It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 28

Nathan’s POV

“Being male, people expect you to behave in a certain way. You are not supposed to show your emotions, because it will make you look weak and vulnerable.

If you feel pain and let out those pain in the form of tears, you will be looked down upon and others will question your masculinity. However, the truth is, showing emotions doesn’t make us any less of a man but it means that we are human.

Sometimes, it is okay to be afraid... it is okay to be vulnerable as it just shows that we have a heart that is filled with emotions. And we are no superheroes who are invincible, we are just normal people who get hurt. However, overcoming these pains and hurdles makes us stronger.

So, never let other people set how you should behave. You are an individual with a distinctive personality, who is not born to be like someone else. You are you and everyone should love and accept you the way you are.

And I believe every day you will become a better version of yourself because I and your mom will make sure to teach you the difference between right and wrong. We will instill the right values in you so that your existence brings a good change in everyone’s life, leaving an everlasting impact on their mind.”

When I am finished having a heart to heart with my son, I look down to find him passed out in my arms completely oblivious to whatever I have said.

“I guess, this talk was a little too serious for your liking.” I lightly chuckle while glancing at Noel who is lost somewhere in the dreamland.

I don't want him to repeat any of my mistakes. Every father wants his son to be like him, however, I don't. I am ashamed of a person I used to be, and never want my son to be like that fucked up person. When I think how I used to behave with Abigail, I feel it is a pure miracle she has forgiven me.

I can never take her or her love for granted, that's why I try to be better for her and my family every day.

Quietly, walking towards his crib I gently lay him down. He stirs a bit, but when I place my hand on his chest he quickly settles down.

When I am sure, he is fast asleep, I go to get ready for office. Abigail is also sleeping so as not to disturb her sleep, as she has been up all night because she was not feeling well, gathering my stuff I go to the spare bedroom.

Things in the office are really stressful these days and I don’t know whether to feel glad that Abigail will be away from this stress or to feel bad for myself as Abigail is really big help when it comes to handling things.

Especially, that Dina is making things really difficult with her clingy behavior. She just doesn’t get the message that I am not interested in her and keeps on making advances at me.

I subtly hinted even Easton about this but it seems he hasn’t paid any heed.

Maybe she needs to see Abigail’s terrifying avatar, then she will understand what it means to antagonize my wife by throwing herself at me.

I love it when sometimes she becomes all possessive. Even though most of the time, it is me who is possessive as she doesn’t know but she attracts quite an attention.

Moreover, I feel so proud that she is mine, it makes me one lucky person as I get to call her mine. So, I never hesitate to make everyone aware that she is my Abigail and I am not a bit ashamed of being possessive for my wife.

Just before leaving for the office, I check on Noel to find him peacefully sleeping. I just hope he keeps on sleeping for a little longer so that even Abigail can sleep in, too.

Then, I go to check Abigail who is also thankfully still sleeping. Lightly removing hair from her forehead, I lean down and gently plant a kiss on her head.

I haven’t even pulled back when she wraps her arms around me, making me smile.

“You smell so good.” She mumbles sniffing my shirt, while a loud chuckle leaves from my lips at the behavior of my goofy wife, “Spray some of your perfume on my pillow and quilt so I can sniff it all day.” She laughs sleepily unwrapping her arms.

“Should I bring something for you when I return home?” I ask her, running my fingers in her hair and gently removing the hair tie with which she slept in..

“Yes.” She nods her head with her closed eyes, “Bring yourself back to me, soon, as I am going to miss you.” Opening one eye, she gives me a cheeky smile, making me question myself is going to work today really necessary?

Shaking my head, I internally sigh because sometimes I feel like a kid who doesn’t want to go to school but have to go to school.

“Love you, cupcake.” I kiss her cheek, “I will be home soon.”

“Love you, too, Nathan.” She replies.

“Also inform that bitch, If I find that she is trying to make a move on you again, I will fucking put her extensions on fire.” She adds after a moment, “and make her a human candle.”

I stop in my steps and slowly turns to her with raised eyebrows. Silently questioning her how the hell did she find out about Dina. Even though I don’t have anything to hide but it feels like suddenly my wife has turned into some secret agent.

“How did you find out?” I laugh in amusement.

“It is my duty to keep my husband away from the evil clutches of such creatures.” She sits up resting against the headboard of the bed and smirks, “So, I have my eyes and ears everywhere.”

Of course, she gets news about everything as my assistant Amelia is her friend.

“Even though it is, honestly, creepy.” I laugh, “But thank you, I feel so secure knowing that my wife will come to my rescue if I am trapped in the claws of Cruella de Vil."

"Cruella de Vil?" She laughs.

"Yes, she just looks like her minus the hair." I nod my head.

She stops laughing and her eyebrows pinch together in concentration as she stares at the wall. Then she slowly nods her head and laughs, "Yes, you are right, she does look like Cruella. Now, when I think of her she really resembles her, mainly, the cartoon version of Cruella."

"Okay, now I have to go as I am getting late." I smile at her, "Take care of yourself and I will keep calling you from time to time."

I am sure today will be a good day, as my day started with the happy faces of my family.

First, when I woke up, Noel greeted me with his precious smile and nasty smelling diaper. And now I am leaving the house with the image of the smiling face of Abigail.

As I reach the office I get a message from Natalie, that the construction work of the beach house is almost done. I smile thinking about Abigail's reaction when she will see our renovated beach house.

But I think she will have to wait for a little more as I have something else in mind too.

Indeed, there is no doubt, it is a fantastic day today.

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