His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 50: Unwanted Desire

Luna’s POV:

I held in my breath with hesitation as I scooted my legs apart from each other. I had to do what he wanted because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle myself if something happened to Ren. I just hate myself more for having him see me this way!

“Ren.... please...don’t look...” I cried out to him as I raised my head to look at Ren with hurtfulness in my eyes. Yet Eli grabbed my jaw with such force that it was difficult to breathe. I could see the lustful gaze he had on me as he then stared down at Ren.

“He will look....he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you as I taste every inch of this body of yours,” Eli responded as he bit my lower lip lightly. He then let my jaw go and I felt both of his hands reach around my panties. He had no remorse as he tore them apart from my body, he then started to play his fingers around the parting of my thighs in a playful motion. He continued to kiss me deeply as I tried to pull away, but his lips were so strong that I couldn’t help but kiss him back. What was wrong with me?! It’s as if my body was starting to get a mind of its own?!

My skin was starting to burn with vigorous temptation. I could feel my inner walls starting to quiver a bit with sensuality as his hands were teasing around my outer legs. He then steadily slides in one of his long smooth fingers inside me, my inner flesh was pouring the wet ecstasy that was waiting to be touched. I could no longer control what my body was doing, I knew that this body was bound to give in to his touch. Eli knew my body all too well and I’m disgusted and so embarrassed by how I’m reacting. It’s as if I’m some kind of f*cking animal in heat!

I took a sharp breath in feeling the critical pleasure that he was giving me. I then stuck my tongue into his mouth to get a better taste of him as I gripped onto the metal poles in front of me. The muffled noises we’re making we’re starting to become the only thing I could hear. As much as I hate myself for reacting to his touch, I couldn’t ignore what my body wanted from him any longer. With Ren yelling out my name from one ear, I could also hear the wet liquids that were coming out of me. Eli stroked his fingers back and forth so harshly that I could hear my own juices covering his hand. Opening my eyes, I could see that Elijah was looking at me so intensely with such a strong appetite. My own heart and body were accelerating with such sexual adrenaline that I wasn’t able to keep in my moans any longer.

With every moan I let out, it was quickly consumed by Elijah’s lips that we’re devouring mine. I wasn’t able to break eye contact with him, I didn’t want to for some strange reason. It was like if he had some supernatural stare that was controlling me almost. However he pulled his lips away from me as he let out a growl of possessiveness, I was having a hard time suppressing my moans as I tried to clench down on my own teeth. I knew I could never forgive myself if I let out what I was feeling in front of Ren. But the way Eli carried out his fingers inside me was making it harder to pull back my screams in pure delight!

I was feeling so good with every thrust his fingers were giving me, the deeper he got the more difficult it was for me to keep composed. His fingers were penetrating in such a seductive spiral pattern that I couldn’t help but move my hips back to his movements. I wanted him to keep going, I wanted to reach my climax that I knew he could give me. I tried to cover my mouth but Eli didn’t let me as he pulled my hand back to where I could feel his hard shaft rubbing up next to me. The butterflies that we’re filling up my stomach tripled in strength with lust and desire, with one final push in my inner walls I clenched my shaking legs together. An let out a heavy moan of such sweet delight, Elijah gripped my arm tightly as my pelvis shook with his fingers still deep inside me. The release of an orgasm came over me as I clenched my wet inner walls around his strong fingers.

“That’s a good girl, let me taste you some more...” Eli spoke dangerously at me as he looked into my eyes with such satisfaction, he then pulled his fingers out of me and licked his wet covered fingers. I couldn’t give him a response as all I could do was breathe in heavily with how good my body was feeling. It’s been so long since I had an orgasm that I completely forgot what it felt like...

“Tell me baby, when was the last time you ever came....was it just now? Or when I f*cked you years ago.” Eli asked loudly enough for Ren to hear. I was flabbergasted by his question, there was no way I could answer that! I didn’t want to, what would Ren think of me if I agreed with Eli?!

“Luna....don’t....don’t listen to him...look at me. I love you-”

“Do you really believe she loves something so disgusting and vile such as yourself? You can never make her body feel this good in your entire life, and I will make sure she forgets your every existence.” Eli responded with hatred in his voice as he gave my ass a sudden slap. The stinging sensation sent shock ways throughout my entire body as I felt my body tremble.

“I’LL F*CKING KILL YOU ELI!!! YOU’RE A DISGUSTING PIECE OF SH*T THAT DESERVE’S TO F*CKEN DIE!!!!” Ren screamed out at the top of his lungs as he pulled harder against the chains. I didn’t know what to feel anymore, my mind wants to break down and be torn to pieces....yet my body wants nothing more but to be touched by Eli. All I could do was cry as I felt the many tears leave my eyes. I looked up to see Ren who looked so angry and full of rage that I felt guilty with myself.

“Ren.... please...I’m so sorry.....I-” Cutting off my sentence short, I was caught off guard by something hot and wet coming up the back of my spine.

“Oh!” I moaned out with a heavy sigh. It was Eli who had stuck his tongue out and licked my upper back. I wasn’t able to keep a proper sentence at this point as I felt my legs wanting to give out beneath me.

“E...Eli...no.....I..I..can’t any... anymore...” I said with my voice trembling as I inched myself closer to Ren’s cellar.

“Yes you can baby, I’ll have you yelling out my name in such envy that you won’t need anything else but me. Just tell me what you want and I’ll make your body fall deeper into me, Luna.”


“You really can’t keep that mouth of yours shut! Can you?! Fine then...if you want Luna to look at you, here.” Eli spoke out to Ren as he cut him off. Elijah then held my body up and pushed me up against the gate, my breasts were now in full display as they stuck out more in front of the cellar. Where Ren can see it all more clearly, my body was starting to become hot as if something was starting to burn within me.

Elijah soon grabbed a chunk of my hair and pulled it back slightly. I then heard him take a few steps behind me and felt his hot breath pass my ass, he was so close to my lower parts that I didn’t know how to react! So I grabbed the bars close to me and stuck my chest out more as I felt the cold bars being pressed against my hot skin. With my neck arching back I wasn’t able to see Ren’s reaction, and I didn’t want to look. For it will only make me feel more guilty, I then clenched my jaw with so much force as I felt a light breeze hit my lower wet lips.

It caused my body to move forward however Eli prevented me from going anywhere as he suddenly grabbed both sides of my hips. I was unable to move and Elijah began to leave his kiss marks all over my ass cheeks. It was so embarrassing to be in this position that I didn’t know where to look. If I looked forward, I would have to see the hurtful stare on Ren’s face. But if I looked to the side I would see Eli violating my behind with his lips.

So I chose to keep my eyes closed so I wouldn’t have to look at either. I wouldn’t be able to handle the guilt, nor would I be able to handle the pleasure that came with it! I just felt like I was being used for Ren’s torture and It made me feel disgusting knowing that my body was enjoying this! Why can’t I control myself! Taking a deep breath in, I was quick to exhale as I felt another slap hitting me from behind.

The stinging sensation came back again, only to be replaced by absolute bliss. As I felt something wet enter inside me, a completely different sensation came over me as I felt his wet hot tongue enter my p*ssy! My cheeks were burning red with the effect he had on me, it so unreal how quickly he can turn me back on. How can he make me forget what’s going on so easily? How can he do these things to me with no sort of hesitation, just how desperate is my body to feel more of his touch?

I could feel myself melting away with every second that comes by, my inner walls kept clenching with how deep he was entering me. His long hard tongue was hitting me closer and closer to my sweet spot that I wasn’t able to maintain my voice as I felt my heart beating faster with every suck he was giving me from below! My bare ass was pressed firmly against his smooth heated mouth that I couldn’t help but move my hips along with his licking patterns. I was so close to cumming as Eli dug his fingers into my hips, I knew he was enjoying every moment of this. It was as if I was his favorite snack he was savoring and there was no end to it!

The feeling soon engulfs me as I prepare to release my fluids, my heavy breathing soon turned into moans as I felt how much I was starting to sweat between me and the metal bars. I’ve grown hot and I wasn’t sure if there was a way to cool my body back down! My body soon began to wobble side to side as I couldn’t hold myself up anymore with these high heels, but Eli kept holding me in place as he never pulled his mouth away from my lower wet core. The electricity that sparks within me made me almost reach my second orgasm as I felt Eli beginning to play with my cl*t as well.

“Eli...Eli...I’m...cumming..” I moaned out feverishly.

Yet right as I said those words, Eli pulled out his tongue and stood himself up. He then grabbed the back of my head and placed a deep kiss on me. I was tasting myself as Elijah stuck his tongue in search of mine, the inner moans that Eli was giving me were making me press my body closer to his.

“If you want me to make you cum baby, you’ll have to ask for it. But if you do, you have to promise to never let this thing in front of you...to never...ever touch your body again...”

Eli whispered to me as he moved his lips around my neck. My body was in such desperate withdrawal that I couldn’t take how overheated I was becoming. I was craving for more than just his touch now, and I didn’t care what I had to say or do at that exact moment. I just wanted Elijah to make me feel good again because he knew that deep down. That he was the only one that knew my body the best.

“I...I...” I began to stutter as my eyes began to tear up again. I was at a total loss, my body knew what it wanted...but my heart didn’t. So I looked into Ren’s eyes and saw how broken he already looked as he stared into my eyes.

“You what, Luna....say what your body needs. And I’ll give it what it desires baby, just say it. And I’ll eat you alive until you can’t take it anymore.” Elijah voiced out flirtatiously as he wrapped his arms around my lower waist. An without thinking.....

“I will...so please.... please make me feel good,” I responded with envy in my voice as I immediately turned myself around to face him. The tears still fell down my cheeks but I didn’t care anymore at that very moment as I wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him closer.

“Of course I will baby, just open up that p*ssy for me. An I promise I won’t ever let you go, my Luna.” Elijah responded as he wiped away my tear with his gentle hands.

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