It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 2

The next day when I wake up, I feel so much relaxed. Nathan was already up, which is not surprising as he usually wakes up before me. He has a habit to start his day with the sun, whereas I let the sunrays welcome me.

After going through my morning routine, I walk outside our room with a light smile on my face already feeling excited for the day. Even though I know I will be just spending this day with Nathan, probably, at home.

“Good Morning, Georgia.” I smile at Georgia while passing the kitchen, who is busy making breakfast.

“Morning.” She smiles back, “What you want for breakfast, honey?” She asks warmly.

During these past years, we have bonded really well. She has been always there for me whenever I needed her. Especially, she is a big help when it comes to Noel. She not only handles the household chores but even takes care of us. I am really grateful to her, as it would have been really difficult to manage everything without her support.

“I will have whatever you are making,” I answer her without even stopping.

“Then you are having scrambled eggs for breakfast.”

Stepping outside the balcony, I find Nathan enjoying the morning sun leaning against the glass railing. Quietly, walking behind him I wrap my arms around him, hugging him from behind.

“Good Morning.” I place a kiss between his shoulder blades.

He slightly twists his body and throws his arm around my shoulders, pulling me to his side.

Leaning down, he presses his lips against mine and like always he manages to steal my breath away.

“This is what I call a good morning.” He slyly smiles, breaking the kiss.

A content sigh leaves my lips as I keep my head on his chest listening to his steady heartbeat.

“I wish we could just stay like this,” he says after a few moments of silence. There is something about his tone which makes me frown as I raise my head to look at him.

“What happened?” Cupping his face, I turn his face to me.

“Nothing.” He shakes his head, not meeting my eyes.

Obviously, something is troubling him which he is trying to hide.

“Nathan, you can talk to me,” I softly say to him, placing a small kiss on his chest, just above his heart.

He doesn’t say anything, as if contemplating whether to tell me or not, and just keeps holding me. Then just when I almost lost the hope that he will tell me why he is bothered, he speaks.

“We have joined hands with another company, for the new project. This is the biggest project we will be working on. A lot is on stake, Abigail, especially our reputation.” He sighs tiredly, “I just don’t want anything to go wrong.” He pinches the bridge on his nose, frowning.

It is not surprising, that he is feeling so worried. When it comes to work, Nathan is really serious. He gives his hundred percent and in return also he expects the same. Any small error or slip up is intolerable for him. His work is his pride.

“Oh, you were stressing about this small thing.” I pull away from him, “And here I was being worried where should I bury you.” I sigh over-dramatically.

“What?” He looks at me with confusion.

“Nathan, I thought that you found some other woman and now you are planning to leave me.” I nod my head at him, keeping my expression as serious as I can.

“So, I was racking my mind what will be the best place to dispose of your body.” Biting inside of my cheeks, I raise my eyebrows at him.

His lips slowly turn upwards as he realizes I was joking, then playful expression twinkles in his eyes as he pulls me flush against him.

“My search for my perfect woman has already been ended long ago,” He says while staring in my eyes, “I don’t think there is any other woman who can catch my interest when all I want is right in here my arms.” He flashes me one of his breathtaking smiles, which lights up his entire features.

“I have already lost my freedom to you.” He runs his nose across my cheeks towards my jawline, “And happily embrace lifetime enslavement, my queen.” A blush creeps onto my cheeks as he starts planting feather-light kisses on my skin.

Damn, he is so good with his words. He knows what to say to make me feel special. The way he looks at me sends my heart into a frenzy like I am the only person in this world.

“Mr.Knight, flattery will take you nowhere.” I attempt to hide the grin appearing on my face, as I feel his smile against my skin.

“Oh, really, Mrs.Knight?” He slightly pulls back and arches his eyebrow smugly, “Because I think this flattery will lead me to our bedroom where we will be busy for some time.”

“Ah, for some time.” I slowly nod my head, stepping away from him, “I guess, finally overused stuff has reached its maximum working period because now it has started to wear off quickly.”

He narrows his eyes at me as understanding passes through his face, then his lips curl into a dangerous smirk.

“Come here, I will show you how long this overused stuff can last.” He reaches for my arm, squealing I sprint back inside nearly tripping over the chair.

“Careful.” He calls behind me when I stumble over the chair.

Ah, my heart! I love this man.

“Wait till, I get my hand on you, Abigail.” He chuckles as he runs after me.

“Children, no running in the house.” Georgia places her both hands on her hips as she scolds us, playfully.

We both halt in our steps as we look at each other with wide eyes then glance at her, feeling like five years old who has been caught doing some mischievousness.

But soon we all burst into laughter.

“Don’t you think I will let your little joke aside, wife,” Leaning down, he whispers into my ear while walking past me to the table where breakfast is placed.

My eyes widen as I swallow suddenly regretting, poking the alpha male in him.

Oh, God, tonight will be a long night...a very long night.

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