It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 25

Nathan's POV

Nearly one month has passed but still, my Abigail is missing. I see her every day trying to be herself again, but then when night comes I see her armor falling along with the silent tears streaming from her eyes.

She hides her pain from everyone, sometimes even from me but every morning the tear stains on her pillow and her dull eyes are enough to let me know how much she is trying to conceal her pain.

Our lives have turned back to normal, as normal as it can be. However, the ache is still there.

"Did Abigail have breakfast?" I ask Georgia when she places coffee in front of me.

"No." She sadly shakes her head, "She told that she is not hungry."

Abigail has completely lost her appetite, she has not even touched the cake which I bought for her in hope that she will at least have something which is more than two to three bites.

When I confronted her about her eating, she honestly admitted that she doesn't feel like eating and she feels sick if she eats anything forcefully.

"Please, bring our breakfast to our room," I tell Georgia while pouring a glass of juice for Abigail, then I take out strawberry yogurt from the fridge, taking them to our bedroom.

Entering the bedroom, I witness a sight that I have been dying to see for so long. Abigail silently laughing as Noel is standing up with the support of the corner of the bed.

For the first time in the past few days, I have seen the shine in her eyes which was missing. Instinctually, I smile when she looks at me still having a soft smile on her face.

"Look." She mouths and nods her head at Noel who is standing with wobbling legs as he laughs looking at us.

What I can't manage to do my son has been successful in doing that. He has brought the smile back on her mother's face.

"Soon he will start walking." She turns to me with an excited expression as I sit on the floor beside her watching Noel who falls on his bum then again he tries to stand up.

"Yeah." I nod my head and laugh when Noel hurriedly crawls to us.

"Here drink this, cupcake." I give Abigail apple juice but before she can even hold the glass Potato decides it will be great to wash his hands in the glass.

He puts both of his hands in the glass and spills some of the juice on us before I can put the glass out of his reach.

"You don't put your hands inside the glass, you goof." Abigail kisses his nose.

"Have this." I hand her yogurt while quickly taking Noel in my arms as his next target is the poor yogurt.

She makes a face but when I give her a stern glare, she sighs and picks up the spoon and starts eating.

Abigail and Noel share the yogurt as Potato loves to eat fruit yogurt just like his dad.

I thank her when Georgia brings breakfast to our room. Even she is happy to see Abigail smiling as I have noticed even how she was worried for Abigail during all this time.

Now when breakfast is here, Potato wants to eat everything which I am eating. Abigail laughs lightly when Noel grabs the spoon before I can bring it near my mouth and tries to put it inside his mouth. I shake my head with a small smile as anything I eat, he does the same thing.

After a long time, our day started with laughs and smiles just like it used to be. I am feeling relieved to have happiness back in my home, although I am more relieved to see the shine returning to Abigail's eyes.

"Nathan!" Abigail's panicked voice sends me running outside the study.

"I can't find Noel anywhere." Abigail's voice cracks as she looks around, "I swear, I have just left him here." She points at the playmat.
"Relax, he will be here only, he loves to crawl here and there." I try to calm her down.
I know he must be inside the house only, as there is no way he can get outside. And since the house the baby-proofed, there is nothing as such to worry about.
Since he started crawling he is always on the move. This Lil guy can easily give you a heart attack by popping out of anywhere. In Abigail's case, it is by disappearing.
I kneel down and look behind the couch, then I look in every small space in the room. At the same time, Abigail is also looking around and I can hear her sniffles as well.
"Stop, Abigail!" I huff in annoyance, "Noel must be here only, there is nothing to worry about."
"Cupcake, come here." I roll my eyes and call her, she grumbles something as she walks towards me.
"See." I point at the bottom shelf of her bookshelf which is now almost filled with his toys.
She slaps her forehead and she slumps on the floor as Noel is peacefully sleeping inside the shelf after pulling all the things out of it.
We both glance at the sleeping troublemaker, however, when we look at each other we can't stop our laughter.
After our laughter dies down, I lean towards her and peck her lips.
She smiles, the real smile, and holds my hand.
"Thank you, Nathan." She sighs, as she glances at Noel and then she looks at me, "For everything. I don't think I would have been able to handle all this without you." She bites her lip and shrugs, trying hard not to cry.
"I am sorry, Nathan." She shakes her head, stopping me from interrupting, "For not being there for you, as you were there for me. I was so consumed in myself, that I nearly forget about your pain. So, I am sorry." She whispers, tightening her grip on my hand.
"You are always by my side, whenever I need you, Abigail." I bring our interlocked hands near my face and plant a kiss on her hand, "I get my strength from you. When every day you try hard to overcome your hurdles, you are not the only one who is overcoming those challenges even I am conquering my obstacles with you."
"We are a team, who will be always there for each other." I smile and caress her cheek, "If one falls the other supports them. That is how it works."
"So, you should not thank me for anything." I kiss her forehead, "All I want is you to be happy."
"I am trying." She gives me a rueful smile, "I think we both are trying."
She crawls into my lap and snakes her arms around my neck.
"I know, I haven't said this in a while." She holds my gaze, allowing me to see the sincerity and love behind her words, "But I love you and I am so grateful to have you in my life, Nathan."

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