It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 22

Natalie’s POV

Stress will give you wrinkles and I am going to leave you if you will look old.

Stop eating Ryan’s biscuits! Eat your damn food.

Don’t you dare cheat on me with those sexy chicken legs, I will cut off your limbs.

Don’t feel low, the world’s most amazing girl is your wife.

You stink like a pig, so take a shower before thinking to hug me. Otherwise, I will turn into a teapot and pour a hot cup of tea on your head.

I don't how this is possible, but yeah... I feel I somewhat love you.

After finishing writing the last note for Miles I randomly hide these notes in his stuff. I was being bored so I thought to write these little notes for him along with some other, which he will find throughout the day.

Making Miles happy is really easy, cut a car out of his plain peanut butter sandwich he will eat it as if it is the best thing he has ever eaten with a big smile on his face.

Earlier, I used to make fun of him but later I realized no one has actually done such things for him so that is why these small things are new to him and they make him happy. Things that look too dumb to make a grown-up man happy, can uplift Miles's mood in an instant.

Once I jokingly made a smiley face on his plate with ketchup and that idiot made sure not to ruin that smiley till the end of his lunch.

I love you!

Smilingly, I put this last note inside the pocket of his coat.

Later when Miles has gone for work, I start working on my latest project. This client of mine is really demanding and gives me a headache just by his presence. Well, this client is none other than asshole himself.

Since he is paying me well, I have only cursed him instead of doing some physical damage. Moreover, my love for Abby is way more than my annoyance towards him so I will just keep him alive for Abby.

I think, me and Nathan, we both have reached a point where we have compromised with the existence of each other. Well, I don't hate him as I used to hate him in the past. But since I am so used to being annoyed with him that it has become my natural feeling for him.

I huff when I read Nathan’s message asking me to meet him. Earlier, it would have been nothing less than a surprise to see his name on my mobile screen but for the past few days the surprise has worn off.

I never knew I would see a day where I will be meeting up with Nathan Knight secretively.

Meet me at the mall.

After replying to him. I make a list of things that we might need as we are working on a tight timeframe. So it is better to cover as much as possible in less time.

"Please tell me you are not buying those stupid stars certificates for her?" I ask Nathan, as he is busy trying to explain designer to make a perfect stars bracelet for Abby.

He has rejected almost six designs that the designer has presented because according to him they are not meant for Abigail. He needs something special.
"Do I look like an idiot to you?" He turns to me slightly frowning.
"Well, when it comes to you I always have my doubts." I shrug as he scowls at me.
"I want small delicate diamond stars." He shakes his head, "None of them is what I want." He points at some sample bracelets.
"Abigail will not like any of these, she is sweet enough to accept whatever I will gift her. But I want something which she will love." He sighs to himself.
I can't help but smile at him, as it seems unbelievable that this is the same person who at one time didn't even know his wife is allergic to orchids. And now he is so worried about her likings that he has been sitting here for an hour trying to choose a bracelet for her.
"Why do you mostly choose bracelets for her?" I pick up a bracelet and study its design.
"I don't know, maybe I want her to remember me when she looks at her wrists instead of recalling that incident." His lips lift in a half-smile however, the sadness in his eyes is something which you can't overlook.
"You have truly changed." I smile and nod my head at him.
"Are you complimenting me?" He arches an eyebrow, "Wow! This is a historic moment as the great Natalie is complimenting me." He smirks.
"Still an asshole!" I roll my eyes at him, but still, a laugh leaves my lips.
"This seems normal, otherwise, I was being worried that you are not well." He laughs with me.

"This is what you are planning to do." I look around the room as he takes me to their beach house where construction work is going on.
My eyes literally pop out when I figured what he is planning to do. Abigail will go crazy after seeing this.
"I am impressed." I let out a low whistle and from Nathan's smug look I guess he was expecting this reaction from me.
"I am going to love working on it." I rub my hands together excitedly, as my mind already overflowing with ideas.
"I just hope this work gets done under a month, as it is really difficult to keep things from her." Nathan huffs and shakes his head, while I completely agree with him.
We haven't told anything even to Miles, as he can't keep any secret to himself. Tell him anything and ask him not to tell anyone, the first person he will run to is Abigail. Their late-night food sessions involve sharing secrets whatever they found out.
"Never thought we both will be sharing a secret." I dramatically let out a long breath, "We have come a long way, asshole."
"I don't know what will surprise Abigail more, the surprise which I am planning for her, or that we both worked on this together." He laughs.
"Do you think she will like this?" He asks looking slightly unsure, "She loves our home the way it is, what if she won't like this change."
"Relax, I can guarantee you she will love this." I assure him, "As you are not actually changing anything, you are doing some additions which will make your house more beautiful." I smile feeling happy how beautifully their relationship has evolved.
Even though I still call him asshole mostly out of habit but I know he loves Abby a lot and she deserves all this happiness.
My phone vibrates in my hand, making me slap my forehead because I totally forgot to turn it back into normal mode. As I had put my phone into vibrate mode when I was putting Ryan to sleep.
"Where the fuck are you?" Miles half yells, as soon as I answer the call.
"Miles, watch your tone," I calmly reply to him, not liking the way he talked to me.
"Natalie, I am freaking out of my mind here." He sighs, "I got a call from Georgia saying that Abigail is in the hospital, she has been trying to contact Nathan but she can't get a hold of him."
"I am going to the hospital." His voice full of worry, "Please, get there as soon as you can and also try to contact Nathan if possible." He hangs up the call, leaving me in shock.
"Nathan," I call him, swallowing the lump in my throat, as I watch him talking with the worker who is working on the new part of their beach house.
He frowns sensing the worry in my tone and instantly comes to my side, "Everything okay?"
"Miles just called and informed that Abigail is in the hospital."
Nathan's face turns pale and I can see the horrible memories that must have been flashing through his mind as even my heart is reliving those painful moments.
"She is going to be fine." He composes himself and nods his head, "Yeah, she will be fine."
"She will be fine," I repeat the words in a whisper, praying with all my heart nothing bad has happened with her.

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