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"What did you call me?" I asked him in fury. "A pup?" he replied, smirking at my fuming face. I hit him on the back of his knee, making him lean forward. "I'm going to rip your throat out if you called me pup once again. I can sense that you hold some title." "I can smell that your Alpha is close by. You better let me go before you get in a hot water for attacking your guest," he said without using the command in his deep husky voice. As an Alpha, I didn't want to leave the terrible impression on my guest so I tried to calm down my raging hormones and let him go. He got up and dusted his clothes with the smug smile. He was wearing perfectly fitted jeans and a brown leather jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. His dark brown hair was slicked back and his glacier-like eyes stared at me. "Can you still smell the Alpha?" I asked him, amused. He took the lungful air and let out his breath. "Of course, the smell is stronger now." I walked closer to him with the smirk on my face. "I'm Alpha Aria Woods. It’s a pleasure to have you here on my territory." I said, extending my hand towards him when a loud growl came from behind me. Suddenly, I was hit with the most enchanting smell. It made my body shudder with raving pleasure.

Romance / Fantasy
S.G. Sonysa
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Angel or Little Devil


I heard my mother humming happy birthday into my ear; her voice was gentle and loving. My mother affectionately stroked my hair and pinched my cheek to wake me up.

“Mom, good morning,” I said, sitting up on the bed groggily and smiling at her.

“Good morning, my angel,” she replied.

I smirked when she called me her angel. If my mother only knew how I ripped apart the rouge last night she wouldn’t be using such a pure term to call me.

“What time is it?” I asked my mother lazily, leaning my head on the headboard.

“It’s nine in the morning,” my mom told me, casually.

My eyes widened in shock when I realized that I missed the morning training. I got up from the bed, cursing my bruises for making me sleep in.

The werewolves always need rest to heal their wounds properly and I was no different. On the bright side, I thought I was lucky to have the Alpha blood in my system which helped me to heal faster than any average werewolf. If I didn’t have the Alpha blood I would be lying half-dead at healers chamber.

I walked to my closet and pulled out my clothes. I didn’t have to ramble around because my closet was perfectly organized as always.

“Where are you going?”

“To check, how the training went without me.”

I turned to my mother with my clothes in my hand and asked, “Why didn’t you wake me up? You know the rules; no one skips the training unless he or she is dying.”

My mother rolled her grey eyes and snatched my clothes with the distasteful look on her face and threw them on the bed.

“You don’t have to worry about the training; your dad took care of it.”

Then my mother walked to my closet and started to search for something.

“That’s great! I’m glad they didn’t cancel the training.” She said with the sigh. The training was an essential part of the werewolves, it teaches them to protect them and fight for survival.

I picked my clothes from the bed and headed towards the bathroom to take a shower when my mom pulled me back.

“I am tired of seeing you wearing black every day.”

I groaned, thinking about the lecture that was coming. My mother was a beautiful woman with fair skin, green eyes, and sharp features. I looked like a younger version of her with a lean body while she was more on the curvy side. She had a chirpy personality, unlike my dad. My dad was a serious, honest, and simple man. Their personalities were contrasting but they loved each other to death, maybe they loved each other more than they loved me. After all, they were mates and their bond was powerful than any bond in the world.

“Mom, you know black is my color. It makes me feel strong.”

She sighed and turned to me.

“I brought you so many new dresses from my last shopping. Where are those dresses? Why can’t I find them in your closet?”

I clicked my tongue, recalling how my good friend Fay borrowed my dresses and never returned them.

“Fay borrowed them,” I told her, grimacing.

My mother narrowed her eyes at me.

“I bought them for you, Aria. It’s your nineteenth birthday and you need something beautiful to wear. What if you meet your mate today?”

I rolled my eyes, hearing the excitement in her voice.

“I didn’t meet my mate last year and probably this year is going to be the same. Don’t get your hopes up, mom,” I told her despondently.

“Don’t lose hope. Just because you didn’t meet him last year, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t find him this year,” my mother replied and patted my cheek, gently. “And you know all the Alphas and Betas of surrounding packs are coming to your birthday party tonight.”

I groaned in embarrassment.

“Mom, it’s a birthday dinner. I’m an Alpha of the second-largest pack, not a juvenile, throwing a birthday party.”

She waved her hand in a dismissing manner. “I know you’re an Alpha, but you’re my only daughter.”

“I’m your only child,” I replied, feeling sad for my parents.

I didn’t know why and what happened but they couldn’t conceive any child after me.

My mother wiped away the imaginary tears. “Yes. Now, do you understand how many dreams I have as a mother? I want to see you in a gorgeous gown once in a while.”

Then to my utter surprise, my mother pulled out a woolen burgundy dress from my closet.

“Great! You should wear this dress, it would go beautifully with your brown hair and green eyes,” my mother said, putting a dress on my chest and gazing at me.

I looked at the dress and couldn’t picture myself in it no matter how many times I tried.

“Mom, I love you so much but I can’t wear this dress. I need to get ready and go to the office. There’s a lot of paperwork that needs to be done today.”

My mother’s face dropped and she threw the dress back into the closet.

“It’s your birthday, you’re not going anywhere. Fay is coming with some of her friends and they will be helping you to get ready for the birthday party.”

I turned to my mother quickly and got whiplash.

“What? No, I’m not allowing anyone to touch me. I can dress appropriately for dinner without their assistance.”

“I know you can. You’ll just pull out one of your black pants and t-shirt then throws on your leather jacket with your black long boots.” My mother said, looking at the black knee-length boots sitting in the corner covered in mud.

“Exactly, mom. You know me so well,” I said, picking my boots and cleaning the mud from them.

“And I don’t want that, Aria,” My mom said, sounding irritated. “Why this is so hard for you to understand that men like women who look pretty and dress elegantly.”

I sighed, knowing that my mother wouldn’t drop the subject until I agree with her.

“I’m not a teenager, I am an Alpha. What will other Alphas think if I show up looking like a Barbie doll? I don’t want to give them the impression that I am weak or any less worthy of them. They already have suspicious how a girl can be Alpha of the pack.”

My mother looked down in defeat understanding my concerns.

“But I promise that I would try to look more presentable tonight,” I said with the wink.

Before my mother could say anything I picked my clothes and ran off in the direction of the bathroom to take a quick shower.

I arrived at the breakfast table where a piece of the juicy steak was sitting inviting me to eat it. I picked the fork and knife then dug into it, savoring the taste of fresh deer.

“Who went to hunting?” I asked the cook.

Liza turned to me with a polite smile. “Your dad went to hunting with the Beta and Gamma.” She said, placing the grape juice on the table.

I offered her an appreciative smile.

“And, happy birthday, Alpha,” Liza said with a slight bow in respect. She was an Omega. Omegas were the weakest wolves of the pack while the Alphas were the leader, the highest rank of the pack. Alphas were born to protect and run their pack while the average wolves live and survive under their protection. The Beta and Gamma were stronger than average werewolves and they were born to support their Alphas in this task.

I nodded my head in her direction, acknowledging her.

She knew how important it was for everyone to address me as Alpha on my birthday. My wolf was one proud and the obnoxious beast that would demand utmost admiration from her pack members, especially on our birthday.

“Finally, you remember me, huh?” My wolf said, mockingly.

“How can I forget you when you’re always annoying me in my head?” I told my wolf, chewing on the meat.

“I’m not annoying. I confess that I’ve temperament issues. But I am compassionate and kind,” my wolf said with a smirk.

“Compassionate my ass. You ripped that rogue’s throat in scorching anger last night when I wanted to bring him to the cell for an investigation.” I snapped at her in annoyance.

“I did, didn’t I? But you have to confess how satisfying it was to see the life vanishing from his eyes.” My wolf said, showing me the memories from last night.

A shudder went through my body remembering the last night’s incident. I was furious at the rogue and for some reason, I couldn’t hold my wolf back from slaughtering him.

“I get accuse of having a dark personality when it’s actually you,” I said to my wolf, taking the last bite.

“If you don’t remember we are both one,” my wolf reminded me with a grin.

“Whatever, Lynn,” I dismissed her, gulping down the juice.

I went out to find everyone working on clearing the snow from the yard and preparing for the dinner tonight. I was glad it wasn’t snowing today.

Everyone bowed to me wishing me a happy birthday. My dad turned to me with a warmly on his face.

He had black hair and brown eyes with a square shape face. With nicely trimmed bread, he looked ten years younger than his age actual age. He was very tall while I hardly managed to reach his chest.

“Happy Birthday, Aria.”

My dad opened his arms welcoming me in an embrace.

“Thank you, Dad,” I replied, hugging to him.

Everyone resumed their work, giving me and my father privacy to share that moment.

“How did the training go this morning?” I asked him concerned.

“It went great. It reminded me of the day when I was young and training hard for the expected battle when the beta of the neighbor pack came to drop some important information along with his daughter. I found my mate and he had to leave alone.”

“What a beautiful tale. You both found each other at eighteen,” I said, trying not to sound disappointed.

“That’s the age when usually werewolves meet their mate,” dad replied.

My dad patted my shoulder to give me comfort. “We will go from the pack to pack and search entire Alaska for your mate, you don’t have to worry.”

I placed my hand on my hips. “I’m not going anywhere, Dad. If he wants me then he has to be the one to find me.”

My dad laughed at my stubbornness which I had inherited with my Alpha tittle. My dad knew I was the tough nut to crack.

“Even the strongest Alphas need their mates along their side to run the pack with stability. You know why you need a mate at your side, Aria.”

I knew he internally wished that I would find my mate soon. He was concerned about my wolf’s outrage that had been coming to an extreme extent. When werewolves couldn’t find their mate to help them to control their anger and release their sexual desire then their wolves get enraged. Heated wolves could go berserk and lead the whole pack towards destruction.

“I know, Dad,” I told him.

I went to my office and found a pile of paperwork on my desk. I looked at with a grimace. My wolf growled with me, showing her displeasure. For a few days, she had been getting irritated by the small tasks.

“I want to hit someone or something,” Lynn said.

“Hold your horses. We need to complete this work,” I replied to my tense wolf.

I knew my wolf was itching for training; she wanted to release some of the tension from her body.

I started to work when my nagging wolf decided to interpret me.

“So sweet of you Lynn to join us,” I said, mockingly to my wolf.

“You know if you had huge tits we would’ve found our mate already.”

I chocked and looked down at my small breasts then wondered if she was right. I didn’t know why I was slim when my wolf was 130 pounds. However, I wasn’t ready to admit that to her that my 5 feet 3 inches height and 103 pounds weight in human form was not gifted with huge tits and ass.

“If you weren’t that annoying he would’ve found us. Or maybe he has already smelled your arrogance from miles away and decided to stay without a mate for the rest of his life.”

I could feel my wolf shaking her gigantic head in disapproval.

“My mate wouldn’t find me annoying, Aria. He was born to be mine, my soul mate,” my wolf said in a dreamy voice.

“Then my mate wouldn’t find my small tits unattractive either,” I replied nonchalantly.

“Humans are crazy; they always go for external beauty. I’m just saying,” my wolf said with the cheeky smile, disappearing from her head.

I agreed with my wolf about humans and continued to work.

When it was close to the evening my Beta knocked at my office door.

“Come in, Kaden.”

The Beta entered my office and slightly bowed his head in respect.

“You called me, Alpha,” Kaden said, towering over my table with his 6′2 frame, looking at the papers I was holding in my hand.

Kaden River was the eldest son of the former beta Kyle River. Kaden was twenty when his father died in a rogue attack then he acquired the title of the beta and worked with my dad for three years. Last year, I turned eighteen and became Alpha but I decided to keep Kaden as my beta instead of his younger brother. Kaden was the best trainer in my pack and also a good friend of mine despite the age difference between us. He had a beautiful mate and two pups of his own.

“This is the list of the wolves that will be patrolling the boundaries tonight.”

Kaden took the list from my hand and glanced at it.

“But the list was sent a week ago, Aria. And this arrangement is completely different.”

“After last night, I am not taking any risks—at least not tonight when we will be having Alphas of all neighboring packs on our land. I have selected the best-trained commanders to lead the nine groups of wolves. Tell all these people whose names are mentioned in this list to leave in half an hour.”

I heard another knock and my Gemma entered. Kaden and I stared at Caleb with the scowl because he didn’t take the permission. He stared at us with the wide grin on his face and made his way to my table.

“You called me? I was just leaving to get ready for the party,” Caleb said.

Caleb Burns was nineteen; he took his Gemma position two months ago when his dad decided to retire.

“I’ve got bad news for you, Caleb,” Kaden said.

Kaden smirked, handing him the list of the warriors that would be doing the patrolling tonight.

“What is this?” he said, reading the list with a confused look on his face. “No... No, you can’t do this with me, Aria. I was so excited about this party.”

I relaxed back on my chair with the smirk on my face.

“It’s Alpha for you, Caleb,” Kaden reminded him.

“But...I haven’t found my mate yet. I was hoping to find her tonight at the party.”

I raised my eyebrows at him while Caleb gave me a puppy dog face. His blonde hair was falling down on his forehead almost covering his blue eyes and his lips were jutting out.

“Only the unmated Alphas are coming with their Betas and mated Alphas are coming with their mates to attend the dinner. It’s not a mating ceremony so no one would be bringing any unmated girl to our land.” I reminded him.

Kaden coughed to control his laugh.

“Really? What if she was in our pack and tonight would be the night we were destined to meet each other?” Caleb asked, looking hopeful.

Kaden shook his head and sat down on the leather couch knowing Caleb would take a while to understand everything.

“Caleb, you know every unmated girl in this pack and your mate isn’t here,” I told him.

My third in command looked at the beta for support, but he showed his hand in surrender.

“I can’t go against Alpha’s order,” Kaden told Caleb.

“You’re one of the strongest warriors,” I said getting up from the chair and making my way to Caleb.

His chest puffed out in joy, his wolf felt proud to hear the compliments from the Alpha. It was natural for any werewolf to feel thrilled when their Alpha compliments them.

“I can’t trust anyone else after last night’s attack so you need to monitor this patrolling. Also, I’ll put in a good word for you in other Alphas ear so they would allow you to sniff their territories and it would help you find your mate.”

My third in command excitement could be seen clearly as he beamed at me. “Thank you so much, Alpha. I’ll gather all the warriors now.”

Caleb snatched the list and left my office. Kaden got up from the couch.

“He hasn’t allowed his wolf to take charge of his personality. He is still acting like Caleb, not Gamma,” Kaden said with an amused smile.

“He’s just a teenager,” I reminded him.

“So are you, but look at yourself. This whole pack trusts you and because they know you will protect them no matter what.” Kaden said.

“I grew up fast. Perks of being Alpha,” I replied, collecting the papers.

“Your mom is saying you’re blocking her from mind linking you. She wants me to inform you that she needs you at a home in fifteen minutes,” Kaden informed me.

“Tell her I would be there on time.”

“See you at dinner then,” Kaden said and left the office.

I picked another file when a strong pressure on my head attacked me. I pinched my nose and closed my eyes in pain.

“What’s wrong Lynn?” I asked her, knowing it was her emotions that I was feeling.

“I can feel it...” she whispered.

I snapped my eyes open. I knew they were switching from green to black.

“What? Can you sense a rogue again?” I asked in a panic.

“No! No, it’s far worse. You should head back home.”

I got up and locked my office then made my way back to the pack house when an unfamiliar scent hit my nose. Instantly, I took the stance and scanned the forest. The smell got intense and I knew he was getting closer.

Suddenly, a man jumped out of the bushes. He gazed at me from his hooded eyes from head to toe then smirked in amusement.

His eyes were the most beautiful shade of grey bluish, they looked like a glacier. He had a rectangular face with prominent cheekbones and his jaw was covered with stubble. His lean yet perfectly muscular body was indicating that he was a skilled warrior, powerful than any ordinary werewolf.

I smelled him once again while he leaned on the tree calmly, staring at me. I could tell he wasn’t a rogue, his scent held power and domination. He looked in his mid-twenties, perfect for the position of Alpha. His physical appearance was impressive.

“What are you staring at pup?” he asked me.

My wolf snapped at the insult, she wanted to teach him a lesson. In one swift motion, I ran to him and twisted his arm behind his back and forced him to kneel down on the snow.

He would’ve foreseen my attack if he hadn’t considered me a pup.

I looped my arm around his neck and forced him to look up. He looked into my eyes with his captivating grey bluish eyes, his gaze was intense.

“What did you call me?” I asked him in fury.

“A pup?” he replied, smirking at my fuming face.

I hit him on the back of his knee, making him lean forward.

“I’m going to rip your throat out if you called me pup once again. I can sense that you hold some title.”

He gave me a smug smile not trying to fight back which intensified my irritation. I couldn’t understand why he was so relaxed in the current situation.

“I can smell that your Alpha is close by. You better let me go before you get in a hot water for attacking your guests,” he said without using the command in his deep husky voice.

I was furious that he assumed I was an average wolf but my arrogant wolf surprisingly didn’t find it offended.

As an Alpha, I didn’t want to leave the terrible impression on my guest so I tried to calm down my raging hormones and let him go.

He got up and dusted his clothes with the smug smile. He was wearing perfectly fitted jeans and a brown leather jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. His dark brown hair was slicked back and his sharp nose stood perfectly on his attractive face.

“Can you still smell the Alpha?” I asked him, amused.

He took the lungful air and let out his breath. “Of course, the smell is stronger now.”

I walked closer to him with the smirk on my face.

“I’m Alpha Aria Woods, its pleasure to have you here on my territory,” I said, extending my hand towards him when a loud growl came from behind me.

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