His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 60: Present Time

Luna’s POV:

*Flashback Dream 13 Years Ago, Caught Up To The Prologue *

“Mommy?! Daddy?! Where are you?!”

That’s right, I remember now...why I hate being so alone, why I fear the dark so much. I was only a child back then...


I shouted out for my parents as I got lost near the lake, all I could do was cry and hope someone would find me. But how will someone see me when I’m so small, and what was worse was that nighttime was quickly approaching! I shouldn’t have run off on my own so carelessly, but I really wanted to play in the sand and make some sandcastles. But now, all I could do was keep walking, hoping that someone could hear me. My little feet were beginning to get tired, but I can’t stop, I had to keep going forward. Or else I don’t know what might happen to me...

My sobs grew louder and my fear began to grow. The splashing of waves hitting against each other mixed with my cries, it was going to be difficult for anybody to hear me at this point. That was until I looked straight ahead to see a tree that I was approaching. The wind was starting to become cold as I watched the sun finally disappear and the moon slowly rise. I couldn’t stop my tears from falling as I was completely alone in the dark and unaware of my surroundings, I could feel my little heart beating at such an alarming rate that I felt like falling on the ground and sobbing in a panic. I’m afraid, what if my parents don’t care to look for me, what if I never see them again? What if I never get to play with Eli again-

“Can you stop crying already, it’s getting annoying. It’s not gonna help solve your problems little one...”

“Huh? Who said that?!”

I cried out in fear hearing an older guy’s voice coming from the same direction as to where the tree was. Standing completely still, I was scared of who it could be! Was it a ghost?! I wasn’t a hundred percent sure who was talking to me, but my mommy said to stay away from strangers! So that’s what I intend on doing, however...what if I stay lost forever and this is the only chance of getting help?

“Me? I’m no one...just a monster...”

The man responded heavily as I could paint out his body frame leaning against the tree. I was cautious as I carefully made my way towards him. My life is already in danger of being lost so what else can I do?

“A monster? You don’t look like a monster...”

I responded truthfully as I got closer, though I couldn’t help but sniffle as I tried to hold back my tears as I spoke. Rubbing my eyes, I looked at the man just sitting there as the wind began to pick up...

“You humans are so easily fooled.”

He said in amusement...

"What are you talking about mister? And why are you here?”

I stuttered underneath the chilling winds...

“It’s nothing child, and I could ask you the same thing. What is a little girl like yourself doing all alone here at night?”


Before I could even answer him, I felt my tears starting to fill up again once he asked me that question. I didn’t want to be reminded that I was still lost!

“Don’t start crying again, it’s aggravating!"

“But I can’t stop though...I just want to go home and see my mom and dad!”

I cried out as I sat on the floor, I was beginning to feel like I will be lost forever...

“Your mother and father...why do you wanna see them?”

“What? Well...it’s because I miss them and love them-”

“Love? How can a child know what love is?”

I was confused by his question, and I wasn’t sure how I would answer that? But he was right, I don’t think I know what love feels like...what is love? Is it when you miss someone? When you care for someone? Unable to stop thinking about them, always yearning to hold their hand?

“Then, do you know what love is?”

I asked the strange man...

“I thought I did...but I’ve come to realize. That it never was love...just desperation.”

“What’s a desperation?”

I asked confusedly, I never heard of such a word.

“Forget what I said, now tell me. How did you end up getting lost?”

He asked while standing himself up, he then began to walk in my direction as I sat there unable to move. I’ve grown tired of walking for so long and I’m sure my little feet have gotten blisters by now. So I tried to wipe my tears away from my face until I saw the man more clearly in front of me. My eyes locked gaze of the color of his stare!

“Your eyes...”

I spoke out in disbelief as he bends his body forward to look down at me.

“I know, their ugly-”

“They’re really pretty,” I responded truthfully as I cut him off, admiring how beautiful his red eyes reflected so brightly once the moonlight shined on them.

However, once I said those words, he looked at me so surprise as he opened his eyes wide to my response.

“You’re... a very strange little girl.”

The man said in a low chuckle as he continued to look at me carefully...


I questioned him, unaware of how close he was getting. I was so enchanted by his gaze that I couldn’t help but want to touch his face. He didn’t seem real, his skin was smooth and pale, yet he looked so sad...

“Don’t you find me...hideous?”

He asked as we both felt the wind passing by us...

“No, I think you’re very...special. I’ve never seen anyone like you before,” I said, he looked very beautiful.

Why would he think he looked so ugly? Without even thinking, I slowly got on my own two feet in stared directly at him...

" Never in my whole life, has anyone called me...special. So to hear a have a human girl say that to me, it’s very strange.”

He explained as he suddenly leaned his body back to stand up straight. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a white flower while still looking down at me. He hesitantly stretched out his hand while holding the flower. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but it looked like he was trying to give it to me. So I slowly raised out my hand and accepted the flower. I was very careful about not dropping it as I looked at how white it was. Why did he have this flower in his pocket? Then suddenly I felt someone grabbing my hand and pulling me alongside him! So I quickly looked up and saw that it was him...he was holding my hand as he kept walking silently.

“Mister? Where are you taking me?”

I asked worriedly as I tried to tug my little hand free. I was terrified of where he might take me, but most of all...will I be okay if I go with him?

“Calm down child, I’m just helping you find your parents and nothing more.”

He responded calmly as he loosened his grip on me. Hearing him say that, I felt very relieved and so incredibly happy!

“Really? You’ll really help me?!”

I yelled out with excitement, not noticing how tightly I was beginning to hold his hand!

"If I don’t help you, I’m sure all you’ll do is continue to cry. And that would be bothersome for me because then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my peaceful night.”

He explained while keeping his steady stare straight forward. We kept walking hand in hand for a while without saying a word, but that was fine by me. Because as strange as it might seem, I felt safe with having him by my side...

“Huh? Why did you stop?”

I asked the man once he stopped moving...

“Those humans over there, they’re calling out a name...Luna.”

He responded hesitantly as he immediately let go of my hand.

“Hey, that’s my name! Who said that? I can’t see or hear anybody with how dark it is right now and the water splashing against each other makes it hard for me to hear!”

I asked him as I began to look around desperately!

“Just keep running straight from here, and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

He suggested, he then gave me a light little push from my back. So I did what he said and ran as fast as my little feet can carry me, and the more I ran, the more I could hear my name being called out!

“Mommy! Daddy!”

I cried out in tears once I was able to make out where they were at!

“Oh my god! Luna! Where were you?! We were worried sick!”

Mother sobbed once she noticed me!

“Don’t you ever go running off like that again, do you understand!”

Father shouted angrily with worry, he then picked me up and held me tightly like it would be his last. I couldn’t help but cry as I snuggled up to my father’s arms while still holding on to the white flower in my hand...

“I’m sorry...I just really wanted to make sandcastles-”

“Luna, where did you get this rose?”

Mother suddenly asked as she took the white flower away from me...

“It’s a rose, he gave it to me,” I answered her while pointing behind me.

However, once I turned my head around, there was no one there but darkness...

“He? What was his name? What did he look like?”

Father asked worriedly as he began to walk us back to the car...

“His name?”

I questioned, now that I think about it, I never asked what his name was. But I do know one thing...

“He had red eyes! And he was really pretty too!”

I responded truthfully as I looked up at the moon shining bright on us...

“Sweetie, there’s no person in the world who has red eyes.”

Mother explained as she grabbed my hand.

“I know what I saw, he helped me find you guys and-"


I heard a boy call out my name in worry!


I questioned as I turned my head to see a boy running up to me and my dad!

“Luna, are you okay?! I was looking everywhere for you!”

Eli yelled out in anger once he got closer, with my father setting me down I could see Elijah’s mom coming from behind him...

“Oh, thank goodness you found her! I was beginning to worry and little Eli here was crying nonstop searching for her.”

Said Miss Reed.

“No, I wasn’t crying! I just had dirt in my eyes!”

Eli shouted in high defense as he looked away from everyone, and when he did, I was able to see his ears turning slightly red.

“Anyways, let’s all go back home.”

Mother said as we walked towards the parking lot...


Eli suddenly gestured as he shyly stuck his hands out.

“What are you doing?”

I questioned while looking at his palm...

“Give me your hand idiot, that way you don’t get lost again!”

He yelled out in embarrassment as he quickly grabbed my hand! I wasn’t expecting him to do something like this, but it felt nice. His hand felt warm, however, that man’s hand that I felt earlier felt very cold and lonely...

“I wonder what his name was? I hope he wasn’t sad...”

“Huh, what are you talking about?”

Eli asked, giving me a confused expression...

“It’s nothing...”

I responded with hesitation in my voice, if my parents don’t believe what I saw. Then I doubt Eli would believe me as well. I just hope I get to see him again one day, I never got the chance to thank him for helping me find my parents...and for giving me his white rose. I wish I knew his name...

Suddenly, a person with red eyes flashed through my mind until finally, I woke up in a panic! The feeling of my heartbeat grew rapid along with my rapid breathing. Placing my hand against my chest, I tried to calm myself down...

“Same dream again...”

I said to myself as I tugged the sheets closer to me. It’s been the same dream for the past month already, and I still can’t recognize who he is? With the frustration of my dreams waking me, I didn’t even realize I had fallen asleep. I guess I dozed off when I was laying on Eli’s chest this morning? Immediately looking to the left side of the bed, I saw that Elijah was no longer laying next to me. It still hurts waking up, knowing that I’m alone after being so close to Eli a few hours ago. Why does he always leave? Letting out a depressing sigh, I continued to lay in bed while placing my hand on the space next to me. The sheets felt cold, seems that Eli had left a long while ago...

“Elijah, I’m sorry. But I can’t do this anymore...”

I cried out while gripping onto the sheets, my heart could no longer handle this emotional abuse of love and hatred! It’s like I’m fighting with two different people inside of me! My heart tells me to stay, but my mind tells me to leave. After everything that has happened already, there’s still so much that I left out. I want Elijah to change for the better, although he finally agreed to let me leave this room after a whole month of isolation. It took so much out of me to convince him! I had to throw away my pride and what I believed in, just so Elijah can be nice to me again...there’s no trust.

As I tried to sit up, the sharp pain that I had before came back again! It was like daggers jabbing at my lower abdomen and there was no end to it! Maybe I should have had Carla heal me, but I would’ve been too uncomfortable with having her look at my naked body. Staring out the window, I saw that nighttime has already fallen. Did I really sleep through the entire day? Looking at the snow counting to fall, I saw the frost covering the windows. It wasn’t until I closed my eyes that I was able to hear a light melody! It was the same song I would hear every night, the keys being played so sweetly until sunrise came. It’s because of him, that I could stay sane...Felix. Thank you, for comforting me...I really wish I could see you again.

“It really is a beautiful song, Felix.”

I whispered while getting off the bed, with the blanket still wrapped around my naked body, I slowly began to make my way towards the window doors. I remember the first time waking up in Eli’s room, I heard Felix playing this melody. I wonder if this song is important to him? Placing my hand against the glass, I couldn’t help but cry more as I listened carefully to every keynote he pressed. The pain that I was in was too much for me to withstand, I could no longer stand on my own two feet. My lower waist still felt numb from letting Eli do what he wanted with my body. I gave everything I had to him...hoping that he’ll see how much agony I’m still in. Coming down to my knees, I sat on the floor while leaning my head against the glass door. I was no longer able to open these doors since Elijah cast a spell on all the knobs that prevented me from opening them. I couldn’t leave this place...

Staring out at the balcony, I looked down and saw how white the garden has become. A sheet of snow had covered everything, just like the first time when I came here. Just how long have I truly been down here? Is this how I’ll live my life from now on? To live in this world and suffer a love that I can’t forgive? To let Eli take my body however he pleases? With my mind growing darker, the melody could no longer be heard as I closed my eyes to escape the reality that I was in! I don’t want to live this kind of life! This isn’t living...would death be easier?

“Is dying your way of escaping, is that what you want, Luna?”

His voice startled me! It’s been so long since I last heard his voice, slowly reopening my eyes, I gazed out the window and saw those familiar red eyes staring back at me! Red eyes, just like in my dream...


I called out his name, feeling weak I placed my hand on the glass frame. With my eyes still crying pools of tears, I saw the sadness that Felix had on me when he crouched himself down to my eye level. It’s been so long since I last saw him, along with Crow as well. In fact, the last time we spoke, was when he held me in arms...I long for the comfort of someone setting me free from this darkness I am in.

“I don’t want to die...but if it’s better than living this kind of life. Then just end it for me...but please, don’t look at me like that. The pity of your eyes...”

I said with guilty sorrow...

“Luna, my heart grows numb, and it’s because of you. I won’t allow you to end it here, not after everything we’ve gone through. From the very beginning, I’ve known of your broken heart...the damage of what my brother has done. I truly wish things could have been different between us, the blood that flows inside you...it aches for me. I can’t protect you here...but out there, I can give you a better life. If you let me...”

He explained in such sadness as he placed his hand on the other side of the window frame...

“Why didn’t you just let me die that day? Why did you have to give me more of your blood!? None of this would be happening right now if you just-”

“If I just what? Let you die? No, Luna...I don’t know why? But the thought of you being gone terrifies me...these emotions of mine, are breaking me and my body. I can’t stop thinking about you...I wish I could, but I can’t. The blood bond that we now share...Luna, I apologize for making your life more difficult. I hope that you’ll forgive me...”

“None of this is your fault, I just...I don’t know what I want anymore. I feel trap and I have nothing left to give. My family...my friends...Ren...and my unborn child. I no longer exist in their lives anymore, so what’s the point in staying alive when everyone I loved is practically gone?”

“Luna...you say that it’s not my fault. But I can’t help but feel like I’m still to blame for the loss of everyone you cared about. And as horrible as this may sound, you still have Elijah who truly does love you, and I know that deep down in your heart...you still love him.”

He explained as he looked down at my hand. The ring that I’ve always worn, the gift that Elijah gave me years ago. The memories still linger within me...

“A few weeks ago, before Eli went out of control...Crow once told me that there were two paths that one must choose. The path to be with the one you love and the path to be with the one you’re meant to be with, your soulmate. And I ask myself, is Elijah the one that I’m truly meant to be with? Or is he the one that I just love?”

I questioned while gripping my hands into a tight fist.


Felix called out my name in heartbreak as he watched me drown myself deeper into my thoughts. Silence came upon us and all that could be heard was my muffled cries that I couldn’t suppress. As time went by, I watched as Felix stood himself up and he seemed like he was in deep thought by how serious his gaze was...

“If it’s too painful to stay here...would you like it, if I set you free?”

My heart felt like it stopped beating for a second as I quickly looked up at him! Did he just say that to me!? Is he not afraid of what Elijah might do to him if he finds out about this?!

“Felix, you know I can’t just leave...he’ll find me. He’ll just bring me back, not only that...but he’ll kill you-”

“I won’t give him the chance...Luna. If you say yes, I’ll break this enchanted glass and take you far away from here. But know that once we leave, we can never come back...”

He began to explain as his voice sounded almost frightened. I guess he’s afraid just like me, running away from here. Always fearing Elijah finding us, but I don’t wanna live in fear. Being tied down forever...

“Even if I wanted to run away, I can’t...not with how my body is right now.”

I said to him as I covered my body more with the sheets. The many markings on my body that Elijah has left will one day fade away, but the marking that he has left on my heart will always be permanent. I was too weak and too exhausted to move, so how can I run away from this place? Where can I even go? Scooting myself farther away from the window, I felt a cold chill run up my spine...

“I’ll give you my blood...”

“What?! No, I won’t let you do that again! I can’t always rely on you-”

“It’s the only thing that I can do, to help you heal faster. And this might be my only chance, I heard your thoughts, Luna. Do you believe that Elijah...will truly let you leave this room? That he’ll keep his word, after what you’ve done already? He doesn’t trust you, and who knows when he will. Luna, pick the right path for yourself...and tell me what you want?”

He asked while taking a step away from the frame...

As much as I hate to admit it, I know that he was right. I’m the one that broke my promise first, so I know there’s no guarantee that Eli will let me go? I hate that Felix can read my mind so clearly, my emotions are open for him to feel. But at least, there’s someone in this world that understands me with what I’m going through...

“Remember what you told me long ago, Luna?”

Felix suddenly asked... though all I could do was look at him confused.

“You said, that you’ll try and stay strong for as long as you can. Because you don’t wanna forget who you are.”

He said as he placed his hand on the glass...

Oh, that’s right...I did say that! But that was before Elijah was making me lose my mind. For these last few days, weeks...Eli would hold me for hours until I passed out. Only to wake up and be alone again in the room until he returned. My mind, body, and soul were all he wanted, yet I refused to give him my heart because I was afraid that he will break it again. And that’s when I knew...I wasn’t ready to give Elijah the love he wanted. I don’t know if I ever can...



“Please...take me away from here,” I whispered out my trembling words.

I knew that there was no going back from this...

“Of course,” Felix responded in a weak like-smile.

He then looked at the glass and I watched in fright as his eyes grew black just like Elijah’s! His palm rested on the glass frame as he suddenly began to say some words that I couldn’t understand. But as he finished chanting his spell, I watched the glass beginning to crack into a million small pieces. It looked like snow almost with how it fell so lightly to the ground...

As I sat there in amazement, I didn’t realize that Felix had pulled out a dagger from his pocket! He then began to walk towards me as he held the blade in his hand! Just what does he plan on doing with that!? But before I could even speak, Felix had already cut his palm and began sucking the blood that was coming from his wound. He then wasted no time in coming down to his knees and pulled me close to him! Grabbing my jaw, he closed the gap between us...

“Felix, what-”

Cutting me off, I felt a pair of cold wet lips touching mine! My eyes grew wide with disbelief and I couldn’t push him away with the little energy I had left. All I could do was just lay there and take his blood again. The look on Felix’s face was warm and touching, it was as if he was trying to speak to me with his eyes...that everything will be okay. To not be afraid anymore, I guess he knew that I wasn’t going to take his blood so easily. So the only option he had left was to force it down my throat. This wasn’t the first time that we’ve kissed, but I wonder why I feel so strange when we connect this way?

Soon the blood bond between Felix and I only grew stronger. Yet my heart continues to beat so heavy for Elijah...I wish that things could have been different when I first met Eli years ago. Feeling his blood pass down my throat, I felt a drop escape my mouth as Felix pulled his lips away from me. Wrapping his arms around my body, my vision grew hazy and all I could feel was Felix’s arms embracing me. I soon felt the cool frost of snow hitting my skin and the last thing I was able to hear was his voice yelling out my name...


Eli, I’m sorry...that I couldn’t keep my promise.

End of Book One


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