His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 7: Relax

Luna’s POV:

“It feels good to be home,” I said while taking my shoes off and releasing a tiresome yawn.

“I’m guessing your mom isn’t home?”

Eli asked while locking the door behind us.

“I’m not sure?”

I said, approaching the kitchen, I then opened the fridge to grab something to drink. Only to notice a handwritten letter by the counter. Reading the letter, I instantly knew this was my mother’s handwriting...

‘Luna, I’m afraid I’ll be working late again tonight, I’m sorry. I really wanted to know how your first day of school was, but I promise you on my next day off we could have a girl’s day. Also, thank you for the coffee this morning, I love you. And don’t forget to lock the door tonight.’


Once I had finished reading her note, I set it back down on the kitchen counter in a bittersweet smile. It sucks that I’ve gotten so used to her being away all time, especially my father...

“Hey, what is it?”

Hearing Eli calling out to me, he studied my expression as he grabbed my backpack that I was still carrying.

“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing...it looks like my mom is working late again tonight. I was just kinda hoping she would be here when I got home so we could talk. We haven’t been spending that much time together like we used to...”

I explained while taking a swig of my water bottle, feeling the cool refreshing liquid pass down my throat. I felt a lot more relaxed...but the sensation of the water trickling down my chin could be sensed running along my neck. But just as I was about to wipe it off, Elijah had dropped my backpack to the floor and stepped towards me. Gripping my arm, I stopped myself from drinking any more as I felt his body being pressed up against me and his face coming near...

Closing my eyes, I was expecting a kiss. But instead, I felt somthing hot and wet running up my neck, my body instantly tensed up before realizing it was his tongue! It made its way to my jawline and reached the corner of my mouth! Continuing to keep my eyes shut, I was fully enjoying this sensual feeling brewing up inside me, he soon placed his thumb over my lips and started caressing them softly. With his lips rubbing along the corner of my mouth, I knew that he was now teasing me. The frustration of his taunting made me open my eyes and pull myself away to look at him with annoyance...

“Were you wanting a kiss?”

He asked with a playful smirk as he grabbed the back of my neck...

“No! I wasn’t...”

I voiced out at him as I felt flustered from the face. Shifting my body, I made my way to the bedroom. But the sounds of Eli’s footsteps could be heard coming from behind me...

“Don’t be upset, you’re just so easy to tease that I just couldn’t help myself...”

He said in joyful laughter as he brought his arms around my shoulders, snuggling his face into my hair, he placed a light kiss behind my neck!

“I’m not upset...you just...bully me too much!”

I said in irritation as I turned myself around, it’s about time I get back at him...so I immediately placed my hands against his chest and tipped toed myself, inching my face closer to his. His reaction seemed surprised by the actions of what I was doing. I’ve always let Eli tease me even when we were kids, but that changes now. Brining my lips onto his neck, I began sucking on his tender flesh. However, Elijah had quickly stepped away from me and covered the hickey I had created around his neck. Sticking out my tongue, I gave off a satisfying smirk.

“What did you just...”

Stopping midway in his sentence, he walked towards the mirror of my room and looked at the marking I embedded on him. He then turned his body facing my way and gave me a devilish smile, my whole mood changed entirely as his eyes grew serious!

“So...that’s how we’re playing?” He asked, sounding mischievous as he slowly approached me...

Taking a step back, I analyzed the situation I had gotten myself into. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea that I did that, I’m starting to regret my actions since I don’t know what he might do to me now?! The only thing I could do is keep my guard up...

“You’re the one that started it!”

I quickly defended myself as the redness in my face grew stronger. Since this was the first time I’ve ever given someone a hickey, I felt like some kind of pervert! Covering my flushed cheeks, I was almost too embarrassed to look Eli in the eye!

“Well, it looks like I’ll have to return the favor...”

He replied dangerously as his feet drew closer, which only made me draw back further. However, I had nowhere else to go as I felt my back hitting the vanity. Damn this small room of mine-

“Eli! What are doing!? Put me down!”

I yelped as I wasn’t expecting my feet to leave the ground! With Elijah throwing me on his shoulder, I realized just how strong he was! He carries me as if I was the air itself..but either way, that didn’t stop me from struggling within his grasp!

“Whatever you say...”

He let out a chuckle while laying me down on the bed, hovering his body over mine...he gently had both of my hands pinned above my head. We both locked eyes on each other...staring at the intensity looming over us. This silence always eats away at me...wanting to hear his voice more...wanting to feel his lips more. Am I becoming needy? The faint scent of his cologne was soothing...even as he leaned his lips closer to mine. I was too captivated by his beautiful blue eyes to focus on anything else.

It wasn’t until I felt his strong lips finally pressing on me, that we both automatically closed our eyes and tasted each other deeply. Feeling his knee coming in between my legs, he forced them to part until his knee came into contact with my lower core! Arching my back, I let out a low moan of wanting more. But as he held me in place, it was impossible for me to move...

Nibbling on his lower lip, he released a low growl and forced his tongue into my mouth! Locking our tongues together in perfect harmony, my mind began to drift away. A strong sensation was starting to run through my entire body...the spark that he causes each time with every touch he gives me was driving me wild. I’m beginning to run out of breath...

“Your eyes...are asking me for more,” Elijah said breathlessly...

Letting go of his grip, he moved his hands down towards my shirt and began to unbutton them one by one. And with his other hand, he carefully reached the inside of my shirt...the gentleness in his fingers could be felt running across my stomach, making their way to my bra.

With my arms being wrapped around the back of his neck, I ran my fingers through his long soft brown hair. Biting my lower lip, I leaned my head back...leaving my neck exposed. Pressing his face along my jawline, I felt his tongue running down my throat. With each button coming undone, I felt the cool air hitting my skin...causing my body to slightly shiver. His hot tongue reached down to my collar bone...inching closer between my breasts.


Moaning out his name, I began to press my lower body towards his. Letting him know where I wanted his attention...hearing a heavy grunt leave his lips, he began to grind his knee against my lower core! With my inner thighs beginning to tremble, Elijah cupped both my breasts and pushed them closer together, pressing his face between them...

“Luna...your breasts are...so warm, let me taste them again...”

Hearing him say those words, I looked at the fiery gaze that he was giving me, I didn’t even think twice as I nodded my head so effortlessly...

His lips pulled up into a devilish smile, his eyes never once leaving mine. He groped both of my breasts and started to pull my bra down, causing my nipples to instantly hardened by the open chill air. Closing my eyes, I felt his hot breath hitting against my skin...letting out a gasp, I could feel his long heated tongue brushing up one of my rosebuds. Pulling him closer, I latched on to his back as my desires took over...

“Your body...really is beautiful, Luna...I want to taste every inch of what belongs to me....”

He demanded as he brought his mouth to suck on one of breast, it soon started to tingle, almost leaving a painful but pleasurable feeling that made my heart race...

“Oh! Eli...it’s...hot...”

As I lost my will to speak, I readied myself to whatever he was wanting to do to me. Yet we both suddenly paused at what we were doing as the ringing of Eli’s phone went off! As we tried to ignore it, it only seemed to annoy Elijah as he let out a disturbing sigh...

“Fuck! Who the hell is calling me right now!?”

He said in anger as he slowly lifted his body off of mine, leaving my breasts exposed, I was starting to feel embarrassed. So as I tried to cover them with my arms, I was interrupted by Eli pinning both my arms back down against the mattress!

“Eli! This is embarrassing! Let me go!”

I shouted at him as I felt overwhelmed at the position I was in...

Yet Eli acted as if he couldn’t hear me as he searched his pockets! Pulling out his phone, he looked at who was calling and ignored it without a second thought. Watching him throw his phone on the side of the bed, he looked back at me with his lustful gaze. Leaning back down, I immediately blushed as I felt his hard shaft pressing up against my upper thigh!

I then shifted my gaze away, too shy to even look at him. My eyes remained glued to Eli’s phone that began to ring for the second time. Completely ignoring the call, Eli brought his face towards my neck and began placing sweet kisses all over me...

“Umm...Eli, aren’t you going to check who’s calling?”

I said to him as I tried to hide my aroused voice...

“Just ignore it...and focus on me.”

He replied, digging his face onto my collar bone. Trying my best not to fall back into his hypnotic touch, I tried to focus on his phone that wouldn’t stop ringing!

“But...what if it’s...an emergency?”

I said, feeling breathless. But as I said that, Eli had stopped what he was doing and pulled himself off of me, looking at his annoyed expression... he took his phone and didn’t even bother to look at the caller I.D before answering it. Watching him walk towards my window, I sat myself up and fixed my clothes. That was until I noticed a dark marking on my breast! Was this a hickey!? I guess this was Eli’s way of getting back at me, I didn’t think getting a hickey would sting, how strange... It didn’t feel unpleasant. I didn’t even realize that I was smiling as I placed my fingertips over the marking...

“Are you fucking kidding me, dude! Why the fuck did you drink so much!?”

Hearing Eli beginning to yell to whoever was on the other line, I grew curious as to who he was speaking with?

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