His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 55: Caught Between

Luna’s POV:

“Then take off the f*cking ring.”

Elijah voiced out with anger this time as he started to march his way towards me. He then quickly grabbed my hand and held it between us as he looked into my eyes with rage and such seriousness. We both then looked at the ring that I still wore and silence came upon us.

“Let me go,” I responded calmly as I tightened my hand into a tight fist.

That was all I could do and say as I felt a sudden knot in my throat, my hands were trembling and I couldn’t bring myself to take off the ring he gave me years ago. I wasn’t strong enough yet because I was still holding on to the past. Our past...

“You can’t do it...can you,” Eli spoke as he placed a light kiss on my ring finger.

He then knocked on the door behind me as he finally lets my hand go free. The knob I was holding was then pulled away from me as the door began to open.

“Yes, my Lord.” Carla suddenly spoke from behind us taking a bow.

“Escort her downstairs and don’t let her out of your sight.”

He ordered Carla to do as he left one final kiss on my cheek before turning himself around to enter the bathroom. Wiping my cheek, I looked at Eli’s back to notice a huge scar across it. It looked extremely painful even after it’s been healed. I wonder how he got that scar to begin with?

“Yes, my Lord. Now then, if you will please follow me, my Lady.”

Carla insisted as she waited for me to follow her. Looking down on my ring, I felt a bit of warmth as I placed my hand close to my chest. There’s a reason why I still wear this ring, but why do I feel so guilty about wearing it...

Following Carla along the hall, I tried hard to pay attention to my surroundings this time. I had to know what rooms were what and what hallways I should take to get down in the dungeons! My plan was still trying to break Ren free from his cellar, but I still didn’t know how I was going to do that? As we continued walking, the silence between Carla and I was becoming awkward. So I tried to make light conversation, but she wasn’t much of a talker.

“Hey, umm...that scar on Eli-”

“It is not my place to talk about my King.” She bluntly explained before I could even finish asking my question. So I tried asking her something else as we began to go downstairs.

“Can you at least explain to me, what is going on tonight?”

I asked her as I admired the beauty of the ballroom, the chandeliers lit up so brightly that it reflected the windows like bright shooting stars almost.

“Tonight will be the feast of giving. The king wants you to witness the kingdom he controls, the bloodshed that he can cause if you wronged him. Which by the way please put this on, while I place this around your neck.”

Carla finished explaining as she turned herself around to face me, taking one last step down the stairs she handed me a red blindfold and then wrapped a collar around my neck. I was confused and frightened by what I just heard her say, will I see something tonight that will traumatize me for the rest of my life?! But most importantly. Why must I wear a blindfold?

“Why do I have to wear this red blindfold? Am I not suppose to see what happens tonight?” I asked while gripping the fabric in my hand worriedly.

“This red fabric has been soaked in his king’s blood. It will allow you to still see once you cover your eyes with it. However, the king does not want warlocks from the outside to see what you look like. So please, think of it as keeping your identity a safe secret from other demons.”

She finished explaining as she clipped the choker around my neck. Carla then took a few steps back and took a bow before she walked towards the many tables and began preparing them.

Standing there dumbfounded, I looked at the fabric closely and noticed how warm it felt in my hands. Did Eli really put his blood in this? I didn’t think about my safety when it came to others knowing what I look like, so I guess Eli is a little bit nice when it came to thinking about my safety I guess. But still...it’s just so bizarre. Speaking of bizarre!

“Why was Eli covered in blood and why was his shirt torn apart?”

I asked myself quietly as I looked around the empty ballroom, it was a big room. Just how many witches and warlock will be coming tonight?!

“You could blame our little brother Crow for Eli’s appearance earlier. Ever since Crow made a contract with that new demon of his, he’s been having a hard time controlling it lately. So hopefully tonight’s feast will help his hunger sufficed.”

My body jolted forward with that familiar voice coming from behind me. So I immediately took a few steps forward and turn to face the person coming down the steps. He had changed his outfit and held a relaxing smile as he stared down at me. It was Felix, his horns were no longer visible but his eyes were still red and brighter than ever.

“Worried and afraid again I see. Is that all that goes through that mind of yours?”

He finished speaking as he came to a halt in front of me, he then yanked the red fabric from my hands and looked at it very carefully. He then let off a small giggle and stared back at me.

“What’s so funny...”

I asked him as I pulled my dress down, however, my dress could only go so low that it was practically around my thigh area. I then thought back to what he said, that Crow made a contract with a demon? Does that mean Eli has done the same thing as well? Am I going to see people die tonight?! If so I have to get out of here right now!

“An there you go again, deep in thought like always. You have to learn how to control your fears along with your emotions, little one.”

Felix voiced out a bit annoyed as he then covered my eyes with the blindfold suddenly. Trying to step back, I was unable to with his hands behind my head. It was unbelievable! Because once he finished tying the fabric behind me, I was still able to see everything including him!

“Try and keep yourself quiet if you can tonight, the last thing you want is the attention of a demon.” He warned me as he slid one of his fingers through my hair.

“Why...why do you care what I’m thinking or what I should do?” I asked him curiously. Ever since I met Felix, it’s like he’s been reading my emotions or something...

“I don’t, it’ll just be troublesome for me dealing with what your feeling.”

He responded sternly as he let go of my hair. He then looked over my head for a split second and then back at me.

“If tonight becomes too much for you, feel free to come to my room as I said before. I give you my word that I won’t kill you, Luna.” He finished speaking with a mischievous smirk on the end.

“What makes you think I’ll go anywhere with a monster like you, and how do I know you won’t kill me?”

I asked bluntly as I turned myself around and began walking towards Carla who was only a few feet away from me.

“I prefer the word demon a lot better and because if I were to kill you, then I’m sure Eli will try and kill me.” He responded loud enough for me to hear as I continued to walk away from him.

“My lady, please take a seat here.”

Carla gestured as she pulled the seat back for me. This was going to be a long night for me, I already feel it in my gut! I can’t go anywhere without Carla keeping an eye on me, and I’m not even sure what’s worse? Being alone with Felix who I don’t even know that well. Or being alone with Elijah...Taking a seat, I scooted myself closer to the table and looked down at my lap. My ring was all that stood out to me as I let out a deep sigh.

“Please stay here my lady, if you need anything at all. Please call out my name and I will hear you no matter what. I must welcome the guests, they will be coming any minute now.”

She explained to me calmly as she took a bow, she then began to walk towards the two big doors that led to the outside of the castle. So at least I know where the exit is at. But I will be staying put for a while until I know how to get Ren and I out of here!

“So your still alive, what a shame. I was hoping Elijah would have killed you by now but I guess not.”

Looking up at the person coming next to me, I saw that it was a girl with long blonde hair and her eyes were the same color as Crows and Felix. But something felt strange about her, she looked so familiar to me but I couldn’t...

“Oh! You’re the girl from that party! You were sitting on Eric’s lap last time-” No, the last time I saw her was when Danny was trying to...that’s right, She didn’t try to help me, in fact, she looked happy about what Danny was doing to me. It makes sense now knowing what she is if she’s related to Eli and the others.

“So you finally recognize me, I guess that the human brain of yours isn’t that useless after all. You know, I couldn’t help but notice you talking to my brother. Has he f*cked you already? If so I don’t mind sharing him if it means keeping you away from my king.”

She voiced out towards me with a sick stare and a twisted smile. She then averted her eyes across the room where Felix was standing, he was looking at the both of us. Swallowing my saliva, I gripped both my hands in a tight fist and looked back towards her.

“You could have your so-called ‘king’. I don’t plan on f*cking your brother or anyone else in this f*cking castle.”

I responded strongly as I tried to act tough! Thank god for this fabric covering my eyes though, because I would not have been able to respond like this without looking so frightened.

“How fuck*ng dare you speak low about Elijah! Your nothing but a weak pathetic human bitch that shouldn’t even be alive!”

She shouted at me as she peered into my eyes with her red ones. I could almost see death falling upon me with the way she was looking at me.

“Emily, can you shut the f*ck up for a f*cken day. You’re always bitching about something, don’t you ever get tired of your own voice? Because I do!”

Another voice came from the other side of me, so I turned my head towards this familiar voice as I felt myself getting more frightened. It was Crow, he looked drained and exhausted almost.

“You fuck*ng stay out of this. The last time I checked you went f*cking berserk and killed over 50 humans in the Realm Kingdom! An Elijah had to drag your ass back home because your the weakest one in the family, so you have no right to tell me what to do you little sh*t! What kind of warlock lets his demon take control? Your nothing but an embarrassment in the king’s family!”

“Go suck a fuck*ng d*ck, you sl*tty ass witch. All you do is bitch at everything, and Felix has to always shove his d*ck down your throat to shut your ass up, all because Elijah stopped f*cking you. Your nothing but a spoiled f*cking brat you c*nt!”
Crow growled back with rage as he slammed his fist against the table in front of me. As much as that scared me, I was trying my best to not scream and stay strong but I was absolutely frightened! Looking up I saw Carla who was beginning to greet the guest and she seemed to distracted and occupied with what she was doing. So my eyes soon went towards Felix who looked at me with a bit of concern almost, so he began to walk towards us. However, he stopped in his tracks and looked up at the stairs.

“THAT’S ENOUGH YOU TWO! Your both an embarrassment to the king’s family if you don’t hold back your tongues. Or would you rather have me rip them out of your throats?!”

Gazing my eyes towards the stairs, I saw that it was Eli who was looking at us. But his stare was mainly focused on me as he began to approach where I was sitting.

“Eli...” I whispered underneath my breath. Was this what Felix was warning me about earlier? To avoid any bloodshed tonight...

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