It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 19


If I have to define what I am feeling in one word, this is the word.

In two words?

Extremely hot.

Not like that hot... but really hot-hot.

A light sheen of perspiration appears on my skin only to be wiped with the shredded piece of tissue paper which I have been rubbing on my skin continuously.

Groaning, I throw away the remainings of the tissue paper in the bin and after unbuttoning the top two buttons of my shirt I start fanning myself with my hand leaning back in my chair.

It seems the air conditioning in my room is not working properly as I feel like I am in a freaking oven.

Closing the lid of my laptop, I hold it under my arm then picking up my mobile, I march towards Nathan’s office because I don’t think I can sit here in the furnace which my office room has turned into.

After knocking on the door twice, I walk inside. Nathan stops doing whatever he is doing as he glances at me questioningly

“I am feeling hot.” I huff and answer even before he can ask the question which he is about to ask.

Slowly his eyebrows shoot up as a teasing smirk makes its way on his lips.

“Not like that, you pervert.” Rolling my eyes I shake my head as I place my stuff on his table earning a chuckle from him.

My face feels warm as if I am running a temperature.

Standing up, he walks towards me and this time he rolls his eyes and button up my shirt.

He usually doesn’t have any issues with my clothes but sometimes he behaves like this. I think he gets entertainment in irritating me in any way he can find.

Glaring at him, I again unbutton those two buttons which he just buttoned.

Wordlessly, he again bloody close my shirt buttons, only to be unbuttoned by me as fast as they were buttoned.

A smile forms on his face while a challenging look appears in his eyes as he fastens the buttons again.

Returning his look, I undo the buttons while holding his challenging gaze.

Abruptly, the door of his office room opens and instantly he stands in front of me covering me with his body while facing the door.

Looking down, my mouth open in surprise as, now instead of two, four buttons of my shirt are undone.

This man!

Quickly, closing my shirt and yeah even the top two buttons, I step beside him only to find him glaring at the person who just barged into the room.

“Do I need to teach you basic manners?” He glares at Dina, “You have to knock first and wait for the permission to enter.”

“I didn’t know you were with someone.” Her eyes move to me as she pretends to look innocent but her tone insinuating something else.

“Wife.” He nods his head slowly, “I am with my wife.” His jaws straining as he glares at her.

“Even if I am alone, I didn’t give you permission to barge into my room.” His icy tone even making me slightly flinch.

“Out.” His face and tone hold no trace of emotion other than anger.

“Who do you think you are talking to like this?” She looks at him in disbelief.

“Out.” He nods his head at the door.

“I will tell my brother how you have insulted me-” She glares at him, then me.

Why, me? What did I do? Well, other than trying not to laugh, I have not done anything.

“Don’t worry, I will myself talk to him and ask him to teach you some manners.” He clicks his fingers and points to the door, “Now, out.”

She clenches her teeth and stomps outside.

“Bloody leech!” He mutters looking at the spot where she was standing.

“Oops, somebody got angry.” I let out a laugh that I was holding as he turns to me still having a sour look.

He opens his mouth to reply but suddenly he touches my forehead with my back of his hand looking concerned.

“You are sweating, and even your face seems slightly flushed.” His eyes roam over my face, “And it is not even that hot, Abigail.”

Maybe, this fabric is making me sweat.

“Should we go to the doctor?” He ignores his phone which has started ringing.

“No, I think I will just have an ice-cream or something cold. Because, otherwise, I am feeling perfectly fine.” I shrug, already thinking about which flavor I should try.

“Let’s order strawberry ice-cream for you as you often smell like strawberry.” He laughs and going behind his desk he picks up his phone and orders strawberry ice cream for me and vanilla ice cream for himself, then after a moment he also orders butterscotch ice cream.

When I arch an eyebrow at him, he shrugs, “I wanted to have two ice creams.”

Even I want two ice creams now.

“What?” I ask eating a spoonful of ice cream as he frowns at me.

“That was my ice cream.” He points at the almost finished vanilla ice cream.

“So?” I shrug nonchalantly.

Ha! This is what is going to happen when you will not order two ice creams for me.

He mumbles something which I gladly ignored.

“What was Dina doing here?” I ask, licking the spoon clean as he scowls at me.

“Easton told me she is going to inform me if there is any problem, but until now other than bothering everyone she hasn’t done anything.” Nathan pushes his butterscotch icecream towards me, even though I don’t like this flavor but still, I take one spoon from it.

“She is just trying to impress you.” I point my spoon at him while covering my mouth to stop spitting out my ice cream as I am speaking with a mouthful of ice cream.

“She fucking depresses me.” He makes a face, “I feel even Easton is fed up with her, but can’t do anything much as she is his sister.”

"So, what are you going to tell him what happened today?"

I am sure he will not tell him that he was playing button-up with me when she barged into his office.

"Nothing, other than she is troubling everyone as today only I have got complains from workers that she is meddling in their work." He shrugs, "That's why I nicely ask her to not to bother me." He winks.

"You feeling okay, now?" He asks handing me a tissue to wipe my face.

"Perfect." I dramatically flip my hair, "I think I became the victim of my own hotness."

"And I think you just wanted to gobble down three cups of ice creams." He arches an eyebrow at his empty cup which I have finished.

"Hey, you weren't showing any interest in eating it and it was melting," I say defensively, "I don't like butterscotch, but I can't let any ice cream go waste so I have to eat it."

"And sharing is caring." I raise my eyebrows and gives him a nod.

"For everyone else, but when it comes to you it is different." He gives me a tight-lipped smile, "Because sometimes when I share my food with you then I feel like sharing is starving."

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