It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 3

Reading the sample contract, I tap my finger on the side of my laptop. There are some points that need to be added which I am noting down on the notepad placed beside my laptop, so I can later compose a new document stating everything then I will forward it to the legal department to make a new contract accordingly.

Calling Eric, my assistant and friend, I wait for him to answer my call as I skim through the documents that I have prepared.

During my internship days, dad made me work under every department. This really proved to be beneficial as now I don’t have much issue in handling different things. From understanding legal matters to taking part in marketing strategies, I am aware of everything.

And I am hell proud of myself for that, and why would I not be? I have worked so hard for everything. As nothing has been handed to me on a silver platter, I have to prove myself on every corner to make myself worthy in front of everyone.

“Eric, I am emailing you marketing documents read them, please tally the figures with the previous reports,” Keeping the phone between my shoulder and ear, I inform Eric as soon as he picks up the call while emailing him the documents.

“Already done with that?” He asks, not hiding the surprise in his tone.

“Yes, I don’t want any lacking from my behalf.” I chuckle, rubbing my tired eyes.

“Abigail, if you are not coming to the office this doesn’t mean you have to overwork yourself.” His tone scolding, “You doing more work than any one of us.”

“Okay, I will try.” I sigh, even though there is nothing I can do about it. Because sometimes I feel guilty that I am taking advantage of being Nicholas Prescott’s daughter by mostly working from home when everyone else works from the office.

After discussing some more details, I hang up the call.

Checking the clock hanging on the wall opposite the desk, I notice it is nearly lunchtime. Then I check the baby monitor to find Noel peacefully sleeping while sucking his paci. In the morning he was really cranky, so watching him sleeping peacefully is a kind of relief.

Closing the office lights, I head towards my room to rest a little before having lunch. My phone starts ringing, displaying Nathan’s face when I have just stepped into the bedroom.

“Hey!” I answer the call while massaging the back of the neck to release some tension.

“I was thinking if you can come to the office, for lunch, bringing Noel with you?” Nathan asks. “I just can’t erase his crying face from my mind, I just want to be with him but I can’t come home as I have a meeting in two hours.” He sighs.

When Nathan left for the office in the morning, Noel brought the whole house down with his crying as he doesn’t want his dada to leave him. And he kept on crying for a while after Nathan has left. He didn’t even want me, at that time, because he just wanted Nathan.

Nathan was also equally broken-hearted with leaving a very upset Noel behind.

“Okay, I will be there in fifteen minutes.” I smile, as my tiredness vanishes by the thought of seeing him.

“I love you,” he says just before disconnecting the call, making my smile wider.

Nathan’s face welcomes us when the elevator door slides open. A soft smile graces his lips when Noel peeks up at him and gives him a toothless grin while drool drips from the corner of his mouth.

“Dadadada...” Noel starts blabbering while making grabby hands at Nathan as we step outside.

My heart melts into a puddle, and I clutch him tightly against my chest not letting him go, to which he makes a complaining whine and tries to squirm away from me.

“Accept it, Cutie Pie, today he is daddy’s boy.” Nathan chuckles looking adoringly at Noel and takes him from me.

Frowning at his back, I follow them behind watching both of them talking about God knows what completely ignoring me.

Ignoring the traitors Knight, I directly make my way towards the coffee table in the corner of the room, where food is already placed. My frown turns into a smile when I find a plate of pastries waiting for me.

“Will I be thanked with a kiss?” Nathan asks as he looks at me with an amused expression as I started digging the pastry.

“Nope, you both father and son, will not be awarded by my attention in any way.” I huff and turn my back to them as I finish the pastry in record time because I am starving.

Nathan laughs loudly and Noel also squeals happily not even understanding a damn thing.

I try to glare at him keeping a serious face, which is difficult as my lips are twitching upward.

“Come let’s eat, before the food gets cold.” Nathan kisses my temple settling Noel at the corner of the sofa.

Nathan and I had already decided whenever we are going to have meals we will avoid talking anything work-related until and unless it is really necessary.

“Did he eat anything today?” Nathan asks nodding his head at Noel who is busy having a talk with himself while eating his chubby fist.

Nathan always looks forward to feeding Noel, as he says that he feels productive whenever Noel eats from his hand. Noel wants to have everything which Nathan is eating, and I can never be more happy about it. Why? Because I will not have to share my love of cake with him.

I wish all my future children take after Nathan in food habits.

“If butchering banana can be count as eating, so yeah, he ate in the morning.” I laugh recalling, how aggressively he was smashing the poor banana.

“Stop eating pastries, eat some proper food.” Nathan takes away pastries plate from my hand and makes another plate for me adding little of everything.

After finishing our meal, we are just hanging with him as there is still time for his meeting.

“Abigail, you know I need you here.” He rubs circles on my arm as I lean against him, “When will you join back?”

A few months ago, I started working back from Prescott Enterprises because now things were getting difficult for me to manage. Earlier, Nathan used to help me out a lot with handling my work from Knights Corporation, but since he got busy with new projects I could not work back and forth with both companies.

“Nathan, we have already discussed about this.” I sigh, “I have to be there to handle things, I can’t work from here, it becomes really hectic for me.”

“But you used to work from here before, then you never had any problem so what changed now?” He asks getting slightly frustrated.

I can already feel an argument building up, as this is the topic which we have discussed numerous times and always it resulted in an argument.

“Nathan, earlier you were there to help me out, but now it is not the same.” I sit straight, tiredly running my hand over my face, “You can’t deny, you are working more than usual for the past couple of months. Things were easy for me before because I knew I can rely on you with work, but now you are hardly available.”

“I know, and I am sorry.” Leaning forward, he places his elbows on his knees, “Everyone can’t have the liberty to work from home and office whenever they want.”

My eyes snap to him as soon as these words leave his mouth. His words sting and I can’t hide the disappointment which I feel.

“Abigail, I am sorry I didn’t mean like that. You have to understand it is difficult, even, for me but I am trying.” He quickly takes my hand in his, trying to pacify me.

“Nathan, it is better we should drop this topic here. Because I know what is right for me, just like you know what is correct for you.” Pulling my hand back, I stand up as I gather my stuff and go to pick up sleeping, Noel.

“Abigail.” He stands up throwing his hands in the air, “You know that is not what I meant.”

“I will see you at home.” I don’t glance in his direction and leave him because I know if I look at his face, I will not be able to stop my tears from falling which are gathered in my eyes.

Later in the night, I don’t know when he came back as I have already fallen asleep. I stir in my sleep when I feel the bed dipped.

“Nathan?” I ask, with half-open eyelids.

“Shhh... go back to sleep,” Nathan whispers, wrapping an arm around my waist while pulling me to him.

“I am sorry, baby.” I hear him speak before I fall back to sleep as he gently kisses my neck.

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