together. There was no doubt in my mind that he still loved and cared about me. Leaning closer, I left a light kiss on his lips before pulling away. It wasn’t until Ren helped me get off the counter that we heard the doorbell go off!

“Looks like we have to clean up now,” Ren teasingly said.

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