It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 32

After some time my anger slightly settles down, realizing there is no use of giving myself a headache when now there is no way I can discuss this with Nathan.

Turning around I look at the table where Nathan is sitting or should I say was sitting, because now I find his seat empty and him nowhere to be in sight.

Taking out my mobile from my clutch purse I check for his message as we both usually inform each other before going anywhere especially whenever we are out. It seems strange when I don’t find any text from him.

Where are you?

I send him a text and wait for his reply. When nearly twenty minutes have gone by and I still don’t get a text from him and neither he gets back from wherever he has gone, I start to feel a little bit worried.

Normally, he is quick to respond to my messages even if he is busy, he replies with one-word text or simply types busy and send me. So, I know that he got my message and he is a little occupied to talk to me at that moment.

After waiting for a few more minutes I am about to look for him when I get a call from Mark informing me that he is here to pick me up as something urgent has come up and Nathan has to leave suddenly.

Of course, something doesn’t seem right here.

But I don’t feel like waiting here for him when I know he will not be coming back since he has sent Mark to pick me. I decided I should just go home and wait there for Nathan, instead of waiting for him here looking like an idiot.

On the way home, I tried Nathan’s phone several times but all I hear is a busy tone.

“Do you know where is Nathan?” I ask Mark, “What has come up so important that he left me there alone and didn't even inform me?” I can’t hide the irritation from my tone.

“I am sorry, I don’t know.” He looks at me through the rearview mirror, “But he did sound like he was in a hurry.” He adds with a little frown, as this behavior of Nathan seems even unusual to him.

“Mark, please, if you find out anything about him then straight away tell me.” I look outside the window, while my mind running in different directions, “I need to know if he contacts you. Because I am not getting a good feeling about this.”

“Don’t worry, Abigail.” He nods his head meeting my eyes through the rearview mirror, “I will inform you if I get any news about him.”

This is one of the rare times when he has called me with my name. This is as far as he can come to comfort someone, I have figured in all these years he doesn’t say much but his little gestures speak a lot. When you will see him, he will come off as rude and heartless kind of a person, but actually he is really a kind-hearted and caring person. And he even knows to smile too, but you have to be Noel to earn a smile from him.

"Thank you, Mark." I sigh rubbing my temples.

I just hope he is not in some trouble.

My phone chimes and I quickly reach for it. As soon as I open the message I feel like my entire world has come down crashing on me. I collapse on the couch as my knees give out while a few tears slip from my eyes.

Trust Nathan... Trust Nathan...
Wiping my tears, I keep on saying to myself while my heart is twisting in agony.
In a time like these, your trust can really be shaken up but you have to remember all the times when that same person proved they are worthy enough of your trust.
My trust might have got weaken for a moment, but I still do trust him because he is my Nathan. The Nathan who loves me more than I can love myself.
It is nearly two in the morning when the front door opens and Nathan quietly comes inside. When his eyes land on me he gets startled.
"Why are you up until now?" He walks inside the living room, "You should be resting?" He frowns.
"Where were you?" I ask ignoring his questions.
"Something important came up and I had to leave to deal with it." Raking his hand in his hair, he looks here and there, while puffing out a breath.
"Nathan, look at me when you lie." I swallow the lump, "I want to see whether your eyes can also lie to me or still they are honest to me."
"What?" He frowns and his eyes snap back to me, "What are you talking about?"
"Were you with Dina?" I wrap my arms around myself leaning back into the couch creating some more space between us.
His eyebrows raise in shock answering my question.
"How did you know?" He asks looking surprised but doesn't deny that he wasn't with her.
"Since you have decided to speak the truth, please, tell me what is all this." Unlocking my phone, I hand him my phone making sure not to make any physical contact with him.
I watch him see the picture of him and Dina which I have seen multiple times in the past few hours. The way they are in each other's arms, and her barely covered body, it is not hard not to assume for anyone what must have been going on between them.
But I am not anyone, I have my faith in him. And I am smart enough to understand what kind of woman Dina is.
The surprise turns into anger then it turns into horror by the time he lifts his eye from the picture and locks his gaze with mine.
"Nothing has happened between me and her, you know I can't do this to you." He shakes his head and there is nothing but the truth in his eyes, "You don't believe this, right? I love you, Abigail and this..." He trails off clenching his jaws.
"Nathan, please, don't say you love me because at the moment it seems meaningless to me." Closing my eyes, I shake my head because I am hurt. Why he has allowed someone to be this close to him when he loves me? Which I know he does, that is why it hurts even more.
"Abigail." The pain in his voice makes me keep my eyes close because I know my heart will ache more if I saw the pain in his eyes.
"Trust me, there is nothing going on between me and her. This all looks so wrong." He pleads, "Please, trust me."
"I trust you, Nathan, that is why I am still waiting here to hear the truth from your mouth." When I open my eyes involuntarily tears escape from my eyes, "But trusting you doesn't mean that it will hurt me any less to see you with someone else."

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