His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 51: Burning Bodies

Elijah’s POV:

She looked at me with every passion in those teary eyes of hers. I wasn’t surprised with what she wanted, after all...she knew better than I. That no one can embrace her the way I can, she was mine and mine alone. I knew what I was doing was seen as heartless and cruel, but there was no other way. How else can I show her that no one else matters but each other?!

I’ve come fully aware of what control I had on Luna’s body, the guilty pleasure that she was releasing was almost too much for her to bear. But I’ll make sure to erase everything of what she’s feeling until I’m all she thinks about. Have I’ve grown over possessive of her? Of course, she was the only one in my life that made me feel like I had a reason to live for, a reason to be happy. So to see her fade away from me, to stop loving me. It became too much for me to handle, the emptiness that was swallowing me whole. Was making me forget what I once was, what happiness was, what loving her meant to me. I never wish to ever feel that type of darkness again, so I’ll keep her all to myself. An I’ll show Ren and anyone that gets in my way, that Luna belongs to me and only me.

“E...Eli....” I heard Luna tremble out my name in absolute lust as she held on to me.

“Your so beautiful Luna, let me hear those sweet moans of yours baby,” I responded with envy as I brushed my face into her soft neck. My own body was starting to ache for hers as I lifted her up and wrapped her legs around my waist. My hands moved eagerly around her sensitive area’s around her lower back as I pinned her up against the cellar door.

Where I could hear the satisfying screams of torture and pain coming from behind Luna. Taking a peek over her shoulder, I could see the total dismay and horror shown on Ren’s face as he continued to look at me with such hatred in his eyes. He held a look almost similar to mine, the look of a killer. I couldn’t help but smile as I looked back at him while gripping my baby girl’s *ss cheeks together with desire.

“ELIJAH!!!! LET HER FUCK*NG GO!!!!! LUNA!!! SNAP OUT OF IT!! HE’S CONTROLLING YOU!!!” Ren yelled out, I could see the amount of blood he was losing from both his wrists from how hard he was pulling his chains. What a pathetic weak human he is, he should know by now that I don’t need any sort of magic to have Luna submit to me. Everything that she is doing, is of her own free will. The sudden shouting that Ren was doing, was starting to make Luna shake with worry and fright. I knew she was beginning to feel guilty of her desires, so I made sure to have her look into my eyes as I held on to her closely.

“Shhhh....don’t pay attention to what isn’t important baby, just listen to what your body wants, Luna,” I said to her as I continued to wipe away the many tears falling from her eyes. She then started to look at me so tenderly as she gripped my hair lightly.

“All I want....is you....” She whispered close to my ear as she began to move her waist in a steady motion.

“An I’ll give you as much as you want....” I responded as I began to leave light kisses around her shoulder. It’s unreal and ridiculous how quickly she can turn me on with just a simple motion that she does. Just how can she make me forget about our surroundings and everyone else’s existence? It was so easy to read her body frame in what she needed, and it showed how desperate I was to give in to her as well.

So I immediately grabbed hold of her breast and caressed her n*pples so softly, however, I didn’t expect Luna to slip one of her hands around my hardened groin. Letting out a low growl I pressed my body close to her. As I felt her lips brush up against my ear with such a tease. Her hips were still moving forward towards my lower area as I heard her sensuous humming echo closely to my ear. So I ran my fingers across her lower waist until I trace them down to her lower region. I could feel her inner thighs twitch with such urgency as I brush my fingers across her lower womb. She was so wet and I could feel her p*ssy throbbing already as her juices flowed out of her.

“Your so wet baby, have a taste of how sweet you are.” I groan out to her as I placed one of my lubricated fingers across her mouth, she then opened her mouth willingly as she desperately began sucking on her own sweet nectar. I then felt her tongue swirl around my thick finger in such an erotic motion that I could feel my manhood beginning to leak. Pulling my fingers out, I watched her lick those plump lips of hers with such hunger that I couldn’t resist myself from kissing her so strongly. Her mouth kept pulling me in as if I was her favorite treat, my Luna has grown more demanding over these past years.

Her sweet moans were everything to me as I stuck my tongue deeper into her mouth. The delicious taste of her was savory as I pushed her body more firmly against the gate. I watched her eyes look at me with such fire in them, they engulfed in such heat from the spark that I ignited inside her. Her hand was still placed around my hardened shaft that I could feel it aching for her insides. So I eagerly pulled out my manhood and delicately began to slide it between her inner moist thighs, I thought all this time that I could have her wrapped around my finger. But it seems that wasn’t the case because I was the one trap under whatever spell she had me on. She was completely wide open for me, and I could see it in her eyes that she couldn’t wait any longer.

“Baby, I need you to hold on to me tight. It’s going to hurt a bit, but I promise I’ll make you feel so good in the end.” I mumbled my words out in a moan as I pulled away from our kiss. I then wrapped my arm around her lower waist and placed my hardened d*ck at her front lower entrance. My baby-girl couldn’t say anything other than nod her head for me as she bit her lower lip.

So I cupped one of her lower ass cheeks and grabbed hold as I opened her wider for my entrance. I then slowly began to enter myself into her wet tight walls, she felt so warm and I could feel her insides already vibrating as I felt myself completely inside her. However, once I’m entered her she instantly covered her mouth as I let out a pleasurable growl. I knew she was feeling pain as I could feel her nails digging deep into my arm. So I stopped myself from moving any further until she was fully adjusted to my c*ck. I then placed my head against her chest and listen to her rapid heartbeat, I knew I was the reason for her heart to beat so wild for me. She was my everything, and it’s been far too long since I last felt her like this. My memories were rewinding back in time to when I first held her like this, she’s still so precious to me after all these years. I finally could feel her body and heart, it still beats the same for me, just like on that very night when I made love to her.

“E...Eli...I...It’s... too big...” Luna moan out in such painful lust as she tightens her hold on me

“I know baby, but breathe and relax your body. It’s will only hurt for a second, so please...let me feel you more, Luna.” I whispered out to her as I licked one of her tears away.

She then gazed into my eyes and began to breathe heavily, she then placed her lips against mine as if it was a sign that she trusted me with her entire body. Returning her kiss passionately, I began to adjust my body language to where she was more comfortable with my fit. Her muffled moans were overpowering my ears with pure ecstasy as I felt both our bodies friction with one another. She felt so amazing already as I felt her insides pulling me in, I wanted nothing more but to ravage this body of her’s as she suddenly placed both of her hand on each side of my face. Pulling my lips away, I looked into those beautiful eyes of her’s again and could read everything that she is feeling. Love, hate, pleasure, and pain, was everything that she was trying to tell me. But I knew she didn’t want to remember anything painful at this very moment, I knew all she wanted was to feel love and happiness. Even if it’s for a little while, I’ll make her feel like she’s the most important person in the whole world to me.

“I love you....so much baby, and I know that you still love me too...I’ll make you say those words again someday. But for now, let me show you how much I love you...” I moaned out heavily to her as I wrapped my arms around her back. The look on her face flushes in such a light crimson shade, she was so cute without even speaking a word.

So I then advanced myself forward, filling her up completely. This pleasure felt remarkable as I pressed myself further inside her, this elated feeling could cause me to lose it at any moment as I watched Luna’s erotic reaction. She let out such a loud flirtatious moan that I couldn’t help but bite her neck as she arched her head back. I loved the way she was giving in to me as my lower member pushes and pulls inside her tight walls.

I could feel our union becoming wetter with fluids as we both start moving together in such a heavy pattern. I noticed just by the way she moans out my name that she was enjoying herself more and more. Her body movements, along with her actions were so addicting to watch that I wanted to see more. The back of her ass could be heard slapping against the metal gate as I continued to pound myself into her. Our rough breathing was becoming too much for us to take as we both fell deeper into our rapture sins.

Her body was tugging harder against mine, and my brutal hold on her was becoming more dominant. I was starting to reach my peak as I felt both of our bodies sweat with the heat between us. However I could still hear Ren’s screams become louder, but I didn’t let that distract me from giving my love what she wanted. So our moans grew more roaring as it filled the dungeon floor. My grunts got higher and my Luna’s screams of pure lust grew stronger with every passing second. We both had no care in the world in who heard us, in fact, I hope everyone does hear our lewd moans.

So I continued to shove my harden d*ck further inside her, that I could feel my baby’s insides wanting to collapse from the inside out. Her release was almost here, so I quickly grabbed both of her small hands and pinned them against the iron bar above her. I wanted to see everything of her, as I thrust myself deeper and deeper into her. I watched as her t*ts sway up and down with such steady motion that I couldn’t take my eyes off of them until I looked further down where we were connected. So I gently grabbed her jaw and made her look at where I was f*cking her good.

“Take a look baby, look how f*cking beautiful and sexy you are,” I growled out to her as I watched her look at our wet juices parting and reuniting again and again.

“Eli... please...never let me go!” My Luna shouted at the top of her lungs as she held on to me as if it was for dear life.

“Never! I never let you go again, you’re my baby girl. And I will always hold you..now...and forever..” I responded breathlessly as I held on to her tighter. I will cherish her until the day I die, I will protect her from everything and everyone. She was the drug that I will always crave, she is mine, and I am her’s. I could feel my c*ck throbbing inside her even more, as her wet p*ssy began to vibrate as I smashed myself into her tight womb. I knew she was close to cumming with how her body was beginning to shake.

“Cum baby...make this little p*ssy of your’s cum on this d*ck f*cking you.” I moaned to her as I watched her bite her lower lip, she then closed her eyes and I could feel her lower parts suddenly shake with absolute euphoria, I felt her wet cum drench my c*ck as I kept slamming myself into her.

“Eli...I’m...I’m cumming...it’s so hot!!!” Luna yelled out with addiction as she tightens her legs around my waist, pulling me closer to her lower parts. So with one final push, I clenched my jaw tightly and pulsated my satisfaction inside her. I could feel my sperm mixing inside with her moist cum in such a sweet delicious melody that I didn’t want to pull away from her. Yet I felt my Luna lean her head against my chest as I held on to her still. Letting her hands go finally, they dropped down to each of her sides. So I lifted her chin up to see her eyes closed and I could hear her now calm breathing. She had fainted with how far she had reached her climax, I guess it’s been a long while since her body came like this.

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