It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 27

It seems like Nathan's word had actually been heard by God, as when we walked outside the clinic we had big smiles on our face.

It seems unbelievable, nothing less than a miracle, to find out that everything is not lost.

Everything makes sense to me now. Why I was mostly feeling nauseous, lack of appetite, the emotional balance. But not even in my wildest dream I could have thought they are just the signs of the blessing which is nurturing inside me.

My hand moves to my stomach while a tearful smile forms on my lips.

I already love you a lot, my sweet baby.

The doctor advised me to have complete rest, especially for the first three months as after that the chances of miscarriage will be lowered. And since my body has already suffered a loss that is why she asked me to be more cautious.

Nathan has become extremely overprotective and I can't blame him as even I am hell scared by the thought of something happening to this baby.

Again this time, Nathan is referring to this baby as he. Even though we both don't care whether the baby is a boy or girl because all we want is a healthy baby. But he strongly believes the baby is a boy.

I don't mind having another baby boy, because I know he will be just like my Noel.

"What are you doing?" Nathan half-yells, scaring the crap out of me, when I have just stood up.

"You should not be doing anything." He quickly comes inside the bedroom and places the food tray on the bed, "Just call me if you want anything."

I can't help rolling my eyes as this is what has been happening since my appointment. And trust me it is not funny.

"Okay, why don't you go and pee on my behalf?" I arch my eyebrow at him, "Because that's what I want to do right now."

He glares at me, but he is having a hard time keeping his face straight.

"I am just going to the bathroom." I shake my head at him, lightly laughing, "Don't worry this much, Nathan, you will get grey hair."

After finish doing my business, when I come out of the bathroom I find Nathan attempting to divert Noel's attention from the bottom drawer of the dresser.

"Your son is just like you." Nathan playfully glares at me, "Stubborn."

Noel finding an opportunity hurriedly crawls away from him while blabbering.

"I just hope, next one doesn't get his mum's stubbornness." He sighs dramatically, "Otherwise, dad will have a difficult time handling all these stubborn people."

"Even you are stubborn, mister." I keep my hands on my waist while narrowing my eyes at him.

"Yes, but not as much as you guys." He picks up Noel halting his attempts to get inside the drawer.

"See, this." He raises his eyebrows while putting Noel down and again like a rocket Noel goes back to the drawer.

Again he carries Noel away from the drawer and when he places Noel on the floor, even this time he crawls towards the drawer.

"He is stubborn." He nods at Noel, while Noel is focused trying to climb inside the drawer.

"He is just consistent and strong-willed," I reply while smiling to myself as this is something which he didn't get from me.

"Just like you. Because if it weren't of you, we would not have been together." I glance at him, recalling the way he was not ready to give up when I have given up on our relationship and even on myself.

Even now when I was so lost and indeliberately pushing everyone away, he never failed to show that he still loves me.

"Why don't you listen to me?" I hear Nathan's faint voice.

Removing the headphone from my one ear, I look at him questioningly.

"You are supposed to be resting." He groans and walking inside the room, as he points at the laptop in my lap.

"I am resting." I nod my head and wave one hand at the bed which has become my permanent place since last week.

Nathan unbuttons his cuffs and sits at the foot of the bed, facing me.

"I am not working Nathan, I was watching a movie as I was bored out of my mind." I sigh, "I won't lie I thought of doing work from home as to do nothing all day is not easy, I get frustrated." I honestly tell him.

I can't sit idle for long, it is like I have to do something. But now I am literally doing nothing, it is getting difficult for me more and more. Especially, when Noel demands something and I am not able to do that for him, I feel so helpless.

Once I end up crying, as Noel wanted to play but I couldn't. Since he loves crawling so he enjoys a lot when we play chase with him. But now I can't.

"I can understand." He nods his head, "But work is stressful, and I just don't want you to stress yourself in any way, not mentally or physically."

"But doing nothing is making me stressed even more." I groan and put the laptop on the bedside table.

"We will figure out something, but for a few more days just focus on yourself and don't think about work or anything." He tiredly runs his hand in his hair.

For the past few days, I have noticed he is really stressed, because of work and even because of me. And I don't like him watching this stressed, honestly working from home will not be an issue as I can easily handle things from here. I have done that before and I can definitely do it now. But I don't want to add more to his worry as he will blow a fuse if he finds out I am working. So I will try to make him understand that I can work from home.

He places his head in my lap and closes his eyes. I run my fingers through his hair, gently massaging his scalp.

"You are tensed." I quietly say, "Want to share why."

"Nothing, I just feel you need me more and I am not here for you as much I should be." He sighs.

"You are an idiot even to think like this." I smack his head lightly.

"You spend almost all your time with me, even when you are at work my phone constantly rings from time to time because my husband keeps on checking on me." Bending down, I kiss his forehead, "You are the best Nathan, however, I will love you even more if you will let me work from home at least a few hours a day."

"Using flattery to have your way, very smart, cupcake." He smirks.

"Is it working?" I ask suppressing my smile.

"No, try harder." He closes back his eyes, with a mischievous smile on his lips.

"Okay, how about five kisses a day?" I pretend to think, "Will that work?"

"Make that twenty." He replies, without opening his eyes while I narrow my eyes at him.

Greedy person!

"Nathan, you are not getting more than ten," I say with finality, "Accept it or I will not bother asking you anything again and I will do what I feel like doing."

"Okay." He instantly agrees.

"Good boy." I pat his head.

"Remaining ten kisses I will have from you because I get what I want." He wraps his finger around a loose strand of my hair, "So twenty kisses it is."

Quickly, sitting up he holds my face and kisses me.

Even I don't mind these kisses at all.

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