His Demonic Possession (Book 1)

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Chapter 7: Relax

Luna’s POV:

“It feels so good to be home now,” I said to Eli kicking my shoes off near the entryway by my door.

“I’m guessing your mom isn’t home is she?” He asked closing the door behind me making sure it was locked.

“I’m not sure?” I said as I entered the kitchen, I then opened the fridge door to grab something to drink, as I closed it I noticed a handwritten letter on the front of the door. As I took the letter I noticed that it was my mother’s handwriting.

‘Sweetie I’m afraid I’ll be working late again tonight, I’m sorry honey. I really wanted to know how your first day of school was, but I promise you on my next day off we could have a girl’s day. Also thank you for the coffee this morning sweetie, I love you. And don’t forget to lock the door tonight.’

Finished reading the note, I placed it down on the kitchen counter, it sucks that I’ve gotten used to her being away all time, especially my father.

“Baby, what is it?” Eli called me entering the kitchen, he studied my face and grabbed my backpack that I was still carrying.

“Oh, it’s nothing, umm...it looks like my mom is working late again tonight. I was just kinda hoping she would be here when I got home so we could talk. We haven’t been spending that much time together as we used to.” I said to him as I took a drink of my water bottle, I felt the cool refreshing liquid pass down my throat.

An felt a drop escape my mouth and trickle down my chin running along my neck, just as I was about to wipe it off with my sleeve. Elijah dropped my backpack on the floor and stepped closer to me stopping my attempt to clean it off. He took my arm and pressed himself against my body, his face inched closer and closer to me.

I closed my eyes expecting a kiss until I felt something hot and wet running up my neck, my body instantly tensed up after I realized it was his tongue. It made its way to my jawline and reached the corner of my mouth. I continued to squeeze my eyes shut enjoying this sensual feeling brewing up inside me, he placed his thumb over my lips and started caressing them softly. His lips rubbed up against the corner of my mouth in a teasing way, the frustration of his taunting made me open my eyes and pull myself away to look at him with annoyance.

“Were you expecting a kiss love? I just thought you wanted help cleaning yourself off.” He said with a playful smirk.

“Well, I didn’t ask for it!” I yelled at him feeling all flustered. I shifted my body away from him and walked towards my room hearing his footsteps follow behind me.

“Don’t be upset at me Luna, you’re just so easy to tease that I couldn’t help myself.” He said laughing behind me as he brought his arms around my shoulders. He snuggled his face in my hair and placed a light kiss behind my neck.

“I’m not upset, I’m just annoyed that you find it amusing!”

I said to him bugged as I turned myself around, I then brought my hands up and placed them on his chest. Tippy toeing myself up I inched my face closer to his. I’ve always let him tease me even when we were kids. ‘So this time it’s my turn!’ I said to myself as I brought my lips to his neck and began sucking on it. Completely caught off guard by my actions, Elijah quickly stepped back and covered the hickey on his neck that I just gave him with his hand. I made sure to stick my tongue out at him right after to let him know that I was serious.

“What did you just...”

He stopped what he was about to say and walked towards the mirror of my room. He looked at his neck and noticed the red marking that was starting to darken more. He turned his body facing my way and gave me a devilish smile, this smile that he was giving me screamed ‘now you’ve done it’!

“So, that’s how we’re playing huh?” He said sounding mischievous.

I slowly took a step back analyzing the situation I got myself into. ‘Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to do that,’ I said to myself regretting what I just did. Now I don’t know what he might do to me! All I could do is keep my guard up.

“Y..you started it!”

I responded to him feeling flushed around my cheeks. I never gave anyone a hickey before, oh my god! I’m turning into some kind of pervert! I said to myself ashamed and embarrassed as I covered my cheeks with my palms surprised by what I just did to Eli’s neck.

“Well it looks like I’ll have to get you back then, now don’t I?”

He said dangerously stepping closer towards me. I took another step back only to hit my dresser behind me. Damn you, your small room of mine! While I was busy damning myself for picking the smallest room of the house I felt my feet leaving the ground. Eli had wrapped his arms around my lower waist lifting my body off the floor.

“Hey! Wha...what are you doing?! Put me down!” I said laughing hitting his shoulders lightly.

“Whatever you say, babe.”

He let out a chuckle and laid me down on the bed, he brought his body over mine while grabbing both my hands pinning them above my head. We both locked eyes on each other staring at one another intently, waiting on who will make the first move. I could smell the faint scent of cologne that he was wearing and it had a nice pine smell to it. He leaned in bringing his lips closer to mine as I continued to stare at those captivating eyes of his.

I finally felt his strong lips pressed up against mine and we both closed our eyes and continued to kiss one other deeply. Eli then brought his knee in between my legs separating them apart from one another and pressed his knee up against my lower core, I arched my back letting out a low moan wanting his body closer to mine. Though he held me in place not allowing me to move much.

I maneuvered my mouth around his and nibbled on his lower lip, he let out a low growl and forced his tongue in my mouth. We locked our tongues together in perfect harmony as if our tounges had a mind of there own, I soon began to feel a strong sensation running through my entire body. The spark that he causes each time he touches me always made me go insane, we part lips trying to catch our breath and set our gaze to one another again.

“Your eyes are looking at me like it wants more,” Elijah said breathing next to my ear, he finally let go of his grip on my arms and moved his hands down to my shirt, and began to unbutton it in a slow flirtatious way. As his other hand reached the inside of my shirt I started to feel his gentle fingers running across my stomach making their way to my bra.

I wrapped one of my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his long soft brown hair, I bit my lower lip as I leaned my head back leaving my neck exposed. He pressed his face against my neck and ran his tongue down my throat, with each button coming undone, I felt the cool air hitting my skin causing my body to slightly shiver. His hot tongue reached down my collar bone inching closer between my breasts.

“Elijah...” I was breathless as I said his name and began to press my lower body towards his, letting him know where I wanted his attention. I heard a quiet moan leaving his lips and felt his knee grinding against my core slowly which only made me want him more. He cupped both my breasts and pushed them closer together and pressed his face in between them.

“Luna..your breasts are so soft and they feel so good in my hands, let me taste them again baby.” As he said those words to me as I looked at the fiery gaze that he was giving me, I didn’t even think twice as I nodded my head to him.

His lips pulled up into a devilish smile, his eyes never once leaving mine. He groped both of my breasts and started to pull my bra down causing my nipples to slip out, they instantly hardened being exposed to the open chill air. I closed my eyes as I felt his hot breath hitting against my skin, letting out a gasping moan I could feel his long hot tongue brush up against my hardened n*pples. I pulled him closer to me by placing both my hands behind his head gripping his hair lightly.

“Your body is so beautiful baby, let me taste every inch of what belongs to me.” He said lusciously as his lips began sucking on my left breast, it soon started to tingle almost leaving a painful feeling, yet it felt pleasurable at the same time.

“Oh..E...Eli, I...I wan..” Just as I was about to tell Elijah what I wanted. His phone began to ring, he tried to ignore the ringing but he couldn’t handle the annoyance of his ringtone any longer. It really couldn’t ring at a worse time.


“F*ck! Who the hell is calling me right now!” He said with a bit of annoyance in his tone, he slowly lifted his body off of mine, leaving my breasts exposed, feeling embarrassed I tried to cover them with my arms only to have Eli stop me. He grabbed both my arms lifting them away from my chest.

“Let my arms go Eli! It’s embarrassing being like this!” I yelled at him feeling all flustered as I struggled to pull my arms back.

Acting like I didn’t say anything he searched his pockets until he finally pulled out his phone, he looked at who was calling him and ignored it without a second thought. He then threw his phone on the side of the bed and looked back at me with his lustful gaze. He leaned back down on my body and I immediately blushed as I felt his harden d*ck pressing up against my upper thigh.

I then shifted my gaze away too shy to look at him in the eyes. I locked my eyes on his phone again as it began to ring for the second time. Completely ignoring the call Eli brought his face towards my neck and began placing sweet kisses all over it.

“Umm...Eli, aren’t you going to check who’s calling?” I said to him trying to hide my aroused voice.

“Just ignore it baby, and focus on me.“He replied digging his face on my collar bone. I tried my best not to fall back into his hypnotic touch and tried to focus on his phone that wouldn’t stop ringing.

“But...what if it’s...an emergency?” I responded feeling breathless. He stopped what he was doing and pulled himself off me, feeling annoyed he took the phone and didn’t even bother to look at the caller I.D as he answered the call he began to walk towards my bedroom window.

I sat myself up fixing my clothes when I noticed a dark red spot on my left breast. Was this a hickey!? I guess this was Eli’s way of getting back at me, I didn’t think getting a hickey would sting, but it’s weird. ‘It didn’t feel unpleasant,’ I said to myself as I covered up the mark with my bra.

“Are you f*cking kidding me, dude! Why the f*ck did you drink so much, to begin with!?” Eli began yelling at whoever was on the other line. I wonder who he was talking to?

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