His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 4: Nerves

Luna’s POV:

“Eli...I...I can’t...anymore...“, I was finally able to moan out heavily as I leaned my forehead against his. With both of his hands on either side of my waist, he forcefully pulled me towards his chest. My breasts were now pressed against his hard chest, I could feel how quick his heartbeat was racing. I guess I wasn’t the only one feeling good also. His hands slid down to my butt and gave them a tight squeeze, I couldn’t help but let out a yelp!

“I love hearing those cute sounds you make baby, and I could feel how wet you are against my c*ck,” Elijah said leaving a kiss on my lips.

“D...don’t make fun of me you jerk, it’s your fault that my body is reacting like this in the first place.” I blurted out shyly looking away from his erotic stare.

My body was still shaking with all this heat building up inside me, as I looked down I could see his huge hardened d*ck pressed up against his pants still. I felt Eli’s hot breath against my neck, he then wrapped his hands around my body pulling me in an embrace.

“I’m not making fun of you baby, I just love how your body is always ready to be touched by me, but as much as I want to continue, I’m afraid we’ll have to stop here for now,” Elijah said with a cocky smirk, he then clipped my bra back on and helped me button up my shirt.

As I tried to get off his lap, he held me in place not letting my thighs go.

“Eli? What is it?" I asked him with a curious look.

“I’m just a bit surprised you would let me do this to you in my truck Luna." He said smiling leaning in and kissing me on my forehead.

He’s right, I even surprised myself. I never would have thought in a million years that I would do this with him, hell I even showed him my breasts! It didn’t even cross my mind that we were at the high school parking lot doing this kind of stuff!

“Holy Sh*t!! I don’t know what came over me!” I said to myself out loud covering my face with both my hands.

“What’s wrong babe?” Eli said with concern as he gripped both of my wrists and pulled them away from my face. The look of shock and panic on Eli’s face when he saw the tears starting to form at the corner of my eyes caught his attention.

“Luna! What is it?! Did I do something wrong? Did you not want me to touch you?!”

Elijah’s voice sounded broken and full of guilt as he brought both hands to my cheeks wiping the tears away from my face.

“What! No! Of course not, I could never hate your touch, Eli. It’s just... how can I show my face around this school when everyone probably saw my breasts on full display, after what we just did! Everyone will probably think I’m some easy slut or something!” I said to him with my cracked voice, I’m trying so hard not to break down in front of him. How can I be so stupid and let myself do this, knowing that people are always passing by the parking lot! I then heard a slight giggle coming from Eli.

“Are...Are you laughing you asshole!!” I can’t believe he found this funny, I felt anger consuming me as I began throwing my fists at his chest.

He then caught both of my arms and kissed me so suddenly, I quickly pulled away and tried to get off his lap. ‘I was dead set on walking away from him and never talking to him again. I mean how can he find the situation funny?’ Does he not care who sees my naked body?!

“Baby! Stop! Don’t pull away from me!” Eli said angrily, he tried to tug my body towards him again but I refused to give in.

“Don’t touch me, Eli! Let me go already!” I yelled at him while trying to get away from his tight grip, but he wasn’t budging. I mean I knew he was strong, but this is just ridiculous!


My entire life that I’ve known Elijah, this was the first time he has ever yelled at me with such anger. In complete shock, I stopped struggling from his grasp and looked away from his angry stare.

“The reason why I laughed was that you honestly believe that I would let anyone see your body. I already told you that your body belongs to me. Also, I probably should have told you this sooner but my windows are tinted, there’s no way in hell anyone can see what we’re doing in here. If they weren’t tinted at all I wouldn’t have even touched you the way I did earlier, one more thing. Don’t you ever pull away from me, Luna. I love you more than you’ll ever know, you’re my world babe. Don’t ever forget that”. Eli gripped my chin and made me look at him, he still looked pissed off.

“It’s not my fault I got mad, and you should have told me a lot sooner instead of laughing about it!” I said to him angrily.

“Okay, okay...you’re right, I’m sorry baby. I just get really upset when you don’t kiss me back, especially when you don’t want me touching you.” He said annoyed playing with the zipper on my pants.

“Well I’m sorry for hitting you, and I like your kisses Eli, but I’m obviously not gonna want to kiss you after you make me angry.”

“Are you angry right now?” Elijah asked me.

“Not...anymore” I answered him.

“Then kiss me.”

He said to me, moving one of his hands to the back of my head and placing the other hand around my neck. Feeling a bit shy I closed my eyes and leaned in on Eli’s soft wet lips. Usually, Elijah is the one who always kisses me first, so I’m not used to making the first move all the time. As I pulled away from our kiss I could have sworn I saw Eli’s cheeks looking a little flushed, but maybe it was just my imagination.

“Umm...what time is it?” I asked while watching many students walk past his truck, not a single person glanced our way. Wow, I guess they really can’t see us in here.

“It’s 8:09, we still have 20 minutes, that’s plenty of time for me to show you your classes and give you a quick tour around the school.” He said putting his phone back in his pocket.

“Oh really! I was certain that we didn’t have much time left. I’m so relieved that you could still show me around.”

I smiled at Eli and he loosened his grip around my waist. As I got off his lap, I fixed my outfit and my hair that was a bit messy. I looked over at Elijah’s side and the only thing he adjusted was the bulge in his pants. I quickly looked away and placed my hands on top of my lap, I could feel my face getting red again.

“What are you a peeping tom?” He said with laughter in his voice.

“N..no! I just didn’t think you were still..hard”, I said quietly.

“It stays like this for a while when I don’t release, it’s not a big deal though. I just have to give it a few minutes before it goes down. So are you ready to get going now?” He asked me while holding my hand.

“Ready as I’ll ever be," I said to him squeezing his hand.

Stepping out of his truck I closed the door behind me and made my way to Eli’s side of the car. For some reason I felt a lot of eyes on me, I quickly glanced behind me and noticed quite a few students staring at me. A majority of them were girls giving me a disgusted look. I wonder why? Was it my outfit? I made sure to pick something simple and plain. Since I’m not someone who likes to wear flashy clothes. As Elijah handed me my backpack I couldn’t help but ask him.

“Hey, uhh...is it me, or are there a few girls giving me dirty looks?”

“What? Who?” Elijah said looking around scanning the parking lot.

The girls that were once staring at me, looked away as soon as Eli looked up at them.

“They’re just jealous babe”, he said grabbing his bag from the trunk.

“Jealous? Jealous of what?” I asked confused.

“Because they could never look as beautiful as you, so don’t ever think that I will leave you for some other girl. I’m with you because I love you, Luna. If anything I’m always worried that you might leave me for some other guy.” He looked at me with so much honesty and sincerity. I can’t believe I was worrying myself with such stupid thoughts earlier...wait! Was that the reason why he kissed me so suddenly when I was explaining my worries? I looked up at him and smiled at him.

“Eli, I love you so much, and there’s no one who I would rather be with than you,” I said to him placing a kiss on his cheek.

He looked at me surprised, I guess he wasn’t expecting me to kiss his cheek.

“And I love you more than you’ll ever know baby, but is a kiss on the cheek all I get?” He said with a smug look on his face. He grabbed my hand and led me to the school building.

“You got more than a kiss on the cheek today!” I said flustered.

That morning Eli was able to show me all of my classes and my locker, I’m just relieved that my school locker is close to his. I just wish we had the same classes, but it can’t be helped. With him being a senior and all, his classes are completely different from that of a freshman like me. Either way, I’m just glad that we can go to the same school together.

“Alright babe, I better start heading off to my class, sorry I couldn’t show you all of the school like I said I would. I didn’t realize how quickly time has passed, but I promise you I’ll show you around tomorrow for sure okay.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me in for a kiss, I quickly turned my head to the side to where his lips made contact with my cheek. I was still too embarrassed to kiss in public especially at school where everyone one is watching us. Eli released his hold on me and gave me an upset look, I knew he was going to get annoyed but it’s not my fault I get shy around others looking at us.

“I’ll see you around Luna." Eli’s voice sounded a bit upset, he gave me an annoyed look before he walked away. I didn’t think he was gonna be so upset over this.

“Weren’t we so close just a few minutes ago,” I said to myself quietly so no one else could hear, I turned myself around and made my way to my classroom. Opening the glass door I could already see a few students sitting at their desks chatting away to one another. I spotted an empty desk at the back corner and decided to sit there. Leaning back against the chair, I was deep in thought thinking about Eli, maybe I should apologize for avoiding his kiss and explain why I did.

“Oh My God!! No f*cking way!!” A girl yelled out opening the classroom door.

Looking up to see who it was, to my surprise it was Alexa!? I stood up from my desk and made my way towards her.

“Alexa? What are you doing? This is freshman English.” I said to her confused but with a smile.

“I know, I failed last year, I guess I should’ve stopped ditching and paid more attention haha.” She said pulling me in for a hug, I gave her a tight hug back as I began to laugh along with her.

“Oh! that reminds me, you never texted me back last night. Or even this morning for that matter, we could have met up somewhere and came to class together.” I said to her making my way back to my seat, she then took the desk right next to mine and sat on top of her desk.

“Hehehe, funny story about that. My parents kind of...they sorta took away my phone this school semester. They said they’ll give it back if I pass this class and get good grades this year. *Sigh* It just sucks, I mean what kind of teenager doesn’t have a phone in high school in this time of era?” She said with annoyance.

“Really! That sucks, what if there’s an emergency? What if you get kidnapped!?” I said jokingly.

“I know!!! That’s what I told them, but they just laughed and told me if it was really an emergency I should just call them through the school phone.” She pouted her cheeks and got off her desk and began leaning against it.

We chatted about our summer, and she explained to me how she started dating a college guy, which I still think it’s insane, but then again Eli will be leaving for college next year also and I’ll still be here. Just thinking about it made me feel lonely. I snapped out of it when the school bell rang, our teacher came into the classroom and told us to take our seats, and thus my first day of high school began.

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