His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 6: Shy Away

Luna’s POV:

Halfway through my classes, I made my way towards my locker and began putting my books away. With the voices of many students chatting down the halls and the squeaking of their shoes hitting along the floor...I found it somewhat soothing to the ear. Failing to hear Alexa calling out my name, it was only when I shut my locker and turned myself around that I was able to see her walking towards me!

“Girl, are you hearing right? I’ve been calling out to you like a hundred times.”

She expressed with exaggeration.

“What?! You did? I’m sorry about that, the hallways get pretty loud during lunch break.”

I explained with an apologetic smile...

“That’s alright, though this is when I wish I had my stupid phone so I could text you! Do you have any idea how hard it was to find you over the sea of people!? Let me tell you, it’s not fun. Anyways, do you wanna get lunch together?”

She asked as she linked her arm with mine...

Answering her question with a simple nod, we made our way towards the cafeteria. Though I couldn’t help but wonder how Eli was doing. Is he still upset with me about the whole avoiding his kiss fiasco?

“Oh, before I forget. Can I borrow your phone real quick, I need to text my boyfriend. Have to let him know when to pick me up tonight for the party.”

She said with an exciting smile...

“Alright fine, here. And what party are you going to?”

I asked curiously as I handed her my phone...

“Oh! You should come! I know that parties aren’t really your thing but you should let loose once in a while...unless, Eli has already gotten you loose...if you know what I mean.”

She voiced out in a flirtatious smirk while giving me a light shrug.

“Oh my God! Alexa, shut up! People will hear you!”

I quickly scolded her while clamping her mouth shut. She then shifted my hands away from her face and released a shocking gasp...

“Hold on a minute...don’t tell me, you and Eli still haven’t-”

Before I could even let her finish her sentence I quickly cut this conversation short!

“No, we haven’t! I’m....I’m still a virgin,” I whispered against her ear so no one else could hear...

“No way? I was for sure you guys would have done it already, you both have known each other for years now. So I would have thought you guys have already sealed the deal, well no matter, it will come naturally to you both.”

She explained as I watched her text her boyfriend...

“Really? How will we both know it’s the right time?”

I asked curiously...

“Sorry, I can’t tell you. That’s something you and Eli have to find out on your own, and speaking of Eli...you have a message from him.”

She said in a giggling matter as she handed me back my phone. Reading the message he had sent, I instantly smiled! He wants to meet up so we could eat lunch together, I guess I can cross off him being upset with me. But...I already agreed to have lunch with Alexa. I can’t just ditch her-

“Come on, don’t keep your boyfriend waiting.”

She teased, I guess she noticed my sudden mood changed. But...

“Are you sure? I don’t want you eating alone-”

“Alone? Honey, I have many friends all over the school, so don’t worry about me. Now shoo...I’m trying to get food already.”

She Immediately stated as she gestured me to leave, waving her goodbye I left towards the exit.

Making my way outside the cafeteria, I looked through the window to see that Alexa was already sitting down with a group of girls. Wow, I kinda envy her...being able to make so many friends so easily. I wonder why it’s so difficult for me to be social with people?

If only I wasn’t so shy whenever I’m around others, trying not to beat myself over it too much, I sat down near the bench as I waited for Eli. However, time seemed to pass by and there was still no sight of Elijah, perhaps he’s running late-

“Luna? Is that you?”

As I was about to call Eli through my phone, a familiar voice that I haven’t heard in a while caught my attention!

Following his voice, I instantly smiled when I saw his face! Quickly standing up, I hurried towards him and hugged him! This person who I’ve grown close to in such a short time was someone who I could rely on. Returning my embrace, he snuggled himself close to me...

“Ren! When did you come back from the states? I thought you were going to stay with your relatives for another month?! ”

I asked with enthusiasm as we both pulled away from each other, the excitement in his eyes was overjoyed and ecstatic!

“I decided to come back home a bit early, did you miss me that much, Luna?”

He asked jokingly while taking a seat near the bench...

“Well of course I missed you, who else was going to mow my lawn,” I responded in playful laughter.

“But in all seriousness, I was a little sad when my mother had to tell me that you were leaving over the summer. I did miss having the stupid conversation we would have...”

I explained in all honesty while sitting next to him.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I really should’ve told you before I left...I just didn’t want to make you sad. But I did miss talking to you. Hey...I was wondering, can I...can I have your phone number? You’re the only girl I talk with, so...”

He said nervously while taking out his phone, his flushed expression was a bit adorable to see. Since I don’t have many friends, I don’t see anything wrong with giving Ren my phone number. So without a second of hesitation, I agreed in giving him my digits...

“Thanks, Luna...you know, it’s crazy now that I think about it. We’ve known each other for a year now and we never really hung out. We usually just talk with each other when you’re joining me on my breaks when I’m mowing your lawn. We should really hang out one day... as friends of course.”

He explained in a nervous tone...

“Really?! You would want to hang out with me?”

I responded in a bit of shock, the only other people that I hang out with that weren’t family were only Alexa and Elijah. I honestly thought I came off a bit boring, but listening to Ren say that he wants to be good friends with me, made my low self-esteem decreased tremendously!

“I would love to hang out with you, oh! You know what, I could invite Alexa and Eli too. That way it could be a lot more fun! Don’t you think?”

I said in a huge smile as I looked over at him...

“Yeah... that would be cool. So you and Eli are... dating now?”

He asked as I heard his voice becoming less excited by the minute.

Bringing my hands to each side of my cheek, I became embarrassed that Ren already knows about my relationship with Eli. If he knows that we’re dating...then does that mean everyone in the school already knows as well?

“Wow, I guess word spreads fast. Yeah, he asked me to be his girlfriend right after you left...so we’ve been together since the summer break. Speaking of which, I’m actually supposed to be meeting up with him right now in front of the cafeteria...but I think he’s running a bit late.”

I said while reaching for my phone to check the time. There were still thirty minutes left until lunch was over, what’s taking him so long? He didn’t stood me up, did he? I should really call him...

“I’m sure he’s still in class, some teachers try to finish their lecture even after the bell has rung,” Ren explained as he rested his hand on my shoulder to ease my tension.

“Really? I didn’t know that? High school really is different from middle school...” I responded while leaning against the bench.

“Yeah, but you’ll get used to it with time. Also, has Elijah mentioned to you about a party tonight? I heard his friend talking to him about it this morning.”

Hearing him say that, I looked at him completely confused. I was almost baffled hearing it...

“A party? No, he hasn’t.”

I wonder if it’s the same party that Alexa brought up earlier to me. I wonder, does Eli want to go?

“Oh, well usually the beginning of the year some guy named Luke. I think he’s the team captain of the football team? He has this tradition of throwing semester parties. But honestly...it’s just an excuse for teenagers to act wild and drink. I went last year just to see what it was about. And it was exactly what I expected to be, so this time I’ll be going with a few of my cousins so I don’t feel completely awkward in showing up alone.”

He laughed as he gave me the explanation of this party tonight. I didn’t think Ren liked going to wild events, but then again, there’s so much that I don’t know about him.

“Hmm...I don’t know if parties are my type of thing I would enjoy. But if Eli wanted to go then I wouldn’t mind showing up.”

I explained with a calming smile. Though I was caught off guard by Ren’s silence as he suddenly leaned close to my face! What is he doing?! Beginning to feel panicked, I was at a loss of what to do! Do I look away? Do I push him off? All these questions were running through my head! But my body just stood completely still as all I felt was his big hand ruffling my hair.

“You’re cute when you blush like that.”

He said in playful laughter...

“Ren, stop...you’re ruining my hair!”

I let out a giggle while grabbing Ren’s arm to stop his assault. Looking down, I wanted to shield my flushed face away from him, I can’t believe he called me cute! He’s very bold-


His voice sounded so cold...so distant as he called out my name. As I faced his direction, the intense stare in his eyes made me automatically let go of Ren’s arm! My chest grew tight and I began making my way toward where Eli was standing...

“Umm...I’ma get going. I’ll see you around, Luna.”

Ren said as he waved me goodbye. He glanced at Elijah before making his way inside the cafeteria. However, Elijah didn’t even bother to look at Ren as his eyes were solely focused on me. Now that I think of it, I’m not even sure if Eli and Ren are talkative to each other. But then again, I don’t know much about Elijah’s friends. Suddenly, the warmth of his arm being wrapped around my waist. Made me automatically look at him! The firm grip that he had on me made it impossible for me to pull away...

“Eli...you’re not still upset at me after this morning, are you?”

My question was brought to silence the moment he brought his soft lips to meet mine! I didn’t think he would kiss me so suddenly, but I won’t avoid his kisses anymore...no matter how embarrassed I get, I won’t push away this time.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I gladly kissed him in return. He tasted sweet, his tongue felt hot and his breath was warm. As he pulled away, I stared breathlessly at those light blue eyes of his that carried so much tenderness and affection. I love it when he holds me this close...

“Let’s go.”

He said in demand, unwrapping his arm from my waist, he quickly held my hand. And began to walk us away from the cafeteria...

“Eli, where are we going?”

“I’m taking you through a drive-through, it’s pretty close to the school, and the food tastes way better than shitty school food.”

He explained as we made it to the parking lot...

“We could leave campus during school hours!? That’s so cool,” I voice out in excitement as we approached Eli’s truck.

“Yeah, it’s the only thing I like about this school. Well, besides you of course...”

He said in a teasing smirk as he playfully pushed me gently against the door of his truck. Placing both of his hands on each side of the window, he had me trapped with nowhere else to go...


Calling out his name, I felt his body heat growing heavier as he closed any gap between us...

“What were you and Ren talking about earlier?”

He whispered next to my ear! Instantly feeling chills running down my spine, the warmness of his breath could be felt touching my bare flesh! This isn’t good...my body is starting to tremble. But, why is he so curious about the conversation I had with Ren?

“Nothing...we were just catching up...on how our summer was and...Oh! That’s right, he mentioned something about you and your friends going to a party tonight?”

I quickly said... I needed some kind of distraction to stop my body from feeling so weak by his strong presence. But Eli only made it worse by bringing his face inches away from mine! However, his expression looked upset, maybe I shouldn’t have brought up about the party. But was he even going to tell me about it?

“I’m not going and neither are you. It’s nothing but a bunch of stupid kids getting drunk and high, besides, I already have plans tonight.”

He said while pulling away from me, watching him get in his truck. I nervously opened the door and entered the vehicle...

“Plans? What plans do you have tonight?”

I asked him eagerly while shutting the door...

“I plan to watch some movies with my girlfriend tonight.”

He said with a smile as he looked over at me. Leaning in, he placed a sweet kiss on my forehead before driving off. The happiness that was flooding my heart was too much for me to handle, reaching out my hand, I went ahead and laced my fingers with his. It’s these moments that I will always treasure...

Once we arrived at the drive-through, we quickly ate and spend the last few minutes in his tuck before we had to drive back to the school. But I couldn’t help but feel that Eli was acting a bit strange...

“Luna, don’t let Ren touch you.”

He said to me as he grabbed my lower chin, forcing me to look up at him.

“Huh? But...it’s not like he has any intentions-”

“I don’t care...don’t let any guy get close to you. Do you understand?”

He demanded as his grip got stronger as he pulled me in closer! I never took Eli to be the jealous type...but it’s not like he has anything to worry about.

“It’s not like Ren is a stranger, you met him many times already. he’s a nice person-”

“It pisses me off...Luna...kiss me...” He bluntly said before brushing his lips against mine.

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous...Eli...you are the only one who I will ever kiss.” I explained in a heartwarming confession before planting a deep kiss on him.

Though the very instant I pulled away, I wasn’t expecting to see Eli’s face grow blushed!

“I’m not jealous! I just...shut up.”

He shyly spoke before looking away from me! But the faint pink shade showing up on his ears was completely visible. Letting out a chuckle, I went ahead and placed another kiss on his cheek!

“Well look at you being affectionate, what happened to my shy Luna?”

He jokingly asked as I felt his fingers gliding across my back...

“I’m trying to get over it...I know you didn’t like me avoiding your kiss this morning.”

I explained in an awkward pout...

“I’m sorry about that... I overreacted a bit. I won’t push you on doing things you don’t want to do...unless you want me to.”

He explained while caressing my cheek, his playful words matched the motion of his dominating hands...

With Elijah and I spending the last few moments in his truck, he walked me to my classroom. As the hours passed, the first day of school came to an end. To my surprise, I actually had fun being on campus. But it was when Eli drove me back home that I became more excited...I want to spend more time with him tonight.

’If only I knew at that time that I would end up at the party...being completely heartbroken. Elijah...you liar.

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