It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 20

Nathan’s POV

Gently, shaking Abigail’s arm I try to wake her up as we have to go for Ryan’s birthday.

Miles and Natalie have planned a picnic for Ryan's birthday with just with close friends and family as Ryan is not comfortable with new people. Noel and Ryan are similar in this way, however, the major difference is that Potato frowns when he sees any unfamiliar face and Ryan is friendly enough not to glare at them.

“Cupcake.” I shake her arm again, “Wake up, we will be late.”

She groans swatting my hand away, then covering her face with a pillow she again falls asleep. She has been sleeping all morning and now it is almost afternoon

What is wrong with her?

“Abigail.” Sitting beside her I run my hand up and down on her arm, "Wake up it is almost afternoon."

"Go away." She whines then keeping her head in my lap she wraps one arm around me and I can see her falling asleep again.

Leaning back on the headboard, I thought to give her some more moments to sleep as I don't have the heart to wake her up.

But Noel has different plans as I hear his cries from his nursery, removing her head from my lap I go to get Noel.

"Potato, wake mommy up." Kissing his head I bring Noel in our room and I lie him on his back beside Abigail, "She is being lazy."

He tries to pull Abigail's hand to get her attention which he gets as she opens her one eye to look at him.

"Noel." She sleepily calls him and pulls him to her and instantly he snuggles into her arms lying quietly while simply staring at her.

"Unbelievable!" I shake my head in disbelief because usually, he pats my face to wake me up and here when it comes to his mommy he is being so quiet and snuggly.

Okay, I guess, this is time for family cuddles.

Kicking off my shoes I lie behind Abigail wrapping my arm around both her and Noel.

"Nathan, you are supposed to wake me up." She forcefully opens her eyes, "Not to put me back to sleep."

I laugh kissing her head, as sometimes she simply behaves like a goofball. But I love her.

"Okay, so how am I supposed to wake you up when you are not willing to get up?" Propping my head on my elbow I raise my eyebrow at her.

"Kiss me to wake me up." She pouts while keeping her eyes closed.

How can I say no to her?

But as soon as I place my lips on her Noel shouts pushing my face away whereas Abigail starts to laugh.

Okay, someone doesn't like to share his mom.

"Mine." I glare at him playfully which in turn makes him giggle loudly, causing Abigail to go in her awww mode.

While I groan looking heavenward because trust me this awww mode will last at least for the next twenty minutes straight.

Strapping Noel is his car seat has turned into a full-blown crying session because this guy isn't willing to go of my arms. He simply demands me or Abigail to be in his sight, whenever we put him down or leave even for a few minutes he starts crying.

He simply wants us to be in front of him wherever he is.
"Abigail, why don't you sit with him in the back, so he can see you are beside him?" I ask Abigail while picking up Noel and calming him down.
"Okay." Abigail unbuckles her seat belt and walking around the car, she sits in the back seat.
However, when I again put Noel in his seat his face starts to scrunch up in annoyance.
"Noel," Abigail calls him which instantly gets his attention as he turns to the sound of her voice.
And yeah, then dada is forgotten as mummy has sparkly thing around her neck which seems more interesting than anything.
Putting the car into drive, I mentally go through the list to check that I have kept everything necessary in the car. Going with Potato anywhere means almost packing up the entire house.
And if by mistake we forget anything even if it as small as his plush ball at home, then that thing suddenly becomes the most important thing without which our little one can't survive.
I also keep an emergency bag in my car, if in case, we are going somewhere in rush and don't have much time to pack all of his stuff even then we have his bag ready with us.
Being a dad I realized running out of diapers is no laughing matter, it means crisis. Moreover, breastmilk is more valuable than a bottle of blood.
Once Abigail accidentally spilled the bottle of milk while capping it and then she was sulking for an entire day.
My attention turns to Abigail and Noel and I smile as my gaze flickers to the rearview mirror. Abigail and Noel are busy talking to each other and honestly, I always enjoy listening to them. It kind of distresses me.
After a long day of work when I return home, no matter how my day was, my whole day brightens up when Noel smiles at me and stretches his arms towards me demanding to be picked.
"Aren't you looking so handsome?" Abigail cooes at him, "You are the most handsome guy in this whole world."
"He got my genes, cupcake." I smile, "Of course, he is going to be handsome."
"He definitely has your genes, as he is perfectly showing your signs of stupidity as well because a few hours earlier he was crying for his paci when that paci was in his mouth." She arches an eyebrow, "Just like once you were searching for your shades when those damn shades were hanging in your shirt."
Shaking my head I sigh, because there is rarely any occasion when I am not at the receiving end of her remarks.
But do I want to change anything? Probably, not.
Not because I can't change anything that's why I am saying this, it is just that I love her the way she is.

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