It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 31

We decided to attend the party since I was feeling better and also it was the first time Easton has invited us so if we didn’t show up it kind of had looked bad.

So here I am amid of bunch of strangers attending Easton Jenkins’s first-anniversary party. I, honestly, don’t know anyone here and even the small talks are getting hard for me to keep up with as most of them are outright fake.

They are overly opinionated which is just testing my patience. Sadly, I haven’t seen any single person for whom I get any genuine vibes.

On the other hand, I think Baby Knight 2 will definitely have temper issues because of the way he is messing up with my hormones. You can infuriate me with me just telling me a poor joke on which on a normal day I would have given you a forced smile.

I don't like such anniversaries. Like for me, anniversaries and birthdays are more of a family thing. But here it isn’t the case it is more of a formal dinner party with stiff collar people.

However, Nathan knows a quite lot of people here as he has met most of them over some business or something. Surprisingly, it actually seems like he is enjoying this party and I don’t want to spoil his mood so I don’t tell him that I am feeling totally uncomfortable here.

He has been super sweet and caring especially since we found out about our second pregnancy that is why I want him to enjoy himself. I can totally be fine on my own for a few hours it is not a big deal.

“Hey, you okay?” Nathan asks slightly leaning to my side, “Do you need anything?”

“Yeah, I am good.” I smile at him he places a quick kiss on the back of my hand and continues with his conversation while rubbing his thumb on the back of my hand.

Easton and his wife Cara are celebrating their second anniversary they have been together for six years plus two years of being married. Thankfully, Dina is minding her own business and hasn’t approached us yet.

“Will you be fine here on your own for a while, I will be just at that table?” Nathan points at the table which is four tables away from ours, where some people are sitting with whom Nathan interacted a few moments ago.

Somebody calls him from that table and before I can answer he stands up.

“If you want anything I will be right there.” He lightly squeezes my shoulders, “Even if you feel like going home just let me know, okay?” Pecking my lips, he joins that table.

Daddy is busy, so it is just me and you, Baby Knight.

I internally sigh.

“It looks like he really loves you?” Cara takes a vacant seat beside me as some of her friends also join us on our table.

Smiling, I nod my head not knowing how else to respond to her question.

“I saw you sitting here so I thought we could join you.” She smiles and gestures towards her friends, “Sometimes parties like this kind of get boring, but Easton love such parties so I am used to these.” She shrugs nonchalantly.

“We already had our mini anniversary celebration at midnight, you know what I mean?” She winks, “So I am a thoroughly happy woman.”

Geez, thank you, Cara, for announcing that.

Now every time I am going to see both of them tonight, weird images will come in my mind. This is the reason I never want to know what happens behind closed doors as I have a vivid imagination which is like a curse in situations like these.

“Honestly, I and Nathan prefer celebrating our anniversary with just each other, like only two of us spending some quality time.” I absentmindedly play with my ring.

“Oh... handsome and romantic.” One of her friends glances at Nathan then she looks at me, “Then you are beautiful and lovely. Both kind of look like made for each other.” Her comment makes me laugh for the first time since I have come here.

“Well, I guess, thank you.” Raising my eyebrows, I nod my head.

“You have a son, right?” Cara takes a sip from her wine.

“Yes.” I smile, “His name is Noel.”

“I have seen him with Nathan once or twice, such a cute baby he is.” She sighs, “I had a big-time baby fever after seeing him.” She laughs.

“I literally went straight to Easton and demanded that I want a baby now!” She shakes her head laughing to herself, “Poor guy was hiding from me.”

“I can’t wait to meet Noel.” She looks excited and for some reason, I feel confused.

“Meet Noel?” I ask not hiding confusion from my tone.

“Yeah, on his first birthday.” She nods her head, “Nathan invited us for Noel’s first birthday.”

“You didn’t know?” She frowns looking a bit uneasy.

“No, it is not like that.” I force a smile and shake my head, “It just slipped out of my mind when you suddenly mentioned about meeting Noel. That’s it.” I shrug completely wiping out the shocked look from my face.

However, internally I am fuming as Nathan didn’t discuss this with me. Every time when we have discussed Noel’s birthday we always have said that we only want close family and friends. Because this is how it is supposed to be, our baby should be surrounded by his family on his special day.

He doesn’t need anything big or extravagant, he just needs to feel loved and cherished. When he will grow up and is big enough to enjoy his birthday then we will celebrate it the way he wanted.

Moreover, I am not fine with Noel being around strangers. I feel uncomfortable when he is not near me or Nathan when we go somewhere outside. When it comes to Noel I am not able to bring myself to trust anyone. I get anxious even when someone whom I don’t know gets too close to him. I have this issue and I can’t do anything about it.

We know Jenkins as we have a work relationship with them, but it doesn’t mean I am okay with them being a part of my son’s first birthday and I don’t even know who else he has invited.

I am not the least bit ashamed to confess that I am super possessive and protective of my family and don't like any outsiders being a part of something which should be strictly personal.

Soon the conversation shifts to some new club in town while I am not able to concentrate on anything as the frustration inside me is making me suffocated.

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