It's Complicated 2

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Chapter 39

A lot of things are going through my mind when Nathan finished telling me everything about what happened at Dina’s house when he went there again.

He silently watches me waiting for me to react but my mind is still processing everything.

“Nathan, I don’t know what to say.” I rake my fingers through my hair while shaking my head, “I don’t know how to feel about this.” I shrug.

“If you think I should regret anything which I did, then no such thing will happen,” He sternly says, “Nobody has a right to ruin someone’s happy life, and that’s what she tried to do. Even if there was a man I would have reacted the same way, so she doesn’t come with an exception. Being a woman doesn’t give her any privilege to come and play with our lives the way she wants, just for the sake of fulfilling her stubborn wish.”

“Something so much bad might have happened, and we would have been the only ones who would have paid the cost of her lie. You are pregnant and any stress is not good for you and here you were going through a lot of stress when you are not supposed to have any. Then our fight even added more to your stress, which we had because of her." He paces around the living room, angrily, "I would have fucking killed her if anything would happen to our baby or you."

"She used an extremely serious thing like molestation to lure me into her trap. God, even thinking about it makes me sick.” His faces show his disgust, “She needs to understand the severity of such thing, and this is not a matter of joke, I have threatened her so that she doesn’t repeat something like this again in the future.”

“I am not apologetic how I behaved with her because she deserved it.” He looks me in the eye letting me know he means what he has said.

I know many women will not agree with him or the way he behaved, but I completely agree with what he has said.

Being a woman doesn’t give us any right to deserve special treatment. When a girl slaps a guy for misbehavior then she is praised, but when the same thing a guy does then his actions are considered wrong, why? I don’t find anything wrong with it. Both are in the same situation, then why treat them any differently.

You did wrong you get what you deserve, as simple as that.

Even when laws are the same for males and females and both are equally punished, then it is high time even we should treat them equally.

Equal rights, equal treatment, equal punishment. This is the definition of equality in my view.

“Nathan, I am not saying that what you did was wrong, because I completely stand by what you have said. But my concern is what if she turned the whole situation against you.” I sigh feeling worried because if this woman can stoop so low then she can do anything.

“You should not have gone there alone.” I huff a breath, “She can press charges against you, or do something else.”

“Don’t worry, I have already taken care of everything, I haven’t filed an official complaint against her as Easton requested me to not take any such actions as it will affect his reputation. He didn’t even deny that she can’t do any such thing as she had done things similar to this even in the past. Moreover, I have got enough evidence to press charges on her if she doesn’t correct herself or if she tries to frame me in any way. ” He reassuringly squeezes my hand as he sits down.

“The number from which you got the message is registered in her friend’s name and he was the one who clicked those pictures. It didn’t take long for him to accept his doings and he also informed that she blackmailed him and Cara, Easton’s wife. They were seeing each other behind Easton’s back, but soon they realized their mistake and ended their relationship. But somehow Dina found out about their little affair and now she blackmails them. He is tired of her blackmailing, as she blackmails him often, sometimes even for sexual favors. He’s ready to help and I have even got his confession on record.” He shrugs and sighs, “That’s why even Cara also helped Dina with her plan as she was also being blackmailed by her.”

What kind of disgusting person is she?

“I have decided, except the current project as we are already halfway through it, I am ending our partnership with Jenkins. I can’t even tolerate seeing her face, and if I continue working with them, then at some point I have to deal with her too. So, it is better that things should end. I have even informed Easton about my decision. He agrees with my decision because he understands where I am coming from and he is really ashamed of his sister’s behavior. However, I haven’t told him anything about his wife’s previous affair as it is not my business to intervene in their private matter.” He runs his hand over his face tiredly.

Opening a few buttons of his shirt, he leans back on the couch. As I comprehend everything which he has told me.

“So, she will not bother you again?” After thinking for a while, I ask.

“I hope so, otherwise I am getting a restraining order against her and I will also press charges against her providing all the evidence to the police, then they will deal with her in their own way.” He sighs.

“I am feeling so annoyed with all this.” I groan, “I just want everything to get settled as I don’t want to deal with any more drama.”

“Come here.” His lips curve in a half-smile as he opens his arm.

Instantly, I snuggle against his side, as he wraps his arm around me. Breathing in his natural scent with the hint of his faint musky cologne, I close my eyes feeling relaxed in his arms.

This is home, he is home.

“You should not worry about anything, as I am here to handle everything.” He presses a kiss on my forehead while running his hand up and down on my arm, “You just relax and try to do what all happy pregnant women like to do... be hormonal and boss around your husband.” He lightly chuckles while a smile tugs at my lips.

“You take care of yourself and our little one, I will take care of the rest.” Lifting my face with his thumb, he places a small kiss on my lips.

I don’t know what is going on as Nathan is behaving a little weirdly. Suddenly, he has kicked me out of the house and asked me to go and take a stroll on the beach.

I know he is up to something, but I don’t what.

I have noticed not once he has let me go further than our living area since we came to the beach house. He has put Noel to sleep in his room, and when I wanted to check on him, Nathan was quick to stop me from going even to his nursery.

However, I am not annoyed with him, but I am curious as hell.

I sigh happily as the suffocating feeling inside my chest is no longer present.

A smile forms on my lips as I take a deep breath while wiggling my toes in cold water. I am feeling happy, as everything has gone back to normal. Most importantly our issues have been sorted out and now we know how we should approach any problem which arises in our relationship. No problem can be bigger than the love which we have for each other, so we can't let anything come between us.

We should just put each other first, then all the other things will fall into their place naturally.

Not even twenty minutes have passed when I get a message from Nathan asking me to come back inside.

Okay, well, let’s go back inside and see what dear husband was doing for the past twenty minutes?

Author’s note: Okay, sorry everyone, I know it is a short chapter. But as most of you might have read my post and know that I had to rewrite this chapter, so kindly accept my apologies if you are not happy with this update. It was getting difficult for me to write the entire chapter again so I have to cut it short after making some changes. I promise the next chapter will be better than this.


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