His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 45: Trapped

Elijah’s POV:

Luna no longer struggled in my arms as I held her close to me. She was shaking though as the darkness surrounding us swallowed us whole. The water was cold but it wasn’t to where it should make Luna freeze. I knew she was tired but something else felt wrong, as we sank further down to the very bottom I place my hand on her cheek and felt how warm she was. How can she be overheating when we’re underwater?!

So I quickly closed my eyes and chanted a spell to hurry up the process of where I needed to take her. She shouldn’t have a problem breathing underwater whatsoever, a taste of my blood should have made her body inhuman to anything for a short period of time. Yet why is her body reacting like this? I made sure to give her the right amount of my blood when I bit my tongue, so when I kissed her earlier she should have swallowed only a few drops.

As I finished saying the spell, the water swiftly began to flow around us and it quickly brought us down to the very depths of the lake. And just as the water quickly brought us down, it immediately submerged us back up. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Luna for a second thought as I brought us back to the open air.

“My King!” I heard Emily yelled out as she raced quickly towards me. I wish I could have submerged in the dungeon, but since I had to hurry with the process of getting here. There was no other choice but to submerge in the garden...

Ignoring Emily’s presence, I continued to walk towards the castle. The only thing I cared about was Luna’s life right now, why is her breathing so low and heavy? I need to hurry and get Carla’s help quickly! Because I knew that there was something very wrong with her!

“Elijah, why must you always ignore me? Where were you for the past few hours-” As Emily came to my side she began to speak, however, she was brought to a silent as she looked at who I was holding.

“Why....why did you bring her here!” Emily voiced out with anger as she came to a halt.

“Don’t start with your f*cken jealousy Emily. Make yourself useful and get your King a new set of dry clothes.” Crow spoke out as he leaned next to the back door.

“Where’s Carla?” I asked coldly as I approached him. However, his eyes were only locked on Luna for some reason. Having some other man look at her made me want to kill them on sight.

But what held me back was Luna’s health. I could hear how weak her heartbeat was getting, I couldn’t show any emotions of how afraid and worried I was for her or it would show just how weak I am when I’m with her. I knew that Luna was my weakness from the very beginning, but I could never let anyone know what effect she had on me.

“She’s upstairs setting up the room still. Do you need a hand with that human brother.” He responded with a smirk as he raised his hands towards me, gesturing me to hand her over.

“That won’t be necessary, just make sure that Emily keeps her mouth shut. I need absolute silence for the rest of the day.” I ordered him with a low growl as I brought Luna’s body closer to me, I won’t allow anyone to touch her without my permission.

“Elijah, you can’t be serious! What’s the point of bringing her here? She’ll only get in the way-”

“That’s enough Emily if you don’t want to get on your King’s bad side. You’ll stop talking and do what you’re told.” Crow spoke as I passed by him. I was starting to get anxious as I entered the house.

The smell of blood surrounding me was making me want to tear Luna’s clothes off and just take her body. But I had to maintain control of what I wanted, I can’t f*ck her yet. Not when she’s like this, especially with how ill she is right now. Looking around, I noticed that there weren’t that many corpses laying on the floor. I knew that this was Crow’s doing since I told him to clean all this up. But knowing him I’m sure he told Carla to clean it up instead, as I began to walk towards the stairs I noticed that Luna was starting to shake a little.

“Luna, I promise you. You’ll be okay, I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” I said closely next to her ear as I brought my face towards her. I then placed my lips on her soft ones, I almost forgot what it felt like kissing her. It’s been too long that I wanted more, so much more that I wouldn’t be able to control myself.

“So this is her, Luna was it?” I heard Felix speak up as I heard him coming down the steps. Pulling my lips away slowly, I took a moment to look at her face to notice how pale she was starting to get.

“Did you take care of what I told you to do.” I voiced back to Felix without taking my eyes off of Luna.

“Yes. But what did you want me to do with the guy I brought in earlier?”

“Keep him alive, but just barely,” I responded to him as I began to go up the steps.

“Is she even alive?” Felix asked me as I walked right passed him.

“Of course she is, she’s just tired.”

“Did she see your true form....” He asked as he waited for some kind of response.

I didn’t care to answer his question though, so I continued to make my way up the stairs. I didn’t have time to waste with these witches and demons surrounding me. I needed to know what was happening to my Luna. It kills me inside knowing that I can’t show any kind of concern for her in front of these beasts. I won’t give them a reason to hurt Luna to get a rise out of me!

“Carla!” I growled out her name as I began to run out of patience.

“Yes my Lord! You called me.” She quickly ran up to me as she took a quick bow.

“Take me to the room I told you to prepare!” I voiced out in high demand as I gripped on to Luna’s shaking body. She was still soaking wet from entering in and out of the water prior. But that shouldn’t be the reason why she has a fever!

Following Carla into the room, it was a small simple room for Luna to stay in. But what I mainly wanted was the locks on the door for no one to enter without my authority. This should be more than enough for her, I know she’ll be safe in here. So I gently laid her down on the bed and began to strip her wet clothes off. Her body was slightly cold but heating up very quickly.

“Carla, tell me what’s wrong with her,” I said with worriedness in my voice as I tucked a piece of Luna’s hair behind her ear. Carla then immediately placed both of her hands on each side of her temple to find the main source of her illness. While she was doing that, I took the last remaining fabric that was on her body and ripped it off. I then prepared to cover her naked body with the sheets however Carla quickly stopped me as she pulled the sheets away.

“What the f*ck are you doing!” I yelled at her as I grabbed her by the hair with full force. Does she not see how much Luna is shaking!

“My Lord, please let me explain! She’ll die if I don’t help her!” She voiced out with pain in her voice. So I hesitantly let her go and watched as she placed one hand on Luna’s lower abdomen and her other hand on her chest where her heart would be at.

“Tell me what is wrong with her right now! Or I’ll gut your throat out!” I said to her as I kneeled next to the bed.

“It’s the fetus, it doesn’t have a heartbeat anymore. So it’s tainting a lot of blood which is why she is shaking. Her body is also trying to keep warm which is causing the fever. She’s bleeding a lot from her lower womb right now if I don’t remove the dead fetus this instant she will die from blood poisoning. Her pregnancy will cause her death if I don’t do something immediately.” Carla explained calmly as she reached for her lower vaginal area. She then placed her fingers gently inside her and then pulled them out to show me the blood that Luna was bleeding out. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the one thing I knew that would hurt Luna the most would be this if she ever found out.

“No.....NO! YOU SAVE HER! PULL THAT F*CKING THING OUT OF HER!” I yelled at Carla as I grabbed Luna’s hand. My baby-girl is in pain because of that disgusting human! I’ll make sure Ren suffers for putting Luna in this much torment. This is only happening because she got pregnant from that filthy human being!

“Of course my Lord, but she will need some blood to keep her sustained for a bit.” She responded to me as she began to spread her legs apart.

“She’ll take my blood,” I said bluntly to her as I pulled out a dagger from my back pocket.

“Forgive me my King, but I can’t use your blood. Too much of it will kill her faster. Your blood is too pure to humans that it’s like venom to them.” What she said was true, but I couldn’t handle someone else giving her blood other than myself.

“Then who’s f*cking blood do you need then?!” I shouted at her as I quickly stood up.

“We can’t use a human, it will take to long to find someone’s blood compatible with her’s. Emily’s blood could work, however, I’m sure she would rather die than ever help a human. Even if you forced her to, Emily would just make her blood strictly compatible with her only. I don’t want her to use that against you in the future, so please understand why I won’t take Emily.” Carla came down to her knees as she explained herself. An what she said made sense if Luna was to ever get sick or hurt. Then I’m sure Emily would enjoy taking advantage of this. I swear I should just kill her, but if I were to do that then I’ll have to deal with Felix. The last time we fought he almost killed me, the only reason why I was able to win that fight was because I lost control. I don’t want to go through that demonic phase again.

“Fine, what about your blood then?” I asked her as I ran my fingers through my hair with frustration.

“I’m sorry my king, but my blood is cursed just like Ravens....the only ones I could think of is either Crow or Felix to share their blood with her.” She spoke with regret in her voice as she brought herself up to look at me.

“Bring me, Felix, at once!” I order her as I brought myself to Luna’s side again. As much as I hate my siblings, Felix is the only one who I know will keep their mouth shut about what’s going on.

“Yes! Of course my Lord!” She replied as she ran out of the room.
As much I hate having anyone’s blood flowing through Luna’s veins, it’s the only way for her to survive and live in this world with me...

Bringing myself towards her I placed a kiss on her forehead and prepared myself for the pain she will go through once she wakes up. I know she’ll never be able to handle losing her child. So there’s only one thing I could do to make her heart hurt less. Even if that means having her hate me forever. I rather have her hate me than have her be swallowed by her own grief. I won’t let the women I love, hate herself!

“You needed me, my King.” Hearing Felix’s voice I stood myself back and looked at him with hatred in my eyes.

“You’ll give your blood to me without question,” I growled at him as I walked up to where he was standing. He then calmly without hesitation lifted his hand to me. So I immediately brought the dagger towards his palm and cut deeply across it. The heavy flow of blood began to run down and Carla instantly grabbed an empty cup to fill it up.

“If you look anywhere else, I gouge those eyes of yours.” I bluntly told him as he stared right at me. If he dares to look at Luna’s naked body, that will be the end of him!

“I need my eyes to play the piano, so you don’t have to worry about me looking, brother,” Felix spoke with a smirk on his face as he shed the last few drops of his blood in the cup. He then licked off the remaining bits that were stained on his skin as he looked at the cup filled with his blood.

“I don’t know what you plan on doing with my blood and that human of yours. But whatever it is your about to do, leave me out of it.” Felix said to me as he walked out of the room with such a serious tone.

“This should be more than enough blood, now hurry up and save her.” I voiced out towards Carla as I leaned myself back against the closed door. Carla then began to chant her spells as she feeds the red liquid down Luna’s throat. I then knew that she will be okay, however, I couldn’t leave her until Carla was done with her. As I waited anxiously, I thought back to what Luna asked me.

’why did you leave?′

How can I explain to you why I left, what can I possibly say that will make you understand. No matter how I try to word it, there’s no way you can ever see me the same after everything you saw. After all these years, she looked at me completely differently. Am I no longer in your heart, Luna. What am I to you now? Am I a burden, someone who you wish to forget? If so, then why do you still wear the ring. I looked over at her hand and noticed the ring I gave her long ago. She never once took it off, not even when she saw me today. So I know that deep down in her heart I still lie in there somewhere. Even after the fact she saw me in my demonic form, she never begged for her life to be spared. Did she not
fear for her safety when she let me kiss her? I know I’m being unfair with her, but I won’t let her be happy with anyone else if that someone isn’t me...

“I’m done now my Lord, she just needs rest now.”

“When will she wake up?” I asked Carla as I got up from the floor.

“She won’t wake up until tomorrow, but she’ll still have to be bedridden for a couple of days to get her strength back.” She responded back as she wrapped the fetus in a towel. It was small and still underdeveloped, she was obviously a couple of weeks with her pregnancy. So I’m relieved that she no longer had that thing in her.

“I want that disgusting parasite burned,” I demand Carla to do as I looked at Luna with pain in my eyes.

“Yes, right away my king. Will that be all?”

“Lock the door when you leave and don’t mention about her lost pregnancy to anyone....” I said to her as she took a bow as she left the room.

I then slowly got on the bed and laid myself next to her, she was still so tiny in my arms. So fragile and delicate that it was hard to believe that I was able to control myself when I had her body years ago. Bringing my fingers to her cheek I began to rub them lightly. She was still so soft and slim that I couldn’t help myself by wrapping my arms around her body. My heart still beats uncontrollably for her and I won’t regret bringing her here.

“I’ll never let you leave my side, you are the only one that I will give my life for. So please open your eyes, my love.” I whispered to myself as I buried my face on her long soft hair, it still smelled liked strawberries like back then. So I stayed by her side that day until nightfall came. Because as much as I would love to be next to her when she woke up, I can’t control what I need.

And that need was the taste of human souls. It is the only thing that could quench my hunger and that could control my inner demon from going on a killing spree. Luna, I know I can’t hide everything from you. But if keeping you locked in here from everyone that might hurt you is the only way to keep you safe. Then that’s what I’ll do, all I want is to have you by my side no matter what. So if you come to despise me for this, and hate me for the rest of your life. Then I’ll take it, as long as you belong to me...

“My precious Luna.....”

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