His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 47: Caged In

*One month later*

Luna’s POV:

How long have I seen these 4 walls around me? How many days have I woken up in this room, trapped and unable to leave? It’s as if I’m a flower caged inside a glass unable to bloom and breathe freely. Why am I still here, what’s the point in keeping me locked in this room? I’ve kept asking myself the same questions as I laid in bed, I think the only thing that’s been keeping me sane was the only window that lets me see the outside world. It was the only thing that was keeping me from not going crazy after what Eli did to me.......I can’t even think nor ever talk about it without having a mental break down. It will just be too much for me to bear and I don’t know how much more depressed I could get. But the only things that were keeping me strong was my family and the people I love!

“Ren.....I hope you’re okay....” I said to myself quietly as I gripped the bedsheets closer to me.

Minutes pass by until I suddenly hear the doorknob being unlocked, so I quickly got off the bed and stood in the very corner of the room. My heart always seems to go through a panic attack when this happens! I’m always paranoid and afraid that it’s probably Elijah who’s entering the room. An ever since I found out that he was ‘King’ of this world of his, It’s only made me more frighten and scared. But I’ve also grown to loathe and despise him for what he has done!

“Good evening my lady,” Carla spoke out as she entered the room.

The built-up anxiety inside me was slowly going away when I realized that it was just Carla again. I’ve grown a bit used to her presence around me since she would come and bring me food every day. She would also draw my bath and hand me a new set of ‘clothes’ even though to me it’s just underwear. She wouldn’t speak to me much though, she would just say her greetings and her goodbyes whenever she entered and left the room. But I needed to talk to someone, anyone. I just wanted to stay sane as long as I could before I let my sorrows consume me!

“Carla, please...I can’t stay in this room. It’s complete torture for me being locked in here every day. I have to go home, my family is probably worried sick! I have to leave, please... please let me leave.” I begged to her as I felt my body shake with desperation.

“You will no longer be in this room,” Carla responded as she handed me a black robe.

Hearing her say that, was like having my prayers being answered! Grabbing the robe, I wrapped it around my body quickly and was so relieved that I no longer had to stay within these four walls no more. But if I wasn’t gonna stay here anymore, where was Carla taking me then? Am I finally going home, will I be able to see my family now?

“Before I escort you through the castle, his King ordered me to have you put these on,” Carla said to me as she placed a pair of black high heels next to my feet, I was shocked when I noticed the metal chain attached to one another. What the f*ck is this sh*t! Does he think I’m some kind of slave?!

“I’m not wearing these stupid shoes!” I responded with anger in my voice as I kicked them away from me. Just what the hell does he think I am!? I will not be put in chains, Eli has lost his mind if he thinks I’m going to be wearing those shoes!

“Now now, that’s no way for a lady to act.” My ears followed a heavy voice coming from behind me. My eyes then locked gazed with a man leaning by the door as I turned myself around. He had short white hair and his eyes were as red as the petals of red roses. His skin looked smooth to the touch and he was very tall as well, a lot taller than Carla!

“Who...who are you?” I spoke out to him as I got behind Carla with worry. I knew Carla wasn’t human either after what I saw her do a few weeks ago, the finger she bit off was now attached to her hand again. However, she’s been taking care of me and hasn’t done anything bad towards me, so she’s the only one I can trust right now. And after seeing what Eli can become, I have to keep my guard up with anyone I come across!

“There’s nothing for you to fear, I won’t eat you if that’s what your thinking. I’m just here to give Carla a hand if she needs it.” The man responded back as he began to take a few steps inside the room.

“Your services will not be needed, the king specifically gave me the orders to have me bring her to the dungeons. I do not require any help from anyone or from you, Lord Crow.” Carla said as she went to pick up the chained heels.

So Crow is his name, it’s a strange and odd name to have. Why is he named after a bird? It’s so weird to me.....but then again who am I to talk. My name is literally named after a rock in space so my name is just as strange as his. I continued to stand there until I suddenly noticed what Carla said earlier!

“The dungeons!? Why...why am I going there?!” I voiced out at her as I began to take a few steps back from the both of them.

“My lady, please don’t make your king wait any longer then you have already. Now please, put your shoes on and come with me.” Carla responded as she laid the shoes next to my feet again. This was ridiculous, why should I put these on as if I’m some kind of prisoner! Also, what are the reasons for me having to go down into the dungeons? Is Eli upset with me? Did I do something wrong for me to be going downstairs! My mind was running back and forth until I didn’t know what to think.

“This one is a little more feisty then the others I’ve come across. Most humans just shut their mouth and do what the f*ck their told. But this one...I think I’m gonna enjoy having fun with this one.” Crow spoke out to Carla as he looked at me with hunger in his eyes. I’ve never in my life seen anyone with bright red eyes like himself. It was honestly frightening and it made it even more terrifying with what he just said. I wonder if he can turn into a monster just like Elijah?

“Don’t let the King hear you say that or you’ll be the next one to get their head torn off,” Carla responded to him as she came to her knees in front me. She then began to help me get my feet into the heels as I felt so confused and afraid of what was to come. The way that Crow was looking at me wasn’t helping me either with how his eyes wandered up and down my body frame.

“Now my lady, if you will follow me.” Carla voiced out as she finished putting the heels on me. She then got up and took my hand, making me follow her out of the room. I couldn’t help but keep my head down as I felt Crow’s eyes staring hard directly at me as I left the room.

“Who...who was that?” I asked Carla as we began walking down the hall.

“Lord Crow, the second son and third in line to the throne. It’s best to stay clear from him, especially since he made a new contract with his demon not to long ago.” She said to me as we started to walk down the steps. I was so confused with what she was saying that I didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings. All I could do was just keep quiet and listen to what Carla had to tell me.

However the more we talked about what was going on and where I was at. It made me very sick in the head to know that I’m stuck in a castle full of demons that could kill me at any moment. This all seems like some ugly twisted dream that I was having and the problem was that I wasn’t waking up! Why did this have to happen to me!? I would sometimes hear scary stories when I would go to church sometimes, about how demons would kill or even torture humans that have committed sins. I would have never thought in a million years that I would be here with these types of creatures, I just hope that I don’t see any of my love ones here! My heart still aches in pain of what happened to my.... pregnancy...but I can’t let anyone else that I love get hurt!

Deep in my thoughts and self worry. I started to hear a faint melody being played the closer we walked by. It sounded so beautiful and calm, but there was something sad about it also. As we got closer to the sound, it was quite clear to me now that it was the piano that was being played. It helped me feel slightly relaxed, but I know that I was far beyond being okay. Fear already has me by the throat and I know that I can’t run away without being killed by one of these monsters...

“Watch your step, my lady, the steps get very steep the farther we start heading down,” Carla warned me as she unlocked a metal door gate.

I was hesitant and felt like passing out as I stood there unable to move my feet. I’m sure Carla noticed how much I was shaking since she grabbed hold of my hand, I guess that was her way of comforting me. As much as I appreciate it, It wasn’t helping me at all. She then looked at me and I could see it in her eyes that she didn’t want me to worry, but I just couldn’t help it. I was scared, but I knew that Eli won’t take no for an answer if I didn’t follow Carla down the steps. So I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath in. As I exhaled, I stuck my foot forward and made the first step.

The number of stairs heading down wasn’t much since we soon came across a long dark hallway. The only source of light that could be brought down here was the many candles attached to the walls. An even then, it was still hard to see where I was going. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t frightened, my body couldn’t stop shaking and it was becoming harder for me to breathe.

I was hoping that everything was just a sick twisted dream that I was in, and I wanted to wake up from it. But I don’t think Eli will ever let me have a peaceful life after this, I’ve already lost something so important to me. So what else can Eli do to me that he hasn’t done already, what more can he possibly want?! I have nothing left he can take away, or at least that’s what I thought as I entered deeper and deeper into the darkness.

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