His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 42: Lustful Hatred

Luna’s POV:

Feeling his lips on me, I was quick to push him off as I took a few steps away from. Covering my mouth slightly I stared at him completely flabbergasted of what he just did and said! I forgot that it was my birthday today, the last person who I thought would wish me a happy birthday was him...

“How....why......why are you here?!....Where the hell have you been!? What happened....why...why did you leave....” I spoke heavily as I felt my heavy breathing passing through my lungs. I was sad, angry, shocked but mainly confused about the person who was standing right in front of me. I had so many reasons to slap him in the face and walk away, but part of me had questions that needed to be answered.

“I had my reasons, you wouldn’t understand nor would you believe me. Even if I were to explain.” Elijah voiced out calmly as he grabbed my arm suddenly.

“No! Don’t touch me! Don’t you ever touch me you lying assh*les!” I shouted at him with rage in my voice as I pulled my hand back. However, that seemed to have triggered him fiercely, because the look in his eyes had the stare of a killer. He stepped closer towards me and wrapped his hand around my neck pulling me lightly towards him.

“Eli! Let me go!” I said to him as I tried to push him away. Yet no matter what I said, I knew he would not listen as he held his grip on me while pushing me against one of the nearby trees. My eyes began to water as I looked into those blue eyes of his that held a cold stare at me.

“So after all these years, you ended up hating me. Didn’t you.” He asked me as he leaned himself closer to me. I was to frighten to respond as I felt my whole body shake within his grasp.

“Then I guess.....it doesn’t matter if you hate me more after this.” Elijah bluntly said as he forced his lips against mine again. I stood there completely fazed of what was happening. These lips, that I haven’t touched in years. Were now touching mine again and I didn’t know what to do other than cry.

His lips felt so different, so distant and so cold. That it was so unrecognizable for me to remember how it felt to kiss Eli years ago. His hold on me was very stubborn since he parted my legs with his knee. While his other hand was gripped around my waist, his long sturdy fingers soon began to crawl underneath my shirt and I felt the cool breeze running up my skin.

“Luna....” Elijah whispered out my name as he pressed his body up against mine. Hearing him say my name again after so long felt like a dream almost, but I knew that this was the reality. So I tried to pull my lips away from his but there was nowhere for me to escape. His hand was still wrapped around my neck and his lower fingers were inching closer to my breasts.

“Eli....please....don’t do this...” I whispered out with a sob as Elijah continued to kiss my lower jaw by force. His heavy breathing was making me want to run away because this wasn’t how I wanted things to be if I ever met him again. All I wanted, was to know why he left years ago. I would have been just fine with a simple answer, just so I could finally move on with my life with Ren-

Wait! What happened to Ren?! I was so dumbfounded of what was going on that I completely forgot about Ren almost! Elijah noticing my sudden reaction he then quickly kissed me again. Only this time I felt his tongue enter my mouth as well as his hand groping my breast tightly. Letting out an inner moan of guilty pleasure I tried to ignore how my body was reacting as I felt his knee being pressed up against my lower core. Why is my body reacting so differently to him? I feel so tingly and hot all of a sudden!? What’s going on with my body?! The muffle moans that Eli was breathing out was flowing right into my ears. So I gripped on to his jacket with my shaking hands as I tried to push him away again. Yet for some reason, my body was wanting more from him and I hated how I felt because of him.

“Your body still reacts so easily to me....even after so long of not touching you. This body of yours still remembers me.” Elijah voice out with a smirk as he pulled out his tongue from my mouth.

Our heavy panting was all we could do as he let go of my neck. He then gently brushed his fingers across my cheek and I watched as his eyes lingered around my lips. The hold that he had on my breasts was still tight as if he wasn’t planning on letting it go.

“Eli....” I said his name breathlessly as I held on to him.

“Say it again,” Elijah demanded as he brought his face closer to me again. Only this time his lips were pressed up against my lower cheek where I’m sure he could taste my tears that were falling non-stop.

“Say my name again, Luna...” Elijah said to me as he finally let go of my breast. He then cupped each side of my face with both of his hands and peered into my eyes with desperation almost.

“Tell me.... where’s Ren...” I voiced out with tremble in my voice. The look on Elijah’s face soon changed as he clenched his jaw tightly and I’m not sure if it was the wind that I was hearing, but I could have sworn I heard a low growl coming from somewhere. Elijah’s body language soon intensified as he grabbed both of my arms suddenly.

“What name...did you say,” Elijah asked me with calmness in his voice. But his tone held anger and disgust almost, his eyes never left mine as he continued to look at me so dangerously.

“What... happened...to Re-”

“I’ll kill him,” Elijah responded quickly as he lifted both of my hands above my head. The sudden knot feeling that was twisted in my gut was feeling heavy down my throat. I could feel myself wanting to throw up by what Eli just said.

“No! Please.....don’t...don’t hurt him!” I begged loudly with all my might as I tried to stand on my own two feet. Though I think the reason why I haven’t yet fallen down was that Eli had his hold on me.

“Then don’t ever ask for him again, and I promise you. That I’ll keep him alive.” Elijah swore to me as he finally let go of my hands. However, his sudden release on me caused me to fall to the ground almost. However, Elijah was quick enough to catch me as he wrapped his arms around my body. He then picked me up and carried me as if I was a child who could not walk.

“Why...why are you doing this? Where...are you taking me?”

“Shhh... too many questions will ruin our reunion, Luna. So let me take you to our old date place where we would always go to.” Eli answered as he continued to walk us towards a car that was parked nearby. I was too distracted and worried to think of where he was taking me that I wasn’t able to respond to him or even think of the place he was taking us.

All I could think about was Ren and where he could be at. Is he hurt, did something happen to him?! Why is Eli back? An what happened to him? Why does he look so different.....

Elijah soon approached the vehicle and opened the passenger door and placed me inside. He then got on his side and began to drive us off to god knows where. I wasn’t able to concentrate on what was going on since I had so many things running through my mind. All I could do was look down at my shaking legs. So I closed my eyes and started to prayed that Ren was alright, that I....will be alright.

“So you really have nothing to say to me?” Eli finally spoke to break the silence between us. After I took a few deep breaths in, I told myself that I won’t be that scared little girl anymore. That I’ll stay strong for myself...

“Why did you come back?” I responded as I opened my eyes to look out the window. All I could see was darkness reflecting back at me as I tried to control my breathing.

“I thought you would have been happy if I finally came back. I’m a little disappointed to see that’s not the case.” He said to me as I felt his hand grab my inner thigh. My body then twitched with uneasiness as I tried to scoot myself closer towards the door.

“Please, don’t touch me,” I responded to him as I felt my voice choke up with fright. His hand and his voice were so different, that it was hard to believe that it was really Elijah. I then suddenly felt his hand grip harder on my thigh as I heard a faint growl coming from his throat.

“That’s one thing I won’t ever stop doing. So you should quit asking that.” Elijah voiced out in high demand as he continued to drive. There was no mistaking the stubbornness that he still had if anything. I think it got much worse.

“Where were you all this time....why...why did you leave...” I finally spoke out what I was feeling, I could feel my voice cracking with hurt as I felt my eyes beginning to water. The last thing I wanted to do was cry for a guy who left me, who put so much pain in my heart. But I couldn’t help but let my tears fall down my face. As I wiped the tears away, all that could be heard was the sniffles that we’re coming from me. There was silence soon after and I decided to look at Eli who wasn’t saying anything in return. All he kept doing was driving, he didn’t even look at me. Not even once the whole car ride to where we were going. Yet he never let go of my thigh, it’s like he can’t go a second without touching me for some reason.

As the car finally came to a stop, I looked up to see the old drive-thru that Eli would take me years ago when we were still kids. Why did he bring us here? What is he trying to get out of this, other then hurtful memories that I don’t want to remember! Elijah soon got out of the vehicle and came around to open the car door for me. I was a bit hesitant to get off since I didn’t know what his motive was.

“If you want to see Ren, you’ll listen to what I have to say, Luna,” Eli said to me as he grabbed my hand, he then gently yet forcibly got me out of the car. While still holding on to my hand, he made me follow him inside the restaurant. As we entered the building, I thought to myself that all I had to do. Was hear him out and listen to what he had to say. And then when everything is said and done, I won’t have to see him again. An leave without any regrets...

We both took a seat next to each other at the very back of the restaurant, I was able to pull my hand back from his grip as I sat there in silence. I then glanced around to see that there was no one in the restaurant other than ourselves and the people who work here. Looking up to see the clock above me, I saw that it was past midnight already! How can it be this late already?!

Not too long after we took our seats, a waiter came to take our orders. However, the emotional trauma that I was dealing with was making me very nauseous. I couldn’t bear to eat anything, so a glass of water was all I got. It was strange though because the waitress didn’t even look at me as she placed the order. Her eyes were all locked on Elijah, it was like I didn’t even exist to her? She had this look of hunger in her eyes and she was leaning in really close to him as she tried to make small talk with him while asking him what he wanted to eat. So I looked up at him, and noticed that he wasn’t wearing a shirt! All he had on was a leather jacket and some pants along with his boots. But that wasn’t what shocked me, what shocked me the most was that I failed to realize the many tattoos covering his whole chest practically!

“Eli.” I worded out in disbelief as I continued to look at him as if he was a total stranger.

Elijah hearing his name being called ignored the waitress and drawn his attention to me. The waitress then gave me a dirty look as she walked away with annoyance. I wasn’t able to see or notice how much he’s changed since it was so dark outside, but now that we’re inside a place where there’s light. It’s clear to see how different Eli is now, the only thing that hasn’t changed.....we’re those blue eyes of his.

“You really want me to f*ck you, don’t you.”

“Huh?!” I responded surprised by his reply.

“I’m trying really hard to restrain myself, but if you keep calling my name with that cute innocent voice of yours.....then I can’t promise you what I might do to you.” He voiced out towards me as he placed one of his hands on his face.

“Don’t...don’t say stuff like that! It’s gross and rude you idiot! You’re also the last person I’ll ever sleep with! So-” Elijah quickly grabbed my jaw and pulled himself closer to my ear.

“Last time I checked, I was the first person you slept with. An I could give you my word right now, that I will have you begging me to f*ck you very soon.” He whispers out with temptation in his voice. He then seductively stuck his long tongue out and licked my lower earlobe. My sudden reaction was to push him away as I grabbed my ear. I didn’t expect him to do something so perverted in public! Just who the hell does he think he is?!

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