His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 46: Tragic

Luna’s POV:

I felt so cold and empty for some reason, but from time to time. I would feel someone’s warmth right next to me, it was as if they were trying to fill in this emptiness I was filling deep inside. But who was that person laying next to me? I was too weak, and my eyelids felt so heavy that I still couldn’t open them. So maybe it’s okay if I sleep a little bit longer...As time seemed to pass, I come to realize these sudden painful cramps I was starting to get....wait!

Opening my eyes quickly, I grabbed my lower stomach and began to breathe in heavily. Why am I getting cramps? I shouldn’t be getting any, I was already 10 days late of not getting my period so there shouldn’t be any way in hell I should be getting abdominal pains If I am pregnant. As I tried to set myself upright, I realized that I was completely naked underneath as I felt the bed sheets fall from my chest. So I quickly picked up the covers and held them up against my body.

“Why....why am I....where.....where is this..... Ren.” I said trembling underneath my breath. where’s Ren?!

I was unable to form any kind of sentence as I frantically looked around the empty room I was in. There was nothing in here but the bed I was on, the clear windows that were behind me and above me. I was so confused and unaware of where I was at, the last thing I could only remember is being underwater and.......

“Eli!” I voiced out loudly as I placed my other hand on my side temple.

I’ve come to remember who I was with when everything turned pitch black for me. I truly wished that everything that happened yesterday was just a horrible nightmare that I was going through. But then again, I’m also a bit relieved to know that Eli is alive and well at least, however, I know now that he isn’t the person I once knew anymore. I’ll never be able to get that image of what he looked like out of my head...

“His eyes were black.....” I said to myself in a low whisper.

As I turned my body around, I got a clear image of the outside. The window was very wide and I was able to see what looked like the back yard, it was such a wide-open space. But that wasn’t what stood out to me, it was the heavy amount of snow coming down and covering everything like a white sheet. I was so infatuated by how beautiful the scenery was that I didn’t notice someone enter the room

“You’re finally awake.”

“Huh!” I turned my head around quickly with fright towards a girl’s voice. Pulling the sheets tightly against my body, I watched her carefully as she carried in a plate of food and set it on the very corner of the bed. She had very short blonde hair and her eyes were a dark hazel shade color. Her skin was as pale as snow and she was very tall, a lot taller than my father probably. And he’s 5,7!

“Who....who are you....what am I....what am I doing here?” I ask the girl with pain in my voice as I gripped my lower abdomen in discomfort.

“Carla is the name my King has given me, and I’m here to watch over you and keep you well. So please Luna, lay back down you need more rest-”

“How do you know my name?! An what king are you talking about!? Just what the hell is going on-” cutting my sentence short, I hunched over in agony as the pain got worse! What’s happening to me!? Why am I in so much pain right now?

“My lady, please lay back down or you’ll make your body stress out more. I could take away the pain, only if you listen to me.” Carla responded calmly as she approached me while pushing me back lightly on the mattress.

As I began to shake in total pain, she pulled the sheets away from me and place one of her hands on my lower stomach. I then watched her close her eyes slowly and brought her other hand close to her mouth. I was in a total loss of what she was doing, and I couldn’t push her away with the amount of pain I was going through! My insides felt like they were being stabbed by the sharp glass and I didn’t know how much more I can handle. So I bit my tongue to hold back the screams and my eyes were starting to burn with how swollen they were from all the crying I did of yesterday.

I then watched in absolute horror as she ripped off one of her fingers with her sharp teeth. Yet she held no expression what so ever, she didn’t flinch to the pain nor did she even look at how afraid I was! So I tried to get away from her but failed very quickly since there was no place for me to run away from in this small room. I knew I didn’t have much of a choice other than to stay put, but how can I stay calm after what I’ve been through so far!? My body soon jolted a bit as I felt something warm and wet touching my lower stomach. So I looked down in disbelief as I watched Carla mark a symbol on my abdomen with her bloody finger she just bite off!

“What....what...are you!!” I mumbled my words in shock as I tried to hold back the excruciating pain my body was going through!

With her eyes still being kept close she spoke out some words that I never heard before. And right when she finished speaking, she pulled back her hand and opened her eyes slowly. And once she did that, the horrible pain I was feeling. It disappeared just like that, as well as the markings that we’re written on my abdomen! So I ran my fingers across my stomach, amazed and scared of what I just witnessed. I then quickly got off the bed and stood myself up and covered up my breasts with my bare arms. I know Carla already saw me naked but that doesn’t mean I want her to keep looking at me!

“Thank you....umm....where are my clothes.....” I spoke out quietly as I stood there still shaking. It wasn’t cold, but I wasn’t comfortable with what was going on! I mean I literally just watched this crazy person ripped their finger off to write something on my stomach! Not only that, but she looked unfazed by it! As if it was the most normal thing to do! So the last thing I want to do is get on this person’s bad side! But she did say something about watching over me, didn’t she?

“You don’t have to thank me, I’m just following my King’s orders. I’ve set your new set of clothing right by your side when you were sleeping.” She raised her hand and pointed at the outfit laying on the bed. So I immediately rushed to grab them only to see that it was just lingerie! What kind of sick joke is this?! This is practically just underwear, how are these clothes to her!?

“Where is the rest of it? I’m not going to wear just this am I? I remembered wearing clothes.....wait, what happened to my outfit I had on before?” I asked her suddenly as I thought back to what happened last night, I then began to change into the thin fabric of clothing as I looked at the plate of food. I didn’t realize just how hungry I was when the delicious aroma hit my nose!

“Your in his King’s home and this is all you could wear. All humans that are brought here are never given clothes, but you are an exception in the king’s eyes, it’s also very important that you never take this collar off of you when you leave the castle.” Carla spoke as she wrapped the collar around my neck, once she finished she took a few steps back and bowed her head to me. Why is she doing that? I’m not royal or anything, and what did she mean by humans don’t wear clothes and why does she keep on bringing up this “king”?

“Humans? What are you talking about? And why do I have to wear this collar?” I asked her as I finished putting on my underwear. Looking down at what I was wearing, it was very clear that this isn’t the type of lingerie I would ever wear! In fact, I would never wear lingerie, I prefer plain sports bras and granny panties for comfort...

Everything that Carla was talking about earlier sounded insane and unreal, but deep down I knew it was probably true. After all, Elijah killed that girl right in front of me. He didn’t even seem to care what he did, so why should I doubt anything up to this point...

“The king’s words are absolute, and I will carry them out until my last dying breath. Now please eat, you need your energy and must be kept healthy.” She responded with strictness in her voice as she tilted her head a bit towards the food she brought in. She then turns herself around and started to make her way out the door, but I quickly grabbed her hand to make her stop. There were so many questions still left unanswered that I wouldn’t be able to keep calm with my emotions.

“Please, why am I here? Where’s Ren?” I said to her as I looked down at her hand. She was no longer bleeding from her wound but it still looked so painful to look at. I then averted my stare towards her to see that she had her head down and her eyes closed while facing the door. What is she doing now?

I then heard a sudden lock being opened afterward, so I quickly let Carla’s hand go and took a few steps back. I then raised both my hands up close to my chest as I waited for whoever was about to come through the door. I soon got an immediate flashback as I stared at those blue eyes looking right back at mine.

“Elijah,” I spoke out worriedly as I watched him enter the room.

“How is her body doing?” He asked Carla as he slowly began to approach me. So I made great efforts to step as far as I can from him only to be backed up against the wall.

“She should be fine now my Lord, but she needs a few more days of rest after what her body went through.” She responded as she continued to look down.

“My body?! What happened to me! What...why am I here!” I voiced out hesitantly as I grabbed myself with terror. Was there a reason why my body was in so much pain? I thought it was just painful cramps but I’ve come realize that it was probably more than just that. I then stood there for a second an open my eyes wide to the situation.

“My baby...what happened to my baby....” I spoke out with my words trembling along with my eyes watering to the realization of what might’ve happened.

“Carla, wait outside until I say so,” Eli order her to do as he ignored my question. I then watched Carla take a bow and leave the room calmly. An right as she closed the door behind her, Elijah wasted no time closing the gap from each other as he grabbed each side of my face and pulled me into a deep kiss.

He was pressing his lips so hard against mine that I felt that he would leave both our lips bruised after this. He held me so close to him that I could feel his body heating up next to mine, and I felt how shaky my legs were starting to get beneath me. So I grabbed on to his tight chest as he continued to kiss me so harshly that I couldn’t even breathe right, so I tried pulling my head back. But I couldn’t move from where I was at because he made sure to hold me in place as he pressed his lower half against mine. I could feel how hard his shaft was as he rubbed himself against me with desire in his eyes. Yet my eyes held nothing but sadness and pain as I looked at him, only to then shut them tightly as I began to hit on his chest with full force.

“Your a little fighter aren’t you, Luna,” Eli spoke out as he pulled away from me, opening my eyes finally I watched him look at my body with such a lustful look that I was starting to tremble. How can he do this when he can clearly see how unhappy and terrified I am right now!

“Stop.... please just stop...Eli....” I pleaded to him as I grabbed each side of his cheek to have him look at me. He needs to know how serious I am, I can’t keep doing this, I won’t let him do as he pleases! He needs to know that this isn’t okay, and I have to get that through his head somehow!

“Why can’t you understand....you are the only one I’ll give the world to, the only one that I’ll ever need. You’re my life Luna, my everything. So why can’t you see that you don’t need anything or anyone but me....” He responded as he cleared away my tears. I then looked away from him as he spoke and I tried to put some distance between us as I moved my hands on each side of his shoulders. But Eli kept pushing himself on to me as he suddenly grabbed my jaw and made me look up at him.

“Why won’t you look at me?” He asked as he peered into my eyes with so much sorrow. But I didn’t care what he felt, at that moment...I only cared about my well being and my pregnancy.

“What....what happened....to my baby...?” I could hear my voice cracking from the fear that was taking over me. An once I spoke, Elijah’s look changed as he looked at me with pure disgust. I was appalled by his reaction to what I just asked because he then turned me around to face the wall. He then grabbed me from the throat and arched my neck back.

“Eli....” I said his name quietly as I began to breathe heavily. Grabbing his hand tightly I felt his lips grazing against my lower ear so lightly.

“Even after I told you that I’m all you need....you still ask about someone else. Is that f*cking parasite that important to you?” He whispered lowly next to my ear, his heavy breathing was sending chills throughout my entire body that I felt helpless. But most of all, I felt sick to my stomach with what Eli said about my unborn baby!

The anger and disgust that I had for what Eli said made me quickly turn myself around and slap him across the face! I don’t care about the consequences I might have to take for hurting him, but I will never let anyone talk so low about me or my unborn child! I don’t care who you are, I’m willing to sacrifice anything to protect what I cherish dear to me! My hand was starting to sting a bit from the full force I put into that slap that I didn’t think it was going to hurt my hand. Squeezing both of my fists I looked at Eli with hatred in my eyes as I watched him rub his cheek lightly, he didn’t even seem bothered or hurt by that slap!

“I think the one that should be doing the spanking is me, but I could see how serious you’re being right now which is no fun-” cutting him off, I went to slap him again, but he immediately stopped me as he grabbed my hand and pinned it up against the wall.

“Let me go right now!” I yelled at him as I began to punch him on the chest with my other free hand!

“Your really handsy today aren’t you baby girl?” He said calmly with a smile. He then swiftly caught my free hand and pinned it above my head as well, he then looked deep into my eyes and the smile he once had faded away. The extreme silence between us was tense, I was done playing games with him and I’m tired of my questions not being answered! He then finally decided to speak up, as all I could do was listen in disbelief and horror to what he had to say.....

“Luna, I would kill anyone who stands between us. Even your own child that isn’t even mine, did you think I was going to let that revolting thing inside you live. Especially when it belongs to that disgusting human who I despise. You’ve been testing my patience for too long now, so I have to punish you my little Luna. But don’t worry, I won’t ever lay my hands on you with force. But I do have other ways in making you suffer just like what you did to me. I love you so much baby, but that doesn’t mean you could do whatever you want and not pay the price. As for that human, ‘Ren’ I’ll keep him alive....but just a barely.”

As he finished speaking, I was completely left speechless by what he just said. My mouth hanged wide open with terror and my heartfelt broken, I don’t think there’s a word to describe what I was feeling as I felt myself sinking further into this dark heavy sorrow that was eating me alive. It felt as if my whole world came crashing down and I had nothing left to fight for!

“You... monster....” I whispered quietly as I felt my body shake with hate, anger, sadness. Every possible negative emotion you could think of was running through my mind as I tighten my jaw.

“What was that baby-girl?” Eli asked as he brought his face closer to me.

“YOU F*CKING MONSTER!!! WHY!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!! MY BABY.....my baby....” I yelled out in tears as I wept underneath my breath. Elijah let my hands go and held me into an embrace as he began to run his fingers through my hair. He held me tight as I screamed in pain with how broken I felt from the inside. I didn’t want him touching me, I didn’t want him anywhere near me. But all I could do is cry on his shoulder after what he did to me! All my strength seemed to be drained from my body as I was just too weak and broken to push him away. But it didn’t stop me from hitting him or biting down on his arm harshly to the point where he began to bleed.

“Shh, it’s okay Luna. You wouldn’t have wanted that disgusting pregnancy. I promise you that I will give you a child that is worthy for you to have in this world. So don’t shed your beautiful tears for something useless my love.” Eli spoke calmly to me as I felt him place a kiss on the top of my head. He had no remorse for what he was telling me, he didn’t care what I felt at all about my loss...

“I hate you...I hate you more than anything in this world.” I responded loud enough for him to hear.

“That’s okay, hate me...hate me with every being in your body until I’m all you could think about. You’ll always be the most important thing to me, Luna. My beautiful Luna....” He responded to my hated comment as he finally let me go. I continued to stand there unable to move as Eli began to walk out the room, however, he stopped once he opened the door and turned around to look at me.

“I know what you must be feeling, having something part of you being ripped away. Feeling completely empty and alone, I know what it feels like. Believe me baby, but I promise you. It’ll only hurt for a little while-”

“I’ll kill you.” I voiced out as I stood there half naked with no strength left in me. How could Eli possibly know how it feels like to lose a child that wasn’t even brought to this world yet. How can he stand there and smile after he admitted to murdering my unborn baby! How can he look at me so calmly and say that he won’t kill Ren, yet how do I know if he hasn’t already! He’s a f*cking monster! I will never forgive him for this!

“The day that you kill me, is the day you die with me as well. Never forget these words, Luna. You belong to me, today, tomorrow and forever.” He said with what looked like a painful smile, he then walked out of the room and I could hear the door being locked from the outside. So I quickly got the plate of food that was on my bed and threw it hard against the door once he was on the other side. The loud crash of the plate breaking could be heard as I saw multiple pieces of glass being flown across the floor. I completely lost my appetite after everything I just heard and went through.

“Ren...I’m sorry...I’m so sorry...I couldn’t protect our baby...” I cried to myself in pain as I laid on the cold bed unable to hold my guilt. I continued to sob until no more tears could be shed and I felt so alone...so hallow from the inside that it scared me...I was afraid of my own emotions. Because I didn’t know what I might do to myself or to other people around me. But what I do know is this, I will always hate my birthday from now on because of him. Because it will forever remind me of what I lost most important to me...

’A liar, a cheater, a murder. He will always be someone I hate for the rest of my life. I promise, that I will kill him for what he did to me.′

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