His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 2: BitterSweet

Luna’s POV:

His tongue tasted so good that I couldn’t help but want more. Letting him use my tongue to his satisfaction. It was getting harder to breathe but neither one of us wanted to part away from one another. Wanting more, I pressed my breasts against his chest causing him to tighten his grip around my waist, hearing a quiet moan leave his mouth I knew his heart was growing tense like mine...

Removing his kiss, he placed his wet lips around my neck and began to leave gentle pecks all over. Tilting my head back, I allowed to give him easier access as I felt my chest growing tight! I didn’t even notice when I began to moan, enjoying every touch I accepted every kiss he was giving me. Brushing my fingers throughout his long brown hair, my body was starting to tingle with every touch he was giving me...

His hand that was once on my waist shifted up to the inside of my shirt, I felt his long fingers caress the back of my spine, causing chills to run through my core...


Moaning out his name, he pushed his hard shaft against my stomach! With the way he was holding onto me so close, it seemed impossible to get away from him. With our lips finding their way back to each other. His kisses grew rougher, all you heard in my room were the muffled moans being suppressed from each other...

His fingers traced from my back to the very front of my abdomen, slowly inching their way towards my breasts, caused me to tighten my inner thighs together! I took enough sex ed in middle school to know that I was starting to get wet down there...I know this is normal. But...my body is growing hot!

I wasn’t scared of having Eli touch me there, but I wasn’t sure if he would be satisfied with someone inexperienced like myself...

Just as I was thought that... Elijah stopped himself from what he was about to do! It’s as if he heard what I was thinking, he had stopped kissing me and pulled away from my body. He then looked away with his eyes closed, did I do something he didn’t like maybe?

“Did...I do something wrong, Eli?”

I asked him while panting for air as I reached for his hand...

“What!? No, no of course not. If anything you were doing everything right. Which is why I had to stop myself...”

He responded while holding my hand and placing it against his chest. The rapid beating of his heart could be felt, am I the cause of this!? I guess I wasn’t the only one that was nervous...

“Don’t think that I don’t want you, Luna. If only you knew what effect you had on me, the things I want to do with your body. You just make it so hard for me, and I try to control myself whenever I’m with you...”

He explained in a heated grunt...

“What? What do you mean I make it hard for you?”

I asked him with such eagerness and confusion...

He then took my hand that he was holding and brought it to his hardened manhood! I immediately blushed and tried to pull away, however, he didn’t let me go and stared at me with those eyes of his that screamed out sexual frustration!

“E...Eli!? You pervert!! What are you doing!?”

I yelled at him while shoving his shoulder away!

“This is what you make so hard for me, and it’s difficult to control myself when I see that body of yours! How do you expect me to hold back when you’re dressed like that in front of me?! I mean, are those even shorts that you’re wearing? Their practically underwear on you and...your shirt, you’re not wearing a bra! So yeah, I’m trying really fucking hard not to strip your clothes off at the moment!” He voiced out in annoyance once he released my arm!

“These are shorts! They’re just a lot shorter than my regular ones. And the reason why I’m not wearing a bra is that I find it more comfortable when I’m sleeping!”

I responded with a bit of attitude as I sat myself up on my bed while crossing my arms against my chest to hide my nipples that were piercing against my shirt! I didn’t think what I was wearing would trigger him this way. Suddenly, Elijah grabbed my arm so quickly and pulled me down towards him!

“You’re so adorable when you get flustered...Luna, I don’t want to rush things and make you uncomfortable. I want your first time to be special because I know these types of things are important to you girls...I love you and I just want to make sure you’re happy.”

He said, instantly smiling, I felt my heart skip a beat. Giving him a quick peck on those soft lips of his, I rested myself back on his chest...

“You made me happy the first day you asked me to be your girlfriend Eli, and I guess I was just caught up in the moment in feeling good that I didn’t notice the important things,” I replied to him as I began to shut my eyes closed...

“What important things?”

Elijah asked confused, grabbing my chin, he lifting it...causing my head to raise. Opening my eyes, I peered at his gaze. He really didn’t know what I was talking about, did he? How can he not know what I’m referring to? He should be the responsible adult here! Why should I have to say it, it’s too embarrassing for me to tell him, but I knew if I didn’t say anything...he wasn’t going to understand.


I said very quietly, hoping that not even God heard me. However, when I looked at Eli, he looked a bit surprised! I guess he never thought that I would say something like that, well neither did I...though I was caught off guard by Elijah’s hysterical laughter!

“What’s so funny this time?! It’s not like you came prepared!” I voiced out in a serious glare!

“Haha...you don’t have to worry about me using protection.” He quickly responded after his little laughing fest was over.

“What do you mean I don’t have to worry? The last thing I think we both want is to end up pregnant! And I’m sure as hell not ready to be a mom at the age of 14!”

After I spoke out my concerns, I stayed silent as I watched Eli give off an intimidating stare...it’s almost frightening.

“Luna, trust me when I say that I’m not someone who can get you pregnant that easily...”

He explained with such intensity and coldness, it made me feel sad for a split moment hearing him say that...

“What do you mean you can’t get me pregnant that easy-”

My words faded into nothingness once Elijah placed his hand behind my head! Pulling me in for a hug, I could feel the intense heat that Eli was giving off...

“Luna...go to sleep already. We both have school tomorrow.”

Nodding at his words, my mind was still wondering why he was avoiding the question? At any rate, I should really get some sleep and not overthink things too much...

“Okay... goodnight Eli, I love you and I’ll see you in the morning, right?” I asked him, as I began to cuddle up against the blankets.

“Goodnight love, and of course you will, now close those eyes and get some rest.” He said while switching off the lamp.


The following morning, waking up in Eli’s arms made me immediately smile as I admired the view. Elijah had such perfect smooth skin, his eyelashes were probably longer than mine, his strong jawline that complemented those soft lips of his. How did I get so lucky in having such a handsome boyfriend? Slightly tracing my finger over his jaw towards his chin, I finally stopped once I reached the corner of his lips...

“So is this what you like to do when I’m asleep, you sexually assault me?”

Elijah’s words surprised me as I watched him open his eye! Quickly drawing back my finger, I rushed myself to get out of bed!

“How long were you awake?!”

I asked him in a loud demeanor as I was too shy to look him in the face! I’m not a creep! But did Eli find it weird that I was touching his face when he was sleeping-

“Shh...do you wanna wake up your mother?”

Eli whispered while clamping his hand over my mouth!

“Oh, I completely forgot my mom came home very late last night because of work, she’s probably passed out,” I explained while pulling Elijah’s hand away, reaching for my phone I looked over at the time and saw that it was almost seven. Since school starts at eight, I should have enough time to shower and eat breakfast-

“I should probably get going, I still have to get home and change,” he suddenly said.

Letting go of my hand, he made sure to kiss my lips before making his way towards my window.

“I’ll pick you up in an hour, that way I could show you around the school real quick.”

He said as he ruffled his bed head. His appearance of waking up looked so attractive to me for some reason. Is it his messy hair? It looks so soft, I really wanna touch it...

“Okay, sounds good.”

Responding, I walked in his direction as I watched him take a step outside.

“Alright, I’ll see you in a bit...don’t wear anything that shows too much skin, or else I’m not taking you to school at all.”

He said in a strict matter before giving off a playful smirk. Feeling my face grow red, I hurried in shutting the window once he took his leave! Looking down at the front porch, I watched as Eli made his way towards his truck. Watching him finally leave, I felt the beating of my chest grow tight and my face still feeling flustered... how can I miss him already? Placing my hand over my heart, I closed my eyes while taking a deep breath to calm my nerves. It was when I felt more relaxed, that I got myself ready for school.

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