His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 59: Skin Contact

Luna’s POV:

My thoughts were quickly answered once Felix pushed his legs off the ground! He had jumped two stories high that I was left speechless with how far up we were, he soon landed his feet on top of the railing! It felt like we were flying almost, it’s incredible that he could do that so easily! Stepping down, he gently placed me down afterward. I was still so shocked by what he did, that I couldn’t help but look back down at the balcony. There’s just no way, were we really that far down?!

“You stopped crying.”

Felix pointed out as began to undo his tie...

“What? Oh, yeah I guess so.”

I answered while placing my hand against my cheek. It felt dry but still cold from the freezing air. Entering his room where it was warm, I tried to stop my body from shivering. Though I watched Felix enter his bathroom and come back out with a towel in hand. He then made his way towards me and placed the towel on my head!

“Dry yourself off, I’ll be in the bathroom changing...”

He explained as I watched him re-enter the restroom, closing the door behind him, I heard the door being locked. Pulling the towel away from my head, I looked down at my dress finally. My hands twitched and my heart felt like it stopped beating the moment I realized how I looked!

“Oh my god! Was my dress this transparent the whole time!?”

I voiced out in disbelief, was that why Felix made me wear his jacket! No wonder Ren couldn’t take me seriously, how could he when I’m practically naked underneath this! And what’s worse is that I was with Felix when he was carrying me away from him. So, of course, he’s going to think I’m probably sleeping with him as well! I can’t believe this, this is so embarrassing!

Annoyed, I began to take my wet clothes off to have them dry off faster. I just hope Felix doesn’t come into the room for a while. I hate this, why does everything always happen to me!? Why can’t I just go back to my peaceful life back home? Wrapping my body with the towel, I picked up my wet dress along with Felix’s jacket in placed them outside the balcony where they could dry up faster. However, once I finished laying them down, I heard a loud scream coming from next door! That’s when it dawned on me, Elijah’s room is right next door to Felix’s, isn’t it?!

Turning my head towards the screams, I saw both window doors being swung wide open to the other balcony! I watched in horror as I saw Elijah carrying one of the girls from earlier in his hands! His mouth was covered in blood along with his hands, the girl he was holding was naked and all she did was scream in agony and terror as Eli held her against the rail! My heart began to beat rapidly with fright and my whole body couldn’t stop shaking! Before I knew it, Elijah stuck his hand inside her chest and pulled out her heart! He then pushed the girl’s lifeless body over the balcony and I couldn’t hold in my screams any longer as I prepared to yell in the horror of what I just witnessed! Though someone was quick in clamping my mouth shut as all that could be heard were my muffled screams! Yet I’m sure Elijah heard my voice because he then slowly began to turn his head towards my direction! But before he can even see me I was dragged back inside the room with such force that I didn’t realize who was holding me this whole time!


I heard Felix whisper close to my ear as he looked into my eyes to comfort me. But there was nothing that he can do or say that can stop my beating heart from hurting! How can Elijah kill these girls without any remorse, it’s like he enjoys murdering others?! I understand that this is the only way to satisfy his hunger, but it’s completely horrible and just purely evil!

“Fuck, curse that stupid brother of mine,” Felix muttered as he suddenly pulled the towel off my body!


I tried to yell out my words but Felix still had his hand over my mouth! Just what the hell does he think he’s doing! He told me he wouldn’t lay a finger on me! So why is he doing this!?

“I need you to trust me, so no matter what happens... don’t say a word.”

He explained in a panic as he finally released my mouth! However, what he did next made it hard for me to hold back my tongue! Picking up my naked body, he placed me up against the wall and had my face facing the outside of the balcony! My breasts were pressed up against his exposed chest along with my lower region pressing against his cold belt that was wrapped around his pants! It made my whole body tingle with chills as he forced my legs to wrap around his lower waist! His face was so close to mine that I could feel his warm breath hitting against my neck, his hands were gripping my lower ass cheeks and I’m just relieved that he’s still wearing his pants! But why?! Why is he doing this? Soon, the doors to Felix’s room were slammed open, causing me to jolt myself closer to Felix’s body!

“I thought I heard someone, what are you doing?”

That voice! It’s definitely him! No, why is he here!? Quickly biting my lower lip, I tried not to breathe so heavily! I’m afraid that he’ll notice who I am, wait...did Felix hear him coming?! Was that his reason for doing this!?

“Do I need a reason to come to my room? I’m trying to enjoy myself, and your presence is disturbing me.”

Felix answered intensely as he moved his hands around my upper thighs! Can he stop moving his hands so much!? This isn’t exactly what I find comforting! But I understand why he’s doing this, if Eli finds out it’s me. I could only imagine what he might do to me and Felix!

“As if you could truly enjoy yourself, that pride of yours of never accepting the fact that you will never be King will always disturb you even when you’re fucking these humans. Strange, I thought you’ve already fed on human souls hours ago. Is your age finally catching up to you?”

Elijah responded with an evil laugh, I couldn’t see what facial expression he was making, but I could picture him giving off an obnoxious smirk as he spoke...

“What’s my pride compared to your stubbornness? Are they not the same, you still have much to learn. And if you’re so curious...this human that I’m holding is worth my time, instead of speaking to you, so how about you leave.”

Felix explained as he dangerously pushed me further against the wall! Is he intentionally doing this on purpose!?

“Just who is this one? She doesn’t seem like the ones we have locked up in the cellars...”

Elijah sternly asked as I heard his footsteps coming closer! My heart was continuing to beat at such an alarming rate that I’m sure even Felix can feel it! This is bad, if Elijah gets any closer he’s sure to find out it’s me! Quick Luna, think of something!

“She’s one of the offerings I was given personally by one of the royal families, I don’t plan on sharing her. Since all you and Crow do is kill these girls so quickly.”

Felix worded out as he held on to me tightly, I’m becoming nervous and I could feel how much he was trembling as he held me!

“Which royal family gave you this one, she’s doesn’t smell like a virgin?”

Elijah continued to speak as I heard him come to a stop. I wasn’t sure how close he’s gotten to us but I had to think of something and fast! So I placed my hands on each side of Felix’s face and thought of the only thing I could think of!


Cutting Felix off from what he was trying to say, I placed a deep kiss on him! This is the only thing I could do to not make Elijah suspicious! Felix can only lie for so long before he runs out of what to say! He’s practically risking his own life right now by what he’s doing! So I have to do my part, even if it means kissing him! I just hope Felix doesn’t kill me for doing this, though I was taken off guard when Felix returned my kiss! His lips were very dominating and soft that it was hard to believe that this was happening! Yet our kiss didn’t last long, because Felix quickly pulled away and placed his hand behind my head. Making me snuggle up against his neck, I was breathless and could hear not only my own heartbeat but Felix’s as well...

“You’re killing my mood, don’t you have anything else better to do? Like, check on how Luna is doing?”

Felix spoke out in a heavy growl, wrapping both my arms around Felix’s neck, I could feel my body beginning to grow tired. I wanted Eli to hurry up and leave so I can get away from this awkward situation I was in!

“As if I would ever share any human with you, pathetic.”

Eli voiced out with irritation as I heard his footsteps stomping harshly against the ground, but at least they were getting farther away from us!

“Don’t think I didn’t see you standing right next to her in the ballroom, if I ever see you getting any closer to Luna then that. I really will kill you...”

Elijah loudly threatened with hatred as he slammed the door shut with such tremendous force that I was able to feel the walls vibrate from behind me! And right as Eli left the room, Felix immediately put me back down and placed something inside my hand. He then began to walk away from me without even looking in my direction. He didn’t even say a word either as he went back to the restroom. It didn’t bother me that he was ignoring me, it was just so weird how close our bodies were just a second ago and now it feels like it never happened. My body felt the sudden chill once he pulled away from me, it’s so bizarre that his body was keeping me warm...

“You should go back downstairs, I’m sure Elijah will be looking for you.”

I heard Felix speak on the other side of the door, he was acting very strange. I mean, I get what he did was necessary. But maybe kissing him was the limit?

“Yeah, I should get going then. I’m...sorry for kissing you earlier. I just panicked and wasn’t sure what else to do, so...I’m sorry if I offended you. I’ll get changed real quick...”

I apologized with hesitation as I hurried in putting the dress back on. It was no longer wet, but most importantly it was no longer see-through so I didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing my naked body-

“There’s no need for an apology, a kiss like that wouldn’t offend me, Luna. But next time...don’t kiss someone so easily.”

He said as I heard the shower sprinklers being turned on, I guess he’s gonna wash right now? Opening the door of his room, I looked back at Felix’s bedroom. It really felt empty in here, the only thing that catches my eye is his piano. With my face feeling flushed, I finally left the room. Quickly hurrying my way to the ballroom, I was able to still see many warlocks and witches roaming around the party. Looking steadily around the room, I tried to see if I can spot Eli anywhere. I wanted to make sure if he really was looking for me, I can make myself known. Gripping onto the railing of the second floor, I realize I had something in my hand? Oh, that’s right, Felix put something in my palm earlier! Opening my hand, I looked down and saw that it was the blindfold that he had taken off of me when we were in the garden. He did a lot for me tonight, why though? Oh, I forgot to thank him for taking me to see Ren! Even though things didn’t go so well, I still have to thank him...

“So this is where you’ve been hiding, Luna.”


I voiced out his name in fright as I heard him coming from behind me! Turning myself around I saw that he was no longer covered in blood, but his eyes were pitch black and he looked more terrifying!

“I was never hiding, I just couldn’t...I didn’t feel safe down there. So I decided to just watch the party from up here...”

I said while avoiding his stare...

“No one will touch you, Luna. As long as you always wear this around your neck, everyone will know who you belong to...”

He calmly explained as he pointed at the collar around my neck...

“Luna, you have to realize that this isn’t the world I chose to live in. It’s the world that chose me, I’ve done horrible things that I wish I can take back. But the one choice I’ll never regret making is loving you.”

He said with a serious growl as he came from behind, wrapping his arms around my waist he began to leave light sweet kisses around the back of my neck. It’s difficult to believe that this was the same man that brutally killed that girl earlier...

“Eli, what would you say...if I told you to stop killing people?”

His kisses finally stopped as he slowly turned my body around to face him. Grabbing each side of my face, he had me look at him. His gaze looked hurt as he looked deeply into my eyes, placing his forehead against mine, he closed the gap between us.

“If I stopped killing people, do you promise to stay by my side forever... love me for the rest of your life?”

He asked in sorrow, his expression looked desperate to have my answer. If I can make him stop murdering people, then maybe...he’ll change for the better? But even if he did change, can I even forgive him for what he’s done already? There’s no guarantee that I will love or trust again like before, so for now...I’ll do anything to just keep Ren and me alive.

“I promise, that I’ll stay...”

I answered while feeling my chest tighten with guilt...

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