It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 16

I guess everything around me has vowed to piss me off. Today is Sunday which was supposed to be a relaxing day, especially I need some peaceful moments at home after all the crying I had done last night. But no, here I am getting ready to rush to the office because someone is trying to hack our system to steal some confidential documents.

Above that Noel is giving me a hard time as he is being cranky as hell. Maybe my mood is rubbing off on him as well.
We are the cranky duo.
As it is Sunday, so it is Georgia's off that means Noel is coming with me to the office. And I am not sure how I am going to handle things with him.
Many times, I have thought that we should hire a babysitter for him but I can't bring myself to trust anyone when it comes to him. Georgia and family are the only ones with whom I am comfortable. Otherwise, I even slightly feel anxious if somebody is near him when he is not within my or Nathan's reach.
When I step out of the elevator of our building I am a bit surprised to see Alice and Richard.
"Sorry for coming here unannounced." Alice glares at sheepish looking Richard, "Somebody was too excited to meet Noel."
First thing in the morning I have sent everyone Noel's crawling video, and almost got a reply from everyone. However, Nathan's phone was unreachable.
"It is okay." I smile at them, as Richard takes Noel from my arms, "I was just going to the office."
"Office, why?" This momentarily gets Richard's attention.
"Somebody is attempting to gain access to our systems," I inform him while my phone rings in my hand as Eric calls me.
"Excuse me." I turn around to answer the call, "Yeah, I will be there in a few minutes." I answer Eric as he wanted to know whether I am coming to the office or not.
"If you don't mind, we can take Noel with us." Alice places a hand on my shoulder as if sensing my stress, as I turn to them, "Then you will not have to worry about him."
"Thank you so much, Alice." I hug her and nearly feel like crying which is stupid because I don't normally cry on such small things, maybe I am really stressed.
"It is okay, Abigail." She smiles reassuringly, "I have told you, we are more than happy to look after him. So you can leave him with us, whenever you want."
Giving my car to them as it has Noel's car seat, I take a cab to the office. Because I know Hannah has a plan to pick me up for dinner, so she will drop me home later.
Hannah said we need some us time, and I am totally up for this because I know I need some alone time with my sister to clear my mind with everything that is going on.
When I reach the office, Dad and Eric are talking about trying to find who is behind this, while Jason is busy fixing up the system.
It seems a bit weird to see everyone in casual clothing other than usual office attire.
"Hey, everyone," I say to get their attention as I walk to them.
"Some fucker trying to mess with our system, but they don't know what is coming for them." Jason's smug tone shifts my attention to him.
"Make sure to screw their system completely," I smirk, knowing well what he is capable of.
Jason is a person whose even face irritates me, we hardly agree on anything. We have known each other from our internship days and we can be termed as frenemies.
Because if we are forced to work together we can be cordial and finish it without killing each other.
Jason is a complete jerk but has a smart brain. Computers are his expertise and even I hate to admit he is the best.
I have asked dad to go home and rest, because him being stressed is not helping us. His anger is practically touching the sky and we are becoming its victim, from time to time.
"Woah, this is huge." I look at the pile of files that Eric brought in the room as he wants to make sure we have all files in hardcopy.
"That's what she said." Jason, the jerk, smirks glancing up from his screen.
"Then she was definitely not talking about yours." I sweetly smile at him, "Because that looks anything but promising." I give him a pointed look while Eric bursts out laughing as Jason mutters curses.

Sometimes during the late afternoon, my phone rings and I answer it without in checking the caller id.
"I am so sorry, cupcake." I hear Nathan's voice making me clench my eyes tightly, "I don't know, how your birthday just slipped out of my mind." He sighs.
I am grateful that he is being honest to admit that he has forgotten my birthday, instead of making useless excuses. But this doesn't lessen the hurt in any way.
"Hey, but I will make it up to you, let's go out for dinner and-" he speaks.
"It is okay, I have my plans with Hannah." I cut him because, honestly, I am not in a mood to listen to his any plan, "My birthday has already passed and it is just fine." I shrug.
"Then what about lunch? We can have lunch," he instantly replies, still not giving up.
"I am busy and I don't even have time for lunch." I rub my temples as my head slowly starts to hurt.
"Nathan, we spend our birthdays together because we wanted to, not because we are obligated too." I sigh, "So, there is nothing to make up for, because frankly speaking, it is all sounding forced."
"You think I don't want to spend time with you?" He asks.
I don't reply to his question because I know I can't lie to him and my answer will be something which he will not like.
"Where are you?" I hear him release a long breath and then he asks.
"I am at the office, there is some emergency." I give him a short reply not divulging anything much.
"Everything fine? Do you want me to come there?" He sounds concerns.
"Nathan, I don't need you to come, I can perfectly manage on my own." I try to keep bitterness away from my tone as his words just hit a nerve.
Yesterday I wanted him to be with me, but he was not. So today, I don't need him.
"You are angry with me," he says quietly.
"No, I am not," I answer him curtly then hang up the call.
It is true I am not angry with him...just disappointed.

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