The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey (New Version)

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Juliana Richerman is part of a game- a revolting game she wishes she had no part of. Every guy in Roosevelt High School is trying to get to the legendary status. Sleeping with girls and ranking up their numbers, Juliana watches as the girl population in her high school get their hearts broken by the players. Having her brother as the founder of the game has it's perks-she doesn't fall for any of the guys in Roosevelt High. Well, that's until Alejandro Rodriquez stepped into the picture. A legend giving up their title to be with someone is impossible right? Maybe.

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Gabriela and I stared at Alejandro. He had a brunette girl pinned down in the corner of the room. The girl twirled her hair around her index finger, getting lost in his light brown eyes. My stomach twisted in disgust. He had finally dropped low this time. He was hitting on a dorky girl, and the poor thing probably didn't even know what was going on.

"That jerk," I growled, forcing myself not to go up and slap him.

Gabriela rolled her eyes at me. "Really? You would think you would've gotten used to the whole hitting-on-girls thing," she simply said, taking a sip from her drink.

I turned my head towards her, a little annoyed. She had a point though. Why did it bother me? He'd been doing the same thing since the moment I set foot in Roosevelt High. Hell, half of the guy population in this school was doing the same thing.

Xavier appeared at my side and handed me his jacket.

"Who was the lucky girl?" I asked him, sarcasm dripping with every word.

"Limia? No, that doesn't sound right. Lidia? No, no. Shit. I forgot her name," my sweet older brother said.

I looked at him in disbelief.

"You mean Linda?" Gabriela asked.

He smiled happily. "There you go; Linda!"

"You got into Linda Whistles' pants?" I asked him, nearly screaming it out loud.

Linda Whistles was the student body president. She was in all AP classes and never missed school. She wasn't the type of girl to open her legs for anyone. It was actually hard to believe that she didn't know the reason why my brother was speaking to her.

Xavier flicked my nose. "Better believe it, sister. I fucked her. And let me tell you, that took work to do," he said, slightly annoyed.

"When did this happen?" I asked, still perplexed by what he had done.

"Fifteen-minutes ago."

"And where is she now?" He shrugged, looking around the room full of people, he pretended to look for the girl he had been with.

"Around." He whispered, scratching the back of his neck.

I threw the jacket back at him. "Get out of my face."

"Don't be like that," Xavier told me, slipping on his jacket.

"Then in what way should I be? You can have any girl in Roosevelt High and you chose her. She didn't need to have Xavier Richerman ruining her senior year." I snapped at him.

If I look around the party a certain percentage of the guys here are wearing a letterman jacket. The Letterman jacket some of these guys were wearing didn't represent membership in the football team, nor in any other type of sport. It represented the rank they were in. The numbered patch informed you how many girls they slept with.

Xavier started the game as a freshman. He thought it would be fun to see how easily girls would fall for him. As time went by, more and more guys got into it. When I entered high school, Xavier handed me The Playbook; a legendary guide filled with passes and moves guys could use to make a girl fall for them.

Eventually, I knew the book as if it was the back of my hand. Every time a guy messed up with a girl, I gave them pointers. I became their coach and eventually became the coach of all the players in school. Revolting, huh? Although all the girls knew what these guys were doing, they didn't care. They kept falling for the players and slept with them, hoping they had found a guy different than the rest, only to get their fragile hearts broken.
"I just want you to see how girls are stupidly fooled by us. I don't want you falling for a guy like me," Xavier told me sincerely.

"There is a saying that says, 'Treat your girl how you would want a guy to treat your daughter.' But considering it's you, it doesn't really relate, huh?"

"You're not my daughter though," he chuckled.

Gabriela gripped my shoulder. Giving it a tight squeeze, she spun me around.

"We did agree to help them out. Plus, thanks to your brother, we aren't like her." She pointed to Linda, who was chatting with her friends.

She probably thinks my brother is going to change for her, but he will only be with her for the night. Tomorrow he will move on and pretend like she never happened. Linda fell for his stupid tricks and I wish she didn't. I dropped my shoulders in defeat. Knowing they had won the little argument, Xavier walked away from me. I looked away from Linda and took another sip of my drink.

"Enjoy the night. We hardly come out to the senior parties." Gabriela touched my arm. "The less you think about what is going on, the better you will feel."

I wasn't sure if I felt more disgusted with the guys, or with myself. Why the hell I was helping my brother with this revolting game? He isn't forcing me to help him, I guess I could have gotten out of it from the moment he gave me his pointers in a binder. Three years ago my feelings towards this game was different. Transitioning from a middle schooler to a freshman in high school was scary. When Xavier handed me the playbook I knew helping him would come with some perks.

Upperclassmen knew who I was and my social status in school rose. It wasn't so scary being a freshman anymore. Unfortunately as the year passed by I saw the true colors of the game and every time a player handed me their letterman, my stomach turned into knots.

I could hand over the book back to Xavier and try to forget what is happening in school. I could try to finish off junior year without being partially responsible for someone's heartbreak. Like I mention, I could, but I won't. I'll complain about helping but I don't have the nerve to drop out of the game.

"Yeah, I know." I sighed, gulping down the remaining of my drink. "I need another drink," I passed Gabriela and went into the kitchen. Enrique, one of the four legends in school, was the one preparing the drinks for everyone.

I placed my red cup down on the counter and gave him a innocent smile. "I need a refill."

"Coming right up." He said, reaching over for the bottle of Sky Blue.

"I prefer something stronger." I quickly said. He looked over his shoulder with a frown on his face.

"I'm kind of worried about giving something stronger, you're brother is a good friend of mine, and I don't want to get you drunk and you end up doing something you'll regret."

I rolled my eyes. "Xavier isn't my chaperone, so make me the drink."

He sighed. "Fine, I'll make you a Hulk then."

A what? I watched him grab four different bottles of vodka and pour it inside the cup. He filled 3/4 of the cup before filling the remainder of the cup with Sprite. He grabbed a spoon and twirled the cup around before handing it to me.

"Drink it with caution, don't drink it down like water if not you'll get drunk off your ass way too fast." He warned. "Enjoy."

I took a sip and smiled, it was strong as hell but I didn't mind. "Cheers."

Returning back to Gabriela she had a disgusted look on her face. Staring ahead where she was looking, Alejandro was french kissing the girl we saw him with earlier. His body was pressed against the girl, leaving no space between them.

"Why doesn't he take her upstairs or his car? No one wants to see him making out." Gabriela shook her head turning around to look at me, she peered inside my cup.

"What are you drinking?" She asked.

"Enrique said it was called the Hulk and apparently if you drink it real fast it'll get you drunk off your ass real fast." I smiled.

"You probably shouldn't do that."

"You said to let loose." I reminded her. She talked me into coming to the senior party so I can enjoy myself for a night. Getting drunk probably isn't the way she wanted me to enjoy myself but here's to a decision I'll likely regret tomorrow.

"Not what I-" I chugged down the drink. "You chugged it." She clicked her tongue. "You're a dumbass."

Enrique stepped out of the kitchen and looked at the empty cup in my hand. "You're a bad listener."

"The feeling is mutual." I shot back at him.

"That drink is going to hit you in a few minutes and you're going to regret drinking it so quickly."

"Since I am going to regret my decision tonight, are you going to play beer pong?" I asked him.

"Yeah. No, you cannot play with me." He caught my drift.

"I'm good at beer pong." I used to play a lot with Xavier during the summer, we wouldn't drink beer but orange juice. It's pretty lame I know, but I got good at the game.

"She's really good." Gabriela hadn't ever seen me play but she figured if I was telling him it must be true.

"Fine, come on." He grabbed onto my hand and led me to the back yard. Multiple tables were set up and people were playing beer bong. We went up to a group who had just finished playing.

Enrique asked if we could play the winners and they agreed. Setting up quickly the cups and filling them up with beer, we started the game.

"I'll give you the honor to shooting first." Enrique said, stepping aside to give me room to shoot. Taking the ball from his hand, I thanked him. He wasn't lying when he said the drink would hit me soon, my body had started to heat up.

"Watch and learn." I winked at him and threw the ball, scoring inside a cup. The guys watching roared, mocking Enrique.

"I got this." I tapped my chest.

I don't got this. After two beer pong games won and a good three beers settled inside my stomach, everything started slowly going in circles. Gabriela had started playing a round of beer bong with Enrique and I decided it was time for me to find a bathroom. I focused my vision to the door leading back inside the house. In my head I was walking normally, but in reality I was wobbling from side to side, almost tripping with my own feet. I've had enough to drink. I tried to look for a bathroom but the rumbling in my stomach warned me I wouldn't make it to a bathroom. I rushed out the house to the front. Going near my car I placed my hands on my knees and leaned forward, throwing up all the remains inside my stomach.

My face heated, making me feel like I was running a temperature. The sounds of my own gagging made my stomach hurt even more. I leaned on my car, burying my face in my arms, I took in deep breaths.

"Here." I heard someone say. Looking up, Alejandro was standing beside me with a bottle of water in his hand. "Drink some, it'll make you feel better."

I shook my head. "Water sounds disgusting right now." I slurred my words.

"Suit yourself. Are you planning to leave the party this intoxicated?" Here he was standing next to me while I am drunk off my ass asking me questions like I am not a responsible person. Right-says the one who is drunk.

I groaned and buried my face back in my arms. My eyes had became heavy and all I wanted to do was knock out.

"Come on, let's take you home." He said grabbing my arm.

I pushed him away from me. "Don't move me. Everything is spinning right now." I snapped.

"Yeah, you're drunk, so we should get you in bed so you can sleep it off."

"No!" I pointed my finger at him. "I'm standing right here." Then I pointed to the ground. "Not moving."

He chuckled. "You're right next to your vomit."


"Whatever. Does Xavier know you're this drunk?" He asked. I shrugged. Who knows. I hadn't seen him since earlier at the party.

I shook my head-bad idea. Really, bad idea. My stomach made another rumbling sound and I leaned back forward throwing up again. Alejandro held onto my hair while I finished puking.

"Okay..." I exhaled heavily. "I want to go home." I managed to say.

"Okay, you came with Gabriela right? I'll ask Enrique to drop her off home." He told me.

"Alejandro..." My voice cracked. All of a sudden I burst into tears and I couldn't stop myself.

"Oh great. You're an emotional drunk." He said underneath his breath. His remark only made my cry harder.

"You're such a jerk!"

"Yeah, at least you're the only one who believes so." He turned me around and pulled me into him. My face landed on his hard chest while he wrapped his arms around me. "It's okay."

I expected to push him away instead I wrapped my arms his torso, soaking his shirt with my tears. "This is so embarrassing. I'm crying and drunk." I sobbed.

"You're fine. Majority of the people at the party are drunk. Come on let's get you home okay?" He kept his arm wrapped around me and we walked towards his truck.

He opened the door for me and helped me get in. Alejandro got inside the driver's seat and fastened my seatbelt before fastening his. As he drove off, I cleared my tears, relaxing a bit. A part of me felt relief I was going home, I had never wanted my bed so much until now.

"You're not going to be able to get inside your house like that." Alejandro spoke to me.

"Probably not." I whispered. I could hardly keep my eyes open now.

"Taking you to my house is worse. You're parents will murder you if you don't show up at home." He said that more to himself than to me.

"I'm supposed to stay at Gabriela's. Her parents are out of town for the weekend."

"Oh, well than I'll take you to my house and you can sleep there and in the morning I'll drive you to pick up your car."

"M'kay." I muttered, closing my eyes.

Opening my eyes, Alejandro was leaning over me trying to unbuckle my seatbelt. His face was inches from mine. I could feel his breath hitting my lips.

My heart gave an involuntary start.

"Sorry, I can't unbuckle the seat-" Click. Before he could back away from me, I leaned forward aiming to kiss him, but he turned his face to the other side. My lips touched his cheek.

"You're drunk and kissing me isn't something you want to do when you're drunk." He chuckled quietly. "Come on, let's get you inside."

"It's the perfect reason to kiss me." I responded. "I want you on me." The words spilled from my lips so gradually.

He gulped. "I wouldn't take advantage of you while you're drunk."

"Why not? You do it to every other girl?" I frowned.

"Yeah, but you aren't any other girl to me. You mean something and I am not fixing to kiss you or sleep with you when you're drunk." I realized two things that night. One: I am a careless drunk, I don't care where my actions lead me to, because I grabbed his face and slammed my lips on his.

The second thing I realized is, I probably had made one of the worst mistakes in my life.

Kind of.

I've never been the author to start off a story slow. So, get ready for another wild ride(;

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