It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 21

I laugh when I watch Ryan speeding off in another direction away from Natalie as she is trying to wipe off his mouth and hands which are covered in the cake because of his amazing cake smashing skills.

This little guy only walks in two modes, either he will fall after every two to three steps or either he will run in full speed... nothing in between.

Everyone is here except Hannah, Adam, and Irene. Irene is down with high fever so Hannah and Adam stayed back at home to look after her. While mom and dad brought twins with them.

My little guy is sleeping in my arms after being tired by crawling all over the place. I almost had a panic attack when I couldn’t find Noel where I have left him. But then Miles found him trying to crawl inside the half-opened duffle bag which he brought with him.

Everyone found it funny, everyone, but Nathan and I.

I can already see our home being baby proofed by tomorrow.

I slump back in the chair when a sharp pain shoots in my right side making my gasp while tightening my hold on Noel. Swallowing, I close my eyes waiting for the pain to pass, sometimes I think the pain I feel is more of psychological rather than physical. Because there are some days when I feel slightly burning sensation on my wrists even when they are completely healed and there is no sign of any injuries left.

Miles comes and sits beside me and I can sense his discomfort the way he is shaking his leg.

“What is wrong?” I arch my eyebrow at him, “Because I don’t think you are shaking your leg because you need to go to pee.”

He laughs then runs his hand through his hair and swallow.

“My father.” He nods his head towards the side and I turn to look at the man who looks older version of Miles talking to Richard. However, his eyes flickering here and there from time to time as if he is searching for someone. And my doubt is confirmed when his eyes land on Miles and a defeated look passes over his gaze when Miles looks away.

Miles has shared with me a lot about himself and his life. I am aware of his strained relationship with his father. The way he feels about his father is not wrong, because one of the worse feeing a person can go through is feeling of being neglected and that’s how his father has made him feel.

“Is it easy to forgive someone wholeheartedly?” He asks webbing his fingers in front of him as he gazes ahead.

Was it easy to forgive Nathan? No, but he made my decision easy by showing me that he has genuinely changed.

“Depends on the person, whether they are truly changed or it is just their guilt they to want to get rid off.” I shrug, “However, sometimes forgiving someone is necessary for ourselves, to free ourselves from the pain which that person has caused.”

He nods his head looking lost in his thoughts.

“Miles, take your time to decide what you want, there is no rush.” I place my hand over his conjoined hands, “You have nothing to lose this time. If you can forgive him then you will gain one more person in your life, if not then you already have us.” I smile at him.

I want him to know, no matter what happens, he will always have us to rely on. I hope his relation with his father improves, but even if it doesn't then we are going to be there for him. We will not let him be broken again. He would never feel neglected because we love him and he is important to us.

“Now, tell me when you are coming home for our mid-night food sessions?” Changing the topic to lighten the mood, I nudge his shoulder with my elbow.

“Whenever you are having mid-night cravings.” He shrugs and giving me a wide grin.

He is my mid-night cravings partner, as no matter what time it is he will be up for joining me for our late night munching sessions.

“Bring ice-cream, we are having our kitchen party tomorrow.” I smile and raise my hand for a high-five.

“Done, partner.” He returns my high-five with the same enthusiasm, laughing with me

Our laugh ceases when our ears blare with an angry cry of a baby which was a few moments ago sleeping soundly in my arms.

As during our food talks, we have completely forgotten about Noel who woke up abruptly from his mid-nap, all thanks to our loud laughs.

I and Miles looks at each other and shake our head, knowing full well we have awakened a sleeping monster.


Nathan’s POV

Sneaking away from everyone I follow Natalie when she heads to the car to keep the gifts which twins have brought for Ryan.

We all have already given him his birthday gifts last night but twins wanted to gift him separately so they brought basketball ball set for him as currently, twins are into basketball.

“Crazy!” I call her as soon as she reaches the car.

“Do you realize there is no one around and I am tempted to crack your skull open for making Abby upset on her birthday?” She arches an eyebrow at me.

“I want to make it up to Abigail.” I huff a breath, thinking whether it is a good idea to take her help because I want to give Abigail a happy surprise and I don’t think she would like to see her husband chopped into small pieces as a surprise.

“What I have to do with it?” She shrugs questioningly, “You fucked up, you have to clean up your shit.”

“I need your help.” I pinch the bridge of my nose internally cursing myself for asking for her help.

“Has she ever shared with you something which she wanted but it could never happen?” I raise my eyebrows, “Like any of her wish, maybe from childhood or something, even if it seems impossible.”

I want to give Abigail something which she could have never imagined, like fulfilling her forgotten dream. The thing which she wished for, at some point in her life, but that remained unfulfilled due to any reason.

I want to make her every dream come true and don’t want her any desire to be left unfulfilled. I want her to know that her dreams matter to me, just the way she understands my dreams.

The little things which she does for me without even letting me know, they mean a lot to me.

It is not magic that every day I find my stuff in the same place even when I have left them here and there. Or how my phone battery is a hundred percent in the morning when I am being lazy to put my phone on charge before sleeping. Whenever I open the fridge I always find my favorite fruit yogurt in it even though I have eaten the last pack of fruit yogurt a day before.

She might think that I don’t notice but I do. I feel her love for me in all these things small gestures of her. So, how can I not do everything in my power to fulfill her wishes?

“Yes.” She nods her head, “She wanted to marry Roman, but sadly her this dream remained unfulfilled.” She sighs.

Fuck! No way in hell her this wish will come true.

“Who the hell is Roman?” I frown as a tinge of jealousy brew inside my heart.

“Roman Reigns.” She smirks crossing her arms.

Why I am not surprised? If it was in her hands Noel would be named after this wrestler.

Shaking my head at her, I turn around feeling annoyed because it was useless to think that she will help me.

But my steps halt when she speaks.



I turn to her questioningly.

"She loves stars." Natalie smiles at me, "When we were seven years old, she wished to have her own galaxy of stars which she can view every night before sleeping."

"Thanks, crazy." I smile at her gratefully, as I know what I have to do.

Abigail wanted stars, I will bring stars for her.

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