His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 48: Devour

Luna’s POV:

The one thing that will always set my mind off...is the agony and fear of being alone in the dark! Even though I have Carla with me, I’m still terrified! So I quickly grabbed Carla’s hand as she proceeded to walk us further down. She didn’t seem to mind that I was holding her, but she wasn’t speaking...I have to calm myself and keep my mind distracted!

“Excuse me, but that melody we heard earlier...who was playing it? It sounded like a piano-”

“Lord Felix, eldest son and second in line to the throne. You probably won’t see him often around the castle, since he spends the majority of his time playing the piano in his room.”

She explained as we came to a sudden halt, hearing what seemed to be like keys being jingled. I looked ahead and saw that there was another door that she had to open? I couldn’t tell what was in front of me with how dark it was, but just how many more doors and rooms did we have to go through?! Okay, distract yourself, Luna...don’t think so much.

“The eldest son? So Crow and Felix are brothers? But if he’s the oldest then shouldn’t he be king-”

“Lord Crow, Lord Felix, Lady Emily, and Lord Elijah are all half-siblings. However, Felix and Emily are the only ones that came from the same mother. Lord Elijah being the youngest of them all, has proven to the underworld that he is the rightful one to the throne.” Carla was quick to correct me as she explained in a passionate voice.

She must really respect Eli, but I’m surprised to hear that Elijah has so many siblings? Even if they are half related, I would have never known he had a family. But if Eli is king, what happened to his father? But most importantly, where’s his mother? Carla hasn’t brought up about their parents and I’m not sure if I should ask something so personal...

“If I may ask, what is it that Eli wants from me?”

I asked as I watched her opened the door, once we entered the room she immediately shut it behind us. Though a very foul odor was circulating the air around us, it smelled so horrible that I had to cover up my nose and hold in my breath!

“I apologize for the smell, you’ll get used to it within time. As for the King asking me to bring you down here...I’m not sure why?”

“I see...”

I responded as we both continued to walk, but something caught my eye as we stepped further into the halls. What I saw looked like locked cellars and I could see people chained to the cement walls! The weeping and quiet cries could be heard very clearly the more we approached forward...

“The king gave me strict orders to keep an eye over you and to maintain your health. My lord has never taken a liking to humans before, which could only mean that you aren’t just a regular human being. You’re special in his eyes...you’re not like the rest of these disgusting humans that are locked away.”

Carla began to explain as she came to a sudden stop, without making eye contact with me, she looked straight ahead and unexpectedly began to bow. What is she doing? The fear that I was holding back, could no longer be kept inside as I started to back away. I was surrounded by people who were locked away like caged animals! Looking at them, I noticed that they were all naked, the only thing they all had in common were those disgusting collars wrapped around their necks! Some of them looked badly wounded while others laid on the cold floors, I wasn’t sure if they were even alive!? I knew Carla was taking me to the dungeons, but I wasn’t expecting to see this type of horror!

“You may leave now, and don’t let anyone else come down here until I say so.”

I heard a familiar voice suddenly speak throughout the dungeon’s halls!

“Yes, my lord,” Carla respectively said as she raised her head back.

Turning herself around, she began to walk away from me as she headed back upstairs! The cold sweat that I felt passing down my spine made me want to run away! But what were the chances of me getting far? I don’t want to be here...I don’t want to see him again-

“Luna, these past few weeks have been lonely for me. I’m sorry I didn’t come to see you sooner, I’ve been very busy these last few days. But I’ll make it up to you...”

Elijah spoke as I heard his steps getting closer to me! The faint shadow that was moving in front of my eyes was now becoming clear as it got closer towards the lit chandelier above us. And the closer he got, the more I could make out his figure in front of me. Along with that smug look in his eyes, he held a mischievous smirk as he looked at me carefully from head to toe. I had no words for him, I hated what he’s become, I despise the way he looks at me. The way he smiles...I’ve come to hate everything about him. But why does my heart always feel so heavy whenever I’m with him?! It hurts me...

“Even after a month of not seeing me, you still despise me?”

He asked while reaching his hand towards me, slapping his hand away, I took a quick step back and looked at him with so much anger in my eyes! I knew that I’ve been stuck in that room for more than a few weeks, but I’m shocked to hear that it’s been a month already! My family must be worried sick about me!

“Are you going to play the silent treatment, Luna? Because if that’s the case, I have ways of making you moan out my name in pure ecstasy...”

He whispered dangerously next to my ear, licking my lower ear lobe as he leaned himself against my body! I drew my hand back as I was about ready to slap him, but he was so fast in catching my arm that I didn’t have time to react!

“I would think twice about slapping me, unless...you don’t care what happens to him,” he said as he turned his head towards a cellar right by us.

Without letting go of my arm, all I could do was follow his direction of where he was looking at. The cellar that we were looking at was a bit dark, but I could faintly draw out a person sitting down as his hands were chained up against the wall. Eli then began to take a few steps towards that particular cell as he dragged me along with him! The closer we got, the more I was able to notice that it was a guy with his hair completely disheveled, he was also naked and had a collar on as well. His head was dangling down and he looked lifeless, he was so skinny that I could almost see how visible his ribs were. It didn’t look like he’s been given any food or water, are they starving him?!

“Hey, I brought you a little visitor,” Eli spoke as he kicked the cellar gate with his boot!

The hard rattle could be heard throughout the halls as I clenched both of my hands into a tight fist! But the moment I saw him raise their head, my heart almost gave out as I saw who it was! His eyes were bloodshot red as if he hasn’t slept in days, I was even able to make out some cuts and bruises that were all over his body! No, this can’t be him...


Cring out his name, I tried to reach my hand through the bars to touch him! Though Eli was very quick in grabbing both my hands as he pinned them behind my back! With one of his arms wrapped around my waist, I trembled at the sight of Ren looking at me!


I heard Ren finally speak, his voice sounded weak and broken that it made my heart ache.

“Ren! Please, tell me your okay-”

“Shh...Ren hasn’t really been feeling like himself lately. Let him admire our presence, I want him to take in how beautiful you are in my arms...”

Eli whispered as he pressed himself closer from behind!

“Luna....is that you. You’re alive.... your really alive...”

Ren responded with relief as he tried to pick himself up. I could hear the clanking of his chains rubbing against each other as he finally stood up! But I could tell how weak he was, his legs were shaking beneath him as he tried to walk closer to the cellar door! But the locks around his wrists were holding him back from getting closer to me, we were practically only a foot apart from one another...yet we were so far from holding each other!

“Yes, it’s me! I’m okay! I’m alive Ren...Ren, I’m sorry...I’m so sorry this is happening to you...”

I cried out in tears as I felt horrible and at fault for what was happening to him, but most of all, I felt completely guilty for losing our first child. Suddenly, I felt Eli hold me closer towards him as I felt the many tears began to fall down my face!

“No...don’t say that! This isn’t your fault! It’s that sick fucker behind you that’s to blame! Look at me, I promise you. I will get us out of here-”

“Strong words from a weak disgusting human...I almost pity you.”

Eli laughed with such evil intent as he spoke to Ren. He then grabbed hold of my throat and with his fingers, he raised my chin slightly upwards where I could no longer look at Ren. Letting both of my arms go, he brought his hands to the front of my breasts! He then started to tease the slit of my robe where I could feel it coming undone slowly!

“You fucking bastard! Don’t touch her, let her go! I’ll kill you!”

I heard Ren shouting at the top of his lungs, but he was quick to cough right after. It sounded painful as I heard him gasp for air. I knew he didn’t have any energy, and I can’t help but feel useless as I’m unable to move...

“Kill me? You can hardly breathe...”

Eli responded with a smirk as he stared at me with hunger in his eyes!

“Elijah, please...I’ll do anything....just please just let him go...”

I begged in tears as I felt my body beginning to tingle as I felt him pull my robe down, feeling the cool air hit my chest, I knew my undergarments were visible for Ren and Eli to see!

“You know I can’t let him go, he has to suffer for what he did. And if you want him to be kept alive, you’ll do as I say.”

Eli spoke out clearly enough for Ren to also hear...

“You sick piece of shit! Why are doing this?! What the fuck did I do to make you do this shit to me?! You’re the one that deserves to fucking suffer for hurting Luna and me!”

Ren continued to yell as I heard his chains being pulled!

“You know nothing...Luna has always belonged to me from the very beginning. Yet, I had to sit back and watch you both fuck each other in these past years. You knew from the very beginning that I loved Luna. I’ve even warned you to stay away from her, but it was you who chose to go against me.”

Eli growled with such fury in his voice as he suddenly grabbed one of my breasts tightly! Letting out a gasp, I tighten up my body as I stood there shaking. I was so confused with what Eli was saying, what does he mean that he had to watch Ren and me being together?

“Eli! I swear if you hurt her-”

“Hurt her? That’s the last thing she will ever feel, Ren...it is you that will feel the greatest pain. I want you to suffer, just like I did. For I plan on making Luna feel good, so good that I’ll be her addiction that she craves. And you will be the first one to witness it all...”

Elijah replied as he stared harshly at Ren, gabbing my lower jaw, he brought his mouth closer to mine! His lips were inching closer as I felt my body pressing against the metal bars in front of me! The feeling of his warm lips grew hot as he made his way to devour me whole...

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