It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 18

Nathan’s POV

My eyes narrow at the sleeping figure of my wife as she sleeping in the far corner of the bed. It feels like she is ignoring me while sleeping. And I fucking hate it when she ignores me and she knows this and uses it against me very well. Sleeping or not sleeping I can’t let her ignore me.

No way, this is not happening.

Getting inside the covers, I place the baby monitor on my bedside table and twisting my body to the side I turn off the lights. Then wrapping an arm around her I pull her to towards me, completely wiping out, her side and my side.

This is how we should sleep, no her side or his side... only our side.

Gently raising her head, I slip my arm under her head spooning her from behind. She slightly stirs and turns in my arms facing me. Normally, this would have woken her up, but today she seems to be really stressed and tired that’s why she is still sleeping.

I glare at her, then bringing her closer to me I press my lips to her forehead.

Idiot, sleeping peacefully after leaving me wide awake.

How can she think that she is not important to me? If I had known, unintentionally, forgetting her birthday will make her feel like this, I would have fucking got a tattoo of her birthday.

Her biggest problem is that she never shares what is going on in her mind. How would I suppose to understand what she wants when she will not talk to me?

She always encourages me to share with her what is bothering me, but she keeps everything to herself.

She could have just said and I would have happily cut down my work and traveling or adjusted it in some way that it would not have affected her. Because of the way she manages things you can’t say she is having any problem. She has always been so supportive of my work and everything that it is impossible for me to know that she is not happy.

Sometimes being a parent you have to sacrifice things to give your family a better present and future. Now it is not just me and her, we have Noel... we have a family to raise. I want to have the best for him like any other parent would want for their child.

Moreover, I can’t put my responsibilities on my employees and spend time with my family when I know people who are working under me also have their families waiting for them. It will be selfish of me to make them work more so that I can be with my son and wife.

However, she is right about maintaining a balance between work and family, and honestly, I am trying to work on that. If I am lacking anywhere she should just let me know, help me out, instead of shredding my heart into pieces by saying that she will go away from me.

We should take a break? Like hell, I will leave her, stupid girl.

“Stop.” She whines sleepily and tries to push me away when I nearly crush her in a tight hug.

Ignoring her, I peck her cheek and keep my hold on her.

“Shut up.” I lightly scold her and kiss her cheek a few more times, “I love you, you fool.”

This is her punishment for having such stupid thoughts in her mind.

I have never been so angry with her, how much her words angered me today. She just came to a decision without even talking with me. I felt like a fucking failure at that moment.

Honestly, I was eager to come back home so I finished two days work in one day. That’s why I completely forget about her birthday, as I was working on a minimum of five hours of sleep.

The day I fucked up, my son decided to start crawling to make me feel even more like an asshole.

Even though I am feeling like shit for missing out on such an important moment, but I am glad that this precious moment was only between her and Noel. Because I know she was really upset when she missed out Noel’s first word as she was sick and she was keeping her distance from him so that he wouldn’t catch the flu.

I place another kiss on her forehead still feeling annoyed with her and bury my face in her hair inhaling the smell of her strawberry shampoo with which she is obsessed for the past few months.

I think I need to plan a surprise for her, as much as I hate to say I will need Crazy’s help which means I should prepare myself for insults as Natalie will be ready to chop my head off after I have forgotten Abigail’s birthday.

“I am not going to ever let you go,” I whisper while slightly frowning at her.

Yes, I am angry but this doesn’t mean I don’t love her.

Pushing away hair from her face with my one hand, I place kisses all over her face which makes her groan as small pout forms on her face.

Kissing her pouted lips, I tuck her head under my chin as I let out a tired sigh and close my eyes.

After a while, she slightly tilts her head up and kisses my jaw snaking her arm around me.

“I love you, Nathan, but sometimes I feel like smacking your head with a frying pan.” She mumbles sleepily and snuggles back into my chest. And just like that my anger is gone and I am feeling relieved for getting my Abigail back.

My Abigail gives me empty threats to smack my head but never says that she will leave me.

And I will prefer getting smacked with a frying pan a thousand times, over she leaving me because of my stupidity.

However, this time it is her stupidity of assuming something which is next to impossible. I can never love her any less as it is completely opposite because every day I love her even more than before.

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