His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 56: Curious Demon

Felix’s POV:

She looked so small and frail when I first saw her in Eli’s arms when he first brought her here. Even now when I look at her sitting there, she looks so fragile and weak. But what do you expect from a human girl, her emotions were running wild as I tried to focus on the many guests starting to come in. But it’s hard to concentrate on how frightened she is because of my sister. And Crow isn’t making it any better as I kept overhearing their arguments towards one another.

“Why can’t they argue somewhere else?”

I said to myself annoyingly as I turned to face Luna. She then looked back at me, and although she was wearing that blindfold. I knew she was staring directly at me, with how tense her shoulders have gotten. I knew she wanted help and I really didn’t want to get in between her problems, however, her emotions were already my problem. So if helping her will give her a sense of relief. Then maybe I could have some peace and quiet for a while at least.

So I finally decided to try and help her, however, I felt a strong presence coming towards us. An that could only be from the King himself. I’m surprised that he didn’t make a grand entrance like he usually does. He’s always the last one to come to these feasts, but for some strange reason, he decided to come early? That’s a first.....

So I averted my eyes up the stairs and to no surprise, it was Elijah himself coming down the steps. However his stare was locked on Luna the whole time, so I stared back at her only to see that she too was staring back at him as well. Just what is their relationship? Because of what I feel from Luna, she holds nothing but hate and disgust for him. But yet I also felt this other emotion of passion and... something else I just couldn’t word out. I’ve known for a while that Elijah has had this connection with her, ever since he came back home. But why did he decided to bring her here? Doesn’t he know that she will only hate him more?

“My lord Felix, it’s been too long.”

A woman suddenly came up to me as she placed her hand against my chest. If I remember correctly, she’s one of the witches that used to work here long ago. What was her name again...

“Surely you remember me don’t you, it’s me. Lily...”

She explained with a flirtatious smirk as she pressed her body close to me. The lace dress that she had on was very visible, and I could see every part of her naked body.

“Of course, how can I forget. Your family has served us for many years, Lily.”

I responded uninterested as I went back looking at Luna. She was feeling relieved but I could still sense her uneasiness as she just sat there. Elijah, on the other hand, has walked up to her and leaned himself closer to her. I’m not sure what he was saying, but it only made Luna feel frighten a bit.

“My lord, I know that tonight’s celebration is important. And that we all must present our offerings to the King’s family, but how about we both go somewhere private and have some fun, just like the old days.”

Lily offered as she brushed both her breasts against my chest. Paying little attention to her actions, I watched carefully as Eli began to walk away from Luna. As well as Crow and Emily following behind him.

“As much as I would enjoy f*cking you, I’m afraid I won’t be able to tonight. Besides, my body isn’t exactly how it used to be 200 years ago. So why don’t you find someone else’s c*ck to suck.”

I voiced out kindly towards her without even looking at her reaction. Shrugging her off, I began to walk towards my siblings that were already standing together in a row.

The room has gone silent as I stood next to Elijah. But I couldn’t help staring over Luna each time I felt a heavy emotion come over me because of her thoughts that I can sense. However, even with that blindfold on her, I knew that her eyes were dead set on Elijah as he looked at the many guests in front of us. He looks irritated this time with how he was looking at them all. I wonder how many he will kill this time?

“Witches...Warlocks...You all have gathered here tonight...To understand the meaning of what a King truly is. The king’s family has ruled over a millennium throughout the many generations in the Underworld Kingdom. Yet some of you don’t seem to understand that. So before I could even accept your many offerings, I must first show you what will happen when you betray your King.”

Elijah voiced out heavily with seriousness and anger. As he finished speaking, he raised his hand, and with the snap of his fingers. I watched as Crow walked forward throughout the crowd, as well as Carla herself.

“Hey! What is the meaning of this! Let me go! Do you know who I am!”

“Wha...what! Are you doing! Un-hand me at once!”

Both the Warlock and the Witch yelled in distress as Carla and Crow brought them both forward in front of Elijah. Looking more carefully, I realized that It was Lily herself who was brought down to her knees. I’m not surprised that she came to betray our family, along with her father right next to her.

“My king! What is going on! What is the meaning of this!” Lily’s father demanded as he looked up at Elijah and me.

“Enough with your f*cking foolishness!”

Emily yelled out in annoyance, as she stepped forward in front of Lily’s father. She then grabbed him from the throat and slowly began choking him. If there’s one thing I know about my little sister, is that choking is one of her specialties. It also a real turn-on for her.

“No! Please! Please! Let him go!”

Lily screamed in desperation as she crawled on to Elijah’s feet. She then looked at me with tears in her eyes as she was begging for me to say something. What a pathetic witch she’s become...

So I looked at Elijah and saw how his eyes held nothing but disgust and hatred for what was in front of him. I then suddenly felt a heavy sense of terror and despair as I felt my heartbeat quickly for a second. Why is my heart....wait.....Luna!

I quickly locked my eyes on Luna who was still sitting down in her seat, however, I could see the horror in her face even with the blindfold covering her eyes. Of course, she’ll be freaking out right now, she’s about to witness the punishment of what the King’s family does to those who cross us! But will she be able to control her emotions when it happens?! I highly doubt it with how she’s reacting right now! So I carefully began to walk towards her without having Elijah notice my absence. I had to get to her before she sees what’s to come! I won’t have my mind filled with negative emotions because of her! As I watched the many warlocks and witches stare upon what was going on, they all held the same satisfying look of delight as they continued to stare.

“Don’t your dare f*cking touch him! You filthy bitch!” I heard Emily shout in jealously towards Lily.

Finally reaching Luna from behind, she was unaware of my presence as I looked up at what was happening. Emily has pulled Lily from the hair and tossed her to the ground in full force to where I was able to hear her bones crack against the floor. This led to Luna covering her mouth to hold back her screams, so I immediately covered her blindfold with my hand and leaned myself closer to her ear.

“Ignore the voices you're about to hear, and focus on the melody of the piano I played, Luna,” I whispered to her as I stared towards Elijah who held murder in his eyes.

Emily and Crow both then began to brutally tear Lily’s stomach out, and Eli wasted no time as well as he ripped Lily’s father’s throat out along with his heart. The pure agony and dark screams could be echoed throughout the entire ballroom. I wish I was able to cover Luna’s ears because I felt nothing but emotional pain and suffering as I continued to cover her eyes.

“Carla! Clean this filth and feed their bodies to the humans in the cellar’s, I’m sure they’ll eat anything at this point.”

Elijah commanded as he pulled a rag from his pocket and began to clean his bloody hands. Carla then immediately cleaned up the mess and pulled the bodies down to the dungeons. So I then pulled back my hand and was about ready to step away, however, Luna was quick to grab my hand and squeeze it tightly.

“Please... please don’t leave me alone... please...”

She cried under her breath as I felt her hands shake uncontrollably. She’s frightened and afraid of what might happen to her probably. So I kept quiet and gripped back her hand until she was ready to let mine go, but I felt someone watching me as I looked down at Luna’s small hand.

Looking up, I saw Elijah shooting a deadly stare as his eyes turned pitch black like the midnight sky. Fortunate for me, he wasn’t able to notice Luna and I holding hands with the number of demons separating us. He then avoided my stare and began speaking to one of the warlocks who offered him two female humans for him to devour, they were very young and smelled untouched.

“Virgins,” I muttered out strictly.

“What?” Luna asked, as she finally let my hand go.

“It’s nothing, just stay here, and as long as you wear that around your neck. No one should touch or even speak to you, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. As long as you obey your king that is.”

I finished explaining as I pointed at the collar around her neck. I then started to turn myself around and prepared myself to go back upstairs, I’ve had enough for the night. However I didn’t expect to have Luna get in front of me so suddenly, her breathing was heavy and her body was still shaking. She even had her hands in a tight fist in front of her chest.

“I am not going to be left alone with all these demons around me, how can I be so sure they won’t kill me-”

“Because Elijah will never let that happen, you heard what he did to that witch and warlock didn’t you.”

“Of course I did! How can I not hear it? An how can you let him kill those two, weren’t you close to that girl? I saw you two so close to each other earlier, so why....so why didn’t you help her?” She asked worriedly as her lips began to shake as well.

“Why would I help someone who was planning on betraying my family’s name?”

“What? Wh...what do you mean betraying your family?”

She asked confusedly as she scooted herself closer to me as many witches came walking passed us, she was afraid of everyone here. Yet, did she not fear me?

“That wretched witch of a woman killed her own mother. With the help of her father of course, yet they planned on blaming Crow for it with how unstable his demon has been lately. This was very clever on their part, however, the timing of Lily’s mother’s death didn’t match at all when Crow made his contract with his demon. It was a genius plan on their part, but they didn’t think it through. Because if they did, then the king’s family would have had no other choice but to kill one of our own family members. However, their plan didn’t go so well in the end.” I began explaining to her as I watched her look down gripping her dress tightly.

“Why...why did she kill her mother?” She asked with a look of shock on her face.

“It was quite obvious why they did it, Lily and her father fell in love with each other. In fact, she was pregnant with his child, you could practically smell it on her.” I finished explaining calmly, I then tried to walk past her but she wasn’t finished speaking to me yet.

“She was...pregnant...by her father...” She seemed speechless by her facial reaction, why does that seem weird to her?

“Oh, I keep forgetting that you humans find it impulsive and inhuman in your world to breed with your own flesh and blood. Well listen little one, in this Underworld we f*ck and marry whoever we want. Where not humans, Luna. Where nothing but beasts in your people’s eyes, so we might as well act like beasts.” I voiced out to her as I looked around the crowd. Only to spot Elijah with the two virgin females next to him, they were half-naked and both looked unaware of what was going to happen to them. looks like he’ll be feeding tonight, hopefully, those two will be enough to satisfy his hunger.

Elijah, just what is it that you see in this human woman next to me? Is she that important to you? If so, would you give up the crown for her? I asked myself curiously while watching him walk away with each girl on hand.

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