It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 29

Nathan chuckles from beside me, making me roll my eyes at him.

I am trying to be annoyed but the truth is that I am too happy to be annoyed. While, even, Nathan is having a hard time to hide his happiness.

Well, he is happy for two reasons.

First, we have seen our baby today, and second, he again was right about the baby being a boy.

"Enough." I laugh and slap his arm when he keeps on lightly chuckling whenever he glances in my direction, "I never said I was a hundred percent sure about the gender."

"Yes, but you said it is possible that I might be wrong." He shrugs, "But I was sure we are having another boy." He smiles smugly because again his prediction was right.

"So, when are we going to share this news with everyone?" Raising my eyebrows, I look at Nathan.

"When the baby will be born," he says casually.

"Nathan!" I frown.

We haven't told anyone that we are still expecting, because we have decided to reveal our pregnancy when we will know the gender of the baby. Honestly, it was easy to keep this pregnancy a secret until now as I was staying at home and secondly I am not showing much. Only Georgia knows about my pregnancy as obviously I can't hide this from her.

"No, actually, the day after the baby is born." Nathan nods his head to himself, "Because when Noel was born, nobody was letting me hold him and they were being unfair with me. I am his dad, I am supposed to hold him and play with him more than anyone else." He huffs still annoyed.

"This time I am not going to take any chances." He shakes his head adamantly.

I think he will never forget that.

"You are cute." I smile at him and kiss his cheek because he looks damn cute complaining.

"I am serious." He playfully glares at me.

"Okay then, you are seriously cute." I nod my head, keeping my face straight.

Before he can say anything, Noel starts crying because he can't find anything to throw out of his crib since he has already thrown his toys.

"Why is he crying?" Nathan asks looking at him in confusion, as Noel is just sitting inside his crib and crying.

"I guess, there is no stuff left for him to throw outside his little den." I shrug.

"Crying for such a small thing, Potato." Nathan walks to him and picks up his toys from the floor.

I already know, Noel is about to have time of his life.

And then the fun begins.

As Nathan places his stuff toys inside his crib and the next moment they are thrown with a loud baby giggle.

"Potato." Nathan glares at him, playfully, which makes Noel laugh even more.

Noel starts babbling as if he is talking to Nathan which is really sweet and every time I watch them interacting my heart just melt.

"No way!" Nathan lifts Noel and responds to his serious talk, "I am going to scold horsey for not listening to you."

"You should have told me earlier, I would have punished him for being a bad horsey," Nathan replies when Noel keeps on blabbering.

"Mama..." He stretches his arms towards me half leaning away from Nathan completely leaving us speechless.

This is the first time he has clearly called me mama.

Quickly, taking him in my arms I starting crying because I am so overwhelmed.

"Say it again, Noey." I kiss his head, "Say ma-ma."

Staring at me, he opens and closes his mouth a few times like he is preparing himself to speak.

"Yes, Potato." Nathan sits beside us and encourages him. "Say mama." Nathan is smiling widely while looking at Noel.

Clicking my fingers in front of Noel I try to get his attention as he is more focused on my pendant.

"Mama..." I smile and repeat slowly.

"Mama..." He suddenly repeats making my heart explode with happiness.

"I love you so much, Noel." I hug him while peppering him with kisses.

When I glance at Nathan he is smiling while looking at Noel, his gaze held pride and adoration.

I love these two guys, more than anything in this world.

And yeah, you too, second mini Nathan.

I smile because I know my this boy will also be a mini version of Nathan.

"Nathan, he is turning one." I glance, with teary eyes, at Noel who is covered in pasta from head to toe, "He will not be my small baby anymore, he is a toddler now."

"Yeah, cupcake." Nathan nods his head, "But after some months you will have another small baby."
"I know." I pout, "But I am already missing his baby phase."
"But don't you think it is so cool, that he can do a lot more things, than just, sleeping and crying and pooping?" Nathan says, attempting to cover his amusement.
"Yes, you are right." I sigh, "I am just being stupid."
"No, you are just being an emotional mama." Nathan softly smiles at me.
"Mama..." Noel's head turns to me, as soon as he heard mama, then he excitedly starts beating the crap out of pasta.
"Yes, Potato, calm down." Nathan laughs, "She is your mama."
Then for the rest of the dinner, we keep on hearing mama from him.

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