His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 54: Blood Stain

Luna’s POV:

“My lady, please don’t wander alone by yourself. It will cause a lot of trouble for me.”

Carla spoke as I watched her enter Felix’s room calmly, but her eyes held a hint of worry as I looked carefully at them. I’m just relieved that it was her who was behind the door and not someone else...

“Relax Carla, I’m the one who brought her in here. I just wanted to have a little chat with her about some things, but let’s keep this a secret from little Eli, alright.” Felix explained with a satisfying smile as he looked at Carla.

I didn’t waste a moment of getting off Felix’s bed and hurried towards Carla, I wanted to get out of here and especially from the likes of him. He looked harmless at first when he was playing the piano, but once he spoke and explained everything of what they do to people like me. Was when I knew I’m not safe anywhere in this Underworld!

“It’s fine! Nothing happened...I was just watching him play the piano...”

I voiced out hesitantly as I began to walk past Felix, however, he leaned his head closely next to my ear and spoke quietly towards me so Carla wouldn’t be able to hear him.

“Stay clear of any bloodshed tonight, little one...”

He muttered with such a heavy and strong tone as he touched my hand lightly with his fingers, he then retreated himself as Carla swiftly pulled my other arm to get away from him.

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that, so all I did was look at him with confusion and fright as I was being dragged away from him. The look in his red demonic eyes we're so serious and luminous with wickedness. That I couldn’t look away from him until the door shut between us, the chilling words that he said only made my body tingle more with terror! Just what does he mean by bloodshed?! Turning my head towards Carla she seemed a bit upset with how strong she was gripping my arm. But it was hard to notice with how calm and collective she looked, maybe I’m just imagining things?

“My lady, if I may ask you something,” Carla spoke as we came to stop in the hall. Curious about her sudden action, I gently pulled my arm away from her and crossed my arm’s against my chest with caution.


I voiced out with my voice trembling as I began to follow her from behind as she continued to walk forward once again.

“What did Lord Felix tell you?”

She asked of me without turning her head towards me, but her voice sounded a bit worried for some strange reason. This only made me more paranoid about everything else, so I wasn’t sure if telling her would be a good idea.

“It was nothing, he just...thanked me for listening to him play,” I responded untruthfully as I gripped the lower end of the shirt tightly, I did feel slightly bad for lying to her after all the caregiving she’s been giving me for the past month. But if I told her anything, I’m sure she would tell Elijah. I’m trying to stay away from him!

“I see....well then, I’m glad you enjoy his company. But please don’t let my King find you alone with him or I’m afraid it will cause... problems.”

She finished explaining as we came to a stop, she then opened the door in front of us, and of course, I wasn’t surprised when I saw I was back in Eli’s room.

“You don’t have to worry about me being alone with him or anyone else for that matter, I don’t even wanna be alone with Eli.... speaking of which. Where is he? And who’s room is this?”

I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that this was Eli’s room, but I did have a feeling. I just wanted Carla to confirm it and I also wanted to know where he was at. That way I could prepare myself for when I see him again.

“You're in his King’s chambers and he left to the Underworld Kingdom to do some...important errands. He also gave me strict orders however, I must keep an eye on you until he returns. He also gave me orders to have you wear this dress for tonight.” She responded to me as she pulled out a dress from a nearby closet.

She then placed it across the mattress and pulled out some high heels from the drawers as well. I was surprised that I was actually going to wear normal clothes kinda, but am I going somewhere tonight? And one more thing...

“Uh...where’s the underwear?”

I asked anxiously as I walked towards the silver dress. It was beautiful but I was mainly focused on the fabric that’s supposed to go underneath this!

“Lord Elijah has made it clear that this is all that you will wear for tonight.”

“What! There’s no f*cking way I’m wearing this without any underwear! An what the hell is happening tonight?!” I shouted in anger and annoyance as I looked up at Carla.

“I’m sorry my lady, but this is the king’s orders. And his orders are absolute. As for tonight...there will be a ‘celebration’...” She responded while avoiding my stare.

“What kind...of celebration?”

I asked hesitantly as I reached my hand out to grab the dress. Just what in the world is happening tonight? Should I be worried? Scared? Looking at the dress now, it was very beautiful and silk to the touch. But I wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable wearing this without any underwear? I mean I guess it better than not wearing anything at all...

“I’ll be waiting outside my lady, so please get yourself ready.”

She responded calmly as she started to make her way out the room, the hearing of the lock could be heard soon after she closed it. I guess I don’t have much of a choice, I just hope nothing else happens tonight.

Taking a heavy sigh, I took the dress along with the heels and headed towards the bathroom. Stripping off the only shirt I had on, I entered the shower and began to wash my body thoroughly. While I’m doing that, I couldn’t help but think about Ren still as I felt the warm water splash against my body.

“I have to see him...I need to apologize for what I’ve done...I hope he forgives me though.”

I said to myself quietly under the heavy sounds of the sprinklers. Grabbing onto my arms, I couldn’t help but still feel so dirty as I crouched down on the wet tile floor. Taking a few breaths in I stopped my tears from wanting to come out. Like I said before, I don’t deserve to cry. Since this is all my fault for letting Eli do what he wanted!

Finishing up my shower, I began to dry and get myself ready. As much as I hate having to change into this dress that Eli most likely picked out. It’s the only clothes I can really only wear right now. As I slipped the dress on, I was surprised to see how good it fit on me. I didn’t think it would be this comfortable, minus the underwear I would love to be wearing right now. But there’s no point in stressing out about that now, so I then made my way back to the room and put on the pair of high heels. I’m still not good at walking on these, but at least they’re kinda comfy and not too tall from the heel.

Adjusting my dress, I decided to walk towards the balcony again to take a quick breather. However, the noise of a sudden door being opened made me completely halt. So I slowly turned myself around and looked at those blue eyes that held a tender yet passionate spark. It was Elijah, I haven’t yet mentally or emotionally prepared myself for his return! So I immediately panicked and took a few steps back until I was backed up by the table behind me.

I kept myself quiet and observed every move he was making as he closed the door behind him. I couldn’t help but noticed the torn up shirt he was wearing, it looked like blood that was stained on his skin as he began to take his shirt off. He kept holding his stare at me as he continued to strip off his clothes!

“What are you doing!?”

I shouted at him as I avoided my eyes to look away. I know I’ve already seen his body and all, but that doesn’t mean I want to look at him again!

“Is there really a point of you avoiding me? After what we did a few hours ago? If your still a shy baby, I could help you with that. I’ve already seen every inch of that body of yours, Luna. Though I have to admit, it will be a shame if I had to rip that sexy dress off of you.”

He voiced out bluntly as he began to walk towards me bare naked! How can he be so comfortable with me after all the hurtful things he’s done!

“St...stay away from me! I don’t want you anywhere near me!”

I screamed out as I threw a book that was laying on the table beside me, it hit his chest. Yet that didn’t make him stop from approaching me as placed each hand on the table, trapping me from going anywhere. He inched his lips close to my face and I could feel his lower parts pressing between my legs.

“Whatever happened to ‘never let me go’....or did you forget those words that you screamed out when I was fuck*ng you?”

He voiced out bluntly as he grabbed my lower jaw to look at him. I couldn’t lash back at him, because he was right. I let my own body take control of me in what I was feeling and saying.

“I hate you,” I responded with anger in my voice as I clenched my jaw tightly afterward.

But he didn’t seem surprised or even cared for my reaction as he gently pressed his lips against mine. The sweet and bitter smell of bloodstains on his hands were drowning my sense of smell. He pressed his body closer to mine and I could feel his hardened shaft wanting to enter between my upper thighs. But I wasn’t giving in to his control, so I placed both of my hands against his chest and tried to put some separation between us!

“You could hate me as much as you want, but your body never will. So why push me away, when you know what you want...”

Eli moaned out aggressively as he kept kissing me. So I pulled my lips away and slapped his hand that was on my jaw.

“Your disgusting!” I voiced out in despair as I tried to break myself free from his hold. But he quickly grabbed my jaw once again and made me look at him.

“An you’re beautiful.”

He responded, he then calmly stepped away from me and looked carefully at my body. Biting his lower lip, he admired my dress and walked towards the bathroom.

Feeling out of breath, I placed my hand on my chest and tried to control my heavy heartbeat. I then stepped away from the table and began to walk towards the door that led out of his room. Carla did say she would be waiting for me outside, I just hope she didn’t leave because Eli is here!

“You’re in a hurry to leave, aren’t you baby.”

“Don’t! Call me baby! You’re the last person I ever want to hear call me that! An don’t ever kiss me again assh*le!”

I yelled out as I grabbed on to the knob, turning my head back I made sure to give him a hateful stare as I watched him lean against a table. He had wrapped a towel around his waist and leaned his head against his arm.

“Tell me, Luna, what is it that I have to do. To have you love me like before?” He asked with a playful smirk as he stared hard at me. I didn’t expect him to ask me that, honestly.....I could never love him again. Not after what he did to me and my baby, not after what we both did in front of Ren.

“Nothing...there’s nothing you can do. I stopped loving you when you left me long ago. Your nothing but a monster to me now and I could never forgive you for the rest of my life, you killed my unborn child. Your making Ren and I suffer for your own satisfaction. So no, I will never love you again, Elijah.” I answered him half truthfully as I gripped the doorknob tightly.

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