His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 42: Lustful Hatred

Luna’s POV:

Feeling his lips, I was quick to push him off as I quickly backed away! Covering my mouth, I stared at him completely flabbergasted of what he just did and said, I forgot that it was my birthday today. The last person who I thought would ever wish me a happy birthday was him...

“How...why are you here?! Where the fuck have you been this whole time!? What happened...why...why did you leave?”

I asked in heavy sorrow as I felt my intense breathing hurting my lungs. These emotions of anger, sadness, and confusion were clouding me as I kept looking at the person who I thought was gone forever. I have so many reasons to just slap him in the face and walk away...but part of me had questions that needed to be answered.

“I had my reasons, you wouldn’t understand nor would you believe me even if I were to explain.”

He calmly said as he grabbed my arm so suddenly!

“No, don’t touch me! Don’t you ever touch me you lying asshole!”

I shouted in rage as I pulled my hand back! However, that seemed to have triggered him fiercely, because the look in his eyes held the stare of a killer! Stepping closer towards me, he wrapped his hand around my neck while tugging my body closer to his!


Calling out his name in despair, he didn’t look like he was wanting to listen to what I had to say as he held his grip on me more while pushing me against one of the nearby trees! My eyes began to water as I looked into those blue eyes of his that held a cold expression...

“So after all these years, you ended up hating me? I’m a bit hurt by that...”

He said while leaning himself closer to me, to frighten to respond I felt my whole body shake within his grasp!

“Then I guess...it doesn’t matter if you hate me more after this.”

Elijah bluntly stated before forcing his lips against mine! These lips, that I haven’t touched in so long, were now kissing me. His lips felt so different now, so distant and cold. It was unrecognizable for me to remember how it felt to kiss Eli years ago. His hold on me was very stubborn as he parted my legs with his knee! With his hand gripping around my waist, I felt his long sturdy fingers crawl underneath my shirt and I felt the cool breeze running up my skin!


I heard him whisper out my name as he pressed his body against mine! After so long of hearing him say my name, it feels almost like a dream. But this isn’t the reality that I want, so I tried my best to pull my lips away from his! But there was nowhere for me to escape, his hand was still wrapped around my neck and his fingers were inching closer to my breasts!

“Eli...please...don’t do this.”

I sobbed as Elijah continued to kiss my lower jawline by force! His heavy growls were making me want to run away because this wasn’t how I wanted things to be if I ever met him again! All I wanted, was to know why he left years ago? A simple answer is all I need, that way I could just move on with my life with Ren-

Wait! What happened to Ren?! I was so dumbfounded by what was going on that I have completely forgotten about Ren! With Elijah noticing my sudden reaction, he quickly kissed me again with more force! Only this time, I felt his tongue enter my mouth as his hand began groping my breast! Letting out an inner moan of guilty pleasure, I tried to ignore how my body was reacting as I felt his knee being pressed up against my lower core! Why is my body reacting so differently to him? I feel so tingly and hot all of a sudden, what’s going on with my body?! The muffle moans that Eli was breathing out were flowing right into my ears. So I gripped onto his jacket with my shaking hands as I tried to push him away again. Yet for some reason, my body was wanting more and I hated how I felt because of him...

“Your body still reacts the same to me...even after so long of not touching you. This body of yours still remembers me...”

He explained with evil laughter as he pulled out his tongue! Our heavy panting was all we could do as he released my neck. He then gently brushed his fingers across my cheek and I watched as his eyes lingered around my lips. The hold that he had on my breasts was still tight as if he wasn’t planning on letting it go.


“Say it again...keep saying my name,” he demanded as he brought his face closer to mine.

Only this time his lips were brushing up against my cheekbone where I’m certain he could taste my many tears that were shedding. He soon let go of my breast as he cupped each side of my face while gazing into my eyes, the look of desperation could be shown on his face. But I won’t give him what he wants, what’s truly important is...

“Where’s Ren?”

I asked as I felt my voice tremble, the look on Elijah’s face soon changed as he clenched his jaw tightly! His body language soon intensified as he grabbed both of my arms suddenly!

“What name...did you just say?”

He asked with such calmness, but his tone held anger and disgust. His eyes never left mine as he continued to look at me so dangerously...

“What happened...to Ren-”

“I’ll kill him,” Elijah quickly worded out as he lifted both of my hands above my head!

The sudden feeling of a knot twisted in my gut as the heavyweight could be felt passing down my throat! I almost feel like throwing up by the words I heard him say! How can Eli say something so threatening?! Has he gone insane?

“No! Please...don’t...don’t hurt him!”

I begged with all my might as I tried to stand on my own two feet. I think the main reason why I haven’t yet fallen was that Elijah was holding my body upright, but all the strength inside me is completely drained...

“Then don’t ever ask for him again, and I promise you...that I’ll keep him alive.”

He swore as he finally let go of my hands. However, his sudden release caused me to fall to the ground almost! Though Elijah was quick in supporting me as he wrapped his arms around my body. Picking me up, he carried me as if I was a child who couldn’t walk...

“Why...are you doing this? Where...are you taking me?”

“Don’t ask questions, it will ruin our reunion, Luna. Let’s go somewhere, I’ll take you to the first place where we first went out on a date.”

He said as he continued to walk us towards a car that was parked nearby, I was too distracted and worried to think of where he was taking me that I wasn’t able to respond to him or even think of the place he was talking about? All I could think about was Ren and where he could be, is he hurt possibly?! Why has Eli come back? And what happened to him? Why does he look so different now? So many questions, but I don’t think they’ll be answered anytime soon...

Once we approached the vehicle, he opened the passenger door and placed me inside. He soon got in the car afterward and began to drive us off. I wasn’t able to concentrate on what was going on since I had so many things running through my mind. All I could do was look down at my shaking legs. Closing my eyes, I started to pray that Ren would be alright...

“Time really changes a person, I didn’t think you would settle so quickly after I left?”

He said in frustration, his comment really pissed me off. But after taking a deep breath in, I told myself that I won’t be that scared little girl anymore. That I’ll stay strong for myself...

“You have no right to say that...why did you come back?”

I responded while re-opening my eyes, staring out the window, all I saw was darkness reflecting at me...

“I thought you would be happy if I finally came back? So I’m a little disappointed to see that’s not the case.”

He said with a sigh as I felt his hand grabbing my inner thigh! My body instantly twitched with uneasiness as I tried to scoot myself closer towards the door...

“Please, don’t touch me,” I said to him as I looked at his big strong hand latching onto me.

But not too long after I said that, the sudden feeling of his hand gripped harder on my thigh as I heard a faint growl coming from his throat!

“The last thing I will ever do is stop touching you...”

He said in high demand as he continued to drive, there was no mistaking the stubbornness that he still had. But I think it’s gotten worse...

“Where were you all this time...why did you leave me?”

I finally asked him as I felt my voice cracking with discomfort and sadness. The last thing I want to do is cry for a guy who left me, who put so much pain in my heart. But I couldn’t help but let my tears fall as I tried to wipe them away. All that could be heard were my sniffles as silence came over me. Deciding to look over at Eli, he kept himself quiet as he continued to drive. He didn’t look at me, not even once. Yet he never let go of my thigh, it’s like he can’t go a second without touching me...

With the car coming to a stop, I looked out to see that we were at the old drive-thru that Eli would take me years ago when we were kids. Why did he bring us here? What is he trying to get out of this, other than bringing back hurtful memories that I don’t want to remember? Watching him got out of the vehicle, he walked around the car and opened the door for me. Though I was a bit hesitant to get off since I didn’t know what his motive was?

“If you want to see Ren, you’ll listen to what I have to say, Luna,” he said while grabbing my hand.

Nodding to his demand, I got out of the vehicle and followed him inside the restaurant. As we entered the building, I thought of what would be the best solution? Would hearing him out and listening to what he has to say be good? That way when everything is said and done, I won’t have to see him again. Do we leave without any regrets?

Taking our seats, we sat at the very back of the restaurant. I was able to pull my hand back from his grip as I sat there in silence. Glancing around, aside from the people who worked here I saw that there was no one in the restaurant other than ourselves! Looking up to see the clock above us, I saw that it was past midnight! How can it be this late already?!

Not too long after we took our seats, a waiter came to take our orders. However, the emotional trauma that I was dealing with was making me feel nauseous. I couldn’t bear to eat anything, so a glass of water was all I ordered. However, the waitress didn’t even look at me as she placed the order. Her eyes were locked on Elijah, it was like I didn’t even exist to her? She had this look of hunger in her eyes and she was leaning close to him as she tried to make small talk while asking him what he wanted to eat. Looking over at Eli, I noticed that he wasn’t wearing a shirt! All he had on was a leather jacket and some pants along with his boots! But that wasn’t what grabbed my attention, what truly shocked me was that I failed to realize the number of tattoos covering his whole chest!


I called out to him in disbelief as I continued to stare at him as if he was a total stranger. I wasn’t able to notice how he really looked since it was so dark outside. Hearing his name being called, he ignored the waitress and drew his attention to me! Soon the waitress gave me a dirty look as she walked away in annoyance. But I didn’t care, I’m just stunned to see what’s become of Eli...

“You really want me to fuck you, don’t you?”


I gasped at his blunt words!

“I’m trying really hard to restrain myself, but if you keep calling my name with that cute innocent voice of yours...then I can’t promise you what I might do to you.”

He said in a mischievous chuckle...

“Don’t...say stuff like that! It’s gross, idiot! You’re the last person I’ll ever sleep with-”

“If I remember correctly, I was the first person you slept with. And I could give you my word right now, that I will have you begging me to fuck you very soon...” He immediately said as he grabbed my jawline, forcing me to look directly into his eyes!

The temptation in his voice made him smile as he leaned his face closer to me. He then stuck his long tongue out and licked my lower earlobe! My sudden reaction was to push him away as I scooted as far as I can into my seat! I didn’t expect him to do something so perverted in public! Just who the hell does he think he is?!

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