His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 41: Reuniting Curse

Luna’s POV:

“Oh, no reason...”

I sarcastically said as we both gazed into each other’s eyes. The tensity that he held made my heart flutter as he leaned his lips closer to mine. I could feel his warm breath inching closer to me, I expected a kiss to happen but we were both interrupted once again by the sudden doorbell! So we both paused for a second and looked at each other before giggling...

“We seriously need to take that doorbell off.”

He jokingly teased as he went to answer it, feeling his hands leave my waist I began to head to the kitchen to grab a cup of water. But as I drank the liquid slowly, I began to think back to what Ren was saying. Was he begin serious when he said he would ask my parents for my hand in marriage? Just thinking about it made me truly happy, however, I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened this morning...

Every time I close my eyes, I see Elijah’s grave imprinted in my mind. I shouldn’t be feeling guilty for my happiness, but why do I? I shouldn’t even be thinking about him anymore, but I should probably call my mother tomorrow and see if she knew about his grave being there? Speaking of tomorrow, I need to remember to make an appointment with my doctor. Placing my water cup down, I noticed that Ren wasn’t back yet. It’s been a while since he’s answered the door, what’s taking him so long?

“Ren, who’s at the door?”

I asked while raising my voice, but I didn’t get a response back. Marching my way to the living room, I saw that the front door was wide open! The cold air could be felt entering in, but as I made my way towards the open door I looked out to see nothing but darkness. Grabbing my stomach with fright, I took slow strides towards the entrance of the door, hoping that Ren was playing some stupid prank on me. However, I couldn’t hear Ren anywhere when I called out for his name...

“Ren...if this is some sick joke. It’s not funny, I’m not in the mood right now!”

I shouted in annoyance, yet I didn’t hear anything back again. Stepping outside, I was very cautious and held in my breath a little. I never liked being alone, especially at night! My nerves were starting to get the best of me as I felt a cold sweat passing down my spine. As frightened as I was, I continued to take a few steps further out, however, I’m not sure if my mind was playing tricks on me. Because when I looked outside, I could have sworn I saw something or someone moving out there. At first, I thought it was probably just Ren playing a trick on me or that maybe it was just a squirrel or a cat? That would have put my mind at ease until I realized something, who rang the doorbell earlier!?

I was beginning to get a frightening flashback of the past that I wish I could erase from my mind forever. Those girls from high school back then were found dead, I remember the news saying some psychotic murder was out there targeting young girls. I don’t think they ever caught that killer!? What if they’re still out there? My body was starting to shake uncontrollably as I tried to control my anxiety... until I heard a loud slam coming from behind me!

“Oh my god!”

I shouted in total terror as I quickly turned myself around while falling onto the floor! Luckily I was able to fall flat on my butt and not on my stomach. But I didn’t expect the front door to slam so loudly from behind! What the hell is going on?! Quickly standing up, I reached for the knob on the door but for some strange reason, it was locked! I’m locked out of my own house and I don’t know how this happened?! But what I do know is that I don’t want to be left out here in the dark alone!

“Ren!? Please stop doing this, if you think this is funny it’s not! I’m starting to freak out!”

I raised my voice with uneasiness, my eyes were starting to water as I continued to struggle to open the door! I knew that deep down that Ren would never play a mean trick like this, but I didn’t want to believe that there was someone else doing this! Especially if it’s some psycho killer that’s toying with me! I could feel myself beginning to panic more with every passing second as I stood out in the cold night!

Banging on the door, I yelled out Ren’s name multiple times but I never got a response! Completely out of breath, I was starting to think that something horrible probably happened to him! My body instantly grew stiff once I heard some footsteps approaching my way! They were loud and heavy and I could hear them getting closer to me...

I didn’t move from where I stood, I had no energy in me to run. And even if I did, I don’t think I would get very far. Facing the door, I closed my eyes that were starting to water. Petrified, I began to say a little prayer in my head. Hoping that nothing horrible happens to me, but with every step coming my way... my heart grew heavy and I felt like dropping from where I was standing! This terrible anxiety that I haven’t felt in a very long time, was agonizing. I will never forget this feeling of heavy emotions destroying me. My mind was going crazy with fright the moment I heard the footsteps come to a stop! My body became cold and weak because I knew that this person was now standing right behind me...

Dizziness was overtaking me and it felt like the world had stopped moving for a second. Please, let it be Ren who’s behind me...but the moment I felt a hand being wrapped around my waist, my nerves seemed to have cooled down a bit since I thought it really was Ren! I was about ready to punch him in the face for scaring me the way that he did! Yet something didn’t seem right once I felt this person’s chest being pressed up against my back. This chest felt bigger and this hand that was wrapped around me had a strong grip too. I could even hear the heavy breathing that this person was doing as he faintly began to smell my hair! Gripping the door handle tightly, I knew that my palm would get bruised by how strong I was holding it...


Whispering out his name in fright, I began to shake in horror. I wanted to hear Ren’s voice so badly, I wanted it to be him! But I knew it wasn’t his hand that was holding me...and that deep down, something must have happened to him. The tears that I was shedding could not be kept inside as I felt them pouring out non-stop...

I then heard the person behind me let out a heavy growl as they gripped my waist tighter! He then quickly covered my mouth with his other hand so I wouldn’t be able to cry out for help. I was defenseless and I didn’t know how to fight back other than trying to pull away from him! As he yanked me away from the door, he lifted me off the ground! The only thing I could hear was my muffled screams that were being suppressed as I struggle in his grasp! But it was no use, he was too strong and all I could do is cry in fright! My eyes were too blurry from the heavy tears, that I couldn’t even see where this guy was taking me!

My life honestly flashed before my eyes as I thought back to everything up to this point! My family and friends came to mind as I looked back at the past up to the future that I wanted for myself. I’ll never be able to see my parents again, I’ll never see my best friend either. Ren and I will never get married and our baby-

My baby...I took a minute to think and realized that I could no longer only think about my own life now. There was another life that I had to protect no matter what. No, I won’t let it end here! I won’t let myself die this easily! I’ll protect what I love, I won’t let anyone take that away from me! So I took all the strength and courage I had left and bit down as hard as I can on the hand covering my mouth! My teeth bit so hard that I felt the flesh being broken into!

Hearing him let out a painful groan, he immediately yet gently let me go. But as I tried to run away, my body was still shaken up by what happened that I ended up falling to the ground! Trying to crawl, I had to hurry and get help! But when I looked at my surroundings, there was nothing but darkness! The only light source I could find was the bright moon shining above me. So I frantically began searching for something that I can use as a weapon, like a rock or a tree branch...but I couldn’t find anything other than the dirt and leaves I was laying on!

“So I see you still like biting me, my little bunny...”

He said in a low chuckle, I then paused at what I was doing when I heard the person finally speak! This voice sounded so familiar, yet I couldn’t bring myself to believe who’s it was. It wasn’t possible that it could be him, he disappeared a long time ago. Gripping my hands to a tight fist, I felt the leaves being crushed in my hands. My arms were trembling and I felt my body shake, I wasn’t sure if it was the freezing night weather that was causing it or the person who was standing before me? I couldn’t get a clear image of his face since it was so dark outside, but as he began to walk closer to me, I noticed the boots that he was wearing! They were the exact ones I saw at the cemetery today!

“Who...who the hell are you?”

I voiced out quietly as I slowly tried to get myself up from the cold ground. Letting out a panic sigh, I was able to see my own foggy breath coming out as I tried to balance myself right...

“After all these years...did you really forget about me, Luna?”

He voiced out intimidatingly as he got closer, watching him raise his hand towards his mouth he began to lick the blood coming out of his womb that I caused. He then finally stepped out of the shadows and the moonlit up his face and the first thing I saw were those familiar pair of bright blue eyes that I thought I would never see again!

“No, Eli...is that really you?”

I questioned in disbelief and horror as I looked at him. He looked nothing like the Elijah I grew up with years ago, he looked completely different now! His stare looked completely inhuman, it was scary...

“Happy birthday, Luna. It’s time I take you back home with me...”

Elijah voiced out as he reached his hands towards me, pulling me into an embrace! The seriousness in his eyes was intimidating as I was welcomed by a sudden strong kiss that reminded me of the painful past that I didn’t wish to remember again! This heart of mine, it’s aching once more...

‘Everything didn’t seem real at that very moment, it felt like I was in a never-ending nightmare with no way of escaping!’

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