It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 14

Natalie’s POV

Today I have been really excited as it is Abigail’s birthday and like every year I am planning to take her for lunch.

Normally, the afternoon is the most boring part of your birthday so we both decided that every year we will enjoy each other’s birthday in the afternoon. So that we will be able to celebrate each moment of our birthday.

After her wedding, Nathan usually wants to spend their birthday with each other. However, the afternoon still belongs to Abilie.

But, today Miles is tagging along with me because he hasn’t slept the entire night to complete her gift which he was making for her. And I don’t have the heart to say no to him and I know Abigail will be thrilled to meet him as it has been some time since they have met.

“Let’s surprise her at her work, it will be fun to see her face.” Miles’s excited tone makes me laugh.

“Okay, lets head to Prescott’s.” I raise my hand to him and he instantly connects his hand with mine in an enthusiastic high-five.

“Should we call Nathan, too, to join us for lunch?” Miles asks as he starts the car.

“Let’s meet Abby first then we will see.” I shrug and message Eric to confirm whether Abby is there or is at Knight’s as she keeps on jumping from here to there throughout the week.

I relax and lean back in the seat when Eric confirmed that she is at Prescott’s.

Eric meets us in the reception lobby when we enter the building.

“Congratulations!” I give him a side hug.

“For what?” Miles looks confused as he looks at us.

“He and Lucy got engaged.” I smile and point at grinning Eric.

“Woah, congratulations, man.” Miles pulls him into a hug and slaps his back, “Soon you will be part of our happily married club.” He laughs while happiness is visible on Eric’s face.

“Where to find the birthday girl?” I ask Eric.

“Abigail is in her room, I don’t know but I feel she is a bit down,” Eric informs with a shrug.

“Don’t worry, we are here to uplift her mood.” Miles smiles.

However, I find this a little weird as she is mostly in a good mood on her birthdays.

She loves birthday be it hers or anyone else.

Miles has told me not to knock the door when we were walking towards her office. So as per decided we barge into her room and scream.


“Bloody fuc-” She jumps and places her hand on her chest but a smile breaks onto her face when she realizes it is us.

Miles doesn’t waste a moment and engulf her in a big hug as he wishes her. While I don’t miss the way she blinks her eyes and forces to keep the smile on her face.

Something is definitely not right.

Next, I take a turn to hug her and her hold on me is a little tighter.

“Happy Birthday, Girlfriend.” I hug her fiercely silently telling her I know she needed this hug.

“Not now,” she whispers in a quiet tone so that Miles can’t hear her.

When I pull back I nod my head while smiling at her.

“Oh, Miles this is so beautiful.” She unwraps the wooden hanging which Miles has carved for her, “Me and you.” She smiles as tears gather in her eyes.

“Best brother ever.” She wraps her arms around him which even tears up Miles as I know he is overwhelmed with emotions especially everything that has happened in the past few days. “Love you, Miles.”

“Let’s go for lunch.” Miles wraps an arm around her shoulder.

“Okay, just give me two minutes, I need to finish some work real quick.” She smiles goes back to her seat as I pick up the tulips bouquet from her table which she got from the staff for her birthday.

There are several others too, however, roses are missing.

Miles and I share a look and I know he can also sense something is bothering her. But I am glad he didn’t ask her anything as she does not want to share it with him.

After lunch and cutting a small cake in the car with which Miles surprised Abby, he has dropped us at the mall so that we can do some birthday shopping and he also gave me his card to spoil Abigail with gifts.

Well, he doesn’t have to say twice.

“Buy the red dress, it will look good with your red and black heels.” I point at the red strappy dress in her hand as the other brown one looks ugly, “In brown one, you will look like poop.” I put the brown dress back on the rack.

After paying for the dresses which we have bought we start looking for some footwear.

She hasn’t told me yet what has happened and knowing her she is trying to avoid it. But I have to know the reason why she doesn’t seem happy.

“What did you two do when the clock struck twelve?” I ask as we step into the shop which displayed flat boots, “Well if it is birthday sex then I don’t want to know.”

“Natalie!” Abigail’s eyes widen looking horrified and I start to laugh her at her expression.

“So tell?” I ask her again when my laugh dies down.

“Nothing.” She shakes her head and stares ahead, “He is out for work.” She frowns as she picks up a thigh-length boot then place it back.

A realization hits me and gripping her elbow I force her to look at me as she avoiding eye contact.

“He forgot your birthday, right?” Grinding my teeth I ask her the question whose answer is clear in her tears filled eyes.

“Don’t tell me you spend your birthday eve alone,” I say as anger rises in me knowing Nathan has hurt her.

Abigail never likes to be alone on her birthday, earlier Grace used to arrange a small party for us on her birthday eve so she can cut her first cake at midnight. But since she got married mostly she and Nathan spend time together on each of their birthdays at their beach house.

Whereas, my first thought is to call him and make his ears bleed for upsetting her on her birthday, but I know Abigail will not appreciate it. And it is their personal matter, I can’t really interfere in it.

“You should have called me and Hannah, Abby.” I hold her hand, “You didn’t have to be alone.”

“It is okay.” She bites her lower lips and smiles blinking away her tears, “I was not alone, Noel was with me.”

“It is good Nathan is not here, as I got a chance to celebrate my first birthday as a mom alone with my son.” She swipes her fingers beneath her eyes trying to not break down because this birthday was really special for her... this is her first birthday after Noel’s birth.

“Let’s go I want to go home.” She weakly chuckles, “As now it is time for this mommy to spend the remaining few hours of her birthday with her son.”

Even though I want to be with her but I know only Noel can make her truly smile as his dad has fucked up yet again.


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