It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 13

Natalie’s POV

Miles opens the door with a wide smile, even before I can step outside the car, like he was just standing behind the door waiting for us to come back home.

“Hi, crazy.” He greets me displaying his single dimple which I love to poke just to annoy him.

“Ryan, somebody is in a good mood today?” Arching my eyebrow at Miles I carry the food inside as Ryan dangles from Miles’s shoulder as he walks before me.

“My favorite people are home, of course, I am in a good mood. Especially, that food smell is making me hungry again.” He places Ryan in his high chair and expectantly points at the food bag in my hand.

“Those baby biscuits were for Ryan, Miles.” I laugh and point at the empty packet of baby biscuits which is placed on the table.

More than Ryan, his dad loves to eat these biscuits.

“I was just tasting them, I was making sure they were good enough for my son.” Miles shrugs nonchalantly.

“Yeah.” I give him an unimpressed nod and takes my seat as he plates up the sandwiches and chicken bread.

However, I am glad to see his lively side back. And what makes me happier, that he is not pretending. There is still a hint of sadness in his eyes, which seems normal because suddenly pain doesn’t leave your heart, but you can sense an air of lightness around him.

After having our breakfast, I walk inside our bedroom to find Miles getting ready for work.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I watch him packing his office bag while tie loosely hangs around his neck.

Chewing the inside of my cheeks I stare at the grey carpet of our bedroom contemplating how I should I tell him about the meeting with his father. Because I am not going to hide this from him. I never want to come in the list of those people who have hurt him, even if it is unintentionally.

“You know, you can talk to me about anything.” Miles's voice filters through my thoughts as I blink away from the carpet to glance at him.

Crossing his arms he gives me a look which says he knows there is something which I want to tell him.

“I can see, Natalie, that there is something which you want to tell me since you have returned home.” Uncrossing his arms, he takes a spot beside me and expectantly looks at me, “So, now, speak what happened?”

I don’t know how he is going to react when he will find out that I have talked to his father, even though I haven’t called him there or anything. It was just a coincidence.

Just now he has started being himself again, I am scared that the topic about his father might turn his mood off. But I have to tell him, I can’t delay any longer. The quicker I get over with it, the better it is.

“I met Joseph outside the cafe.” I let out with breath and turn to glance at him, “He came to me when he saw Ryan with me.” I tell him while keeping my eyes on him.

Well, he is not throwing a fit so I guess this is good.

“Ryan seemed to be interested in his specs.” I smile recalling when his hand shoots out to grab his specs and pulling them.

My smile widens when I notice a hint of a smile on Miles’s lips.

“He was surprised to know that you gave Ryan, his middle name.” I hold my breath as I slowly share the details of our meeting.

“He was a good dad until he forgot about his son and his family.” There is a faraway look in his eyes as if he is living the memories which he has shared with his father.

“He wanted to meet Ryan again, but I said he can only meet him if you will allow him too.” I place my hand on his then link our fingers together.

“Only Ryan?” Miles whispers almost inaudible but somehow I heard his longing tone.

“Umm...” He licks his lips looking unsure, “How...” He opens and closes his mouth a few times as if debating to ask whatever he wants to know.

“How is he?” He breathes and closes his eyes.

“Sad and hurt.” Leaning my head on his shoulder I rub his arm, “Even he misses his son, just like this son misses his father.”

“It is not easy to forget everything.” He swallows and rests his head on mine, “It is just not easy... the hurt is too much.”

“I know... I know.” I murmur raising my head just to place a kiss on his shoulder then wrap an arm around his torso.

“But we can take baby steps, right?” I whisper, “Don’t shut him out, he needs you. And if you turn your back on him then there will be no difference between you and him.”

“Miles even if you try to deny, I know, you don’t want him to suffer. Not for him or anyone, do this for yourself. Don’t let this grudge consume you.” Leaning back, I hold his face with my hand.

“If anything goes wrong, then you will know in your heart that you tried.” I hold his gaze steadily while vulnerability and hope swirl in his eyes, “And you will not be alone this time, I am always going to be with you. So, take a chance and get over with this hatred once and for all.”

My words are definitely not falling on deaf ears, as he seems to be in a deep thought.

“I have already warned him if he fucked up this time, then I will personally deal with him.” I smirk, “Because no one messes with my Miley.” I laugh and wink at him.

“Thank you, I really appreciate you threatening my father." He let out a chuckle and hugs me tightly.

"Seriously, thank you." He sighs, "You can't imagine how much you have helped me by just being with me." He presses his lips on my head kissing my hair.

While I just keep my mouth not telling him that I haven’t washed my hair for the past four days and they are greasy as hell.

Well, he loves greasy food, so I don’t think he will be much grossed out kissing greasy hair.

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