His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 5: True-Self

Elijah’s POV:

By the time I made it to my classroom, the school bell had already rung. When I think how bittersweet it is being my last year in high school...I almost wish I could stay another four years so I could be with Luna. How wishful thinking that is...

“Yo, Eli! What’s up.”

Shouted my friend Eric who suddenly came walking towards me, patting my shoulder, we both made our way to the very back corner of the class where we would sit.

“Hey, I’m surprised you showed up for the first period. I would’ve thought you would have slept in.”

I voiced out in a depressing demeanor while taking my seat. I was still annoyed with how Luna rejected my kiss earlier, I get that she’s always been the shy type...but we’ve known each other for so long. Since her mother and my so-called ‘mom’ have been best friends since their college years...it was only natural that Luna and I got so close.

“What’s wrong with you? Rough morning or what?”

Said my other friend Danny who was already sitting next to me, watching him skim through his phone, I was able to see the multiple nudes of the many chicks that he’s been talking with.

“No, not really, I just haven’t been sleeping all that well lately,” I responded in a tiresome sigh while looking down at my notebook calendar.

My birthday was less than a week away...I guess that explains why I haven’t been feeling like myself lately.

“I know what will make you feel better! How about I send you some of these naked bitches photos? I’m sure what you need is a little stress reliever...”

Danny said in a playful smile as he waved his phone in front of my face.

“No thanks, I’m not interested in looking at slutty girls...”

I said while moving his phone away. Giving him a grimaced stare, I thought back at my childish habits of being with so many girls back then. I couldn’t control my urges...Luna was still too young back then to ruin her innocence. But things are different now...Luna, she’s grown so much...but I fear how beautiful she’ll become more than she is now. How I wish I could’ve had more time, staying by her side. Beginning to lose myself in my thoughts, Danny had brought me back to my senses!

“Really!? That’s a first, usually, you’re all for hooking up with these chicks...”

Danny explained while putting his phone back in his pocket.

“You shouldn’t be surprised, our boy Eli here got himself a girlfriend over the summer, didn’t you. There’s no point in denying it, I saw you two holding hands and flirting with each other in the school parking lot this morning...”

Eric pointed out as he jokingly slapped my back in a teasing matter.

“What the fuck!? Really!? Who is it? I bet it’s that hot blonde you fucked a few months back! Damnit, what was her name again...it began with a ‘P’...Oh! Priscilla?!”

Danny voiced out overly excited by Eric’s comment. But his reaction was amusing to see since I never did the whole girlfriend thing. It was always just me messing around with girls...no feelings involved, just sexual tension that I needed to drive off. But when I think back on it now...I associated myself to such a degree so I wouldn’t get close to Luna. I knew all too well that she had always had a crush on me. So I would do my best in ignoring her feelings...but no matter how many girls I slept with, how many girls I kissed. It was always her who I thought of in the end...her body, her lips...her heart that I craved to touch.

“Why would I date the slutiest girl in the school? And also, didn’t you sleep with her a few times already?”

I said in annoyance towards Danny.

“I only fucked her twice, don’t be so dramatic about it.”

Danny responded in a humorous giggle.

“Whatever, I really don’t care. It’s none of your business who I’m dating anyways,” I said to him in a tired yawn.

“Hmm...it’s just weird. You don’t ever get involved with a girl this seriously...oh! I think I know who it is now! Don’t tell me...is it that little girl who would always follow you around back in middle school, what was her name again? Luna!”

Danny shouted out her name with a smug expression.

“Took you long enough to figure that out!”

Eric said while shoving his shoulder in a lightly playful gesture.

Before I could even tell them to shut up. Our homeroom teacher finally came into the class and began taking in roll call...


Once my class was over, I began to take my leave for my next period class. Feeling a tap behind my shoulder, I glanced back to see who it was. He had a familiar face, but I just couldn’t remember what his name was...

“Hey Elijah, it’s been a while.” He said in a wide grin while running his hand through his hair.

Taking a second to try and remember who this guy was-wait! I think I know who he is now!

“Ren, right?”

I asked while snapping my fingers as I pointed at him as we made our way down the hall...

“I’m surprised you remember me, let alone my name since we hardly ever spoke.”

He said in an awkward smile, completely ignoring his voice, I tried to get to my next classroom. The sooner I get to class and get it over with it...the sooner I could see Luna.

“Eli, wait up!”

Eric yelled out as I could hear him running down the hall to catch up to me, placing his hand over my shoulder, he took a glance at Ren, and then back at me.

“Hey, you’re still going to the party tonight right? Cause if so, I’ma need a ride!” Eric asked in a pleaded response.

“Are you talking about Luke’s party that he throws every year semester?”

Ren suddenly asked, trying to make conversation.

“Yeah, that’s the one! So, Eli, you’re going, right? You could bring Luna If you want. I’m sure your girlfriend wouldn’t mind coming...”

Eric said, giving me an encouraging look.

“There’s no way in hell I’m taking her to that kind of party, besides, she’s not the social type. And I wouldn’t want her to be social with anyone there.”

I voiced out sternly.

“Wait, you and Luna...are dating?”

Ren asked in a questionable tone, his confused expression almost seemed like he was in a twilight zone.

“Yeah, we are. She’s my girl...”

I answered him dead in the eye. Deep down, I always knew this guy had a thing for Luna, I just didn’t think he would make it so obvious. But then again, why else would he mow Luna’s front lawn all the time, especially during the summer. Always making stupid excuses to speak with her. Though for some reason, I didn’t see him at all this summer...

“Oh...that’s cool. I uh...better start heading to my class, it was nice talking to you though. I’ll see you around...”

He said as he waved Eric and me goodbye. Seeing him disappear through the crowded hallway of students, I wonder...does he still have a crush on Luna?

“Alright, then just come along. Your girlfriend doesn’t need to know you’re going to a party,” Eric suggested while adjusting his shoulder strap of his backpack.

“I’m not going, just find somebody else to drive you there. Ask Danny, I’m sure he’ll have plenty of room for you in his car...” I said to him as I began to laugh with amusement.

“Ugh...fine, this sucks though. His car always smells like weed. But you better come out with us next time...” He complaint before turning himself around to head towards his locker.

As I continued walking to my next class, I tried to keep myself occupied with the teacher’s lessons once class was in session. But the dark reality was starting to cut deep within me, there’s really no point in learning or blending in with the human world. It’s not like I’ll be able to live a long life here... the sudden realization hits me like a ton of bricks, I won’t be with Luna anymore after this week. The thought of leaving her made my chest ache in pain...

“Was that my heart just now?”

I said to myself quietly, placing my hand over my chest, I felt how slow my heartbeat was becoming. It won’t be long before my heart stops completely. Luna, I wish I could hold you in my arms right now...kiss those soft plump lips of yours that I love so much, you’re the reason why I still feel human at all. You’re the reason why I still want to live in this world with you. Quickly pulling out my phone, I sent Luna a quick text so my teacher wouldn’t notice. messaging her to wait for me outside of the cafeteria building so we could eat lunch together, I hoped the teacher’s lecture won’t last long so I wouldn’t keep her waiting.

I need to spend as much time with her a possible before I disappear entirely...

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