His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 58: Betrayal

Luna’s POV:

My entire body was freezing, and I couldn’t take my dress off in front of Felix to rinse it off. So all I could do was rinse off the ends of my dress, along with my hair that was also drenched. I still couldn’t believe what just happened, but it explains perfectly why Eli brought us to the lake last time. Whatever chant or spell they do in the water, it takes you to whatever detentions you wish to go to! I can use this method to take Ren and me back home, but I just have to figure out how...


I heard Felix hesitate his words as I saw him look at me so shockingly. He seemed sorta surprised and out for words. Is he just speechless that I survived or something? Because I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to hold my breath for that long!

“I’m...I’m fine...I just didn’t expect any of that to happen so quickly.”

I trembled out my words with how cold my body was in. So I then slowly stood myself up and noticed that Felix was still staring at me so intently. Why is he still watching me? Did I do something strange to have him look at me like that?


Felix gestured as he handed me his wet jacket. I’m not sure why he is, I’m trying not to wear more wet clothes so I prefer not wearing them, maybe he just wants me to carry it?

“Put it on.” He demanded as he avoided my stare and looked away.

“Why should I put this on? It’s only going to make me feel colder. Shouldn’t I air dry my dress, if I wear this jacket then-” Felix then annoyingly swiped the jacket from my hands and threw it over my shoulders with force so I wouldn’t take it off.

“Just...wear it, and don’t take it off until I say so. Alright.”

He voiced out sternly as he began to walk away without even looking at me. Just what is his problem? I know I should have my guard up with him, but he hasn’t done anything evil towards me. Other than just being cold and rude sometimes, I’m still even trying to wrap my head around the fact that he’s over 200 years old. It’s insane how long he’s lived honestly!

Following close behind him, I began to look at each cellar block to see which one Ren was in! I hope he’s okay! Will he even want to see me after betraying him like that? My anxiety was building up quickly inside me that I couldn’t control it after remembering what Eli and I did. So I held on to the jacket I was wearing and tried to control my breathing.

“His cellar should be that one over there, I could give you only 5 minutes to speak to him until taking you back before Carla notices you missing .”

Felix pointed out as he stopped walking. He then leaned his body against one of the cellar gates and closed his eyes, I guess that was his way of giving me some privacy to talk to Ren for a bit. So without even waiting for a second, I dashed my way to Ren’s cellar and dropped down to my knees once I saw him lying there on the cold hard ground.

“Ren! Ren, please open your eyes. It’s me!” I shouted at him as I gripped onto the bars that were separating us from each other. I then looked at the condition he was in, he looked so pale and so malnourished that it broke my heart seeing him like this.

“Luna...is that you...why are you here.”

Ren worded out weakly as he opened his eyes to look at me. He looked lifeless but also hallow with how he was staring at me. Of course, he wouldn’t be happy seeing me after what I did...

“I came... because I’ve missed you so much. And because I came here to say I’m sorry...I’m so sorry for hurting you like that....so please, please forgive me Ren...I-”

“Just stop speaking, Luna. I really can’t take it anymore. Just look at you, look how you’re dressed. You bring a new guy with you down here. Is he going to f*ck you in front of me also...”

Ren bluntly spoke as he tried to sit upright, he looked liked he was in a lot of pain. I wasn’t surprised by his words, but it still hurt me hearing him say that.

“I...no...no it’s not like that, he helped me get down here. So I can talk to you, I want us to go back home...I just want us to go back to how things were!”

I cried out in desperation as I looked deeply into his eyes. I couldn’t even bring myself to tell him about our deceased baby, how can I? When Ren looks so broken already...If I end up telling him what happened...I’m sure his heart would just give out more until he feels nothing but heartache.

“How....how can things go back to how they used to be. I already tried escaping once, but it led me with two broken hands because of that f*cking witch. So tell me, Luna....how can we leave this f*cking place....” He cried out to me with hatred in his voice, I was shocked to hear that he tried escaping. I could even see the bandages wrapped around his wrists.

“What witch did this to you?” I asked him with concern in my eyes.

“Carla, she’s in charge of keeping these humans alive until we kill them off. However, this one, in particular, will be kept alive until Elijah says otherwise.” I heard Felix explained as he began to make his way towards us.

“Carla did this?! Why...why would she...she’s been nothing but nice to me these past few weeks.” She spoke in disbelief.

“Are you seriously defending her right now in front of me...ha....hahaha... just look at you.... getting so close to them as if your all friends.... just....leave me alone Luna...I don’t want to see you right now.” Ren calmly said to me but with hatred and pain in his eyes, I really hurt him. I never meant to cause anyone pain like this especially him.

“Ren... please...don’t do this. I love you....your all I have right now-”

“You love me.....you have a sick way of showing it after you let Elijah f*ck you. You didn’t even care at all that I was here anymore, all you cared about was yourself in the end...”

Ren bluntly responded as he cut me off, he then looked at the collar I was wearing and then back at me until he finally averted his eyes away.

“Ren...I’m sorry...I’m so so sorry... please forgive me....” I continued to cry out in pain for his forgiveness as I finally let go of the metal bars.

“It’s time to leave, Luna.” Felix worded out as he grabbed on to my arm.

“No! Don’t touch me, I can’t leave yet...I..I...Ren... please...don’t hate me....I’m so sorry for hurting you...”

I sobbed out feeling hurt for what I’ve done as I shrugged Felix hold on to me. However, he picked me up afterward when I refused to stand up on my own.

“Put me down! I’m not leaving him like this! Ren! Please! Ren...”

My cries began to die out as I looked at Ren who was crying in pain also as he continued to look down on the ground without even looking at me.

“There’s nothing you can do. He’s made up his mind already, so let him be, Luna.” Felix explained to me calmly as he carried us to the watering well again.

“I never meant to hurt him...how can I live with myself after what I did?”

I asked him with tears coming down my cheeks, but I then suddenly heard a door being opened as I looked down the dungeon hall. It was too dark for me to see who it was, so I looked up at Felix quickly.


I heard him whispered out quietly as he tightens his grip on me. But I didn’t expect him to pull us in the water so quickly, I wasn’t even given a chance to catch my breath as the water quickly surrounded us both.

I could feel my lungs wanting to burst from the lack of air I wasn’t receiving, the water was dragging us deeper and I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to last any longer. With my eyes being shut I began to gag for air, I truly believed at that very moment I was going to die. But I felt something warm covering my own mouth, it was soothing as I felt air passing down my throat. I was able to breathe a bit, but what was giving me air?

Opening my eyes slowly, I saw nothing but darkness around me. Except for two bright red eyes staring down at me. They were so close that I was able to make out Felix’s face in front of me. That’s when I realized it, he had his lips covering mine so I could breathe. This was unexpected, but I can’t push him off. Since he’s the reason why I’m still alive right now! His lips felt soft and gentle as he steadied his hold on me, he never took his eyes off of me as I continued to look at him as well. It was as if something inside of me was pulling me closer towards him for some odd reason.

Not too long after, I felt the water beginning to pull us back up. And I couldn’t help but latch on to Felix with how to frighten I was starting to get. But the fear quickly went away once I felt the open air touch my skin, so I immediately pulled my lips away from Felix and took in a deep fresh breath of air. I was even able to see my breath as I exhaled out, I was so focused on Ren earlier that I completely ignored how cold I truly was.

“Let’s go back inside,” Felix responded nonchalantly as he stepped out of the fountain. Looking at my surroundings, we were back in the garden again.

“I...I...how am I suppose...to go back in there...when I’m drenched like this...and...and freezing...” I explained with my teeth shattering against each other.

“I’m not taking you back to the ballroom, I obviously have to bring you back to my room so you can dry yourself off. An if you don’t like that, then call Carla so she can take care of you.”

Felix explained with annoyance as he began to put me down. However, I quickly held on to him more as I buried my face on to his chest.

“I...I won’t go back in there, not alone. So..so take me to your room. If Carla...sees me like this, how am I supposed to explain myself to her.”

I muttered my own words as I felt my own body shaking uncontrollably with the coldness touching my skin. I would much rather be alone with one demon, than a hundred of them if I go back inside alone. Felix didn’t have to go out of his way to help me, but he did, so I should at least take in his kind gesture. Even if I am still afraid of what he could do to me, but that’s nothing compared to what Eli has done already...

“You are a very complicated woman.”

I heard Felix respond as he started to walk towards the castle, he still continued to carry me, however. But something was strange, why wasn’t Felix entering the castle? Instead, he was walking around the outside of the castle and came to a sudden halt and started to look up at a balcony. Following his stare, I wondered if that was his room up there?

“Whatever you do, don’t make a sound.”

He ordered me to do as he wrapped his arms around me more tightly. Just what does he plan on doing right now?! Should I be worried?!

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