It's Complicated 2

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This book is the sequel of Its Complicated and can't be read as a standalone. Before you start reading please keep in mind that this sequel will explore the personal lives of the characters. So, if you are expecting to read any dramatic twists and turns then this story is not for you because this story is based more on real-life situations with an added touch of fiction. (Unedited) Started on: 12-25-2019 Ended on: 08-16-2020

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

These past two years have been nothing but blissful. It is not that I and Nathan never have any serious arguments or everything is perfect in our relationship. However, we try to work through our differences and try to understand each other’s perspectives.

When we had our first serious fight, we had not talked to each other for two days. Trust me, those two days were really difficult for both of us as we both were suffering. Then we decided, no matter, how big fight we had but we will solve it before going to bed at night. If we need space we will give each other space, however, we will discuss our problems and solve them on the same day. We can’t let ourselves and our relationship suffer over something which will hardly matter after a few days.

Still, there are some days when I feel being chased by demons of my past but Nathan is always there to hold me. His presence is enough to make me feel safe and protected.

Now, with Noel being a part of our world, it makes things interesting for us. His little antics, his dependency on us, everything about him makes our life more beautiful.

That little bugger, surely, knows he has wrapped his parents around his little finger.

A tired sigh leaves my lips when I hear Noel’s loud crying, disposing of my coffee in the kitchen sink, I walk to his swinger to pick him up.

“Hey, baby boy.” I smile at him and cradle him in my arms, as he continues to cry.

Since Noel has started teething, he has not been feeling well. He doesn’t sleep properly and also his appetite has been reduced. He just stays attached to me all the time, or he goes to Nathan. But other than us, he doesn’t allow anyone to pick him up. He is constantly fussy and irritated. I feel so helpless when I can’t do anything to help him.

Nowadays I mostly work from home and only go to the office once or twice a week as Noel demands my constant attention with him being in his teething stage. At this moment my son is my priority. Work is important for me, however, my family comes above all. Dad is really supportive of my decision, as he also always keeps his family first. Nathan is constantly busy with his new venture and hardly has any free time. Even now he is away for some work.

Sometimes, I feel he needs to learn to balance his personal and professional life. He tries really hard to spend more time with his family, but I can see sometimes he just gets carried away with work.

Washing my hand, I run my finger on his gums feeling the swollen and tender skin. This soothes him a little as he starts chewing my finger while holding my hand with his hands. Noel’s two bottom teeth have started to appear, and he looks extremely adorable with his little teeth. He keeps everything in his mouth. Once Nathan found him chewing his phone and when he tried to take from him, Noel threw it away.

Strolling into the living room, I sit on the couch while I try to nurse Noel. After an hour-long of crying, spit-up, and refusing to eat, finally, he settles down clinging on my shoulder while I pace in the living room.

I dab the corner of my eyes as hot tears burn my eyes, thinking about Noel’s discomfort. I know it is normal, but still, I can’t help it, his cries pierce my heart. It makes me feels useless, as a mother, not being to help him relieve his pain.

The front door opens and Nathan comes inside dragging a small carry-on behind him. My shoulder slumps in relief as he smiles.

“Hey, gorgeous.” He smiles as he walks towards me leaving the carry-on beside the front door. His comment makes me lightly laugh, as I am sure I am looking completely opposite of it.

He wraps an arm around my shoulder bringing me to him. Instantly, I feel calm surrounded by his familiar warmth as I inhale his comforting scent.

Pulling back he kisses my head, as I give him a tired smile.

“Hey, buddy.” He holds Noel’s hand and tries to take him from me, but Noel pulls his hand away and hides his face on my shoulder.

Nathan upset eyes meet mine, then he looks but at Noel.

“You broke my heart, Potato,” he sadly says, looking at him.

“My first heartbreak as a dad.” He looks at me with sad eyes.

“We are not feeling well, dad. We are having a hard time teething. Now we are all cranky and annoyed because we are even having a fever,” I tell him while rubbing soothing circles on Noel’s back.

“I am so sorry, Potato.” He holds his hand and kisses it, hearing Potato, Noel turns his face to him.

Earlier, I used to get angry when Nathan called him Potato because well, how can you call your baby a potato? But now, I don’t mind. Because he calls him with so much adoration that it is impossible not to find it cute.

“Dada...” Noel’s little voice makes Nathan warmly smiles at him.

“Yeah, dada is here.” He kisses his head as Noel extends his hand to him while clutching my shirt with his other hand. It seems like he wants both of us because he doesn’t loosen his hold on me while stretching his hand to Nathan.

Noel has started babbling and calls Nathan dada while I am his mum mum. Actually, he only says these two words clearly between his mindless babbling. However, the tone of dada and mum mum changes according to his demands.

Nathan was over the moon when the first time he called him dada. He recorded it and played it a thousand times and even now he plays every now and then.

Being his Potato, dada was his first word.

Talk about injustice.

“Give me a hug,” Nathan asks, trying to take Noel from my arms again and this time he goes to him.

“I missed you so much.” Nathan hugs him while Noel clings to him.

“Hey, even though I find your Mommy Knight avatar hot, but I would like to have my Abigail back,” Nathan jokes glancing at me.

“Go freshen up, take a long shower or just relax for a while. I will take care of him.” He cups my face with one hand while planting a small kiss on my lips.

Quickly, I cover Noel's eyes which makes Nathan laugh and Noel whine.

After taking a shower, I feel so much better. Especially, I am feeling so relieved with Nathan being back home, I feel some burden has been off my shoulder.

Walking back into the room, I find Nathan still carrying Noel while he is fast asleep. This is a sight that I will miss dearly when Noel will grow up.

“I have ordered dinner, it will be here shortly.” He smiles then stiffens when Noel lightly whines in his sleep then hushes him back to sleep.

When he is sure Noel will not wake up, he puts him into his crib and then he changes from his work clothes to sweats and shirt. In the meantime, I place the dinner on the table as I wait for him.

“He is really grumpy.” He laughs raking his hand through his damp hair while nodding in the direction of Noel’s nursery.

“I am starving, I haven’t had anything since morning. I just wanted to rush back home, so I got onto the flight as soon as my meeting was over.” He sighs, tiredness around his eyes becoming more visible.

Pulling the chair, he sits and starts to put little of everything on his plate. While I watch him, keeping my chin on hand feeling extremely happy to see him home.

“You should take a picture, it will last longer,” Teasing smile uplifts his lips, as he says without glancing in my direction.

“I will simply keep you as a husband, it will last forever,” I retort smugly, leaning back in my chair as I watch him pause then he throws his head in laughter.

“God, how much boring my life would have been without you.” He shakes his head holding my hand above the table, “I love you so much.” Even though he is laughing, but his gaze filled with love.

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