It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 30

Next week is Noel’s first birthday and I have no idea what are we doing for his birthday. Nathan is planning his birthday party and he hasn’t shared a single detail with me.

I am Noel’s mama... I have the right to be a part of Noel’s birthday planning, right? But this man doesn’t understand this.

When I told this to Nathan, he simply said ′okay′ and then behaved as I was not shouting at him on the top of my lungs demanding to know what has he planned for Noel’s birthday.

“Baby, I love your dad.” I rub my baby bump which has started to appear a few days back, “But sometimes, he irritates me to the point where I feel like killing him.” I groan.

Nathan chuckles nearly giving me a heart attack as I haven’t heard him coming inside the room.

“Complaining to my son, I see.” He slowly nods his head, with an amused smile.

“Nathan, please, tell me what are you planning for Noel’s birthday.” I pout, giving him my best puppy look.

“This face is not going to work on me, cupcake.” He laughs and waves his finger.

“Then what is going to work on you?” I arch my eyebrow at him, playfully.

“I will think, then let you know.” He shrugs, making me roll my eyes as he is not going to tell me anything.

“But for now, why don’t you see what is in this package which got delivered to my office today?” He places a box on the bed and crosses his arms pointing at the box.

Dragging my feet across the room, showing my frustration silently, I walk to the bed.

But can’t help but feel excited to open the box.

A gasp leaves my lips when I open the box to find a beautiful purple dress inside it.

“So, do you like it?” Nathan asks looking at the dress over my shoulder.

“Thank you so much, I love it.” I smile and run my fingers over the fabric of the dress as I take the dress out of the box.

Maybe he bought this for me for Noel's birthday. Are we having a boring party for him?

“Well, this dress is for you, for tonight’s dinner party.” He smiles while I am still busy admiring the dress.

“Dinner?” I look at him, cluelessly, as I don’t remember about getting invited to any dinner party.

“I got an invitation from Easton yesterday, it is his anniversary,” He shrugs, “I wanted to decline as I wasn’t sure how you will feel about it, but then I thought it has been a long since we actually got out of the house so I accepted the invitation.”

“If you don’t feel like going there we will just make some excuse and send them a gift. And we will go somewhere else.” He nods his head, “Like an impromptu date.”

“Let’s attend this dinner, then later we can go for an ice-cream date.” I smile, walking to the mirror I place the dress over me.

“Be ready till eight and I am going to drop Noel at mom and dad’s place.” He walks around the room picking up the stuff which I may or may not have thrown in anger, “They are going to keep him for tonight.”

Have I mentioned how attractive I find Nathan when he helps me with domestic chores?

If no, then now you know.

Suddenly, the idea of staying at home with him seems better than anything else.

“Nathan, I have a problem.” I call him placing the dress on the bed as I walk towards him, “I am finding my husband too handsome that I want to keep him safe with me, away from everyone?”

Slowly, he turns around as he arches his eyebrow at me.

“Oh, I see.” His lips tilt in a teasing smile, “This is a very serious problem.”

"So what should we do about it?" I look at him suppressing my smile.

"Firstly, we should lock the door so that no one disturbs us." Grabbing my hand he pulls me towards him, "Then we should try to find the solution of your problem."

I don't mind this way of finding the solution.

“Hey, Cupcake.” I hear Nathan’s voice, “Wake up.” He lightly caresses my cheek with his knuckles.

“Oh, God! what time is it?” I get startled and abruptly sit straight, “I don’t know when I have fallen asleep.”

“Hey...hey, calm down.” Nathan gently runs his hand on my arm, “It’s okay.”

“You don’t look so good?” Nathan frowns looking worried.

“Yeah, I have been vomiting my guts out.” I scrunch up my face, “It official even baby number two isn’t a fan of cake.”

When Nathan went to drop Noel, I had a very small piece of cake even though I don’t feel like having it. But out of habit, I ate it.

But as soon as that cake went inside me, my baby decided to kick that cake out of my system.

“Do you want to have anything that will make you feel better?” He asks.

With Noel, sometimes fruit juices helped me with my nausea. But this time nothing seems to work.

“No, I just don’t feel like eating anything.” I shake my head and rest my head back on the pillow.

“Maybe I should just call Easton and let him know we won’t be able to make it.” He gently massages my scalp, “You should rest.”

“Don’t call him now.” I sigh, “Let’s wait for an hour if I still feel like shit then we will not go.”

“Okay.” He kisses my forehead.

“Beach house.” He suddenly speaks after a few moments.

“What?” Confusion laced in my voice.

“We are celebrating Noel’s birthday at our beach house.” He smiles, “I thought I should tell you so maybe this will make you feel better.”

“We are having a beach party?” I look at him in excitement.

“Yes.” He nods his head with a roll of his eyes, “Since he loves water so much, I figured we should do something on his birthday which he will enjoy.”

“It is such a good idea, Nathan.” I grin nearly forgetting my nausea, “Even though he will not have an idea what is going around, but I am sure he will love splashing water.”

Thank God! No boring birthday party for him.

“That’s what I had in my mind when I decided to have a beach party.” He looks satisfied with his idea.

“Are you excited to celebrate your big brother’s birthday?” I place my hand on my tiny bump, “Next year, even you will be with him to help him in opening his gifts.”

“It feels crazy when I think soon we will become a family of four.” He chuckles, “My both arms will be full with my boys.”

“Our arms will be full, so will be our hearts.” I smile as my heart overflows with the love I feel for my family, “It will be just perfect...”

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