His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 57: Human Bond

Felix’s POV:

I then felt a hurtful emotion of jealousy and disgust as I stared back down at Luna, she two was looking at Elijah with how her head was facing his direction. She shouldn’t waste her emotions on something so useless, those girls will never be seen again after tonight. If anything, those girls should be jealous of Luna. Elijah would never give her a painful death, unlike what he’s about to do to them. We both then watched him go upstairs with each girl in hand, I guess it’ll be some time before he comes back down.

“Those girls aren’t worth being jealous over, you know that right,” I spoke to her with annoyance in my eyes. Just what does Luna want from Elijah? Her mind is a total disaster when it comes to him. It’s starting to piss me off.

“I’m not jealous! I could care less who he wants to f*ck. I just feel sick to my stomach because...he’s probably going to kill those young girls after he’s done with them...” She responded angrily with worry as she looked at the floor afterward.

“Whatever, I’m going back upstairs to my room,” I responded with annoyance as I gently pushed her aside. But just as I took the first step, Luna had grabbed on to my sleeve.

“What is it now, do you want me to f*ck you. Is that why you’re getting so close to me?”

I asked giving her a dangerous smile while grabbing the back of her neck. I wanted her to know that I’m not someone that had the patience for this sort of thing.

“No...your...your...the only one...that I could feel safe with right now...Carla said all I have to do is yell out her name. But if I do that...I risk having Eli come down here if she went to go get him...also I’m sure she’s busy right now following the orders that Eli gave her to do..so please...stay with me until this party or whatever it is...is over.”

She asked of me with her voice trembling with sorrow and fear. How did I become the f*cken babysitter of this annoying human! But no matter how I look at it, I don’t think she’ll be leaving me alone anytime soon.

“Fine, we could go outside in the backyard. There shouldn’t be anyone out there. It should be quiet.”

I explained to her as I started to walk away, only to have her hand still grip on to my sleeve like a lost child.

Making our way to the backyard, it was slightly chilly with the snow still melting a bit. Luna, however, stayed quiet the whole time as we walked around the garden. I would’ve preferred being in my room right now, but I couldn’t bring her along with me. Not when Eli is right next door to my room...

“About what you said earlier....” She spoke quietly with hesitation as she stopped walking.

“She finally speaks.” I voiced out to her as I looked at the fountain in front of us.

“Do you guys really sleep with your own family members?” She asked curiously as we both listen to the water flow through the fountain.

“Is it that hard to believe?” I responded as I placed my hand in the water. It was cold but it also felt nice as well.

“It’s just that...your sister mentioned about sharing you with me...and I wasn’t sure if she meant it. But...do you and Emily...”

She stopped speaking as she looked at me, I’m sure she knows the answer by now. So what’s the point of even asking that question.

“Listen, Luna, I won’t ever touch you. I gave Elijah my word. Unless that promise is broken between him and I...you have nothing to worry about. Also, the way we do things around this Kingdom could seem very bizarre to you. We didn’t care that Lily killed her mother or even the fact she got pregnant by her father. It’s none of our business what they want to do with there lives, but if you decide to go against the King’s family. There will be consequences, always remember that.” I explained without even looking at her, I was too focused on the water hitting my skin.

“An you’re fine with how everything is? You’re fine with killing humans, your fine with living your life this way?”

“This is the world that I’ve come to know only, we both grew up in separate worlds Luna. So you could never understand, your anything but a child still.”

“A child? After everything, I’ve gone through! You think I’m still nothing but a child!? You and I are practically around the same age!” She voiced out with annoyance as she stuck her hand in the water as well.

“Just how old do you think I look to you?”

I asked her with a curious stare, she’s seemed offended by what I said. But let’s see what she thinks after she finds out how old I really am.

“I don’t know! Like, the mid-’20s, it doesn’t matter! You-”

“I’m 268 years old, Luna.” I peered into her eyes as I stared carefully at her shocked reaction.

“No.... there’s no way-”

“Emily is 195, Crow being 84 and the youngest one being Elijah is only 21. We all stopped aging once we made a contract with our demons, which is at a very young age. We maintained long lives with the souls we devour. However were not immortal, but we can’t die as easily as you humans can. Now tell me, child. How old are you?”

“I..I...you guys really are different from me. I only just turned 20 a few weeks ago.”

“So your birthday has passed already...happy late birthday little one,” I responded calmly as I pulled my hand away from the fountain.

“...Thank you...I guess. But I will never celebrate my birthday again...”

She responded with such an empty feeling, it was as if someone left a scar on her heart with how she sounded. So I approached her and stuck my hand out towards her. She didn’t seem to notice as she kept looking down. So I brought my fingers around the back of her head and untied the string that held her blindfold on. She seemed unfazed by it and didn’t bother to even raise her head.

So I held on to the fabric and lifted her chin to look at me. And I was surprised to see her suddenly crying in front of me! I wasn’t sure what to do, so I pulled my hand back and looked up at the two moons above us. I didn’t know what to say, how can I stop her from crying?

“I apologize if I caused those tears,” I said to her feeling slightly awkward.

It’s strange, it’s not like I don’t see humans cry all the time, they’re practically always on their knees begging and sobbing for their lives to be spared in front of me. However looking at Luna’s tears, they held nothing but sadness and guilt.

“It’s not your fault... it’s mine...”

She muttered quietly as I watched her wipe away her tears. The last thing I want is to feel depressed, so I have to think of something quick so her emotions don’t become such a nuisance to me.

“What do you want,” I asked bluntly to her as I crossed my arms in front of me.

“Huh?” She spoke out giving me a strange confused look.

“I know you humans celebrate your birthday’s by receiving gifts, we sort of doing the same thing in the Underworld. Minus the whole birthday singing...so ask me what you want, and I’ll give it to you.” I explain to her as I watched her look down at the ground.

“I just...I just want to go back home. With....with Ren by my side...and my...my...” She cried out while covering her eyes with her palms. So I began to think very hard about my decision and let out a heavy sigh.

“I can’t take you back home...but I can at least bring you down to the cellars real quick so you can speak to that human boy for a bit,” I responded back to her as I suddenly wasted no time in picking her up bridal style.

“What! What are you!?... Waite! You’ll really take me to Ren!?” She asked me with a surprising look, as she held on to my jacket tightly.

“If it could stop you from crying, then yes. But mostly, so I could have some peace and quiet tonight. Now then, hold in your breath. An no matter what you do, don’t let go of me, or you will drown.”

I warned her as I stepped inside the fountain, this water should be enough to pull me in and pull me back out to the watering well inside the dungeon of the castle.

“What are you doing? And what do you mean I’ll drown!?”

She asked worriedly as she held on to me more tightly. She then stopped asking questions and buried her head on my chest. It’s strange but...she seemed cute doing that. Giving off a smirk, I closed my eyes and began to chant a spell and could feel the water pulling us both in.

With the water reaching both our chests, I looked down at Luna who couldn’t stop shaking, so I held her closer to me hoping that would calm her down. The sense of horror and anxiety was beginning to take over her, so I hope those feelings would disappear once she saw this human boy named, Ren.

An with one final chant, we sank below the water. It was cold and everything around us felt dark and heavy. Luna’s grip on me never loosened as I felt her emotions beginning to panic, so the relief that I felt once I knew we were submerging was calming. Because I knew that Luna wouldn’t have to be afraid anymore once she could finally breathe in some air.

So as we both submerged quickly above the water, I immediately put Luna down as I began to take off my jacket. The one thing I hate is having wet clothes on! It just irritates me so much! Pulling my wet hair back, I could hear Luna suddenly coughing. So I turned myself around to check how she’s doing.

“Luna, are you okay-” cutting my question short, I stared at Luna’s body.

Her dress that she was wearing was now completely soaked, but that wasn’t what caught my attention. It was how transparent her silk dress has become, the wet fabric stuck to her wet smooth skin. Her long wet hair dangled to the side of her shoulder, I could see the wet droplets leave the strands of her hair tips and fall towards her breasts that were visible through the fabric. She wasn’t wearing any undergarments underneath that dress of hers! I shouldn’t be off guarded by her naked body in front of me, it not like I haven’t seen a naked woman before. But...why does seeing her body hold me speechless?


“I’m...I’m fine, I just didn’t expect any of that to happen so quickly.”

She voiced out shakingly as she stood herself up. But that only made me look at her slim small body even more. Her dress was pressed up against her wet figure and I could see how hard her n*pples have gotten. No matter how much I look at her, there was no denying why Elijah was so attached to Luna. She really is a beautiful human....so why...why is my heart beating so strangely? Is it because I could feel what she is feeling or is it because of something else...

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