His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 49: Diabolik Lovers

Luna’s POV:

“DON’T YOU F*CKING DARE TOUCH HER!!” Ren yelled back with all his might as he tried to get loose from his chains. There was no way in hell that Ren was escaping from those locks though, but I’m grateful enough that he’s trying to help me. But I knew what was to come, and I didn’t want Ren to see how much more Eli can break me.

“I won’t f*ck her...... unless she wants me to, but I highly doubt she’ll be able to contain herself with my touch,” Eli responded playfully as he pulled away from our kiss, he then immediately turned me around to face him and completely ignored Ren’s threats as he continued to shout at him. I was trying my best to not break down on what was happening! Eli’s hands felt so different compared to how they used to touch me back then. I don’t feel any sort of care or love with the way he was treating my body now. I just feel like some disgusting whore that he’s playing with, and I hate it!

Elijah’s hand soon finds it’s way beneath my inner thighs and began to draw light little circles on my tender shaking skin. It caused chills to run up my spine causing me to arch my back so I grabbed hold of Eli’s chest and looked up at him with tears in my eyes. I knew he could see how much pain he was already causing by doing this, but he didn’t seem to care as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to his chest. He then forcefully planted his strong lips against mine and not too long after he stuck his hot long tongue into my mouth and I could taste just how hot he was getting.

My muffled voice was being covered and I couldn’t move away even if I wanted to. All I could do was just endure it as long as I could, I won’t give in no matter what he does to me! I won’t let Ren see how weak I am, I have to stay strong and hope that Eli doesn’t go any farther than just kissing. I won’t let him get the best of me, I have to fight back. The only way is to not give in to my temptation!

The only thing that was keeping me strong was Ren’s cries and his loud threats, I know that this is just as painful for Ren to just watch and not being able to help me! But his voice was the only thing that I could find any source of comfort. But that didn’t last long as Eli immediately pulled away and took his shirt off. His cut creased abs we’re now in full display in front of me and his ripped torso was so thick with the muscles that he has gained. Every time I see his body, it just reminds me how much he has changed. He’s become a man and I’ve become a woman, we weren’t kids anymore but adults.

“Eli...don’t do this...I know the old you is still in their somewhere....so please, please stop...” I said to him as my voice trembled, I felt my inner self breaking apart with fright. The stare in Eli’s eyes held a look of sadness for a split moment but then they immediately change back to his old self once again. He then wrapped one of his arms around my back and leaned himself close to my ear to where only I could hear him.

“Do you remember what I told you a long time ago, Luna,” Eli whispered quietly as he pulled himself back slightly to look into my eyes. With tenderness in his stare, he seemed hurt asking me this question. I wasn’t sure if I could remember what he was referring to, so all I did was just look at him and shake my head hesitantly. He didn’t seem surprised with my answer as he traced his long fingers along my upper back, he then began to play with the clip that was keeping my bra up. The panic in my throat was making me unable to speak as we both continued to look at each other.

“On that night, on my birthday....as I held you close to me. I told you that I will always love you more than anything in this world. An that has not changed.....but you clearly never cared.” He responded with his jaw clenching tightly, and just as he said that. He immediately ripped off my bra and threw it across the hall. I tried to cover my breast but of course, he didn’t let me as he grabbed my arms and pushed me up against Ren’s cellar gate.

Ren’s yelling grew louder as I heard his chains hitting one another. However that wasn’t what I was focusing on, what I was mainly focusing on was the sudden remembrance of what Eli said that night many years ago! How did I forget something so important that he told me that night!?

“IF YOU LOVED ME SO MUCH! WHY DID YOU LEAVE!” I yelled back in frustration as I peered right through his eyes with hurt and anger. How can he say I never cared about him when I couldn’t sleep for nights on in without crying myself to sleep. Not knowing if he was okay or even alive! Not knowing if he was in danger or in need of help! I was left with no other choice but to try and move on and to forget about Eli...but there was never a day where I did not think about him. Where I prayed to myself every night hoping I would see him at least one more time. But things are different now!

“I HAD TO LEAVE! I DIDN’T HAVE A F*CKING CHOICE LUNA!” Eli raised his voice at me as he pressed his lips on mine once again, but this time I could feel the anger and pain he was feeling as he gripped both of my arms tightly. His hold was so strong that I could already see the bruises that we’re to come. I was so confused and agitated by his answer that I bit his lower lip, I heard him let out a low growl as he released my lips. But he didn’t seem to care what I did as he bit around my neck soon after, the pain and sensitivity were running across my body like a pleasurable jolt of lighting.

My legs were starting to shake as I could feel Eli sucking so hard around my neck, I was able to catch a whiff of his soft hair brushing against my lower chin. He still smelled like how I remembered, fresh pine-like the outside forest. I could feel the heat of his body touching me as my breasts brushed up against his hard chest. He continued to hold my arms together with one of his hands as he started to trace around one of my n*pples. I could feel my skin getting goosebumps with how soft and delicate his hand was being.

Eli wasn’t wasting any time as he planted so many kiss marks around my collar bone. It was as if he was marking his territory on me, he then yanked off the collar around my neck and dropped it to the ground so he could get better access around my neck.

I was trying so hard to keep my mouth shut. I won’t let him know how I’m feeling, I won’t give in to his touch! Ren’s frequent yelling was the only thing I was grabbing on to, it brought me back to my senses as I tried to endure and ignore these feelings that we’re building up inside. Elijah then began to breathe heavy around my neck and his warm breathing was brushing up against my tender skin. I knew that he was trying to ignite a flame inside me that was burnt out long ago.

“Your still so sexy, baby...” Eli moaned out as he began to nibble on my lower ear lobe. My body soon jolted as I felt how hard he has gotten as he pressed his lower body against my lower core. As he pulled away I made sure to make eye contact with him to let him know that I won’t break that easily. However he gave me a mischievous smirk as he seductively let go of my hands, he then grabbed my other breast and tugged on it very lightly as he watched me squirm with every touch he was giving me. Giving me a satisfied smile he brought his face down close to my chest and stuck his long tongue out and began to flick one of my n*pples with his hot wet tongue, so I grabbed hold of the metal bars behind me and held on so tightly to suppress my heavy breathing. I hated it...I hated how he still remembered how my body worked!

“Your still very sensitive here, aren’t you Luna,” Eli asked me as he brought his mouth around my breast, he then pinched my other n*pple with his long fingers and began to pull and squeeze it as well. He knew what will set me off, he knew what my weakness was. It’s always been the way he talked to me so arousing with that voice of his. How he holds me so close to him as if I’m the most important person in the world to him, how he touches every inch of my body without hesitation. He still knew....after so long....he still knew how my body will react to every contact he made with me.

Biting my lower lip, I held back my voice as I continued to tremble. With one last kiss on my breasts he brought his face back up to mine, he then tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and left a light kiss on my forehead. An just as I thought he was finally done playing with me, he pulled my hands away from the bars and turned me around to where I had to face Ren who was in absolute tears.

I could see just how hard he had pulled the chains around his wrists with how deep the metal has dug into his skin. He was bleeding so much and it looked extremely painful that I couldn’t watch him struggle. It was heartbreaking enough that we lost a child, so I can’t bear to see Ren suffer like this!

Elijah then placed his hand on my back and pressed it down to where I was now bending my body forward a bit. I could sense Eli’s eyes on us and I knew he was enjoying every second of it! But I also knew that his eyes were glued to my ass that was sticking out towards him in full display. I felt disgusting as I grabbed on to the bars in front of me. I couldn’t bring myself to look at Ren, I was too ashamed of myself...

With Ren shouting my name continuously, I could no longer think right as I felt Eli’s fingers trace up my thigh. Something in my body lit up with sensation as his finger ascended higher on my bare skin. I automatically reacted by jolting forward as I felt my hands shake. Eli soon leaned in from behind and whispered something so arousing next to my ear.

“Spread your legs baby girl, let me see how sweet you still are.” He asked of me, I soon heard his belt coming undone as he pulled away a bit. He said he wouldn’t have sex with me! So why is he undoing his pants?!

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