It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 35

Nathan’s POV

Running my hand through my hair furiously, I close my eyes for a moment to calm the anger which consuming all my senses.

Picking up Abigail’s mobile I glare at the shattered screen, as the picture of me and Dina flashes before my eyes.

For old Nathan, this would not have mattered at all, but for me, this is entirely different.

I don’t even want anyone’s name with mine if it is not Abigail’s. If I would have received any such picture of Abigail with someone, not once I would have doubted on her because the love we have is not weak to be affected by such a thing. However, I would not have left that person for trying to damage my relationship, by trying to create a rift between us.

No matter who it is, I am not going spare anyone who tries to come between me and Abigail.

Abigail is going through a lot, especially mentally. And being pregnant is making difficult for her to handle her emotions, as they are all over the place. I can understand she needs time to deal with them, and I should give her time and I will.

But sometimes, I can’t help it because it frustrates me when she gives me the silent treatment. Nobody can understand how I feel when she doesn’t talk to me, there is a heaviness on my chest like the feeling of being suffocated.

I want her to share her feelings with me, even if it is her anger. I don’t want her to keep her feelings inside her. Just like she encourages me to share my problems, my feelings with her. Even I want her to do the same. When I am angry about something I let her know the reason, what is bothering me or why I am feeling this way. But she never expresses what is going on in her mind, until I make her sit and talk.

We both are not perfect, we have issues of our own, but how we are going to solve them when we are not going to communicate?

I am fully aware of how she might have felt when she saw this picture. And I am grateful that she trusts me enough to not to fall into Dina's trap. However, if there was anyone else instead of her, they wouldn’t have believed me and straight away jumped to the conclusion. Because if you have done something wrong in the past then no matter how much you have changed, but still, that mistake will reflect on all your life. You will be the first one to be blamed if something happens.

It is like paying the price of your mistake for the rest of your life.

Keeping her mobile on the coffee table, I pick up my key as I need to pay someone a visit. But before that, I need to check on Abigail to make sure she is fine.

I stand outside the room’s door to hear any sound. Then very quietly I open the door to find her sleeping. However, she looks restless even in her sleep.

Closing the door behind me, I walk to the bed and sit beside her and run my fingers through her hair gently, just the way she likes it.

She turns to me as she snuggles more into her pillow as her face relaxes. While I keep on massaging her scalp, hoping it will calm her down and she will be able to get a sound sleep that she needs the most.

Nearly, half an hour later she finally slips into a deep peaceful sleep as I silently sit beside her.

“I love you, and I am afraid to lose you.” I whisper and lightly kiss her forehead, “Please, just don’t ever leave me.”

Ringing the doorbell, I slip my hand inside my pocket waiting for the door to be opened. Not even two minutes later, the door opens revealing Dina.

“You looking good, I see.” I slowly nod my head, swallowing the anger, as she looks almost absolutely fine.

Just before my eyes her expression changes and as her eyes start to well up.

“Actually, I am feeling miserable but I am pretending to be okay.” A few tears slip from her eyes, when I walk inside her apartment, “You know, like if I feel I am okay then everything will be okay.”

“But from inside I am so scared, you don’t know how much I am relieved to see you.” She holds my arm while I notice how her house looks clean unlike before.

Turning to her, I eye her hand then I glance at her face as my lips upturn in a smirk.

Her eyes roam around my face as a secretive smile forms on her lips as she leans towards me.

“Thank you for coming,” she says in a hushed voice, “I didn’t want to be alone. But now when you are here, I will not be alone anymore.” She presses herself on my side.

“Of course, how could I have left you after whatever has happened.” I chuckle once shaking my head to myself.

Then I place my hand on hers and clutching her hand tightly in mine, I yank her hand away from my arm.

“What’s wrong?” She gasps looking confused.

But before she can understand what is happening, I slap her across her face.

“How dare you?!” She yells as she holds her face looking at me furiously.

“I am just talking to you in a language that people like you understand.” I shrug and grab her by her hair forcing her to look at me. “Because even after numerous times I have told you that I am not interested in you and I love my wife, your sick mind doesn’t understand this, right?.”

“So, for the last time, I am telling you this that I love my wife.” I hold her neck as nearly choking her, “So, don’t try to come between me and her.” I grit my teeth in anger.

“You are hurting me.” She wheezes holding my wrist while she tries to loosen my grip from her throat.

“Trust me, darling, after the way you tried to hurt my wife and ruin my family... this is nothing.” I chuckle, humorlessly, while I grab her face harshly with my other hand, “You are lucky, I can never stoop to your level, otherwise, I would have shown you what it means to be actually molested.”

“Please, Nathan, leave me.” She whimpers, “I did nothing wrong, I was not lying.” She starts crying loudly.

“Really?” I arch my eyebrow, not believing her word, releasing her I step away from her.

“You have seen everything, then how could you think I was lying to you.” She coughs holding her neck and sobs, “I am sure Abigail has filled your ears with lies, she hates me that is why she is doing this. She has always been a bitch to me.”

Hearing Abigail’s name from her mouth, send another wave of rage through my veins.

“Don’t you ever disrespect my wife.” I slap her again, unable to stop myself, “I will not hear a wrong word against her.”

“I have been tolerating your nonsense for quite a sometime, but not anymore, Dina. Next time, if you ever try to come near me or attempt to create a misunderstanding between me and my wife. You will not be able to recognize your face after I am done with you.” I glare at her, clenching my hands into fists to stop myself from breaking her face because this is what I want to do right now, “I have already informed Easton what kind of a disgusting person his sister is, and just because he requested me I am leaving you. But this doesn’t mean I will ever forgive you.”

“Do yourself a favor, never show me your face ever again.” I open the front door, “Because trust me, it is taking everything in me right now to not to kill you and I am not sure I will be able to stop myself next time.” Slamming the door behind me, I walk outside her apartment.

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