His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 53: Sensing Thoughts

Luna’s POV:

“Luna, you never really cared about us, did you. You just used me all this time to fill in your empty heart. You never loved me did you....”

“No!!!! I do...Ren...”

I woke up screaming in denial as I laid there on the bed. Looking up I saw an unrecognizable ceiling looking back at me, I could feel how heavy my breathing has gotten. So I slowly sat upright and placed both of my hands against my face. I felt so dizzy and horrible after having that nightmare...

“Ren, I’m so sorry...I understand completely if you despise me after this...”

I said to myself in a low response. I felt so disgusting and revolting after what I did in front of him, why...how did I let myself get carried away at that moment. I can’t even cry after what I did, it’s my fault for what I let happen! So I can’t just sit here and cry and play the victim!

“I hate this body of mine!”

I shouted out in anger as I slammed both of my fists into the soft mattress. How can Ren ever forgive me after betraying him like this, I let Eli’s seductive words get the better of me. An I let this stupid body of mine do what it wanted...I told Eli that he would be the last person I would ever sleep with, yet here I am naked in his bedroom. I wasn’t sure if this was his room or not, but I couldn’t think of anyone else’s room I could be in.

Looking around, I noticed a shirt laying on the floor. So I tried to get out of the bed to go pick it up so I could throw it over my body, but as I tried to stand. My feet gave in and I fell on my knees hitting the floor, my legs felt numb and my waist felt sore. But what mainly caught my attention was something warm and wet leaking out of my lower area. So I slid my hand underneath me and wiped whatever was coming out of me. As I looked down at my hand, I realized that it was Eli’s cum that was coming out of my lower region. That only made me feel more vile and sick to my stomach when I saw how white his fluids still were inside me.

So I quickly grabbed the shirt off of the floor and pulled it over my body, I then headed straight for the bathroom to wash myself off! I didn’t want anything of him inside me, I know I sound so hypocritical after what I did with him a few hours ago! But I feel so ashamed and embarrassed for my actions...

“Why did I have sex with him....”

I asked myself quietly as I turned on the bathroom sink, only to splash water on my face soon after.

Once I turned off the faucet, I couldn’t help but notice my hands that were still shaking. Was I still afraid of everything going on around me? Or was my body still in pain after what it went through? So I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how different I’ve become, I looked so pale and so fragile. I didn’t feel like myself at all, lifting the shirt I was wearing, I saw the many bruises of his handprints marked all over my stomach and lower waist. I even noticed the many bite marks he had left around both my breasts. My body honestly looked as if someone was beating me in my sleep, it was hard to believe that Eli did this to me and I couldn’t even notice the pain...

Pulling the shirt back down, I saw how big it was on me. It was Eli’s so it didn’t come as a surprise with how long it looked on me. I wish I had my own set of clothes though, I was getting tired of not wearing any normal clothes. It’s been nothing but lingerie for these past few weeks, I have gotten used to wearing them. But I could never wear it in front of anybody! Letting out a depressing sigh, I walked back to the room and started to look around. It was strange that Elijah wasn’t here? Where did he end up going after I blacked out?

Looking out the door window, I saw the snow that was beginning to melt. The sun has been down for a while already with how high the moon has risen. Leaning my head against the glass door, I thought back to what happened in the dungeon. Ren looked so skinny and so weak, he looked like he was hurting a lot. An all I did was make his pain worse, I truly am a despicable woman. But did I pass out after climaxing that hard?! I never heard of such a thing!

As my thoughts wandered around, my ears soon started to pick up a faint melody coming from next door. It sounded so elegant but sad at the same time. So I opened the glass door that led to the balcony, to my surprise it wasn’t locked! Though I was sure that the door that led out of this room was locked for sure so there was no point in checking that door. Stepping outside, I was expecting it to be cold, but surprisingly it wasn’t. It felt fresh and more calming with the piano being played more clearly as I noticed it coming from next door liked I assumed. Holding on to the rail, I looked towards the other balcony right next to mine. If I remember correctly, Carla did mention someone called ‘Felix’ who was playing the piano last time I asked. I wonder if it’s him again?

Minutes pass by as I continued to listen to the sweet melody. It made me more relaxed and it set my mind at ease for a bit as I swayed my body back in forth in a steady motion. But as I was starting to get into the rhythm the music suddenly stopped playing. So I let out a disappointing sigh and looked out at the garden that was still covered in snow. I then gazed up at the stars and realized something, there were two moons above me! Why are there two moons?! Last time I checked there’s only supposed to be one?!

“Do you enjoy listening to me play?”


I responded in a deep voice. Turning my head quickly to the side, I saw a guy with long brown hair and his eyes that we’re a bright color red just like Crows. He was standing on the other balcony as he continued to look at me with such a curious stare. He seemed tall and well built, but what caught my eyes the most was his horns sticking out of his forehead. They looked just like Eli’s almost, only he looked slightly smaller...

“I...I...I’m sorry, I didn’t know you heard me....”

I wasn’t sure how to respond! What can I say? If I don’t watch how I speak, he might find a reason to kill me! I mean if it wasn’t for the horns on his head and his red eyes, I would call him normal. But that wasn’t the case!

“You don’t have to apologize, you don’t need to be afraid. I’m just a bit surprised you find my music....calming. Usually, everyone finds it distasteful and depressing.” He began to explain to me as he started to look up at the sky as well.

“Oh...well I...I don’t find it depressing at all. I mean yeah, it does sound kinda sad but there’s something beautiful about it as well...”

I responded with my honest opinion, however, I didn’t feel comfortable talking with him alone. He said I shouldn’t be afraid, but I can’t trust him! How do I know for sure he won’t kill me!?

“Your a smart little girl, but you think too much.” He voiced out at me, however, once he finished speaking. He did the unthinkable!

“What are you doing!”

I yelled out in a panic as I watched him step on top of the rail. Is he trying to kill himself or something!? As I watched in terror, he began to take a few steps forward towards me as he walked on the rail with ease. I was shocked by his steady composer that I couldn’t help myself but take a few steps back.


He said out, as he jumped off of his balcony and landed on top of mine. He made it seem so easy there was no hint of him being afraid once he jumped. His face looked calm and unfazed, wish I could say the same thing for me. But I was shocked and completely speechless for what I just saw him do!

“Are you f*cking crazy! You could have died if you fell from this height!”

I shouted at him as I hid behind the glass door, it was the only thing separating me from this monster! How can he jump that far and not be afraid?!

“You’re afraid of me. Yet you care for my safety. Your a strange little one...”

He said to me as he leaned his head closer to me. Why did he come to my balcony? And why is he talking to me? Does he plan on doing something?! And is there really a point in me running? I’m sure If I called out for help, Carla might come and protect me. But I don’t wanna risk having Elijah come as well! Like I said before, I’m sure the door that leads outside of the room is locked, so there’s no way of me escaping from this guy.

“You’re a mix of emotions, Luna.” He responded as he pulled the glass door away from me.

“How...how do you know my name?” I asked him as I felt my body tremble with worry. I never met him in my entire life, so how does he know my name?

“It’s kinda hard to miss when all my little brother did was talk about you for years...My apologies, I haven’t introduced myself, have I? My name is Felix Kings, the eldest one out of all my little siblings.” He explained to me as he stood close to my body.

“So...your Felix...Carla has mentioned who you were already. Um...why did you jump from the balcony to talk to me?”

“Do I need a reason to talk to you? Because if so, I prefer it if we spoke in my room where it’s more comfortable. Instead of this...place.”

He responded with disgust in his eyes as he looked inside Eli’s room, but as he finished speaking he quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him in full force!

“Hey! What are you-” Before I could even finish my sentence, Felix had already lifted me off the ground and carried me bridal style.

Just what the actual f*ck is he doing?! An right as I was about to tell him to put me down, he held me tightly close to his body and stepped on top of the rail again. So I held back my tongue as I looked at how high we were from the ground! I didn’t want to scream if it meant distracting him, because any slip up would cause us to fall to our graves at this point! So all I could do was hold on to his jacket and squeeze my eyes shut once he jumped back to his own balcony once again.

“Please! Please put me down!!” I shouted at him as I squirmed in his arms.

“Of course, you’re a bit heavy for being so short though.”

He added as he placed me safely back down. I quickly took a few steps away from him and made sure to adjust my shirt, I need to remember that I’m naked underneath this thin fabric I’m wearing. An how dare he say I’m heavy! I only weigh 120 pounds, if not less!

“Relax, don’t get so easily offended by what I said.”

He responded calmly as he began to walk back inside his room. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now, I’m alone with this guy and I have no idea why he brought me to his room, I know he said he feels more comfortable here. But I don’t!

“Take a seat.”

He implied as he sat in front of his piano. Taking a few steps into his room, I looked around to see how plain and empty his room was. His walls were a simple white with no decorations whats so ever. All there was, was his huge bed, his piano, and one drawer with a mirror. However I was able to spot a cute stuffed bunny sitting on top of his piano, it looked out of place but it was the only thing that made his room look a little lively.

It was completely different from Eli’s room, where as to his was filled with many things like a book stand and drawers, along with his painted black walls and his many mirrors that he hung around the room. It’s like they were complete opposite’s from each other, the only thing I see in common with these two is that there both monsters. I was then brought back to my senses as I watched Felix play his piano again. His fingers flowed so we’ll across the keys that it was enchanting to watch.

“Do you know where you’re at right now?” He asked me as he continued to play his melody.

“I would say your room I presume, but I’m sure you’re asking where I’m actually at. And truthfully, I don’t... And I don’t think I want to know.” I answered him as I sat on his bed, it was the only place I could sit at. Because I’m definitely not sitting next to him, especially when all I’m wearing is a shirt!

“Whether you don’t know or don’t want to know. It’s best if you understand where your at, and why.” He voiced out calmly.

“Fine...tell me then...what kind of sick place am I at? To where you beasts have to lock up naked people in the cellars, in such poor conditions!?” I bluntly asked with anger and fright in my voice.

“The Underworld Kingdom has been where humans are brought down here to be judged for what they’ve done. I guess the best way to describe it is how you humans phrase it as, ‘hell’. However, the way you humans explain ‘hell’ to be, is a bit dramatic for my taste. The Underworld Kingdom is more peaceful then Earth could ever wish to be-”

“How can you say that! You have people who are practically dying and that our suffering in the dungeon! You make us wear these stupid f*cking collars as if we’re f*cken animals! So tell me, how is this place better than-”

“You humans have grown disgusting with greed along with your pride. You, humans, want what others have and you hurt one another to get what you want. Your all sinful scum that doesn’t deserve to even be alive. An as for the humans that are caged below, there being punished for the sins that they’ve committed.” Felix finished explaining as he hit the last keynote on his piano.

I was speechless by what he just finished explaining, I needed time to process what exactly was going on and I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m really not in my world anymore....makes sense considering the two moons I just saw in the sky! But wait! That still doesn’t explain why we have to wear collars and aren’t allowed to wear clothes!?

“Tell me why then, why can’t we wear clothes and are forced to wear collars around our necks?!”

“You humans will never need clothes in the underworld, you’ll come to realize that soon enough. As for those things around your necks, it’s just to let the other warlocks know who's property you belong to. For example, you and the others belong to the king’s family, so I’ll be very careful about not taking it off once you step foot out of this castle. Or else you’ll be free meat that can be slaughtered or f*cked or even both to whoever finds you.”

“This is...this can’t be real! It’s absolutely horrible and utterly inhuman-”

“What did you expect coming down here? All the riches you can find and eternal life? Witches and warlocks like us don’t care what happens to you humans in the end, as long as you give us the life source that we crave. An that...is the very soul that rests in your heart, but most of us don’t like killing our food. I prefer savoring it, so I f*ck women like you until your bodies become an empty hallow from any source of life it once had, your souls are connected to your bodies. and the only way to take it is either by force and making it painful or taking it slow and pleasurable. Most humans go for the second one, but either way. It all leads to the same fate eventually. Now tell me, which one would you prefer?”

He asked me as he got off from his seat and began to approach me, he then bends his body forward so he can look me in the eye with that evil satisfying smirk of his.

At that moment, I couldn’t breathe or comprehend what he just finished saying! Were all like cattle to them, just waiting to be butchered or raped! I have to get out of here! I have to try and figure out how to get Ren out of his cellar so we could escape this place! But how!? I have no idea how I got here and I have no clue how to get back! My mind was racing everywhere and I couldn’t think straight, I could feel Felix staring at me so intently, that even his warm breath was pressing against my neck. Is he... going to hurt me now?

However once he finished looking at me, he drew his body back and looked directly at the door that probably led out of his room. He then began to walk towards it slowly. An all I could do was try not to pee on myself after listening to everything I just heard him say.

“I won’t lay a finger on you though, after all. I gave him my word. But I’m still very curious about you, most humans would get on their knees by now and beg for their lives to be spared. However you haven’t done that yet, and what I’m more curious about is what are you to Elijah?” He asked of me as he finally stopped in front of his door, he then placed his hand around the knob soon after. An right on cue, I heard the knocking coming from the other side of the door, I couldn’t help myself as I clenched the sheets of the bed I was sitting on. I could practically hear my heavy heartbeat, beating faster with every second that’s gone by. I was out of words, and I didn’t even know what to say or even explain how I knew Elijah!

“Feel free to drop by my room anytime, I promise to play something nice for you if you ever come and visit.” He offered to me as he turned his head to face me. His words were calming along with his sweet gesture, but I won’t be easily fooled by his charm. I then watched him open the door slowly and Felix and I both looked directly at the person staring back at me!

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