His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 44: Inhumane

Luna’s POV:

Before I could even scream, I clamped my mouth shut as quickly as I could! The absolute horror I was seeing almost made me faint from where I stood. The heavy smell of blood was making me gag as I watched the girl from earlier being eaten alive! With her shirt being ripped, her exposed breasts were covered by her own blood! She looked lifeless as her limbs just dangled around, and her neck arched back while her eyes looked at me with no life in them...

Seeing the dent on her upper forehead, I could see a gash of blood trickling down her face! The heels that she was wearing earlier were spread on the cold hard ground along with her skirt that she was wearing before. However, the person who was holding her corpse didn’t seem to notice me just yet. Trying my best to not make a sound, I began to back away slowly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to notice where I was stepping and ended up placing my foot on some broken glass!

My body immediately grew stiff with panic as I stood there unable to move! Continuing to keep my mouth shut, my hands couldn’t stop trembling! If I open my mouth, I know I’ll just scream. I just hope my heavy breathing can’t be heard. Though my inner prayers were shattered once I saw the women being dropped to the ground! Noticing the huge hole in her chest, I could see that her heart was missing! And at that moment, I knew that this was the murder who killed those girls years ago!

Feeling weak and dizzy, I watched the person kick her body to the side as if it was some kind of garbage can! I wasn’t sure if my body grew numb from the terror I was in or the fact that it was freezing outside. All I knew was that I needed to get away from here, I needed to get help as quickly as possible!

“I thought I told my little girl to wait inside....”

Hearing his voice, I almost tripped to the ground in shock! No, it can’t be him!

“Please...Eli, not you...”

I cried in desperation hoping that it really wasn’t him. But as I watched him turn his body in my direction, I got a clear image of his face! It was Eli, his mouth along with his hands were covered in blood. His eyes were the darkest shade of black I’ve ever seen, what the hell is he?! Taking another step back, I felt a cool droplet of water hit my face as I watched Elijah beginning to approach me! The light rain that started to pour down was the only thing separating our bodies from each other! But as he reached closer, I was able to see a clear vision of who he really was. The horns on his head and the long black claws on his fingers were more than enough to let me know he wasn’t human!


As he called out my name, I wasn’t able to say anything. It was as if something was holding back my tongue! I’m in disbelief and at a loss for words, this feeling dwelling inside me. It was fear, after what I just witness. I can’t spare a second longer being here, so I immediately turned myself around and ran for dear life! Sprinting my way down the dark alley, I came upon the open streets! Frantically looking around for any source of life, I tried to catch up on my breathing!

But there weren’t any cars in sight nor were there any people around the area! Though I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s very early in the morning for anyone to be out right now! Wait, the restaurant I was at earlier should still be open, I’ll just go there! But as I turned around, I was stopped by Elijah who was already standing in front of me! How did he catch up to me so fast when we were still a bit far apart from each other?!

“That’s enough running, be a good girl. And come with me...”

He calmly said while taking my hand with his bloody fingers, how can he act so relaxed after what he did!?

“No! Let me go! You’re a fucking murderer! Just what the hell are you!?”

I screamed at the top of my lungs as I punched him away, he was a monster in my eyes! I needed to get away from him, pulling my hand free. I ignored his words and ran towards the restaurant with all the energy I had left in me! Yet all the hope I had left, was completely drained as I reached the drive-thru. There was no one here, it was closed! I wasn’t sure how much distance I put between Eli and myself, but I somehow had to look for help! As I got closer to the building, I noticed someone walking to their car in the parking lot!

“Wait! Help me! Please, someone is chasing me!”

While yelling for help, I saw the person turn himself around to look at me. But the look on his eyes held nothing but fear as he dropped his car keys to the ground! The closer I got to reach him, I realize that it was the young guy I was talking to earlier! It looked like he was closing up the restaurant for the rest of the morning, but why is he looking at me like that? Taking one step forward, he quickly reached down to pick up his key before hurrying himself to open the car door! However, with how fast he was trying to unlock the door. He accidentally dropped his keys again, only this time he wasn’t able to pick them up as easily since they fumbled underneath his vehicle.

“Hey...are you okay?”

But just as I asked him that, the feeling of a heavy aura passed right by me! It was as if something dark and cold took over me as I couldn’t bear to move from where I stood. Immediately grabbing hold of my body, I looked right behind me! Expecting to see Eli, I was proven wrong when I heard someone scream in agony! The screaming was coming from behind me! I didn’t dare to turn, I don’t wanna see another dead body! I already knew who it probably was, It had to be that boy from earlier. I’m not safe anywhere, I have to keep running until I find somewhere safe! But something was wrong, my body couldn’t move anymore!? Is it because I’m too terrified?

“No more running!”

Elijah yelled in frustration before wrapping his arms around my shoulders from behind. Letting out a growl, he forcibly picked me up off my feet and carried me back to his car!

“Put me down! Someone, please help me! Eli...don’t do this! How can you be so cruel?! I hate you!”

I shouted in hatred as I began hitting him with full force! But in doing so, I noticed that we were passing by the car that belonged to the guy from earlier! The frightening thing was that he wasn’t anywhere to be seen, however, what stood out was the bloody handprints covering his side of the door!

“What did you do to him?!”

I cried out in horror as my voice trembled!

“The same thing that will happen to Ren, if you don’t stop misbehaving,” he said in annoyance as we reached his car.

Setting me down, he opened the door...I knew that I didn’t have a choice. I must do what I’m told for the sake of Ren’s well-being. Without making eye contact with him, I calmly sat myself down on the seat and tried to control my breathing as he closed the door right after. Though the one thing I couldn’t control was the tears that I continued to shed. What am I supposed to do? What can I do? I’m all alone without anyone to help me...

“I won’t kill you, Luna. That’s the one thing I’ll never do,” he said while entering the car.

“You won’t kill me? I find that hard to believe after what I just saw you do?! Besides, you’ve already hurt me so much. Eli... please stop hurting me more. Just let me go...I promise I won’t say anything of what I saw today.”

I begged in sorrow while gripping the edge of my shirt!

“Me? Hurting you? Luna, If only you knew how much more pain you’ve actually put me through...”

He explained in a bitter chuckle before looking at me...

“What the hell are you talking about?! I did nothing to you-”

Elijah quickly put a stop to what I was about to say as he punched the glass window right next to me! I could hear the cracking of the glass wanting to break as I held back my tongue, too scared to make eye contact, I clenched my jaw tightly. As he pulled his hand back, he cleaned off the blood from around his mouth, I was still able to pick up the faint scent of blood...

“How did I ever hurt you?”

I whispered as I felt unable to move, yet Elijah refused to speak as he ignored my question. The nerve of this asshole threatening me...scaring me...and now he ignores me?! There’s only so much I can take...

“Do you not have anything to say to me?! After all these fucking years, why did you leave!? How can you kill those people!? Do you not feel guilty, what the hell happened to you!”

I shouted in agony while grabbing his jacket! I know I should probably be begging for my life, but I’m hurting enough as it! I could hear the faint sound of the glass still cracking behind me from where he punched the window. It wasn’t until I finally had the courage to look at him that the color in his eyes was slowly beginning to change back to that light shade of blue as he continued to look at me with sincerity. I didn’t even notice how hard I was gripping his jacket since I was so consumed by his stare. He then placed his hand on top of mine and held it so lightly, I didn’t want him touching me anymore...but it’s not like I have much of a choice to refuse him.

He then lightly began to wipe the tears off of my face and brought his body closer to mine. I knew he wanted a kiss, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Avoiding his lips, he quickly grabbed my jaw and forced a kiss on me! He was so aggressive and strong that I didn’t bother to push him away anymore. There was no point when I’m so weak compared to him, I also didn’t want to give Eli any reason to hurt Ren or anyone else. Closing my eyes, I tried to pretend that it was Ren who I was kissing but it wasn’t working!

Eli’s lips were so different compared to Ren’s. The muffles between our lips were becoming harder to breathe, he closed the gap between us as he pressed his body closer to mine. The feeling of something hot and moist enter my tongue and I was able to taste the bittersweet flavor of iron and mint mixed together. It’s strange, but I was starting to feel very light-headed and warm from the inside. I don’t know what was going on with me? But Elijah just kept kissing me as if it would be our last, from the way he was holding me, I don’t think he plans on letting me go. With one of his hands around the back of my neck, he took full control of me. I then felt his other hand inching tightly around my lower waist...

He didn’t hold anything back as he suddenly ripped off my shirt and threw it to the side! My muffled voice was still being covered by his lips as he continued to play with my tongue. Placing both of my hands on his wide chest, I tried to put some distance between us. But the heat that he was releasing from his body...I knew what he wanted. Covering my chest, I was fortunate that I decided to wear a tank top underneath so at least I wasn’t naked! But either way, my body belongs to Ren, and no one else! I won’t let anyone else see me naked, not even Eli...

As I went to re-open my eyes, I saw a pair of blue eyes looking right back at me. Elijah held a gaze of hurt and anger, why? What reason can he have to hold such an expression? He soon stopped me from covering my chest as he swiped both of my hands and brought them up above my head! Parting his lips away from mine, we both instantly panted for air as we looked at one another...

“I won’t leave you this time, I don’t care how much you end up hating me in the end. Even if you want me dead one day, I won’t ever let you go again...”

His cold words sent chills down my spine as he slowly pulled away from me, taking off his jacket he set it on my lap as he started the car. It was difficult to see his full body since it was still dark outside, but I was able to notice the cut creases around his muscles as he grabbed the steering wheel. As he drove, I decided to put on his jacket and tried to cover my upper body. I wasn’t embarrassed nor was I ashamed of how my body looked. But I didn’t want anyone to see my breasts, even if they were a bit covered. This tank top I was wearing could only cover so much...

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but it felt like forever. I kept replaying the words that Elijah said in the back of my mind, why would he think I want him dead? I could never wish that on a person! Even though I watch him kill someone, I will be no better then him if I wanted him to die. My brain was so confused and in so much pain that I could see myself passing out from pure exhaustion. I was no longer crying but I was still so frightened of what was to come, I had no idea where Eli was taking me this time?

I did my best to stay awake, I needed to know where I was. But my body has grown so tired, physically and emotionally. No matter how much I think about it, my heart aches in pain knowing the truth of what I saw Eli do. But I think it hurts more knowing what he’s become, he won’t kill me he said, but can I really take his word for it?

“Were here,” he suddenly said as I felt him park the car.

Keeping myself conscious, I looked out the window and saw the lake that we would always play at when we were children. My family would always love coming here for BBQ’s and family events, in fact...this is where Eli and I first met.

“Why did you bring us here?”

I asked, but of course, he wasn’t saying anything. All he did was get out of the car and opened my side of the door soon afterward...

“I’m not getting off the car until you start answering my questions...”

I said as I stayed myself seated, I wanted to raise my voice louder at him. But I’m just feeling so tired now, this body of mine...why does it feel so heavy? But Elijah kept being stubborn as usual as he quickly picked me up and pulled me out!

“Eli...why do you keep doing whatever you want? Put me down...”

I said to him as I gripped onto his bare chest, I stopped fighting against him as my arms felt like lead. Resting my head against his shoulder, my eyes became heavy as I heard his footsteps grow louder...

“Everything will be okay, you need to rest now. So close your eyes...and take a deep sleep, Luna. Know that I do love you...but I am afraid of what I’ve become, will be the death us one day...”

Elijah’s words began to fade away as I felt a gentle kiss being placed on my forehead. His embrace was soft, his hands held me delicately. It was hard to believe that he wasn’t human...I know what I saw. He looked like a devil, but there are moments where he acts like the old Eli I once knew...

My eyelids began to slowly grow heavy as I tried to keep them open. Looking out in the distance, everything seemed hazy. However, from the sounds of heavy waves hitting the shore... I knew he was taking us to the water! Just what is he about to do? I’m so malnourished and weak that I could feel myself getting a fever... I wish I had the strength to speak up. But I could barely even breathe as it is, my chest still felt heavy and my head was so lightheaded that it was making me dizzier...

Soon, the cold wet sensation consumed my entire body. The sounds of water splashing against one another were ringing through my ears, I knew that Eli and I were now in the water. The coldness of it made me feel numb as I looked up at the night sky. It was slowly coming to an end as I noticed the sun beginning to rise...


Calling out his name, I shivered up next to him. My weak voice seemed to have caused him to worry because he brought me more closer to him. He felt so warm, his heart was so calm, unlike me...

“Luna...you’re still so fragile when I hold you like this. But even so, I’ll love you till the very end.”

He said with what sounded like a worried response, I was no longer able to keep myself awake after that. Elijah’s face was fading away from me once I closed my eyes, the only thing I was able to feel...was him. The waves splashed against my face and before I knew it, I took one last breath as we both sank further into the abyss...

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