His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 52: Sinful Envy

Elijah’s POV:

Pulling myself slowly out of her, I heard our fluids leaking out of Luna’s lower core as some drops hit the floor. So I quickly zipped my pants back up, and pick Luna up in my arms. She looked peaceful in my arms as I carried her close to my chest. Though it dawned on me that we’re still in the cellars of the dungeon, and I almost forgot who was watching us this whole time. So I looked at Ren who was now sitting down looking so defeated and broken, his eyes held nothing but hopelessness in them as I began to turn myself away from him, but as I tried to walk away. I heard him finally speak words of hate and misfortune.

“I’ll kill you for what you did...... and if you think that Luna will love you after this.... you’re more of a f*cken idiot than I thought you were. She could never love something so fuck*ng disgusting like you...” Ren spoke calmly with a bit of anger in his tone as I continued to walk away, I didn’t care what he had to say. He was useless and so were his words, he’s a waste of a human honestly in my eyes.

“I guess will see who Luna chooses in the end....” I responded loudly as I approached the gated door, only for it to be open a few seconds after I kicked it. And there Carla stood with keys in hand as she placed a sheet over Luna’s body.

“Heal that human over there if you can...and feed it,” I ordered Carla to do as I tilted my head towards Ren’s cage. I needed to keep him alive if that’s what my Luna wanted, though I would much rather have him killed in feed him to the witches outside the castle.

“Yes, my Lord. Will that be all?” Carla asked as she took a bow.

“Are the preparation for tomorrow ready?” I asked her as I began to make my way up the stairs.

“Yes, my Lord. I invited everyone that you’ve asked for.” Carla responded as she kept her head down.

“Good, that will be all for the rest of the day,” I said to her as I felt the door close behind me. I didn’t want any distraction for the rest of the day, all I wanted was to be alone with my Luna.

So I made my way out of the dungeon door, and back to the main area of the castle. Making sure my Luna was covered with the sheets, I began to make my way towards the steps. But something felt strange, I wasn’t hearing any music like I usually do. For the past 3 years that I’ve lived here, the piano has always played during the day. Yet today, I hear nothing but the clock ticking away as it hung against the wall.

“It’s strange.....to see you so close to a human.” Hearing that voice, I didn’t bother to turn my head around to see who it was. Since I knew all too well to know that it was Felix himself who was standing right behind me.

“I find it more strange that you’re not playing your little piano,” I responded with a smirk as I began to take the first few steps up the stairs.

“I can’t really play the piano when my blood boils in heat because of her.” He responded with annoyance as I watched him lean against a pillar as I turned around to look at him.

I knew this would happen! I knew giving Felix’s blood to her would make him feel what she is feeling! All the more reason why I didn’t pick Crow if Crow felt what Luna was feeling. I’m sure he would have gone on a killing spree, killing any human he sets his eyes on. So I was right to pick Felix with how much more self-control he has with humans, but I can’t stand the fact that he knows what Luna is feeling! Whenever she’s afraid, sad, happy, or even whenever she’s in heat. He will feel every emotion that she is going through! I can’t blame him for feeling these things, but I didn’t think this would really happen! I need to talk to Raven and have her fix this immediately!

“In the beginning, I didn’t give a sh*t of what you were doing with my blood, but it’s obvious now that my blood flows through her veins. So fix it! Or I’ll do it for you.” Felix threatened me as I watched his eyes turn black with anger.

“Lay a hand on her, and I’ll make sure you regret ever being born,” I said calmly, however, I made sure to give him a serious evil stare that would put anyone in their place.

“As much as I would like to hold back on my threat, I can’t. I would love my peaceful and quiet emotions back, but that human your holding is interrupting my thoughts.” He responded as he began to walk up the stairs towards me.

“What peaceful mind do you even care to have? All you do is lock yourself up in that room of yours and play with your little instrument, I doubt you care at all what emotions she is feeling.” I said bluntly as I stood firm from where I stood.

“It will be an annoyance to feel everything that she is feeling, this human though....she obviously means something to you, for you to make her feel this way-”

“Not another word! If you care at all about your sister’s life, you’ll be smart to hold back your tongue.” I raised my voice at him with anger and annoyance as I cut him off, I know now that him being able to feel Luna’s emotions was going to be a problem. But it’s not like I could tell him to ignore what she’s feeling! He going to sense everything that she feels....an...I can’t fathom that!

“Fair enough, I won’t kill this human....an in return you won’t lay a hand on Emily, however, I expect you to keep your word. Because If I come to find out that you hurt my sister, I won’t hesitate to take away this girl’s life....” Felix responded as he took a quick look at Luna’s face, he then began to make his way up the stairs without even looking back.

“F*cking demons....” I spoke out bluntly as I watched him disappear into his room.

Keeping what he said in mind, I had to be very cautious when I’m with Emily now. As much as I hate having to play nice around her, I’ll do it if it meant keeping Luna safe. Killing Felix wouldn’t be too hard for me to do, however, the only way to do that will be to lose control of my power. I won’t be able to restrain myself if my demonic self went berserk again though.

Entering my room finally, I made sure to close the door behind us. Looking around the area, I could tell that Carla already arranged a bigger bed here. It’s strange now that I think about it, but what did it feel like to sleep back then? Warlocks like us don’t need sleep, so it’s so surreal to see Luna sleep so peacefully in my arms. So I sat myself down and held her close to me as I continued to watch over her. Time seemed to have gone by as I looked out the window to see the sun starting to set.

I knew that deep down, once she woke up. She would go back to hating me again, she probably won’t ever forgive me for what I’ve done to her already. But what else can I do? I know that her love for me was being clouded by so much hatred and fear, there was nothing that I could do to fix what’s already been done. As my thoughts wandered, my eyes locked on to the ring that I gave her years ago. I wonder if she’s hoping that the old me is still alive? Is that the reason for her wearing it still? A sudden knocking interrupts my train of thought as I laid Luna on the bed, pulling the sheets over her body I made sure to check to see if she was still asleep.

Her light breathing was soothing and calm, letting me know that she was still in a deep slumber. So I approached my door and opened it slightly, leaving a crack big enough to see the person's face. It was Carla, her shirt was completely filthy and covered in human blood.

“What do you want?” I asked her with annoyance as I gripped the doorknob tightly, all I wanted was to be left alone with Luna. But it never seems to happen, it’s like there’s always something or someone that has to get between us.

“Forgive me, my Lord, I did not mean to interrupt you for the rest of the day. But I came here to let you know that I was able to heal the human you ordered me to do. However, in the process of healing him, he tried to attack me. I assume he was reaching for these keys around my belt. So I had to break both of his hands, so his recovery will take a bit longer.” She responded calmly as she bowed her head. I would’ve loved to see Ren’s facial reaction when Carla snapped his wrists. But watching him struggle in those chains was satisfying enough for me.

“I don’t care what bone you had to break of him, as long as he kept alive. Now, is that all you had to say to me?” I questioned her as I grabbed a nearby shirt laying on my desk.

“No, there’s one more thing I must tell you. I just got word from the realm kingdom, they asked of you. It seems that Crow has caused trouble again.” Carla responded as she raised her head back up.

“How many did he kill this time?” I sighed in frustration as I walked out of the room. Though I made sure to take one last glance at Luna’s face as I locked the door behind me. She’ll be safe in here until I get back. Which will probably be midnight by the time I get here.

“I’m not sure yet my Lord, do you still want me to prepare for tonight’s feast?”

“Yes, there will be no change in plans. Make sure to keep an eye on Luna until I get back.” I ordered her to do as I began to walk down the hall, but as I got closer to the stairs I noticed Emily who was completely naked coming out of Felix’s room. She seemed to have noticed my presence, however, because she turned her head around to face me. Her eyes looked aroused and she gave me a satisfying smile as she turned herself back around and began walking away.

“My Lord.” Carla voiced out nonchalantly as she stood by my side.

“Also, keep an eye on Emily. Make sure she’s not up to anything sinister until I return.” I asked of her as I made my way down the stairs. If I know one thing is that Emily likes getting what she wants. She’ll do anything to get it, even if that means risking her own life. So I’m trusting Carla to watch over Luna until then. Opening the front door of the castle, I turned around and spotted Felix standing they’re shirtless as he hunched over the rail on the second floor.

We both stared at each other with every amount of force as I clenched my jaw tightly. The main demon that I should forever keep an eye on though, will always be Felix. As much as he stays away from everyone, he is the one warlock that never feared me. And why would he, after all....he was the one who was next in line for the throne after father died.

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